Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Judge to decide if Duvalier will face trial

Duvalier was questioned for hours ,allegedly, by a judge or judges.
IF a case is to be made against Duvalier, the decision lies with one judge.

"The case is now in the hands of a judge who will decide whether there is enough evidence to go to trial"

How long might this take?

"The process that can take up to three months"

Was Baby Doc incarcerated while the Judge decides his fate? Taking up to three months to make that decision? No, he was not.

"Haiti's system allows for pretrial detention, but Duvalier was allowed to remain free and returned to his hotel room"

His longtime companion Veronique Roy has said his trip was expected to last three days.

His defence lawyer Renee Charles said
"If he has to leave (the country), he will ask and he will leave"

Though the lawyer claims Baby Doc, does not have a passport.

"As of now, he doesn't even have a passport."

Seems a little contradictory? Doesn't it?
He will leave the country if need be, but, he doesn't have a passport.

Perhaps the passport isn't really an issue?
Another diplomatic passport can easily be issued.
Or, the past can repeat itself and the US can fly him out of the country.

As an aside, I recall when the Baptist "missionaries" were incarcerated in Haiti.
They too, on the decision of one judge, were let free.
Despite the fact that they appeared to be abducting Haitian children.
Click the Haiti label at the bottom of this post to refresh your memory on that case.


  1. He was known for driving his sports cars around the island in his time so I guess he's got a few outsatnding speeding tickets.

    Re: Taxi driver - I read somewhere that he wanted change to pay the cab-fare which was $16 , he only wanted $4 change which seems a little odd when u might not come back from the operation/killing spree.

    That said IF he was in some way 'mind-controlled' he might have thought he was just going to walk away [ though I agree its wholly unfounded.]

    It appears he tried to reload so MAYBE the target was GG though he was going to make it look like a random killing-spree. [ again unfounded]

    He could have killed the Taxi driver, but didn;t so another clue implying he did have a specific target or place.

    Why didn't he walk? Was he late?
    Why didn't he wait for her to arrive?


  2. Yes, he was (Baby Doc) and tossing coins to the peasants.

    RE: Loughlin, jared lee.

    So the cab driver went into the store with Jared, while Jared made the proper change to pay the fare?

    Yeah, the four dollars seems a bit odd, almost moot, in the face of what Jared was about to do...

    He might have thought he was going to walk away, but, really, how could he have?

    I read that also, that he tried to reload? When he was taken down.
    McGowan speculated had he successfully reloaded he may have killed himself..

    There is also speculation that the Judge was the target.

    All of it quite bizarre.

  3. It was actually a $14 fare.

    It is unusual for one of these shooters to survive.

    Also no security for the 'Con on the corner' nor armed guards in the shopping centre.

    Will give Mr. McG a listen ,cheers