Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Syria: the beat goes on

Another day, another Pro-Assad protest. As always far bigger then the NATO backed protests.
Not just in Damascus. Also in Latakia. Syrian supporters have also protested outside of embassies of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, to name a couple. As I had mentioned in a previous post, Syrians have also protested in the US in support of Assad and against western intervention.

The msm has been spinning allegations of atrocities against children. Unsubstantiated, of course.
Likely in response to this news-

The UN see's Frances "humanitarian corridors" as not justified (at this time?)

French proposals for "humanitarian" corridors in Syria are not justified by humanitarian needs identified so far in the country, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator said.

"At present, the humanitarian needs identified in Syria do not warrant the implementation of either of those mechanisms," she said, adding that the United Nations had been unable to assess comprehensively those needs because of the limited number of international staff operating in Syria.

"Before any further discussion of these options, it is essential to get a clearer sense of what exactly people need, and where," Amos said in a statement released on Friday

Does this mean all the logistics are not in place? That the "free syrian" army is not well armed enough? Or not enough fighters and infiltrators have been brought in?

Thinking of yesterday's post....

Or this news story from today? Libyan fighters join "free Syrian army" forces

Alleged "Libyan rebels"

Libyan sources conveyed in recent days that 600 rebel fighters have already gone from Libya to Syria The sources explained that the announcement of Libyan interim leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil regarding his country's willingness to provide support for the rebels in Syria, has actually opened the door to volunteers. The source pointed out that there is coordination between the Libyan interim government and the Syrian opposition.

The source added that the Libyan rebels entered Syria through Turkey, to join "the free Syrian army"

As I have stated previously and repeatedly the "free Syrian" army is neither free nor Syrian. Someone is paying for those mercenaries? Someone is paying for Muslim Brotherhood fighters? Or the Turkish troops? Who could it be?

Now onto some developments via the Russian angle-

Russia is calling for an end to ultimatums against Syria

"Right now, the most important thing is to stop acting by means of ultimatums and try to move toward political dialogue," Mr Lavrov said.

Lavrov also criticized a proposed arms embargo

"We know how that worked in Libya when the arms embargo only applied to the Libyan army, the opposition received weapons," Mr Lavrov told reporters.

Yeah, we know how that worked.

As you may have read yesterday, Russia is sending a warship into the Tartus (Tartous) port.

It is claimed to be a routine visit, much like the George HW Bush carrier is on routine visit

The paper said the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier would be armed with at least eight Sukhoi-33 fighters, several MiG-29K fighters and two helicopters.

It will also have cruise and surface to air missiles, the paper said.

A navy spokesman was not available to comment to Reuters.

Yegor Engelhart, an analyst with Moscow-based defence think-tank CAST, said Moscow did not want its position to be ignored while the Assad government was under pressure.

"At the very least Moscow wants to show that it is willing to defend its interests in Syria," he said

Russian officials say the naval base at Tartus is used for repairs to ships from its Black Sea fleet and Izvestia said about 600 Russian Defence Ministry employees worked there. There are currently no Russian ships there, the paper said. (I had doubts about the Haaretz report last week)

From another article-

But retired Russian Admiral Viktor Kravchenko said last night that Moscow was sending a message to the US and European leaders.

‘Having any military force apart from NATO is very beneficial for the region as it prevents the outbreak of armed conflict,’ he said.

“Of course, the Russian naval forces in the Mediterranean will be incommensurate with those of the US 6th Fleet, which includes one or two aircraft carriers and several escort ships,” Admiral Kravchenko explained. “But today, no one talks about possible military clashes, since an attack on any Russian ship would be regarded as a declaration of war with all the consequences.”

FYI: Unlike American aircraft carriers, designed largely as floating runways, Admiral Kuznetsov is a heavily-armed aircraft-carrying cruiser. Its primary armaments, among others, are 12 long-range surface-to-surface anti-ship Granit cruise missiles, a six-gun short-range surface-to-air missile system Kinzhal, eight close-in air defense Kashtan gun-missile systems and two UDAV-1 anti-submarine systems.

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