Thursday, December 9, 2010

Israel's racist rabbinical edicts- "Hate the Gentile"

Since I have more time today, I am going to get two posts up!
Yeah, two. But, check out the first one.
This one is about that fascist nation in the Middle East. The one that is also a theocracy.
If your thinking of Saudi Arabia, your wrong.
I am talking about the one, that is always portrayed as "the only democracy in the Middle East"
Which is laughable at best and a really bad joke other times.
Nope, the theocratic fascist country I am referring to here and now is Israel.
It is a nation formed purely for followers of a religion. That is a theocratic as it can get.
So, let's read the latest of Theocratic Israel.

We have had some Israeli rabbis issue some religious rulings on not selling or renting homes to non-jews. Yes, you read that right. Promoting discrimination and racism.

Actually not just some rabbis, no less then three dozen rabbis, that is 36 influential rabbis

Three dozen top Israeli rabbis threw their support Tuesday behind a religious ruling barring Jews from selling or renting homes to non-Jews — an indication of growing radicalism within the rabbinical community at a time of mounting friction between Israeli Arabs and Jews.The action by the clerics — who are chief rabbis in some of Israel's largest cities and influential among the devout — quickly fueled charges of racism.

But it wasn't just three dozen of the top Israeli rabbis, if only...

The three dozen (36) latest, added their racist rabbinical rulings to eighteen other racist rabbis.
Tongue twister! : How many racist rabbi rulers are making religious rulings?

The signatories also called on the religious community to voice support (for) Rabbi Eliyahu, who could face trial for incitement against Arabs.

The rabbis' letter, which was first published months ago and reprinted in October, urges Jewish owners of apartments to reconsider renting their properties to Arabs since it would deflate the value of their homes as well as those in the neighborhood.

The rabbis also urge neighbors of anyone renting or selling property to Arabs to caution that person. After delivering the warning, the neighbor is then encouraged to issue notices to the general public and inform the community.
Read: warn them (offending Israelis) , then publicly ostracize them.

"The neighbors and acquaintances [of a Jew who sells or rents to an Arab] must distance themselves from the Jew, refrain from doing business with him, deny him the right to read from the Torah, and similarly [ostracize] him until he goes back on this harmful deed," the letter reads.

Israel alienating Christians as well as liberal Jews?

“Why is the US spending $3 billion a year to finance anti-Christian bigotry,” referring to Israel's annual U.S. aid allotment.

The Orthodox establishment in Israel “has gone to great lengths to alienate 5 million non-Orthodox American Jews,” and now they're doing the same to tick off “over a billion Christians” he writes.

Me, I am wondering why this type of discrimination is bought and paid for by donations to Israel's cause and tax dollars from countries world-wide?

I am additionally wondering, why it is when some kind of lone edict comes out of a Muslim nation, usually nosensical and barely influential it get's frequent and repeated airplay on the idiot box from the talking heads of the media. But this story? No mention at all.

Additional reading here:

Israel’s Racist Rabbis

Wave of Edicts Urge: "Hate the Gentile"

UPDATED: Support grows larger for Israeli racist rabbis

Scores more rabbis have put their names to paper to support discrimination! The total is now 300.

Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot reported that some 300 religious figures had signed the public statement, which warns that "it is forbidden in the Torah to sell a house or a field in the land of Israel to a foreigner."

Historian Ilan Greilsammer agreed, saying the sentiments expressed in the letter were merely a reflection of what people were actually thinking.

"The rabbis are saying above what the people are thinking below. What's new is that they are expressing it publicly."

To be fair there are a few rational persons in Israel

On Wednesday, around 150 demonstrators gathered to condemn the letter in a protest outside Jerusalem's Great Synagogue
But, only 150? That, is a sad indictment of how deep racism & apartheid discrimination is firmly entrenched in Israeli society.


  1. Hey Penny,...Great post; The reason for the billions in "Aid", the trillions in embezzlement and the lack of media exposure - THE FILTHY YIDS HAVE REACHED THE ZENITH OF THEIR DIRTY TRICKS; THEY OWN EVERYTHING!...And they still don't have us goyim "licking their feet"; (partial quote: child molester, terrorist and former yiddville prime minister; menakhim begin).

    They are not human and the sooner we start waving anti-apartheid placards in front of every local synagogue of satan - the better!



  2. I agree with the anti-apartheid placards.

    Could you imagine how this would go over if this was don't sell homes to blacks?

    Everyone would then recognize what this is?

    It is racism, plain and simple.

    When i first stumbled across this news, yes I had it bookmarked for a couple of days.

    I thought back to last week, on tv news, which is nothing more then a glorified local broadcast.

    They mentioned somewhere in Iran a religious leader made a comment about woman participating in some activity.

    One religious leader, one comment, and it makes the local broadcast news in nowherevill canada?

    It struck me as really odd.

    On the other hand, this news with the rabbis, 3 dozen top rabbis and 18 other rabbis all in unison signing papers pushing racism and discrimination and big brother tactics (Israeli against Israeli)
    And encouraging each other and others to stand with another rabbi who has been inciting hatred?

    Not a peep from the idiot box.

    And I am going to update this story, because even more rabbis have signed on...

  3. These folks simply don't play well with others.

    Could you imagine if it was the whacko mullahs in Iran doing this to the Jewish population there? I dread to think of the media frenzy which would occur.

    Yet, since it's the tribe doing it, nary a sound. Just chirping crickets.


  4. Sorry Pen, I didn't read the whole article but I think I'm with the rabbi on this one. I hate the gentle too. Bloody meek, namby-pamby, soft-as-shite bullshit artists. They should either harden the fuck up or sod off and be gentle somewhere else and not in my face.

    Anyway that's what I reckon,