Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cameraman from France2 television dies in Syria

Did you hear or read the news that a journalist was killed in Syria?
Have you noticed the vagueness with which this news is being covered?
Have you noticed that what is being implied via the main stream media is that somehow the Assad government or Assad personally was responsible for this death?
He isn't. Nor is the Syrian government as a whole. Nor is the Syrian Army.

Gilles Jacquier

The journalist (cameraman) was killed by the so called activists. The "Free Syrian Army". Muslim Brotherhood. Al Quaeda fighters brought in from Libya. Pick the perpetrator from the aforementioned groups.
Entertain the thought that it is possibly special ops from the US or the UK involved. Perhaps even Israeli military. Those are more realistic suspects.

"About 15 journalists were on the government trip when they were hit by several grenades, according to Jens Franssen, who was on the tour. "At some point, three or four (grenade) shells hit, very close to us,'' Franssen told the Belgian VRT network."

The attack took place in Hom/Homs We are always informed that this province is a "restive" province.
What Homs is, is a place whose inhabitants have been under attack by destabilizers.
Homs is very near Lebanon. If you have been following along then you are aware that so called "Syrian army" is on the border in that area. You have also had it brought to your attention that
all manner of weapons smuggling has been going on across the Lebanon/Syrian border

So let's cut through the bullshit and spin and read what is really going on.
It will only take a bit of common sense thinking to figure out who attacked the foreign journalists killing the cameraman from France.

The Assad government arranges for a bunch of foreign journalists to go on a tour of varying areas of Syria.
Supporters of the Assad government come out enmasse to demonstrate for their own government.
This would be a blow to the propaganda campaign that has been so skillfully waged via the main stream media. And the social media outlets.
Pictures of the average Syrian supporting Assad, in the areas we have been repeatedly informed are "restive", getting out to the world.... unthinkable!

So which party stood to lose the battle for hearts and minds if a pro-Assad picture was painted for the world?
Who was going to be "the biggest loser" in the media campaign if pictures of the people supporting their own government were released to the world?
Come on this is easy!
The obvious answer is the destabilizers were set to lose. Their lies exposed.
Clearly this cannot be allowed to happen!
So you as a terrorist/destabilizer lob a bunch of grenades at the journalists, you know some of them are going to connect. And it really doesn't matter with which one. If you happen to kill some Syrians who were showing their support for Assad, all the better. Killing two birds with one stone as the saying goes. Now that's the way to do it!

Then you have the destabilizers get their video footage uploaded to YouTube right on time.
Is it from this incident? Or is it not?
It doesn't matter because the destabilizers know it will be picked up by the compliant media and reported. And many useless feeders will get over to YouTube to be shocked and appalled by the carnage of the attack. And that is what will stick in their feeble minds. The graphic imagery.

Video footage posted on Youtube appeared to show the aftermath of the attack, with people frantically loading the injured into cars. There were pools of blood on the ground. The authenticity of the footage, however, could not be independently verified.

Then the main stream media will start spinning this as the Assad government's fault.

"It's up to Syrian authorities to ensure the security of international journalists on their territory" Alain Juppe

It would seem to me that the Assad government would have done their utmost to ensure the security of the international journalists.
It would seem to me in all this time the Assad government have attempted to keep the country secure, the people secure, the institutions secure, the pipelines secure etc., etc.,

What the real problem is....where Alain Juppe should have placed the blame, is with the destabilizers.
Armed, trained, financed and originating from the NATO nations. Including France.
While Mr Juppe is playing up for the camera's, for the audience of the gullible, whilst shedding crocodile tears for the family etc.,
Behind the scenes his government is high fivin' their terrorist cohorts and partners in crime for a job well done.
This man's blood and the tears of his family stain the government of France.
For their complicity in his killing, within the NATO structure.

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  1. Penny,I am just catching up here. Google him, and there is a burst of activity 11-12 Jan. Then pretty well nothing. It just peters out... Is nobody interested?? The story is incredibly vague, another Libya style video showing nothing at all. Then a tribute coming out from Enduring America, and the standard uploaded immediately by Addounia TV and placed on the Enduring America Live blog, 11 Jan. Hey, what's this on the 16th Jan? Funny goings on over the autopsy reported at Voltaire Net...Death of French TV reporter: France covering up the evidence

    And then what?? nothing. Bizarre or what???