Sunday, February 19, 2012

Death Angel(ina) Jolie calls for "intervention" in Syria

Intervention of course meaning, bombing to smithereens. Rape. Plunder. Torture.

Seriously, boycott this woman's movies.
She is a tool.
A puppet.
Her puppet masters fill the upper echelons of elitist organizations.
She should be shunned, ignored and completely segregated from the human race.
Perhaps she is a psychopath.
How else to explain her "role" in this world of humans.
"Goodwill Ambassador" for the UN? If goodwill means bringing death, then sure?
Angelina Jolie, why do you want the blood of the innocent on your hands?
Are you pleased now with the results in Libya?
You whored yourself for the warmongers of the world to destroy that nation!
I am wondering when she will call for intervention in the worst human rights abusing nation- western puppet, Saudi Arabia.
Angelina how do the Iraqis like being free of their very lives, their homes, their livelihoods
Angelina Jolie, why do you want the blood of the innocent on your hands.

Death Angel(ina) has been featured previously here on this blog

Angelina Jolie goes where no humanitarian group can go.


  1. Hey Penny,...Excellent work as usual, I have followed all your recent work and am amazed by your stamina. Now then, Jolie IS a psycho, remember the vial of blood it used to wear around its neck? Its father is a zio-nut big tipping supporter of the bush cult of blood-lines and until goy-rl interrupted had not spoken to her father for a decade due to (allegations) of abuse toward her and her mother when jolie was a child!

    The whole family is a nut-basket.

    Yep, best to be avoided and shunned.


  2. Media is already penetrated by pentagon no surprises excellent work to point out moles in...

  3. Very good post Penny, I couldn't agree more. I literally can't even watch anything on TV or any movies anymore, it's all so sickening to me. Angelina is definitely in with the psychopaths.

  4. I feel sorry for her kids and even for her pretty boy husband.

    Not sure if Angelina or Madonna is the current #1 on the charts of Satanist female hierarchy. Hillary Clinton also worth a mention.
    Fascist media constantly promotes these dried up old harpies as relevant. Sad how many people buy in to it.

  5. Hey Penny,..."these dried up old harpies". LMAO!


  6. Thanks Veritas!
    I appreciate the compliment. My stamina, sometimes, I have to recoil from the obvious evil in the world.
    As for Jolie, yah there is something psychotic about her.. It's in her eyes.
    She looks crazy
    I absolutely refuse to watch any of her stuff. Period

  7. Hey asif shah, the media, hollywood...
    all spinning, all the time

  8. Anonymous

    "Fascist media constantly promotes these dried up old harpies as relevant."

    I love it
    I see vertias thought that was quite funny too.

    I always thought it was weird the way Angeline collects kids
    I am of the opinion she does it for her "do gooder image"
    She;s got the dough to pay others to care for them and them she can drag them out for photops when necessary

  9. Dang I thought I had already posted a response to this. Guess I missed it somehow.

    Jolie is, it is 99% possible, a victim of MK ultra. The abuse she suffered, etc is a big clue right there, plus her father's leanings and position in the entertainment world in days past.

    She looks so purdy with a shawl wrapped around her head as she consoles, in front of cameras, poor starving refugees, does she not? (ahem...)

    I place her support of intervention on the same level of importance as when Spears supported Bush on his actions in Iraq, only Jolie is smarter and less bimbo-ish in her mannerisms.

    She serves the cabal. The UN is, as we know, vile and anyone who voluntarily locks step with them is tarnished by the same brush.

  10. Anonymous. About the three women you mention.

    The triple headed goddess of evil.

    Madonna the soul snatcher/sexual debaucher.

    Hillary the black heart warrior blood drinker of twisted mindset.

    Angelina, the goddess of deception and guile.

    Think we can fit Tzipi Livni and Condoleeza Rice in there somewhere?

  11. Ah I just serendipitously stumbled across a timely article.

    F*CK ANGELINA JOLIE She's Goddammed Ignorant to Not Question Anything

    Very interesting read. The final line, sorry for the spoiler, is:

    "I imagine Jolie will one day produce an inspirational film about the heroic Libyan Rebels and the noble NATO forces who came to their aid."

    BTW my last proving I am not a robot had one of the words in ARABIC!

  12. Noor, merci lady!

    I saw that over at Yaya's
    she got quite a response!!
    I put my two cents in also