Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A "car bomb" kills Iranian scientist

A nuclear scientist.
How many nuclear scientists have been killed under very suspicious circumstances in the past year or so? If you don't know the answer is 4.

Iran points a finger at Israel. I am sure the msm will spin that as "antisemetism"
Which is nonsense. The first nation that came to my mind as the likely culprit behind this murder and terrorism was Israel. Israel has made it loud and clear they want Iran-GONE.

Besides : Israel ‘not shedding tear’ over deadly Iran blast
And really....why would they?

The blast came a day after Israel’s chief of staff said 2012 would be a “critical” year for Iran.

JERUSALEM: A senior Israeli official on Wednesday gave a cryptic reaction to a car bomb which killed an Iranian nuclear scientist, saying he was unaware who did it but calling it an act of “revenge.”

”I don’t know who took revenge on the Iranian scientist, but I am definitely not shedding a tear,” Israeli military spokesman Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai wrote on his official Facebook page.

I have my doubts this fellow doesn't know who or why or how the scientist was killed

Interesting article here. The terror/murder comes at a very opportune time.

Parsi: Assassination to scuttle talks

There are also actors that escalate at times time not to strengthen their position at the talks, but to scuttle the talks. The attack on the British embassy in Tehran late last year was partly motivated by the desire of one political faction in Iran to undo the talks. Yesterday’s assassination of another Iranian nuclear scientist was likely conducted by a regional actor who prefers a military confrontation with Iran over a compromise that would permit Iran to retain nuclear enrichment capabilities, even if it doesn’t build a bomb.

What regional "actor" or nation state fits that description to a tee?

Interesting commentary from the Guardian. -

This covert war on Iran is illegal and dangerous.

As are all covert wars. But danger and issues of legality have never stopped warmongers previously.

These days, more than ever, news from Iran is surrounded in mystery. Whether it's the assassination of nuclear scientists, explosions at military bases, the spread of a computer worm or even the downing (or crash) of a US spy drone.......

Worth reading for a good overview on just how many attacks have taken place on Iran already. For the past two years now

How come the UN is so silent? Just wondering?


  1. Hi Penny, it is very unnerving to witness these occurrences in a region between two nations looking for any excuse to pull the trigger. There always is more than one side to any story, but it is the outcome of these incidents that should make any sane person shudder.

    Thanx 4 visiting.....much appreciated

  2. WJJ wrote-
    "....between two nations looking for any excuse to pull the trigger"

    There is only ONE of these two nations wanting to pull the trigger.

    "There always is more than one side to any story"

    yes, and one side is usually lies. So the truth is usually with one side and not somewhere in the middle. The attacks are happening on Iranian soil. So israel is the aggressor and Iran the victim. This is NOT a "it takes two to tango" type of situation or anything like it.

  3. Hey WJJ!!!
    You are most welcome.
    I see that you are still in the early stages of blogging
    A neophyte, perhaps?
    In time you will become a full blown cynic, sometimes it is sad and other times it is like viewing everything for the first time, fully awake.
    Then it isn't cynicism anymore and you realize it is awareness and learning.

    I will have to disagree with the two nation analogy.

    Iran has been under attack for sometime now, from both Israel and the US.

    It is also important to note that Israel is the only nation in the entire ME with literally 100's of nukes.
    It is this imbalance that causes all the destabilization.

    Your right on the incidents making one shudder, they do.

  4. Hey James

    Indeed since the attacks have been taking place on Iranian soil
    All of them, they can't be considered the aggressor.

    The Guardian piece went through many of the attacks that have been lobbed against Iran

    I was pleasantly surprised to see such a piece emanating from there

    I wondered if fear is getting to some in the msm?

  5. Hi Pen,I think being an Iranian scientist would have to be one of the worlds most dangerous jobs.
    There must be heaps of intel on these poor people and "internal" elements to achieve such actions
    such .
    Cheers A13

  6. The IAEA has been nothing but a tool of the western secret services ever since elbaradei retired.

    ‘IAEA leaked secret info to Iran enemy’
    Press TV, Jan 11 2012

  7. Hey A13
    It seems it is the deadliest job in the world

  8. Blink
    thanks, I saw that. And have no doubt it was the IAEA that fed the info to Israel.

    Yes, the Japanese fellow is a total tool!