Friday, October 7, 2011

Turkey: The Regional Bully & it's Silver Tongue

Interesting commentary-

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu took his office with a self-styled peace offensive to give a human face to his country’s battered foreign policy. His goal was double-pronged: zero problems with neighbors and spreading new Ottomanism to increase Ankara’s hegemony over nations formerly enslaved by the Ottoman Sultans. The two goals were inherently incongruous because peaceful relations with neighbors required respect towards their sovereignty, which Ankara’s policymakers did not seem to care about.

A zero problems with neighbors policy, while spreading hegemony? Seems like a contradiction.

Turkey "enjoyed the acquiescence and the encouragement of the major powers, because as Turkey began to implement its newfound policy, it was mindful to pay its dues to those powers. It did not take too long to divulge the farcical nature of that policy, as Turkey adopted a hostile posture against its neighbors.

Ankara ruined its relations with almost all neighboring countries, while paying lip service to the idea of reducing its problems with them to zero.

Or simply lip service as the writer postulates?

Armenia-it shelved the much-heralded protocols with Armenia.

Cyprus- threatened to send its warship to Cyprus to block the exploration of oil and gas on the continental shelf off that country.
This bluff did not last long due to the" involvement of the American oil company, Noble, and Israeli participation in the exploration"

Syria had become one of the major trading partners of Turkey, with whom the visa regime was eliminated with great fanfare. Ankara reversed its policy and hosted a Syrian government in exile, which angered Damascus to such a degree that it placed a ban on Turkish imports.
At one point, Turkey announced that it was prepared to send its troops to Northern Syria (Der Zor included) to “protect” minorities, among them Armenians.

Today, Turkey is meddling in Syria’s internal affairs to destabilize that country.

Greece- Angry rhetoric was also exchanged across the border, when Israel requested that Greece host an Israeli military base.

Turkey is getting away with murder, because, despite its vitriolic exchanges with Israel, basically it is serving that country’s long-term interests, by helping to dismantle all the hostile Arab regimes.

Ankara has also agreed to install NATO rocket defense system in Malatia, supposedly to protect Europe from potential Iranian rockets, but actually the move is directed at Russia, by resurrected Cold Warriors, because Russia has a military base next door in Armenia. Even if the installation is limited to Iran, that still compounds Ankara’s hostility towards the Damascus- Tehran axis.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s diatribes against Israel are at best lip service designed to appease the credulous Arab street, so as to gain more lucrative contracts in Muslim countries.

Despite heated rhetoric between Ankara and Greece or Cyprus and Israel. The only action Turkey has taken has been against Syria. Another Arab nation. How can this gain them any credibility, really?

Interesting to note:

Turkey's foreign minister is due in Britain today for the Silver Tongue forum- That is really the name, I kid you not! A forum for smooth talkin' shills, I guess?!

Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will travel to Britain on Friday to attend the first meeting of Turkey-Britain Silver Tongue Forum, his office said on Thursday.

The Silver Tongue Forum will largely contribute in further strengthening the impetus obtained in our bilateral relations with Britain in political, economic, cultural and social fields.

The "British-Turkish Silver Tongue Forum" will be held in Turkey next year.

What a name! I wonder is it a forked silver tongue?


  1. Hey Sweetie, I hope you forgive me but I was cleaning out my bookmarks and saw this - I know its not Syria and I am off topic - but wondered of you immediately! Did you see this Pen?

    Canadian Pilots Refuse To Bomb Assigned Libyan Targets For Fear Of Collateral Damage

    I saw this linked at CBC forums.


  2. Is the 'Turkey-Britain Silver Tongue Forum' low-key or what? Nothing in the western press at all, and no web presence - strange way to run a 'business forum'. I wonder if Izipi Livni, also in London, got an invite.

    A little info here: This caught my eye: 'Gur stated that as the economic situation in Europe worsened and the Arab Spring has turned into a world spring, Europe has realized that commerce without Turkey was impossible.' So we're having a World-Spring now are we, by courtesy of the Arab-Spring social engineers?

  3. oops, that should have been Tzipi Livni of course.

    Off-topic but curious: Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet -

  4. Hezboallah cracked the drone codes years ago, they kept it quite until the STC tribunal. Iran must have helped in deciphering the codes, many drones have been falling out of the sky recently. Iran have been mentioning how they are confident to be to spot drones mins before then hit their airspace.

  5. Hey Penny,...You probably know about this guy already, however, this is a neat catch-up vid:


  6. Hi Penny how r you,just saw your comment on my blog,thanks for stoppin your posts sister,they are amazing,been trying to dig more on the silver tongue forum,but my browser is seriously being hijacked,not sure how to fix this..anyway a big hug to you...keep up the excellent analysis,oh and see if this interests you...Salaam alaikum,see if this interests you...Assassinated by Armed Terrorist Group Directed by Foreign Intelligence Agencies

    Turkey Accused of Killing Kurd Leader

    Syria's Mufti: Western Intervention Triggers Martyrdom-Seeking Operations in Europe

    Senate Confirms Frank Ricciardone(madeline albright tool) as U.S. Ambassador to Turkey

    EXPOSED- James Zogby on Syria

  7. Hey buffy:
    hadn't seen that one, thanks

  8. Freethinker! how are you?
    sorry for the tardy response here-

    Is the 'Turkey-Britain Silver Tongue Forum' low-key or what?

    very low key, I just stumbled across that one.
    And yeah, thought it odd.
    The name struck me as weird for a supposed business group.

    There is something else to that. Gut feeling just tells me so.

    If Ms Livni was just so happening to be in London at the same time, then I would think she got an invite.

    Shall check out your link asap

  9. freethinker that is all the links!
    I am behind the times seriously here.

    Iran cracked the codes?
    given what I know about that bit of news, that is where I will leave that.

  10. Hey Veritas!
    thanks and will check that out too.
    so little time, so much news...
    how the hell is it that the "news" networks can spend so much time and money covering nonsense when there is a whole big world out there with all kinds of happenings.

  11. Thanks NYSC
    I saw your were having troubles at your place, hopefully you can get that all fixed up?

    Hey if you think my work is good, kudos to you and yours.
    I don't know how you do it!

  12. Regarding Hezbollah and the drones, they had intercepted drone footage of Hariri's route of travel, implicating Israel in his assassination. (the video is only 57 seconds)

    Regarding the virus and drone hacking, it's my guess, and I may have read about it somewhere, they don't always use the most sophisticated methods of encryption in their radio communications, in fact some channels may not be encrypted at all. Pure speculation on my part, but knowledge and ability of drone hacking may be widespread, and that may actually be part of a deliberate strategy.

    In fact, I just looked it up (got a result on one of my favorite sites, no less) and it appears the video feed uses the same algorithm as ordinary satellite video.

    FYI, hobbyists are making autonomous and remote-piloted drones with off the shelf parts these days. See DIY Drones.

    Don't mean to bog you down with off-topic info. Thanks Penny.

  13. Hey Blammo!-

    'Don't mean to bog you down with off-topic info.'

    I have got myself well bogged down already.

    The links are great, thanks.
    Sometimes these seemingly disparate links, become missing links, to pull something vital together.

    It has happened before!

  14. Just to clarify the drone virus.

    Previously the weakly encoded video feed from the drones was cracked. That's not a virus, it was the cracking of a simple code.

    What we have now, according to the report (and why are they so helpful in admittng it?) apparently is a virus infestation in the control centres and it's postulated that the virus might be a key-logger, ie a trojan software that captures all keyboard input such as passwords, target codes etc. Perhaps, if it is a really special virus, like stuxnet, it could even allow remote-control of the drones. If there really is a virus and this is not just a psyop then this is a 'big fucking deal' and they should not be blythely saying “We keep wiping it off, and it keeps coming back”.

  15. Thx Pen, and thanks for clarifying that, Freethinker. Yes, the lack of alarm in that article stood out.