Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Israel flouts Peace & Palestinians to steal and settle more land

While the farce is ongoing at the UN...

Israeli Panel approves new illegal settlement building in illegally occupied territory

An Israeli Interior Ministry committee has approved the construction of 1,100 new homes in east Jerusalem, which Palestinians want as the future capital of a state.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat condemned the move. “This is what we call a unilateral action,” he said in a phone interview. "Israel doesn’t want to stop settlement activities.”

"Unilateral action".
There are some people that would consider this, what is colourfully called, and obviously applicable .. an "F U" action. I think everyone who reads here know what is meant by that.
"Israel doesn't want to stop settlement activities" -Stating the obvious.

Netanyahu defended the step in remarks published today in The Jerusalem Post. “This is nothing new,” he said. “We plan in Jerusalem. We build in Jerusalem. Period.”

Netanyahu, stating the obvious, again. Israel just does whatever the hell it wants.

As if Netanyahu didn't win the obnoxiously confrontational prize for the day. The religious fantatics of Israel "encourage" Netanyahu to take it further-

Israel must annex West Bank, in retaliation for Palestine's statehood bid.

In letter to premier, leaders of several Knesset factions say Israel must retaliate against the Palestinians' 'unilateral' statehood bid at the UN, or risk losing it's deterrence.

Israel, "the peacemaker", retaliate?
How very war like!

As an aside...earlier in the Obama Presidency we had the theatre of Obama being "tough" on Israel?

The reality? Obama administration 'supplied bunker-busting bombs to Israel'

"Israel has received 55 US-made GBU-28 bunker-busting bombs, citing it as evidence that the US-Israeli military relationship is deeper than ever, despite the (illusion of) bad chemistry between Barack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu.
It is certainly interesting that US-Israeli military ties were strengthened just as the two governments were falling out over settlements.

Image borrowed from Guardian article

The two government were never "falling out over settlements"

By the way the "falling out with Israel" show has now opened for a second successful run in Turkey, with Erdogan taking over the starring role that Obama played oh so convincingly.


  1. they are provoking the Palestinians, very obviously. poke poke poke, waiting for them to do something. i think the death by fire of the Kua family in London is part of the same program to provoke and to do so brazenly, and to get away with it, to get away with everything, every time.

    on September 28, 2000 the monster Ariel Sharon went to the Dome of the Rock and triggered the first intifada. 11th anniversary tomorrow.

  2. Off-topic fyi: US guided missile cruiser in the Black Sea http://hamsayeh.net/middle-east/810-syria-on-the-boil-us-warship-in-the-black-sea-.html

    So US/NATO provokes Russia as Israel provokes Palestinians.

    Hadn't come across this Hamsayeh site before, seems pretty good (IMHO).

  3. Deterrence! It's back in the vernacular! And about time too.

    I look forward to an Israeli brains-trust coming up with a formula of calculate many Palestinians will need to be killed in order to deter whatever percentage is left alive. Would 50% do? I think the first question should be how many hewers of wood and carriers of water does the Jewish population need?

    Not forgetting organ transplants of course. If for instance 10% of the Israeli population required a new kidney and Palestinians all have two then that would be 6,000,000 ÷ 10 = 600,000 ÷ 2 = 300,000 Palestinians kept alive.

    Proof positive of Jewish mercy. Anyway I'm sure the Israelis will have it all figured out down the last shekel and kidney etc.

  4. Great post! Glad you mentioned the farce taking place at the UN.

    The arrogance and hypocrisy coming from the criminal, illegitimate Israeli government may have reached it's highest point, if that were even possible. All they do is provoke and attack, and then go crying to everyone they are discriminated against, ect. Same story, day after day.

  5. Doh! I've just realised the link I posted regarding US missile cruiser is an old story.

  6. Hey AP

    it looks like a provocation
    The failure at the UN will inevitably bring the Palestinians out, who can blame them?
    But Israel will use the opportunity to justify and attack.

    The bunkerbusters, IMO, were sent to Israel to aid in an attack on Iran.

  7. freethinker:

    don't worry about it. I had actually blogged on that story previously.

    Hamseyah is quite good I find, there are in my massive bookmark roll

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  9. Oops had to delete the previous comment because I fudged it up

    "I look forward to an Israeli brains-trust coming up with a formula of calculate many Palestinians will need to be killed in order to deter whatever percentage is left alive."

    I bet they have done all the number crunching necessary!

    Including the consideration for transplant profits.

    Before anyone dare uses the "anti-semite" label regarding Israel and organ trafficking...against anyone here
    Israel's involvement has been well documented in msm including the Israeli press.
    (The US state department has made mention of it, while downplaying the whole problem)
    Besides organ trafficking some Israeli's also engage in human trafficking for profit of course.
    Slave labour and prostitution.

  10. Hey John

    the whole UN thing is a farce, it is part of a provocation and a bit of distraction IMO.

  11. Penny - please, please, please, don't bow down to the psy-ops of having to apologise or explain beforehand on giving an opinion on a nation's dastardly deeds.

    Does even one broadcaster, commentator, or blogger, EVER apologise beforehand that "this is not about muslims, I'm not anti-muslim, some of my best friends are muslims!" when talking about how terrible Iran is for WANTING nuclear power?

    Don't do it, Pen. No excuses, don't fall into that trap.

    Great research as usual, btw. :)

  12. Thanks slozo, for that encouragement.

    I simply hate when the brainless show up with empty headed comments and labels.

    It ain't going to fly here.
    I want them to know that.

    If anyone wishes to make a constructive comment, I am all for it, anything else should be taken elsewhere.