Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nabucco and Southstream. Competing Pipelines/Strategic Interests and a curiosity

While we are talking pipelines...... Here is an interesting article on the Nabucco pipeline.
Wait, before I link that article, take a look at this.

I wonder if this explains Turkey's sudden change of heart?
Their "turn to the west"?

Nabucco Legal Framework Finalised – Project Support Agreement signed by each transit country

Kayseri, Turkey, 8 June 2011. The legal framework for the Nabucco Pipeline has been finalised today with the signing - in Kayseri, Turkey - of the Project Support Agreements (PSAs) between NABUCCO Gas Pipeline International GmbH and the responsible ministries of the five transit countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Turkey).

Just this past June/2011, Turkey signed paperwork finalizing the legal framework for the Nabucco Pipeline.

Nabucco would be the competitor pipeline to Russia's Southstream.

According to Pamir, the natural-gas pipelines to Europe that are in the planning stages are competing projects, not complementary ones, as some officials have suggested.

The two projects are South Stream, which plans to bring gas from Russia to Europe, and Nabucco, which is expected to initially carry gas from Azerbaijan and may later expand its supply sources to include Iran, Qatar, Iraq, Egypt and even Russia.

South Stream’s advantage is the fact that it has a ready supply of natural gas from Russia, Pamir said, while Nabucco suffers from a lack of suppliers.

Which leaves me wondering?

The pipeline I mentioned in yesterday's post, Kirkuk/Banias could it have been connected into the Southstream Pipeline?

Now onto the link I was going to start out with, but, this seems the better place for it.

As the article above mentions South Stream already has a ready supply of natural gas. Nabucco suffers from a lack of suppliers.
Which leaves me scratching my head. Why waste the money?
Never mind, stupid question! Clearly this is about control, political game playing, more so then logic.

Nabucco will be the most expensive pipeline ever built.

This article is from 2010, but, it does have some relevant stuff in it

State Oil Company of the Azerbaijani Republic (SOCAR) vice president Elshad Nasirov is now threatening to start selling Azerbaijan ’s natural gas, currently Nabucco’s sole projected provider of throughput, to Asian countries if Europe further postpones Nabucco’s construction.

Construction of the 56-inch, 2,050-mile pipeline, first proposed in 2002, is tentatively slated to begin next year and scheduled for completion by 2014. At a cost initially estimated at $11.4 billion and rising, Nabucco will be the most expensive pipeline ever built, more than three times the cost of the 1,092-mile Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) oil pipeline. Raising such a significant sum in a time of global recession would be an article of faith at best.

Even assuming that Nabucco’s boosters manage to assemble a coterie of deep-pocketed suckers – er, investors, the only promised current volume for Nabucco's proposed 31 billion cubic meters (bcm) annual throughput is Azerbaijan's future offshore Caspian Shah Deniz production, estimated at 8 bcm. Even if Shah Deniz does end up supplying Nabucco, its currently promised throughput leaves a deficit of 23 bcm, leading to the question of exactly whose natural gas will Nabucco carry if SOCAR drops out, a worst case scenario requiring the Nabucco consortium to scrounge not 23 bcm, but all 31 bcm per annum, especially as Washington’s geopolitics invalidate the participation of either Russia or Iran?

But Washington's geopolitics won't invalidate the participation of Iran if the NATO "world army" takes down Syria and then moves on to Iran?

And papers were finalized to begin construction just this past June in Turkey. Interesting?

Now onto a curiosity-

Nabucco- A synopsis ,from the Metropolitan Opera.

"In the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, the Israelites bewail their fate: Nabucco (Nebuchadnezzar), king of Assyria, has attacked them with his hordes and is desecrating the city. As they offer prayers, Zaccaria (Zacharius), their high priest, enters with his sister, Anna, and Nabucco's daughter, Fenena, whom the Jews hold hostage."

"Nabucco the king of Assyria has attacked the city in which is daughter is held hostage"



  1. Aferrismoon:

    what do you make of the curiously named pipeline and Nabucco king of Assyria (syria)

    How odd in light of our most recent global happenings.

  2. NYSC:
    I have yet to look at your stuff, but, I will.

  3. James if you want to work on a post that may be related to this one on the pipelines I will fit it in!

  4. Thanks for the update.

    - Aangirfan

  5. I'll email you shortly, Pen

    Nabucco suffers from a lack of suppliers.
    Which leaves me scratching my head. Why waste the money?
    Never mind, stupid question! Clearly this is about control, political game playing, more so then logic.

    It is being promoted on a future to be political situation. So it doesn't make sense now. And it will never make economic sense unless Nabucco ends up in a monopoly situation in which case all the participants will rue the day they got sucked in.

    In any case it is not the pipeline backers who will lose money on it.

    The transit countries that have signed the "Legal Framework" are actually signing loan documents guaranteeing the loans. So they will be the ones holding the bag. Or at least their citizens will be. So these countries are being sold that this is an economic bonanza when in fact it will turnout to be an albatross. BP and Friends will then march in and buy it up at cents on the dollar. Win win for the usual shitheads.

    It looks to me that Turkey is playing the Trojan Horse for israel in this and in Syria and in other Mid-East countries

  6. oh, regarding Nebuchadnezzar, he's the dude that is supposed to have invented compound interest on loans.

    Something to chew on!!

  7. What really caught my attention was that Nabucco has nothing to fill itself with, not without Iran.
    Or Russia.
    Russia is way out of the leagues of the NATO nutters, for now....
    If Syria goes, Iran is clearly next

    "oh, regarding Nebuchadnezzar, he's the dude that is supposed to have invented compound interest on loans.:

    Interesting, a pipeline named after the king of usary?
    One that will bury the people in debt?
    It does seem fitting

  8. Turkmenistan was touted to be a big supplier for Nabucco but it is now supplying China with some of the gas that the usual suspects wanted for it. From memory, the rest is going to Russia now.

    Russia is never going to supply the Nabucco pipeline. It would be suicide. So that leaves Iran which has been rejected as a possible supplier by the US. So it would seem that this is a 'pipedream' literally.

    But Turkey and other transit countries are signing deals guaranteeing the loans for the construction on this pipedream. They must believe that gas is going to be supplied in enough volume to make it at least feasible.

    So Turkey (and others) must believe this gas will be available and the only way i can think that this is possible is if NATO invades and controls the gas fields of either Turkmenistan (of which we are hearing NOTHING about) or Iran.

    The transit govt's guarantees for the loans are the financier's insurance policy. But i doubt they would go to all this trouble without having some hope of pulling the Nabucco deal off. And it takes time to construct these pipelines and these bankers are running out of time, i think. All the time Russia and China are getting stronger. SO they have to start building this pipeline asap to get a crack at Russia before their window of opportunity closes. Turmenistan probably can't defend itself anywhere near as well as Iran can. Turkmenistan is not a membe of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

    Nabucco, apparently , cannot compete on economic terms with the Russian Southstream pipeline which will carry multiples of the gas that Nabucco is slated to carry

    Turkey has always been interested in Nabucco because of the promise of transit fees. These transit fees are the carrot for them to stick their heads in a financial noose.

    Plus, i am becoming increasingly convinced that Turkey is and has always been run by israel.

  9. Hey James:
    read my latest post on some intrigues..

    about Nabucco and more.

    I went over to Aangirfans and left a question

    Are we looking at outside control of Turkey's military? Because that sure is how it looks to me?

    Aangirfan left this reply

    Yes, we are looking at "CIA-Mossad-NATO control of key people in the military."

    CIA/Mossad control would stem out of the NATO organization.

    Turkey is run by it's army. It is a military dictatorship dressed up as a "democracy" much as Israel is a military theocracy dressed up as a "democracy"

    Democracy is a spin word, it doesn;t exist.
    We are told it does to fool us, but, it does not exist.

    Erdogan rules at the behest of the military, which is run by NATO.

    I am now totally of the mind that Turkey's theatrics regarding the mavi marmara were a show, nothing more.
    Yes the Turkish people were upset, but the government?


    5 high-level Russian engineers who worked on the nuclear plant in Busher die in a plane crash in Petrozavodsk.

    Have you heard about that? That's a lot of people dying in strange circumstances recently.

  11. The comments are disgusting and frankly nuts as always on zionist sites.

  12. Hey Gallier, yes, I heard about that.
    Curious isn't it?
    The timing, the victims...
    Their connection to Iran.

  13. Hey Gallier:

    I see what you mean about the comments?

    Like maybe Russia killed their scientists to get more money out of Iran??


    Some other comments are blocked and the translation makes it difficult to access..

  14. JUST WAIT...TILL END OF 2011


  15. Israel's natural gas deposits?
    You mean the ones they will steal from the Palestinians and the Lebanese..