Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Syria: Pressure from Israel, Qatar (Al Jazeera) & "peaceful activists"

Have you noticed the main stream media has gone quiet on Syria?
Oh sure there is still coverage but not the blaring non stop coverage that was going on before Hillary Clinton flew into Turkey, broomstick firmly planted.
You may recall just prior to that Hillary was making it quite clear that Assad had to go and that the US had no interest in seeing him in power.

Then almost virtual silence.
Let's not mistake that silence for inactivity.
According to this article

"For now, a State department official said, it's unclear whether the administration will ramp up the rhetoric and officially call for Assad's departure.

"Whether we take it farther will depend on events on the ground," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of diplomatic sensitivities. "We need to think through carefully what we say."

The temporary silence out of the State department leads one to think that plans are being laid, for something to take place that Hillary Clinton and Obama can come out swinging on.

Recently there was a train derailment near Homs that was obviously the work of the "peaceful activists" Not a first for them either. Perhaps the response from the Syrian government was more muted then the antagonists had hoped for and this incident couldn't be used to "ramp up rhetoric" and demand Assad stepdown.

Israel isn't waiting for some convenient and timely happening...
Looks like Israel is finally making their interest in regime change known, publically.
Not that they haven't been interested and participatory in the destabilization of Syria, just that it has all been under the radar. That changes with this news today

Israel’s President Shimon Peres called on his Syrian counterpart, Bashar Al-Assad, to step down.

Peres said that a change in the Syrian regime can pave the way for a Syrian-Israeli peace treaty, adding that those who want peace in Syria must raise their voice.

Peace is doublespeak for Israel, who is looking to keep the Golan Heights, rather then just illegally occupy it. Those who want peace in Syria, real peace, would not support this move at all.

This is the first time for Peres to proclaim his position concerning the situation in Syria, as the president only holds a symbolic position in Israel and is traditionally reluctant to express his political views, according to Fox News.

Peres’s statement came a few days after the Al-Arabiya TV Network exclusive interview with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, wherein he appeared to be more diplomatic with regards to the situation in Syria.

This is pure political game playing on the part of Israeli leadership. Israel wants Assad out, Peres is floating the idea, getting it into the consciousness of the masses.

Another interesting move took place last week. A definite turning up of the heat. This one coming from Qatar- A 'shrewdly calculated divorce'. Indeed!

On Monday July 18, Qatar, one of Syria’s solid allies and economic partners, closed its embassy in Damascus “until further notice”. The Qatari ambassador in Syria, Zaed al-Khayarine, returned to Doha, with no further explanation provided.

“Qatar’s move looks more like a shrewdly calculated divorce from the Syrian regime than a fleeting spat,” explained Karim Sader, an independent political scientist who specialises in the Gulf nations. According to Sader, Qatar “cynically concluded that it is no longer necessary to support the Syria of Bashar al-Assad, because this Syria no longer has the same strategic influence "

This get's interesting.....the role of Qatar's al Jazeera in the "arab springs"

"The shift in Qatari-Syrian relations has roots in the Arab revolts in which Qatar played a role through the decisive influence of the Qatari-owned news channel Al-Jazeera. “The channel displayed a clear support for the revolutionary movements from the very start of the protests in Tunisia”

If you suspected Al Jazeera was completely compromised, as I have, then you were correct.

“The channel broadcast images of the revolutions, accompanied by music, and it looked almost like an advertising campaign.”

An advertising campaign? Or as I like to call them management perception campaigns.

Al Jazeera is getting the Presstitue award of the day.

Image of

Last week, supporters of Bashar al-Assad stormed the Qatari embassy in Damascus to protest against Al-Jazeera’s “exaggerated and dishonest” coverage of the events in Syria.

Al Jazeera's exaggerated and dishonest coverage of the events in Syria! Who would have thought!

According to Karim Sader, Qatar seems to be playing “the Sunni card” by cozying up to Saudi Arabia

Cozying up to Saudi Arabia! Aargh!
Does this have to get any more obvious?
Al Jazeera is doing the same thing all the other western mainstream media outlets do, manipulating the news, playing the NATO game. Helping to increase the pressure on the Syrian government. Just because you are not hearing or reading much about Syria, doesn't mean there isn't a whole lot going on.


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  3. Here's my two cents worth:

    Why Israel is fighting hard against the Palestinian bid for statehood is a mystery to me, it won't really matter, as it's been proven time and again, Israel is above any and all laws.

    But I think all that hell being raised in Syria is being caused or backed by the MOSSAD and our own CIA gangsters so Israel can keep what they stole from Syria, the water rich Golan heights.

  4. Yep, the 'fix' is in:

    Could accused Norway killer land in luxurious prison?

    Confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik may end up serving time in a newly built maximum-security prison that's considered among the world's most luxurious, according to The Telegraph.

    The prison, Halden Fengsel, opened last year outside of Oslo and houses around 250 male inmates. But a Norwegian news outlet TV2 claims Breivik will more likely end up in Ila prison, which is less cushy than Halden, but still "a far cry" from the bare cells of American prisons.

    The documentary photographer Alex Masi writes that the cells in Halden are equipped "with an en-suite bathroom, a flat-screen TV and various comforts. They measure 12 [square meters--about 129 square feet] and are divided up into units (10 to 12) which share a living room and kitchen," much like a college dorm. Time Magazine described the cells as resembling an Ikea showroom, complete with "stainless-steel countertops, wraparound sofas and birch-colored coffee tables."

    The art budget for the facility came in at more than a million dollars, Masi says, while the cells are brightly painted and lack bars on the windows. Inmates take specialty cooking classes or choose from many other courses at an in-prison high school. They can jog around the 75-acre wooded facility or even climb on the prison's rock walls.

    You can see more of Masi's photos of the prison by clicking the image above and at

    According to Time, prison guards are required to help each inmate make his sentence "as meaningful, enlightening and rehabilitating as possible." About half of the prison guards are women, since research has suggested that a corps of female guards can help reduce aggression among the prison population. The unarmed guards eat meals and play games with prisoners.

    "Life without parole" is not an option.

    P.S. It's worth clicking on the link to see this luxurious 'prison,' which is more tastefully decorated and cost more to furnish than my humble abode.

  5. Greg: definitely Israel wants to keep the Golan Heights.

    Most definitely.
    It is another strategic location, high up above the surrounding area.

    Easy pickin's below..

    Oh and how is it a massive killer is going to go to cushy prison?
    And that is already being bandied about?
    Reward time?

  6. I remember seeing a documentary about the Norwiegen prison system. Their focus is on rehabilitation, education and preparing the offender to be released into society with the skills needed to become a contributing member. Apparantly the recidivism (sp) rate is very low in Norway, so they must be doing something right.

    As opposed to the US with the highest prison population per capita in the world, where they use the inmates as slave labour, I think I'll take Norways method over thiers anyday, thanks.

    As far as ABB goes, well as long as he is locked up for the remainder of his natural life what matter is it what kind of prison it is?

    Oh, btw Penny did you catch crossfire on RT yesterday? We damn near fell off the couch during the last few minutes of the exchange - where the 'stop the islamification of europe' dude ripped off his mask and showed his disgustingly true colours:

    If you have a minute foward towards the end of the broadcast to see the slimy hater lose his cool - priceless!!!


  7. Buffy!

    I watched it and OMG!
    what a loser.....