Monday, September 12, 2011

Breaking: Nuclear Explosion France -1 Dead

Leak fears after France nuclear site blast

A blast at a French nuclear site has killed at least one person and injured four more, the state nuclear regulator says, as emergency services warned of a radiation leak threat.

National electricity provider EDF on Monday confirmed the initial death toll following the explosion at the Marcoule nuclear site in the Rhone Valley near the southern city of Nimes.

The accident occurred at 11:45am (1945 AEST) on Monday in a plant that treats nuclear waste operated by a subsidiary of France's EDF electricity company, the regulator said.

The cause of the blast was unknown.

BFM private television quoted the local prefecture as saying there was a risk of radioactive material leaking.

Early reports warn of radioactive material leaking...

IAEA says seeks info from France about blast

The U.N. atomic agency is seeking information from France about Monday's explosion at a nuclear waste treatment site in the country's south, its head said.

Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said the IAEA's incident centre had been "immediately activated" and it had sent requests for information.

"We are now interested in information," Amano told a news conference.

A furnace exploded at the Marcoule nuclear waste treatment site in southern France, killing one person, but there was no leak of radioactive material outside the furnace

Of course, the IAEA, say no leak...don't you believe it.
The IAEA has a nuclear agenda.

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