Friday, September 2, 2011

Libya, Syria, Russia & Italy- The tangled web

Not to forget France and Britain!!

Interwoven news- you may not think it is connected, but, it seems it is all interconnected
We shall start with Russia and end with Italy
The western mainstream media is reporting that Russia is going to recognize the "new" Libyan government- You know the NATO created rebels?

Anyway, this is an interesting development, BUT, the "recognition" is not exactly as clear cut as the western media is making it out to be.

There is a caveat-

"President Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday Russia will recognize Libya's National Transnational Council (NTC) as the North African state's legitimate government if it brings the war-torn country together.

"If the rebels have the power and spirit and opportunity to unite the country on a new democratic basis, then of course we will consider establishing relations with them"

This in no way can be perceived as a ringing endorsement of the NATO government. Russia is hedging and I find it curious.
Does Russia think there is a possibility that Gaddafi could make a come back of sorts?

A couple of days ago, a Russian envoy was reported to be visiting Syria

The latest bloodshed came as a senior Russian envoy said after talks in Damascus on Monday that there was no change in Moscow's policy on Syria which has been opposed to Western calls for sanctions, Syrian state media said.

"Russia's position on Syria is unchanged," the official SANA news agency quoted deputy foreign minister Mikhail Bogdanov as saying.

"The envoy affirmed his country's support for the reforms launched by Syria in the political and economic fields and expressed hope that its security and stability would be maintained," the agency added.

The Russian envoy, who held talks with both President Bashar al-Assad and Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, underlined the "importance of continued coordination between the two countries in all fields."

For his part, Assad expressed his appreciation for Russia's "balanced approach to developments in Syria," SANA added.

Moscow staunchly opposes attempts by Western governments to push through a UN Security Council resolution targeting Assad, and has circulated an alternative draft urging Syria to expedite reforms.

Russia has so far been maintaining it's position with regards to Syria.
Is Russia hedging on Libya because of this position with Syria?
I don't know, but, their stance on the Libyan rebels is interesting, carefully worded and open to multiple interpretations. Surely, that is intentional.

Just a reminder:
U.S. admits funding Syrian opposition
When Syria and Russia and China for that matter, mention outside intervention.... there has been lots of it. Coming in many ways.

This article is interesting in it's entirety, so do read it.
What I found good about it, was the Sarkozy/France/ BANKER angle.
As I have mentioned on a number of occasions Libya is being plundered.
The bankers stand to reap massive windfalls.
Not to mention oil company profits.
Consider this a snapshot in the whole scenario of plunder.

"This war started in October 2010 when Gaddafi's chief of protocol, Nuri Mesmari, defected to Paris, was approached by French intelligence and for all practical purposes a military coup d'etat was concocted, involving defectors in Cyrenaica.

Sarkozy had a bag full of motives to exact revenge.....

French banks had told him that Gaddafi was about to transfer his billions of euros to Chinese banks. Thus Gaddafi could not by any means become an example to other Arab nations or sovereign funds.

(Sovereign funds-go back and read on this if you missed it- The wealth of sovereign funds tie Libya and Norway together)

French corporations told Sarko that Gaddafi had decided not to buy Rafale fighters anymore, and not to hire the French to build a nuclear plant; he was more concerned in investing in social services.

Energy giant Total wanted a much bigger piece of the Libyan energy cake - which was being largely eaten, on the European side, by Italy's ENI, especially because Premier Silvio "bunga bunga" Berlusconi, a certified Big G fan, had clinched a complex deal with Gaddafi.
There is more after this including the mention of Bernard Henri Levy- tool of the ptb's
You can read that for yourself

France was out of the picture and lowly Italy was making deals with Gaddafi.
Surely this was enough to drive Sarkozy over the cliff !
And so a "coup" was hatched.

You may recall that Berlusconi balked at the attack on Libya.
It is quite interesting to note that at the beginning of the week Berlusconi was lobbying for a delay on Syrian oil sanctions until December/11

The Italian government has said that pushing back the implementation of an embargo from mid-October to the end of November would have no real impact on the Syrian government, because contracts for the delivery of oil have been paid in advance through to the latter date. But other member states want the sanctions in place as soon as possible.

Around 90 per cent of Syria's crude oil is bought by EU countries, with half of that arriving at Italian ports. Germany and Italy import 32 and 31 per cent of all Syria's oil respectively. And although Italy's request for a delay was not well received by other member states, one diplomat, quoted by the Financial Times, said that the timing of the sanctions was the only stumbling block and could still be resolved by Friday, when EU foreign ministers meet in Poland.
Then suddenly, today in fact!

Berlusconi under fire for controversial remarks

Citing phone calls that authorities said they secretly recorded, investigators quoted Berlusconi as saying he's frustrated with investigations of him and eager to leave Italy.

Secretly recorded phone calls, leaked. Curious timing?

"I'm getting out to mind my own f---ing business, from somewhere else, and so I'm leaving this sh--ty country, of which I'm sickened."
It is almost as if the pressure is on...


  1. Interesting comments from Silvio.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Nice one Pen. Thanks for clearing up the Russian Libyan position. I have to be honest and say that I was surprised at the reports of the Russians recognising such an obvious bullshit 'government'.

    But they didn't did they?

    Can I paraphrase? "Win an election and we'll recognise you". Given that Gadaffi just presided over some of the biggest people power rallies in history, the idea of a coalition of local criminals, NATO, and al qaeda (eyeroll) winning free and fair elections is so absurd as to be impossible.

    "Free and fair", that is. It'll be no such thing of course (and obvious with it), and that'll Russia's 'out', if you know what I mean.

    Regardless, God pity those poor bloody Libyans.

  3. good article to explain misconception, I think NATO lose information war in Libya that why Gaddafi forces and tribes vow to fight and fear grip NTC leaders shift to Tripoli.

  4. "Not to forget France and Britain!! "

    Never forget 'Perfidious Albion'.

    Is Russia trying to stand against the NWO or just trying to improve their hand? Russia is in a tough position. The (jewish) oligarchs are gnawing away at their innards while NATO is circling without. They need a powerful ally like China potentially could be but China has done well out of the NWO, so far.

    Azaziah (Mask of Zion) has a new article touching on Russia and China within the great game. His comments on the Islamic influence within China are interesting and I haven't seen that discussed elsewhere.

    Penny, did you watch that Uroku video I mentioned a while back?

    wv: turks - there's another mystery within an enigma

  5. hey aangirfan;

    I am pretty sure that Silvio says alot of stupid stuff, I mean the guy is a fat blowhard.

    What is interesting is who recorded, why did they record it and why did they leak it at this exact time?

  6. Hey Nobody!
    Oddly enough I was thinking about you just the other day ....then you show up.

    WAs thinkin' I got to get over to your bloggie thing, see what is going on, anything new etc.,

    But as of late, have been swamped and not making the rounds.

    As for Russia's "recognition".
    No they didn't recognize the NATO goons.

    I agree the Libyans won't know what hit them, not the vast majority.
    And they will be so broken hearted.

  7. Hi Asif:

    thanks and misconceptions..
    there have been so many!
    If I can clear up just one, I would be happy

  8. Free thinker:
    Perfidious Albion

    A new phrase to me.
    And an interesting on at that


    I do wonder if Russia recalls the Bolshevik revolution and who led that and what happened to that country and it's people?

    Just a thought?

    Freethinker: can you refresh my memory with regard to which video this was?

    I simply cannot recall at all.
    My apologies but sometimes...between all the news I read and different videos, I can't recall which is which.


  9. Here's the website: - on youtube also. Its very ambitious and wide ranging for an amateur project and a good effort at covering the history and migration of the 'Power Elite' through the ages. It will be too soft for some truthers but it does give good background.

  10. thanks freethinker, I have it bookmarked this time.

    Sorry to say I may have overlooked this one.

    Don't let that stop you from leaving a link here to something interesting, because someone else, or numbers of someone else may check out what you leave.

    That is not a bad thing :)
    THanks again freethinker!