Thursday, May 5, 2011

Raid on Abbottabad- Precedent to up the attacks on Pakistan and a new stealth helicopter trial

As many already know. All operations, psychological or otherwise have multiple purposes.

The Abbottabad op, offered the US an opportunity to end the Osama Bin Laden psy-op, because plainly speaking, that ship had sailed, hit a storm and sunk long, long ago.
An aside, hoping we all recalled that Osama Bin Laden was never wanted for 9/11?
Despite the reinforcement of the myth and legend. He was never wanted for any connection to the 9/11 attacks.

I see the FBI has updated their site. Here is the picture.

Still no mention of being wanted for 9/11!

What other opportunity was presented by the Abbottabad raid?
From what I have been reading we are looking at two fresh opportunities.

First: The US is stating, flat out they will carry out raids such as this again.
We're not talking drone flights. We are talking targeted raids. So, who or what is going to be targeted? I guess we shall find out soon enough.
But here is the talk-
The US will again carry out special operations in Pakistan if required.

( Meaning: as the US see's fit)

Press Secretary Jay Carney said the Obama Administration would continue with this policy if that country(Pakistan) does not act against terror suspects holed up in that country.
Q) Are you saying that the US reserves the right to, as the President said back in the campaign, if Pakistan will not act against terror suspects, to go and enter Pakistani territory and act against them?".
A) "Yes. He made very clear during the campaign that that was his view. He was criticized for it. He maintained that that was his view, and by the actions he has taken as President, feels that it was the right approach and continues to feel that way," the press secretary said."

US President Barack Obama has consistently said that he would go ahead to target high profile terrorists, if he had actionable intelligence and the Pakistani Government was not willing to act.

In other words, the US will begin undertaking targeted raids within Pakistan, when ever they dam well feel like it! Using any excuse they want. This OBL psy-op set the precedent.
Pakistan and it's people had better watch out.

China issued an interesting statement regarding the raid on Pakistan: A defence of Pakistan

” We have to admit that the Pakistan government is firm in resolve and strong in action in the fight against terrorism, and Pakistan government has made important contribution to the international fight against terrorism, to which we should have no doubt,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu told a media briefing.

China and Pakistan share a border. Keep that in mind.

The second opportunity presented by the Abbottabad raids was the trial of a new helicopter.
One that the SEAL's destroyed after their raid was complete.
Possibly a Silent Hawk Helicopter?
What it likely looks like, intact.

The Silent Hawk

Much Quieter and more evasive. Allowing it to slip deep into another country, unknown.

It’s not uncommon for U.S. military forces to destroy an aircraft downed in a foreign land, but U.S. Special Forces had particular cause to blow up the ill-fated helo that participated in Sunday’s raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. Apparently, it was a secret stealth helicopter, the design of which U.S. military commanders would not be keen to share with the Pakistanis or anyone else.

For analysis we turn to Bill Sweetman over at Aviation Week’s Ares blog, who knows much about such things:

t was a secretly developed stealth helicopter, probably a highly modified version of an H-60 Blackhawk. Photos published in the Daily Mail and on the Secret Projects board show that the helicopter's tail features stealth-configured shapes on the boom and tip fairings, swept stabilizers and a "dishpan" cover over a non-standard five-or-six-blade tail rotor. It has a silver-loaded infra-red suppression finish similar to that seen on some V-22s.

The special ops team succeeded in destroying the critical technology, though the tailboom survived (it ended up outside the compound wall). It’s from this that many journalists and defense wonks were trying--with much trouble--to identify the downed aircraft.

But, as Sweetman notes, the images from Pakistan do answer some questions about Sunday’s raid. While we may not get the details on exactly what technologies the modified Blackhawks were packing, we do now have a pretty good idea of why Pakistani air defenses didn’t see them coming. Additional reading here


  1. Hi Penny, yep, there sure are going to be "playing" in Pakistan more and more and i'm not talking Cricket either..Opening up a whole pandoras box..and it's not going to be pretty.
    it's like a game of tick tac toe, with countries and peoples lives.
    Cheers a13

  2. Hey A-13! No it will not be cricket.
    And it won't be pretty.

    Then there is this fancy new covert weaponry to help them along.

    Ah, the military industrial complex must be counting the profits

  3. Still no mention of being wanted for 9/11!


    Because trying him in civilian court (where FBI cases go) would be impossible for 9/11 given nature of interrogations ???

  4. "Because trying him in civilian court (where FBI cases go) would be impossible for 9/11 given nature of interrogations ???"

    If one was assuming he would have ever gone to court?

    Since he was already deathly ill when 9/11 took place then died shortly thereafter.....and the intelligence outfits would have been aware of this, there was no hope of trial

  5. Penny ,

    can you re build the incidents that happened in 2001 surrounding Osama & his death in a Dubai hospital ?

    Want a clear article with clear proofs & rationality .


  6. Anonymous said, "Want a clear article with clear proofs & rationality."

    You could, of course, ask you supervisor, for time off and do you own search.

  7. St. Francis plant is right on the river near Morganville. It is 40 feet above flood level. Reports indicate they are expecting about as much rain in May as April. The rain is not expected let up until June and flooding already from Minn. to La.

    Small towns in Arkansas with evacuation notices. Flooding around Vicksburg Miss and Memphis under warning. Outer levees breached in LA. Inner levees will have to hold. Fresh water supplies and farmland taking a beating.

    Sand boils on the Baton Rouge Levee.

    Last New Madrid quake sent a 20 foot tsunami down the river.

    3 small quakes not from the blast 1.8 on the Richter scale.

    Underwater volcanos are picking up as a volcanic lake in New Zealand is now one hundred eight degrees.

    Water up to the Capital Building of Mississippi.

    A major flood on the Atachafalaya River could change the course of the river and bypass Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

    Now we know what the million or so body bags were for. This will make more sense to you if you are following Vivek's post up top in the black on American Cross... Nuclear rumbles.

  8. In the past, the USA has tried 'in absentia' those accused of crimes, found them guilty and passed sentence.

    So why didn't the DOJ try Bin Laden in court, find him guilty of 9/11 and pass a sentence?
    That would of least given a sheen of legality to the killing of whoever it was they murdered.

    Because they didn't have the evidence that BL was behind 9/11.

    All those 'patriotic' Americans cheering the murder of someone in Pakistan are basically saying they hate and have no need for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  9. anonymous 10:51 am

    before you can understand how it was that OBL died in hospital, with his CIA visitors you have to go back to Afghanistan, Charlie Wilson, Ronald Reagans "freedom fighters", covert funding of the Mujaheddin to antagonize Russia into invading Afghanistan.
    Go back to Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Go back to move ahead

    To start with OBL's death is to begin at the end.

  10. James:

    thanks for that. I do worry that people who ask me for information are just looking for

    A- another leader to follow, which I don't want to be
    a cheap way to take potshots

    I have gave that individual a start but do hope they can move on from that?

  11. DublinMick

    merci and will check it out when I have a bit more free time.
    Which will be a couple of days..

  12. Greg:

    good point because the US could have gone that route, trial in absentia, but would have still had to present evidence.

    Since that route was not chosen, it is quite safe to say there was no evidence.