Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Update on Syria- The destabilization continues

The West has got a problem with the created Syrian opposition.

It is being reported the so called opposition is in disarray. Which it likely is, since Syria is a nation of complexities.
With the "opposition" in disarray it is a bit difficult to have your ready made stooges, ready to go...... For an overthrow.

Syria's opposition was in disarray Wednesday, struggling to present a united front.
" A pact that two of Syria's main opposition factions -- the Syrian National Council (SNC) and National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria (NCB) -- agreed last week now appears to be in tatters.

The political agreement signed on Friday in Cairo had outlined a "transitional period" should Assad's regime be toppled by a pro-democracy uprising that erupted in March.
However, in a Facebook posting, the Syrian National Council said late Tuesday the "document conflicts with the SNC's political programme and with the demands of the Syrian revolution."
Widely regarded as the most inclusive of Syria's opposition alliances, with representation from both the Muslim Brotherhood and parties drawn from the Christian and Kurdish minorities, the SNC has been at odds with some activists over the extent of foreign intervention required to bring change."

The Syrian National Council is of course made up of western stooges. They have been vocal in advocating for wholesale slaughter in Syria, as in Libya, because they don't live there and haven't for a long time. I have covered a number of these characters in a number of posts, so I won't rehash.
However take 12 minutes to watch the video from RT at the end of this post. The professor does mention them and their connections.

Also, there has been more sabotage undertaken by the destabilizers, cutting off electricity to the beleagured populace of Syria. This is the fourth in a series of attacks on gas pipelines in Syria. It will cut off 400 megawatt hours from the electricity network and would add one hour of power cuts daily. The destabilizing forces say they will step up attacks.

The Arab League monitors had not been working out as well as the West had hoped.
The US has heavily criticized their mission.

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told a news briefing on Tuesday that "the Syrian regime has not lived up to the full spectrum of commitments that it made to the Arab League when it accepted its proposal some nine weeks ago... For example, the violence hasn't stopped. Far from it."

In an official statement, Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi said Wednesday that "the U.S. statement is a provocative stance that would hurt the performance of the Arab observers even before the issuance of their first report."
"The U.S. is not part of the deal between the AL and Syria, but rather a part in the process of raising and inciting violence," Makdissi said.
Hammer meet nail!

It seems the monitors haven't been finding all that much going on in the way of governmental oppression etc., Particularly on the topic of snipers.
Are there government snipers or are the armed destabilizers the snipers?
I have covered that in older posts, you can find that info here and here.
Smart money is on the destabilizers as snipers.

To get around the little snag presented by the monitors not getting the required results. The West is looking to bring in the GCC- the Gulf Cooperation Council.
These are of course the most compliant of the Arab Nations. By compliant, I mean the most supportive of the western NATO agenda.

The six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will send 25 observers to monitor the situation in Syria

This of course means Saudi Arabia will play a leading role!

“The total number of observers to be sent by Saudi Arabia is not yet known,” said Osama Nugali, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He said that the Saudi government, however, was working closely with all parties in the Arab mission.
Saudi Arabia, well known for democracy and human rights....... with a wink and a nudge of course!

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