Thursday, July 28, 2011

While Fukushima continues to radiate the planet.......

Something no one should forget about. Fukushima.
I haven't noticed a mention of Fukushima on the tv news or seen a word in print in the national press.
As I mentioned with Syria yesterday, not being in the "news" or what passes for news, does not mean the story has gone away or that anything has changed.
Yes, Fukushima is still spewing radiation.
Poisoning air, water, food and people.......the earth in general.
I guess the mainstream media is snoozing, or just getting their instructions from their corporate paymasters, as usual.
So here is a little roundup of stories on Fukushima-
The Head of the IAEA finally made it to Japan. Yes, finally, after more then 4 months!
And this bit of news will warm your heart!

"Tokyo Electric Power has made notable headway in dealing with the crisis, and achieving the site's "cold shutdown" by early 2012 "could be possible," Reuters quoted Amano as saying on Friday."

Cold shutdown would prevent the evaporation of fluid employed to cool reactor materials and prevent the escape of radiation
Cold shutdown, that would prevent the escape of radiation, by early 2012 COULD be possible? Isn't that a comfort? One year later, perhaps cold shutdown could be possible? Meanwhile radiation will continue to contaminate everything.

"Significant hurdles remain in the effort to reduce heat in the lower portions of all reactor pressure vessels to below boiling temperature", the Japan Times last week quoted specialists as saying. A new time line unveiled last week for reaching the goal does not address the key step of patching reactor container ruptures that have permitted radiation-tainted coolant to flow from the systems into other portions of the plant, according to analysts.

"In terms of managing the leakage of radioactive materials, I think plugging the holes will be the most important point"

Plugging holes might be most important, but, it still hasn't been done!

As the radiation leaks, the effects are felt at a wider range then previously thought-

Radioactive beef scare widens
Cattle fed on locally grown straw in Iwate, Miyagi and Tochigi prefectures were contaminated with radioactive cesium exceeding government safety standards.
The latest announcement indicates that districts relatively distant from the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant may have been directly affected by nuclear fallout.

Japanese Government tells people you have no right to live a radiation free life

"Nuclear children" is not my choice of wording
The 'nuclear' children of Fukushima will be tested their entire lives for cancer

Fukushima, it was known, was ranked one of the world's most hazardous nuclear power plants

"Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant ranked as one of the most dangerous in the world for radiation exposure years before it was destroyed by the meltdowns and explosions that followed the March 11 earthquake. For five years to 2008, the Fukushima plant was rated the most hazardous nuclear facility in Japan for worker exposure to radiation and one of the five worst nuclear plants in the world on that basis."

And Finally!

While the Japanese may be skittish on nuclear power, the US is moving full steam ahead with taxpayer funded new nuclear power stations to be built.

Because the nuclear industry won't pay to build these white elephants: - An idiom: A burdensome possession of which its owner will not dispose and whose cost (particularly cost of upkeep) is out of proportion to its usefulness or worth.

No disrespect to lovely white elephants intended

The Japanese government is having second thoughts about adding to its nuclear fleet. But the United States is moving in the opposite direction and trying to ramp up here.

Any delays in nuclear construction will be a function of the economic downturn and its effect on energy demand -- not the events tied to Japan. Industry says that the way to move ahead is to get government assistance to build the first few modern nuclear facilities by 2020. That would demonstrate that those plants are safe. Beyond that, such strategy would also help to create a steady supply stream for parts and fuel.

The federal loan guarantees are the essential ingredient, industry maintains. That’s because Wall Street is hesitant to invest in projects that may get mired in a regulatory or legal mess. (Or truth be told, are not massively profitable without taxpayer funding) President Obama had proposed increasing such loans from about $18 billion to $54 billion, or enough to get three or four underway.

“Hoover Dam was not built by Wall Street,” says Jacques Besnainou, chief executive of Areva North America, in an earlier interview with this writer. “
This is why we have a government. It does not mean because it is harder, we should not do it. Once a nuclear plant is built, I can guarantee the cost of power, unlike a natural gas plant.”

No, Hoover dam was not built by wall street or the "captains of industry" it was built with taxpayer dollars.
Just like the money losing, radiating, filthy uranium industry promoting power plants are.
Without taxpayer dollars the so called movers and shakers, couldn't move and shake any profit out of a nuclear power plant!
People, don't you think your taxdollars should be better spent?


  1. "Once a nuclear plant is built, I can guarantee the cost of power, unlike a natural gas plant.”

    And I can guarantee that the cost will be exorbitant in direct taxpayer subsidies and to the environment and to generations of people to come.

    This is not incompetence or stupidity. When every decision is the wrong one and flies in the face of common sense it points inexorably to the fact that this is a deliberate campaign to poison people and the environment.

    Meanwhile, taxpayers will be funding stem cell and gene research to find the causes of cancers when the causes are obvious and under our noses.

  2. Hiya Pen, Thanks again for keeping this in our minds, it's easy to be distracted with all that is going on at the moment isn't it?
    great post and the use of this nuclear power should not be continued..but we all know the vested interests of evil unfortunaltley call the shots in the US..and many places..
    Cheers and many regrads to you..
    Apologies for not popping around sooner :), busy, busy, busy...
    A13 :)

  3. Ditto, thanks Penny
    "A burdensome possession of which its owner will not dispose and whose cost (particularly cost of upkeep) is out of proportion to its usefulness or worth."

    Someone's gotta do something about all the elephant poop, that stuff stinks!


  4. Personally, I have no problems with nuclear power plants, as long as they are operated as a public utility so that SAFETY and not profit will be the bottom line and they find a safe way to store the waste.

    Since neither of those are likely to happen, then it's time to pull the plug on these ticking time bombs.

    If the feds had invested a fraction of the money given to the owners of the coal fired electrical plants, the nuke plants and Big Oil, if they had done that with renewable energy resources, like wind and solar, we could shut down the nuke plants.

  5. Hey James!

    You liked that line did ya?

    And all the rest of that guy's talk?

    What do we have a government for?

    According to him, to subsidize business using taxpayers money.

    Because yes, the cost of nuclear is exorbitant when one factors in all the taxpayer dollars...

    You are right about the campaign to poison people and the environment!

    But, some people will get very rich James...and these individuals are sick inhumane "people"

    Yup taxpayers will fund research for stem cells and genes and then the big pharma companies will get rich from the patented treatments, not cures, treatments.

    It is one hell of a vicious cycle!

  6. Hi A13, yes it is easy to get distracted when there is sooo much going on all the time.

    I have been wanting to get around to Fukushima for a while now.

    Asif Shah left a comment yesterday that the Japanese government is going to attempt to scrub the net of "bad news" regarding Fukushima..

    Unbelievable eh?

    There is no good news regarding Fukushima, none!

    The plants are still emitting radiation.
    TEPCO hasn't patched the holes
    TEPCO hasn't got the plants cooled down
    Food is being sold to people full of cesium.
    Kids will get cancer, they would have never got
    The Japanese government is telling it's people they have no right to live a healthy normal life..

    Where is the good news?
    What is Japan attempting to get scrubbed?

    Cheers to you A-13

  7. njt: definitely something has got to be done about all that poop!

    It is stinkin' the place up.

  8. Hey Greg;

    someone had mentioned thorium reactors as an alternative..
    I think it was nobody and gallier??
    But, that is not good for weapons

    That is what nuclear reactors boil down to, nuclear weapons

  9. Hey, good memory Penny!

    Many greetings from my little Dreiländereck.

  10. Backatcha GAllier!!!!

    got to get better at checking back posts, lest I offend someone at some point in time....