Friday, February 10, 2012

Anti terrorist Aleppo attacked- Russia will "use drastic measures"....

Aleppo pays for being anti-terror!

WP- Blasts hit security headquarters in Syrian city that has stood by Assad.

Another headline-Two blasts kill at least 25 in Assad stronghold of Aleppo, Syria

Those headlines sum up nicely exactly why Aleppo was struck in such a deadly fashion.

If you caught my post from yesterday, you would have known that the inhabitants of Aleppo came out in a big way to cheer the Russian Foreign Ministers visit. The veto at the UN. And to support their leadership.

To Syria’s NATO backed terrorists, this would have been an outrage! How dare they want to remain unscathed by terror. How dare they not want to be bombed to smithereens. The NATO backed terrorists are armed to the teeth and they mean business. Deadly business.

“Two explosions struck security compounds in Aleppo on Friday, killing 28 people, state media reported, the first significant violence in a major city that has largely stood by Syrian President Bashar Assad in the 11-month-old uprising against his rule.”
Twin bombings struck security buildings in the Syrian commercial hub of Aleppo on Friday, killing at least 25 and injuring 175, Syrian state media reported.
The attacks caused extensive damage to the structures and nearby residences.
Killing 28. Injuring nearly 200.

If you have the stomache for it and would like to see what the NATO countries are accomplishing by arming destabilizers, Here is where you can see your taxpaying dollars at work!

Warning: Extremely Graphic!

Above is one photo from the group of photos I could barely look at the rest

Two recent remarks from Russia make it absolutely clear that they will tolerate no more meddling in Syria-

Russian diplomat: Moscow will block any UN resolution urging Assad to step down

Russia has accused the West of arming the destabilizers

Russia said on Friday that the West was stoking the conflict in Syria by sending weapons to the opponents of President Bashar al-Assad.

"Western states inciting Syrian opposition to uncompromising actions, as well as those sending arms to them, giving them advice and direction, are participating in the process of fomenting the crisis," Itar-Tass news agency quoted Ryabkov as saying”
Very frank language from Russia regarding Syria
Ryabkov, speaking on a visit to Colombia, said Russia would take "drastic measures" if the West kept trying to intervene in Syria's internal affairs through the Security Council..

"The U.N. council is not a tool for intervention in internal affairs and is not the agency to decide which government is to be next in one country or another," Ryabkov said. "If our foreign partners don't understand that, we will have to use drastic measures to return them to real grounds."

Russia is absolutely NOT mincing words here! It is time for the people of the NATO/West to wake up to what their governments are doing in their name, with their money.


  1. How much is it going to take for western people to rise up and topple their corrupt and vile governments of which mine (England) is one of the worst?.
    How much longer can we look the other way whilst our so-called leaders use our military now little more than hired mercenary thugs that shame the once proud tradition of our nation at Dunkirk and in the batte for Britain?.
    This is mass murder as was Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yugoslavia - to name but the obvious.
    Anyone notice that the west always seems to leave islamic fundamentalism behind them in charge.
    War on terror?
    My foot.
    Its war on freedom and national sovereignty and democracy.
    Thank God for Putin and Russia.

  2. The UK/US alliance is the ugly bully in the world. Russia and Putin actually are standing for truth.

  3. I hope this time that Russia means what they have said . They should intervene, Assad should stand up once and for all and strike back really hard with NO PITY for the REBELS.I'm against violence but when it comes to defend yourselves against Evil acts such as what are going on in Syria and eslewhere in this World, it's time to wake up and defend our Loveones.

    Love and compassion is what should prevail in our lives, but when you see and witness those kind of Crimes in the name of implementing a NWO or Reptilian agenda committed by a bunch of ignorant scumbags or psychopaths.

    Very few knows what are the human-beings of this Planet are dealing with, you have know idea, only a few knows outside the Rothschild & Cie. They are EVILs and they don't care about human-beings and they have no compassion whatsoever. They love wars, they love when we kill each others. The only way that we can get rid of them is if WE, all the human-beings on this Planet, drop our guns or weapons and stop fighting each others for whatever reasons. There is no reason on this Universe to kill a 'Being'.

    On this Unviverse anyone has the right to defend itself against any aggressor by any means. But LOVE and FORGIVENESS should be our main objective for the next few months coming ahead if we want to STOP the next Armageddon happening on Earth.

    Now WE the People of this WORLD should take back control of our Government and force them to withdraw their armies and drop their weapons,close down all banks and related agencies, by doing so all the rest will fall by itself.

    Once WE stop acting and living like primitive peoples, but with Love, Compassion and Freedom ,the rest of this Galaxy will be open to us and help and spiritual guidance will come to WE the People of Planet Earth.

    We are observed and they are waiting to help us. The rest it's up to each and every human-beings of mother Earth. They cannot interfere right now unless WE take matters in our hands and change the end scenario that has been mapped out upon humankind several thousands years ago.

    They(Reptilians)have tried to hijack Earth from its spiritual path before and it's their last chance and they are using any means to reach their goal:Prison Planet.
    We'll be slave forever and they are using hybrids human/reptilian beings to implement their agenda plus ignorant greedy scumbags.

    WE are responsible for the future of this Planet and every human-beings that will live on it for the next era.

    WAKE-UP !


  4. Yes, from Texas too, thank God for Putin and Russia!

  5. Somebody has been listening to Bill Wood maybe.
    He seems the real deal to me.
    If he isn't at least he is saying the correct things.

  6. Assad may be the lynchpin for WWIII. Let's hope Russia stands up to ZOG for the good of all mankind. Put a leash on Israel and snap it tight. The killing has got to stop.

  7. FYI