Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Richard Holbrooke, KLA terrorists, Kosovo recognition

Connecting the dots in a convoluted case of state sponsored terrorism.

In honour of the passing of Richard Holbrooke. Globalist, war criminal.
Like so many of his ilk.

Who wouldn't have recognized a true opportunity for peace if it hit him in the face.....

Know for his 'peace agreement', at gun point.

And the funding and support of the terrorist organization the KLA.

Here are some pics, quite interesting.. Birds of a feather?

Richard Holbrooke and his buddies in the KLA

Madeline Albright (sanctions were worth all the dead Iraqi children) and look Kosovo's Prime Minister (now) Hashim Thaci (Leader of the KLA)

From Richard Holbrooke to the KLA. Gun and drug runners. But, that ain't all!

According to news today guns, drugs and terror were not the only rackets the KLA were running.
They, including the now PM of Kosovo, were involved in the black market organ trafficking, business.

Thanks Chuckyman for bringing this to my attention.

From the KLA to the Prime Minister of Kosovo?

Hashim Thaci, who was part and parcel of the KLA, installed as Prime Minister of Kosovo.
Kosovo declared independance and is immediately recognized, of course by the US, in the same way as Israel was..

And we all wonder why the world is a mess?
With leaders such as this bunch of war criminals, terrorists and just plain criminals??
What is there to wonder?
Except why do the people tolerate it?


  1. this story is so convoluted, I had difficulty ordering it properly!


  2. Hi Penny . This story broke on RT today about Thaci. I wonder who the surgeons belonged to?

  3. thanks chuckyman!
    I added the video to the post.
    There are two links right above to additional reporting.

    Thaci is a long time scumbag.
    With a lot of scummy friends.
    As the pictures demonstrate.

  4. Any time Penny. I absolutely agree - a nest of vipers. What a tragedy for the peoples of this region.

  5. Holbrooke was also in Vietnam, part of "Operation Phoenix," where US personnel would go around shooting Vietnamese peasants in the head, to 'pacify' them.

    He's a 'Chosen One' several times over, as both his parents were Jewish and he was married to a Jewess.

    Holbrooke is not his real last name.
    His family moved to the USA in the 1930's and his father changed his last name to 'Holbrooke,' but they 'lost' track of what their father's real last name was.


    He was probably with one of those Jewish Bolshevik Death Squads, that went around 'pacifying' Russian peasants by shooting them in the head.

    Then 'Uncle Joe' decided to have another of his famous purges and 'Holbrokski' got out one step ahead of the firing squad.

    “Stalin’s Willing Executioners”

    Here's part of the original 'Wikipedia' posting on Holbrooke's personal life before his death.

    Holbrooke was born on April 24, 1941, in New York City, to Dan Holbrooke and Trudi Moos (née Kearl). Holbrooke’s mother's Jewish family fled Hamburg in 1933 for Buenos Aires before coming to New York.

    Holbrooke’s father, a doctor born of Russian Jewish parents in Warsaw, died of cancer. His father changed his name to Holbrooke when he arrived in the United States in the 1930s. Such, however, is the family’s loss of contact with its roots that his original name is unknown.

    Compare that to the one now:

    Holbrooke's first wife was Larrine Sullivan, whom he married in 1964, and with whom he had two children.[3] He later married Blythe Babyak, a reporter for MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, on January 1, 1977.[41] He married Kati Marton, his third wife, in 1995.[3]

    "It's Good to be the King!"

  6. Holbrooke was also involved in Operation Pheonix?!

    what a surprise, not.

    And a follower of Judaism, to boot!

    had no problem with the kla though did he.

    The way the msm talks about him, you would get the impression he was a saint.

    He was far from it