Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Washington Forces Hosni Mubarek to step down

Mr Mubarak was finally compelled to act after a direct intervention by Barack Obama. The US president sent a special envoy, Frank Wisner, to tell Mr Mubarak that he had lost support and that it was “critical” he oversee a transition to free and fair elections in September.

Mohamed ElBaradei, the former United Nations nuclear agency chief who has become an opposition figurehead, earlier called for Mr Mubarak’s immediate departure and declared himself “ready to serve if called” in an interim capacity.

He held talks with the American and British ambassadors and is understood to have offered proposals for an interim government to oversee a transition to democracy.

When did ElBaradei hold talks with the ambassadors? Today, yesterday, last week???

The Guardian
is spinning the news a bit differently-
Claiming he is bowing to the will of the protestors, though later acknowledging in the article

"Mubarak, effectively abandoned by the US in a day of fast moving developments, said he would not be a candidate for a seventh term but would remain in power to oversee reform and guarantee stability"


Mubarak attacked those responsible for protests that had been "manipulated by political forces"

Manipulated by political forces?!
No surprise there.


  1. Hey Pen,...It's bizarre, I have been in touch with many of the people I use to resource info’- nothing; everyone is guessing, one thing is for sure, the tribe is behind whatever it is that is about to go down: Oil and water feature prominently.


  2. The ADL is accusing the New York Times Maureen Dowd of anti-semitism over a recent op-ed titled “Virtuous Bankers? Really!?!” The article about corruption on Wall Street specifically involving Goldman Sachs. In a letter to the Editor in the NYT, ADL National Chair Robert G. Sugarman stated, “While one can agree or disagree with Maureen Dowd’s portrayal of Goldman Sachs and other bankers (column, Nov. 11), her statement that “the bankers who took government money and then gave out obscene bonuses are the same self-interested sorts Jesus threw out of the temple” potentially raises one of the classic themes of anti-Semitism linking Jews and abhorrent money-lending practices. However unintentional, Ms. Dowd’s invoking the New Testament story to illustrate our current financial mess conjures up old prejudices against Jews.”

    Writing in The New Jersey Jewish News Menachem Rosensaft and Jason H. Dolinsky also suggested that Dowd’s article was anti-semitic, saying “we have heard these terms far too often to let them pass. Anti-Semitic tracts and Web sites are replete with references to “blood-sucking Jews.”

    And Ms. Dowd is too intelligent not to have realized that the depiction of Jews as greedy money-lenders has resulted in persecution and pogroms over the course of the past two millennia. Ms. Dowd has given new life to such ancient anti-Semitic incitements. We dread the prospect of swastikas smeared outside Goldman Sachs offices, or of learning that some street hood, inspired by Ms. Dowd’s column, broke an observant Jew’s leg shouting “let Goldman Sachs buy you a new leg. At a time when a virulent Judaeophobia is on the rise, especially in Europe...

    The ADL and the establishment media were silent over Dowd’s assertions about Anglo’s being responsible for the financial crisis, however now the ADL is accusing her of anti-semitism for an article that does not mention anything about Jews.


    Yes, it's true, the TRUTH does hurt, doesn't it? If you 'dread' the prospect of someone smearing Swastikas outside of your Zionist owned, Jewish run Goldmine SACKS, then don't tell one of your sayanim to do the painting.

    "Judaeophobia is on the rise, especially in Europe..."

    It is?

    I must of missed that news because it was buried under all the hateful discussions on the Zionist owned, Jewish run MSM vilifying Muslims.
    And hidden behind all that war-mongering directed against Iran, in the non-stop effort to scare the hell out of Americans so they'll beg Congress to 'Shock and Awe' another of
    Israel's 'existential' enemies.

  3. veritas: it has been tough to muck through.

    And all anyone can do is make guesses with the information that is available.

    Greg: Well I must be special, as I have an accusation of my own!