Wednesday, May 4, 2011

White House 'struggles' to get Osama story straight

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive!

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After giving contradictory versions of events for two days following the killing of terror mastermind Osama bin Laden, including misidentifying which of his sons was killed and wrongly saying bin Laden's wife died in gunfire, the White House Tuesday said bin Laden was unarmed when Navy SEALs burst into his room and shot him to death.

In latest twist to the events the White House Tuesday said Osama bin Laden was unarmed when Navy SEALs burst into his room and shot him to death, another change in the official account that raised questions about whether the U.S. ever planned to capture him alive.

Ok let's count the errors mentioned in this article
His wife died- She didn't die
His son died- Oops wrong son
OBL had a gun and used his wife as a human shield- that dastardly coward.
Oh wait a minute, no gun, the SEAL's just shot him dead.

Here are the excuses-

'"We provided a great deal of information with great haste in order to inform you."
And obviously some of the information was, came in piece by piece and is being reviewed and updated and elaborated on"

Or perhaps embellished? Or just plain changed when the original story has no traction?

"People are demanding the equivalent of a movie, they want to know scene by scene the most trivial details."

Is that what people are demanding? A fictional action movie? Or is that what is being presented.
Oddly enough I thought people would just want the truth. And some concrete evidence.
"The circumstances for the Navy SEALs involved hardly lent themselves to careful note-taking."

How is it that note taking is necessary? The SEAL's are trained to deal with any and all circumstances under all conditions. Now, they are being made to sound as if they are children, studying for a test and needing cheat notes. Is this credible?

" the contradictory statements seem certain to raise suspicions about the White House's version of events, given that no independent account from another source is likely to emerge. "

No independent account is likely to emerge. That is so gosh darn convenient!

The news that OBL had been killed and buried at sea was released after OBL was buried at sea.
Therefore, it goes without saying his alleged dead/alive wife should have already been correctly identified as either dead or alive.
The alleged dead son, the correct one should have already been identified.

In fact if we are to believe this raid on the "compound" in Pakistan was preplanned. It quite safe to assume that everyone inside had previously been identified.
Making identification of the dead, wounded or undead, very easy.

Wether or not OBL was armed and gave fight would have been a matter of fact statement, easily corroborated by any one present.
Does anyone seriously believe a Navy SEAL would not have been aware he was being fired at, or not, by OBL? Come on! Not credible.

If, as is being claimed, Obama and his team were able to monitor real time events, then what legitimate reason is there for all the contradictions?

Links to support claim of real time monitoring-

Obama watched Osama raid in real time OR Bin Laden: How Obama team saw drama unfold
"Officials have offered varying accounts of how President Barack Obama and his team in the White House Situation Room were able to monitor the raid. Without providing details on the technology involved, Brennan said that "we were able to monitor in a real-time basis the progress of the operation from its commencement to its time on target to the extraction of the remains and to then the egress off of the target."
They had a front row seat.
Look at Hilary, wow!
click on the pic.

Interesting to note the link for that pic is-
"entertainment"? Is the media surreptitiously giving readers a message?
So why the contradictions?

It's easier to recall truth, then remember lies.


  1. I agree - as I state in my most recent post, Trust, but Verify - and they're failing on all fronts. ORDO AB CHAO.

  2. It looks as if it was the Pakistan forces who attacked the compound - perhaps to arrest CIA operatives.

    - Aangirfan


  4. hey blake, they are failing on every front. It is scary that the msm is still marching in lock step.

    Not questioning the contradictions at all, simply making excuses

  5. Aangirfan, good post, So the ISI went in to arrest the probable operatives and the US had to run in and do damage control?
    That would make more sense and help explain all the contradictory nonsense being spewed!

    link to aang's post here

  6. nysoulcontrolla:

    haven't seen it, but, stopping over to have a look

  7. nysoulcontrolla:

    yeah, I have seen it, that is aangirfan's piece.

    definitely worth a read

  8. Anyone else noticed the coincidence of the Osama *hit* and the murky Ray Davis incident? Abbottabad is the equivalent of a spook town if there ever was one.

    Obama and his team seem to be changing their story with every hour that passes. Did the ISI have hidden cameras inside the (CIA/ISI) *safe house* and are quietly letting the U.S. know about the true non-facts?

    Someone or something was rumbled last week and this weeks news is the knee jerk reaction cover up cum face saving exercise.

    Are the Pakistani's calling Obama's bluff!

    (Apologies for posting in the "Bloodlust and Barbarism proudly displayed in the U-S-A!" thread.

  9. anonymous:

    very interesting. cameras already installed in the house.

    Aangirfan is postulating that the house was a CIA safe house, so if the ISI had raided the house as is theorized and it had cameras throughout, the US would have known immediately of the take down and ran in to cover up the arrests.
    In light of the Raymond Davis mess, I could see this happening, as they do not need to look like fools internationally, again.

    And that really was a messy situation.

    So perhaps they were watching their own operatives be taken down?

  10. The whole deal with the different stories and details is that it is the psy-op!

    Everyone's attention is on the contradictions. But what essential point is not being questioned?
    That OBL was there and not dead

    That's the point. All this is giving attention to the fact that OBL was there and was killed.

    Mission accomplished!!!

  11. "That OBL was there and not dead"

    should read "That OBL was there and not loooong dead"

  12. Good point James.

    There is a very different Pakistani narrative being presented here (by unnamed Pak. security officials):
    but the common factor is that OBL was there and not dead and buried in dec 2001.

    Where now are these bin-Laden family members (12 year daughter, wife, et-al) who are corroborating this steaming pile of bullshit.

  13. I know I have some masochistic tendencies, evident in the fact that I subject myself to reading the comments on CBC (Gawd it's like smoking - hard to quit). That said, I have noticed over the last few days alot of 'new' usernames and a decidedly pro war bend to so many of the posts.

    Could this be yet more evidence of paid shilling?

    Gotta give Mulcair credit though - at least he is thinking. Though he is getting soundly trounced in the comments there. Hence - shills lurking on every site.

    This while fiasco would be laughable if it were not so darn serious. I honestly cannot believe that this isn't waking more folk up.

    Oh well, stupid is as stupid does I guess. Baa baa.


  14. Hey James, good point.
    I do see where it is you are coming from.
    And I can see where some will make the connection..reinforcing the myth,
    especially msm followers.

    Yet the inconsistencies make the psyop obvious so they have to be pointed out.

    And the biggest inconsistency of all is the dumping of the body.

    That inconsistency alone makes it glaringly obvious that BinLaden was not present at all, period.

  15. freethinker" from what I read there is no corroboration possible.

  16. Good to see you back on Fukushima Penny. Not that there is much we can do other than drink our organic radioactive milk and curse about it. Scandal fatigue yet?

    Buffy it might interest you to know that CBC is actually guarded by the shills themselves.
    The shills have the keys and run the show......paid to do so with our tax dollars.

    CBC 'privatized' their comments moderation (kkkensorship) work out to ICUC Moderation. But shhhhh, it's kinda a secret.

    ICUC is actually a company that specializes in perception management by using trolls to flood a given sight on a given topic for whoever pays them to.

    Their clients are who you would expect, Chevron, big banks, big pharma, big media.

    Based in Winnipeg, only one third of their work force are Canadian.
    They are the people who censor your comments and mine on CBC. They sure have an advantage when stories about their clients/industries come up on CBC. We get to pay their salaries while we read their lies and wait for our comments to maybe appear.

    As for people waking up. This site and many like it are refreshing in that everyone here is awake.
    Places like huffpost, rawstory, npr, the nation, democracynow, etc are a new category of media and they draw millions of readers.
    The Obama liberals believe them NOT to be corporate mass media. They believe them to be credible leftist media.
    The liars are winning over the liberal educated class based on what I see from those filthy sites.

    I go there and post a few dozen comments, get swarmed by Obama trolls and come back to places like this one for a sanity check.
    What a crazy world.

  17. anon 10:29 am

    sorry I missed ya!

    Scandal fatigue yet?

    I passed that long ago and now see scandals as the norm.

    I must be a cynical as buffy!