Friday, January 7, 2011

Your morality- modified via magnetic pulses to the brain

From mind control via your tv screen to mind control via magnetic pulses..

Gee, I wonder what entity/entities would be interested in this research and the potential advantages for destroying society?
I wonder what entity/entities would like to interrupt your free will, the power you have to decide and make moral decisions.
Moral decisions that can serve to strengthen the fibre of society.
Who or what wouldn't want stronger more cohesive societies?

Did anyone really believe that MKUltra type mind control experiments went away?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists have shown they can change people's moral judgements by disrupting a specific area of the brain with magnetic pulses.

They identified a region of the brain just above and behind the right ear which appears to control morality.

And by using magnetic pulses to block cell activity they impaired volunteers' notion of right and wrong.

The researchers subjected 20 volunteers to a number of tests designed to assess their notions of right and wrong.

In one scenario participants were asked how acceptable it was for a man to let his girlfriend walk across a bridge he knew to be unsafe.

After receiving a 500 millisecond magnetic pulse to the scalp, the volunteers delivered verdicts based on outcome rather than moral principle.

If the girlfriend made it across the bridge safely, her boyfriend was not seen as having done anything wrong.

In effect, they were unable to make moral judgments that require an understanding of other people's intentions.

How did they do it?

The MIT team pinpointed the region in volunteers using a sophisticated functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain scan.

They then targeted the area using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to create weak electric currents that temporarily stop brain cells working normally.

Besides the "crossing an unsafe bridge test"

In one test, volunteers were exposed to TMS for 25 minutes before reading stories involving morally questionable characters, and being asked to judge their actions.

In a second experiment, volunteers were subjected to a much shorter 500 millisecond TMS burst while being asked to make a moral judgement.

In both cases, the researchers found that when the RTPJ was disrupted volunteers were more likely to judge actions solely on the basis of whether they caused harm - not whether they were morally wrong in themselves.

Conclusion of altered brain thinking

Morally dubious acts with a "happy" ending were often deemed acceptable.

In other words... an example test could be- Someone molests a child, but the child is not killed in the attack, that is a happy ending and is morally acceptable. How do you feel about that? Maybe MIT can run that kind of perverted experiment, for "scientific" purposes of course.

Of course this understanding for future abuse must be taken further

"The next step would be to look at how or whether moral development changes through childhood into adulthood."

And if we can alter that?

Speaking a little further on the topic of mind control.
Thanks to James Griffon for pointing me to this piece. Good basic mind control info.
From a site called Activist Post -Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

10 Modern Methods of Mind Control

Well worth a read.
Their list opens with the Education System.
Number 2 is Advertising; Selling you, to you.
Number 3: Predictive Programming
Number 4: Sports, Politics, Religion
Etc., Etc., Of course television is there. Drugs, especially the modern psychiatric drugs.
Be sure to read there, lots of links also.
Speaking of the "education" system.. Which has little to do with learning and enriching and a lot to do with conformity and mass control.

You may recall I had two very interesting John Taylor Gatto interviews posted, regarding the programming from an early age by the so called education system.
Relisten to them:
John Taylor Gatto interview on Gnostic Media - Part 1
John Taylor Gatto interview on Gnostic Media - Part 2

Sooooo.... from mind control magnetic pulses to the 10 methods of mind control, including but not limited to the education system. Listen or relisten to the Gatto Interviews for lots of eye opening additional info on how the education system works and how it undermines real thinking, real intelligence and a real opportunity for humans to advance ourselves, by undermining actual critical thinking and problem solving skills

Get informed!
This is your assignment, should you choose to undertake it.....


  1. Hey Penny,..For my money; the attacks on 9/11, 7/7 and bali...WERE trauma based mind-control programs.

    Very interesting and scary stuff.


  2. veritas:

    it is interesting that you mention what you did.

    I was listening to the author Jim Marrs being interviewed by Meria Heller on his newest book.

    And he made a statement to that effect.

    I said to myself, why the heck hadn't I thought of it from the angle.

    It is perfect.

    When one is traumatised, as a great many people were after 9/11 your thinking becomes.....what word am I looking for. Irrational, frightened and you start to look for someone/something for security.

    And their was the Bush administration ready to dole out your security for you, to make you feel more secure.

    On the day the towers went down do you recall a number of newscasters commenting on how much the collapse of the building looked all to much like a controlled demolition?
    Because that is what it looked like.
    And we had all seen them.

    But along comes the Bush administration to plant the state sanctioned story and as traumatized as everyone one, they believed it. Though the entire story makes zero sense.

    But it made people feel secure, big daddy government "knew' who the boogey men were and were going to make it all better.
    With a kiss and a band-aid.

    The problem being nothing makes sense about the "official" tale and everything that happened afterwards right up to this very day.

    And still the mind controlled believe.

  3. Look at the `homeland security act all ready to go.

    How could that even be possible?
    Yet people immediately believed it was going to make them more secure.
    So most just excepted it.

    And it has continued on from there.

    But can the mind control from that initial traumatizing event hold for so long?

    Likely not, which is why reinforcement is necessary.

    The 7/7 bombings, the bombings in spain, underwear bomber, the time square bomber etc., all so nonsensical really, but they serve to reinforce the original trauma.

    Instead of using the word "towers" I will use from here on in buildings, including number 7, which had a complete a total collapse from a few office fires.