Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I have "offended" political interests. With facts

Just want to let all who read here know this interesting development...
Via the stat- counter
My post on Egypt the other day, earned a mention at this website.

"Exposing & Fighting Against Global Anti-semitism and Anti-Jewish racism"

Incredibly, this is the offending sentence!

"Perhaps Israel should have played nicer.
I mean, it is really not nice to drop white phosphorous on your neighbours."

I do find this mention quite unbelievable, really.
By unbelievable, I mean it is difficult for me to believe, comprehend, or grasp, where the alleged anti-semitism or anti-jewish racism, is in this statement.

Is the word Jew or Jewish mentioned? NO.

So what is mention of this sentence"fighting or exposing"? Absolutely nothing.

My sentence clearly referred to the actions of a nation, Israel, during Operation Cast Lead. (picture included)
Which Israel was resoundingly chastised for by the International Community, including the Goldstone report.

"The report accuses the Israeli army "of acts amounting to war crimes and also possibly, in certain circumstances, crimes against humanity." It also blames Palestinian militants for war crimes because of rocket attacks launched on Israeli civilian areas, but nevertheless devotes 90 percent of its content to the Israeli war crimes, which were much more extensive and devastating in nature."

Definitely, not nice. That is just a fact. And nothing more.

Therefore, I can only come to the conclusion, that indeed, when individuals with political agendas shout "anti-semetism they are trying to silence legitimate criticism.

This insistent crying wolf on the part of political interests, will not serve Israel or it's inhabitants in the long run.


  1. We have been listed by the same group.

    - Aangirfan.

  2. I looked through their site, and you want to talk about propaganda.

    The flotilla's to bring aid to gaza are called the "terror flotillas"

    I mean come on!

    How credible is that?

  3. Look out, Mama, there's a 'terror flotilla comin' up the river
    With a big red beacon, and a flag, and a man on the rail
    I think you'd better call John,
    'Cause it don't look like they're here to deliver the mail
    And it's less than a mile away
    I hope they didn't come to stay.....

    This blog IMO differentiates between a nation, its government and its people. The governments of the UK, US, Canada, and Israel are all engaged in war crimes on a daily basis. All have political leaders at the top who should be put on trial for those war crimes and serve time in prison for them.
    All of those countries have many good citizens who oppose those wars and stand for peace.
    Anyone who respects and admires the pacifist Jews, but still criticizes the Israeli government is a clear thinking individual. That is not anti-Semitism.
    This ridiculous group is way off the mark, and do a disservice to their people with this thuggish clownish behavior. They are a joke and a disgrace.

    You bloggers standing up for little people around the world are doing great work. The response of this disgusting pro war group to you proves that you are having an impact. You have the high ground. Don't let the bastards get you down!

  4. thanks anonymous!

    that was so kind :)

  5. Gosh Penny, you've done it now!!


    Really what it there to say against this stupid charge that hasn't already been said?

    It insults the intelligence and carries no value.

    I think most thinking folks see through this continual crying of wolf by Israel and her minions.


  6. I would suggest, Pen, that utterly shite sources that accuse you of things that are made up, and that if true wouldn't be any bigger deal than what they were doing,

    should be ignored.

    Seriously, part of the thing about the anti-semitic chant is to try to get you to fumble over yourself in defence, citing this and that. The whole point of it is to get you to be on the defensive.

    Never take a step back - take a step forward. No need to defend that which does not need defending. Attack instead, presumably with something just as made up.

    Although, that might be hard to do, as jewish propagandists from or paid by Israel are the most hateful, spiteful, bigotted shites you will ever meet. A single pin prick of an accusation will get them frothing at the mouth.

    In fact, if I get time, I will have to visit their site.

  7. Pen,

    You may sing the praises of Jewish people or be guilty of anti-semitism. That's your choice.

    Um... I wonder if I'm on the list? I doubt it since I only ever say the nicest things about Jewish people.

    For instance when the Talmud says: "To communicate anything to a goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the goyim knew what we teach about them they would kill us openly" I disagree. I've read what they say about us and I gladly embrace my status as non-human, wood-hewing, water-carrying slave. Indeed I say, Hip Hip Hooray for my brutal overlords! Long may they reign o'er us!

    C'mon everyone, join with me now. Hip Hip...

  8. Well Pen,

    As bullshit a site as it is, they do say they post the good and the bad, the racist and the fair in a description of the site. Of course, they close the comments for each entry, which sort of makes commenting a moot point now, eh? Anyways, maybe you can claim you were posted as a positive, insightful article on Israel, bringing light and truth to some stupid jews who don't even know where their country buys white phosphorous, what trade agreement it goes through, and who is the proxy gov't who facilitates its sale.

    Love the propaganda polls . . . makes me laugh how they couch every question in assumptions on how evil the muslims are, or how inevitable that Iran will fire a nuke at Israel if they have one, etc.

    I will make my poll for them in their honour:

    If someone who is Jewish calls you anti-semitic, but the nation you are talking about is more than 80% non-semitic racially, what form of ignorance is the accuser brandishing?

    0 retarded form of racism
    0 ridiculous propaganada
    0 child-level reverse psychology
    0 laughable false logic
    0 utter historical ignorance
    0 brain-washed thinking
    0 Orwellian doublespeak
    0 ALL OF THE ABOVE (and more!)

  9. Hey Buff, does this mean I have "arrived"? I don't know?

  10. Hey Slozo:

    I thought about ignoring it. I mean was it really worth posting about?

    But, then I thought I am going to!

    For the simple reason that it gave me the opportunity to show just how easy it is to be labeled negatively by the zionist lobby.
    And how meaningless their shouts of racism and anti-semitism really are.

    I noticed the comments were closed. I was going to leave one.

    Oh and I like your poll!
    I choose: ALL OF THE ABOVE

  11. Hurray, nobody!

    You may have made it there, just keep a check on your stat counter.