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Syria: Russia's red lines, France replays it's terror role and the Kurds

Here is some of the latest- Russia and the UN concerning Syria

Following a lengthy closed door meeting Friday afternoon on a draft resolution proposed by France, Britain and Morocco, the UN Ambassador from Russia made these statements-
He speaks of red lines and he speaks quite clearly about the situation in Syria as it relates to Russia's stand.

image from above linked article-VOA

“The red lines included any indications of sanctions, the red lines included any sort of imposition of arms embargo - because we know how in real life arms embargo means you supply arms to illegal groups but you cannot supply weapons to the government - we cannot accept that"

Precisely as it happened in Libya.

There was an embargo and the NATO nations supplied the "rebels". Who murdered the leader and are in the process of raping and torturing their way through the nation. Oh yes attempting to hold the nation they never had a hold on. Not without NATO bomb/slaughter sorties.
Canada, speaks out of both sides of it's mouth

Canada delivered a harsh diplomatic rebuke to Libyan officials in both countries Friday after "credible" reports of torture linked to the country's interim government
Harsh my arse! Canada threw it's lot in with terrorist, radicals and killers. Knowing full well what the outcome would be.

Back to Syria, where we can see a very similar plot has been undertaken by the NATO nations and Israel.
In Libya the NATO backed rebels were able to take a small piece of Libya and control it with the help of NATO, various special forces, mercenaries etc.,
It would appear that the so called "Free Syrian Army" is attempting the same. By trying to control areas near the border with Turkey

Which is why we see the names Idlib and Aleppo in the next article I will link to.
You may recall the attack on Syrian forces at Jisr Al Shigour? West of the town of Idlib. This attack came with the help of Turkey. And sparked the appearance of "refugee camps" on the Turkish side of the border. Does anyone notice we never hear about the so called refugee crisis anymore? Wonder why that is?
What would seem most plausible is, there never was a refugee crisis.
As I had speculated repeatedly the camps were a cover for attacking muslim brotherhood, turkish troops, special forces, mercenaries... who ever could be bought and paid for by NATO and western taxpayer dollars!

Keep in mind this is the NYT's-

"The growing violence and assertiveness of the loosely organized military force hinted at the expanding role of armed fighters in a movement that began peacefully (never was peaceful) more than 10 months ago.

The Free Syrian Army’s leadership is based over the border in Turkey. (in the refugee camps) It is unclear whether it (Turkey) has any organizational control over the local, ad hoc militias in Syria that one person described as “franchises.”

Turkey is deeply involved, while not having entire control. They have control of what emanates from their border.

In some places the militias are filled with local men, and in others, like Saqba, many of the defectors come from other parts of the country, welcome but somewhat mysterious guests.

Mysterious guests.
NYT's plays fast and loose with facts. What they are really saying, without saying, is the "mysterious guests" can come from anywhere. Turkey, Libya , Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan...take your pick.

Some residents of Homs, including several Christians and Alawites, expressed fears that hard-line Sunnis known as Salafis were forming armed groups and stoking violence.

You may recall the Salafis from the assassination of the young Italian man in Palestine? Doing Israel's work? Refresh your memory here

April 21/2011- Salafists: Killing Vittorio, firing rockets into Israel & causing unrest in Syria. Who benefits?

Continuing on....

The government promised to strike “firmly” at the armed gunmen, like the army defectors in Saqba, who it says represent the true face of an opposition it has branded as terrorists. The message has found sympathetic ears, not only among Mr. Assad’s large base of supporters but also other Syrians who fear that a growing armed insurgency will destabilize the country.

That's right. Assad has a large base of support. A very large base of support. 55 percent of the populace. And they have a right to be concerned about their nation being destabilized, for that is the plan. It has been the plan all along. Since the created uprising began March 2011.

It is being reported that one of the "Top" opposition groups is helping the armed rebels
That is of course the Syrian National Council & Bassma Kodmani who is letting loose the propaganda in France

Educated in Britain and France, she is an Arab world expert who has worked in several Paris-based think tanks.

She and her group (NATO) are working to aid the Free Syrian army in their agenda of destroying and driving Syria into civil war as in Libya.

By assisting in arming the same radicals, terrorist, killers, rapists and torturers- Just like in Libya.

Kodmani said the council is working to identify and locate FSA rebels to see how they can connect and equip them with communications equipment and bulletproof vests.

Just communications equipment and bullet proof vests, eh?
Come on! Not credible..
If they are supplying /equipping the "rebels" with bulletproof vests OBVIOUSLY they are providing them with weapons to fight. Why else would bulletproof vests be needed?
So now we understand that the " Syrian National Council" is a mechanism of destruction, with a legitimate sounding title.

The aim is to get territory under their control. Have I mentioned that already?

The FSA has no command structure (nonsense) and holds no territory — unlike the Libyan rebels who used Benghazi as a base to topple Moammar Gadhafi with help from a NATO air campaign

What a claim, "no command structure"!

The FSA (Free Syrian Army) has a command structure via the nations of France and Turkey. Two prime examples discussed in this post. It is clear France is using the Syrian National Council to arm the destabilizers and that constitutes a command structure.
As of yet control of a chunk of Syria has alluded the Free Syrian Army, but there are working at it.

Now, one last piece of the Syrian puzzle. One I have mentioned in a number of previous posts.
The Kurds- They are important to this situation. So far though, they have been mostly absent in Syria. But, Turkey and Israel are hoping to change that.
Quite frankly I can't see that working out, but, you never know.

Interesting commentary here, some of it credible, some of it simply incredible
Or nonsensical, whichever?
The stuff about the PKK and Syria. I don't see this as anything but spin.
The PKK is so thoroughly owned by Israel and the US it is non credible to entertain a Syrian PKK connection
. So that bit of spin is probably easy enough to dismiss.
Turkey is playing an interesting game with the Kurds.

The game plan of Turkey appears to have focused on two tracks. Turkey has pushed the SNC to establish strong ties with restive Kurdish groups in Syria, offering them a clear vision for the post-Assad era to quell fears of Arab reprisal against Kurds.

Recall I mentioned the Syrian National Council, from France, earlier in this post?

At the same time, with the exception of the PKK and related groups, Ankara urged Kurds in Syria to openly denounce separatism and to support the territorial integrity of the country. Secondly, Turkish officials have held talks with both Iraqi Kurdish leaders Massoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani to sway Syrian Kurds to their side. Barzani has closely aligned with the Kurdish Democratic Front, the largest coalition of Kurdish parties in Syria, while Talabani has close contacts with the coalition called the Kurdish Democratic Alliance.

Syria has been mindful of the Kurdish population in the country. I have mentioned that previously and will broach the subject again shortly.

What is interesting here is to note the fine line Turkey is having to walk regarding the Kurds.
Turkey has issues with the Kurds within their own borders. If they accomadate the Kurds of Syria, will they embolden the Kurds in Turkey? Only time will tell. These moves Turkey is involved in to destroy Syria have the potential to come back and bite the Turkish government. Hard.

From JP- Kurds and Sway

It is also known that the Syrian Kurdish political scene is notoriously fragmented, with the traditional Kurdish parties harboring misgivings toward the Arab opposition groups as well as toward Turkey. These various cleavages have afforded the Assad regime an opening it sought to exploit.

And Assad did exploit the opportunities presented. It only makes sense.

Early on in the uprising, Bashar al-Assad moved to neutralize the Kurdish areas. He issued a decree naturalizing the registered stateless Kurds (the so-called ajanib, or “foreigners”) and repealed Decree 49 of 2008, which regulated land use and ownership in the border regions.

These concessions were made “preventatively, in order to hinder or at least minimize Kurdish participation in the Syrian revolution.”

And these concessions have worked so far. Which is why we see Turkey and France meddling.
After all “There is a lot of distrust among Syrian Kurds towards the Kurdish parties.”

So someone is courting the Iraqi Kurds?
Would that someone be Israel? It has been previously reported that Israel's army is present and active in Kurdish Iraq.

Iraq’s Masoud Barzani has assumed a notable role.

Barzani, who had declined an invitation from Assad to visit Syria, hosted the president of the SNC Burhan Ghalyoun earlier this month. According to some reports, Ghalyoun sought Barzani’s mediation to get the KNC to join the SNC. Negotiations are apparently ongoing, and the KNC’s secretary general, Abdul Hakim Bashar, said on Monday that the Kurdish council was awaiting the SNC’s response to some amendments to their respective political programs, which could allow for the two groupings to join forces.

Iraqi Kurdistan is thus emerging as a critical player in the Syrian arena, and a convergence point for many of Assad’s opponents, from Turkey to Lebanon.

Recall some earlier posts on this topic?

Kurds - The Wild Card in Syria

Assassination in Syria? Who REALLY benefits?


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  3. Hey freethinker

    Interesting story, and it does appear to be fiction.
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