Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Border talks between Canada and the US, and Canadian "Sovereignty"

This is more of that slow movement towards the North American Union.
The movement that is happening, right under the noses of the people of two nations, Canada and the US.
The leadership in both countries talk all around it, but, do not address it.
So I will.
In fact, I will take it further and give you some links to read and listen to for yourself.
From the Council on Foreign Relations (one of the real masters of the world)
Creating a North American Community
Listen to the audio and access additional information at that page.
Why is your government not talking about this? In the US? In Canada? In Mexico?
What kind of so called, democracy, do we all really live in? When this is hidden from us?

Let's get back to Canadian sovereignty-
PM Harper says these talks are not about Canadian sovereignty.

A new Canada-U.S. agreement on border security won't jeopardize Canadian sovereignty, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday in Washington.

At the end of meetings with U.S. President Barack Obama, Harper said Canada's sovereignty isn't in question. "Our objective here is to make sure Canadians are safer and more secure."

Do you know why Sovereignty is not an issue?

Because, here in Canada, the US and Mexico...sovereignty has already been ceded.

Recall this-

"I know some people don't like it. It is a loss of national sovereignty"

These governments sold their citizens out, for the betterment of big, big business.


  1. anonymous:
    this may interest you.
    Listen to the mp3 linked there, not long into it, you will here a question being taken from a CBC reporter, I have tried to catch the name but have not been able to.

    I think it is Bill McDonald?

    Therefore the media is fully aware of the NAU and refuses to report fully on the topic

  2. I think it is Neil McDonald on further listening?

    I checked and yes, Neil McDonald is a CBC correspondent.

  3. "Sovereignty is not an issue."
    It sucks to have to agree with Prime Minister Steve, but he is right, as you say.
    Sovereignty in Canada is a myth.

    Recent farm legislation introduced to conform to New World Order codex alimentarius will further kill our sovereignty. New legislation has already declared war on alternative medicine and many benign teas, herbs and supplements. We are marching lock step with the USA on those.
    We have DEA offices in Vancouver, a blatant symbol of our subservience to the USA.

    This border deal with Harpo and Bushbama just takes us faster and further down the road, which leads me to ask, where are we going?.........and why are we in this handbasket?

  4. One NWO ass-kissing Zionist, Harper, making secret deals with another NWO ass-kissing Zionist, Obama.

    No surprise there.

    Another front for this planned union is called the 'Atlantic Council.'

    Why would any sane Canadian want to merge with the war-mongering, soon to be beyond bankruptcy USA?

  5. hey anonymous:
    "We are marching lock step with the USA"

    Sadly, despite what the lying leaders say and or do.

    "We have DEA offices in Vancouver, a blatant symbol of our subservience to the USA."

    Because of the fact that Vancouver is a port city, port to the world.
    How helpful for the drug trade.

    Greg: no sane Canadian wish to be joined with the US. Nothing personal. I am sure most Canadians are quite happy, being Canadians.

    The thing of it is....our so called leaders that we "elect" take actions supposedly for the citizens, that none of us ever voted for. Will not benefit us. Nor do we even think about this type of crap.

    Sound familiar?