Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hacker group "Anonymous" hacks Assad emails

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Massive Syrian Crowd greets Sergei Lavarov- Russian FM

"Anonymous" is clearly, and I have said it before... an arm of the military apparatus.
Whoever anonymous is...... they are part and parcel of the military/industrial/ management perception apparatus.
The brainwashed masses will believe this is indicative of "Anonymous" being synonymous with the
"people's struggle".
To which I say....... Psy-op!

Bashar Assad emails leaked, tips for ABC interview revealed

Hundreds of emails from Syrian President Bashar Assad's office were leaked on Monday after an attack by the hacker group Anonymous.

The attack took place overnight Sunday and the target was the mail server of the Syrian Ministry of Presidential Affairs. Some 78 inboxes of Assad's aides and advisers were hacked and the password that some used was "12345". Among those whose email was exposed were the Minister of Presidential Affairs Mansour Fadlallah Azzam and Assad's media adviser, Bouthaina Shaaban.

The emails are available here

Click here to read the leaked documents, part one
Click here to read the leaked documents, part two

Clearly Anonymous's TIMELY hacking, right after the UN veto's, plays right into the propaganda war that is being waged on the western audience. The war being undertaken to whip the western audience into a bloodthirsty war frenzy.

Additional reading here

Anonymous previously, August 2011, hacked the Syrian MOD (Ministry of Defence) to leave messages of support for the Syrian people in both English and Arabic. I have blogged previously on that one.
If I can find it I will relink it. Found it!!!

Turkey & International Support to Invade Syria- Anonymous hacks Syria

Additionaly here is a news article covering that story.


  1. Hi hi Penny,
    was wondering, did you see THIS

  2. Anonymous is indeed the CIA and its friends.

    - Aangirfan

  3. anonymous is an interesting thing to try to pin down, because the whole concept of it stems from escaping definition - anonymity.

    I know individuals who have participated in the activities going under the workings of anonymous. their goals stem, indeed, from "people's struggle." nothing high profile - but the logic is apparent. people with skills to manipulate the base of the information flow as it is in the form of bits, have the possibility to make a social and political impact. the temptation exists, and the moral justifications to do so are on my opinion apparent.

    of course there exists hackers who work for the intelligence community. that is what it is - yet, it should not be confused to the exercise of a power that's truly autonomous - anyone can hack.

  4. True, anyone can hack, it seems, if they have the skills. BUT the group that goes by the name "Anonymous" and is promoted in the jewish owned media (that is determined to turn Syria into rubble) is part of the military/spook system.

  5. I don't know what the jewish owned media is doing, because I bother myself not with it. apparently wikipedia knows more of anonymous than the msm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anonymous_%28group%29

    fight the definition. msm has the tendency to simplify issues for their own benefit. let's not fall into the set trap of ignorance through accepting their definition, especially of something that has great potential as a social movement and especially as a mindset.

  6. Hey hey Peter

    I didn't see that until you brought it to my attention.

    If you are wondering what I think about it... To little, to late.

    This all comes AFTER the fact.

    If Anonymous wanted to expose the corruption of the "system" they should have undertaken the hack prior to the plea deal...

    Enabling all to know injustice was about to be done and perhaps public pressure could have been brought to bear

    But the alleged rogue hacker group waits until afterwards?
    What's the point?

    Now the Assad hack reeks of a move to make Assad look bad, even worse then bad, and what nations have been working very hard for these past ten months now to get that point across

    Of course the NATO nations and Israel

    Why would the rogue hacker group bolster the NATO case by looking to demonize the case and yet not expose the destabilization going on?

    It's not credible and nor is the hacker group "anonymous"

    I just see them as tools of the big brother state

  7. Hey P2P

    Thanks for stopping by here :)

    I would think that the "anonymous" group of hackers may contain persons who wish to make a difference. These persons likely give some credibility to this group.
    By they would only be the.... I want to say, low persons on the totem..
    As in many other groups the ones at the top have have other agendas.

    Anonymous is clearly doing NATO's work

  8. Hey James, long time no see...

    Yeah the Israeli press was just loving this story

  9. Hey P2P

    I went and looked at the wikipedia stuff, I find it curious and interesting that they claim to "know" as much as they do about the group.

    Also this

    "Although not necessarily tied to a single online entity, many websites are strongly associated with Anonymous. This includes notable imageboards such as 4chan, their associated wikis"

    Would wikipedia be associated with these other wikis?
    Also, could wikipedia be promoting "anonymous" and the illusion of what exactly constitutes anonymous??
    I wonder???

  10. I am increasingly coming across confusing semantics such as yours on the internet, P2P.
    It has a 'sameness' to it. The tone is always reasonable and it starts with some vague sort of agreement and then introduces a possible but either improbable or irrelevant explanation.

    The topic is then led off the path with something like, "fight the definition"! Presumably the definition of the word 'anonymous' when, in this case, fighting NATO's planned invasion of Syria is the important point at hand.

  11. thanks Penny, I appreciate your opinion
    the wiki leaks and anonymous stuff baffles me... some is really aweful while some is kinda interesting.
    guess I'll have to straddle the fence
    carry on

  12. Let me clearly demonstrate the disconnect in Anonymous's "agenda"

    The claim in the case of the Iraqi soldier is

    "As part of our ongoing efforts to expose the corruption of the court systems and the brutality of US imperialism....."

    But! When it comes to Syria, "anonymous" bolsters the NATO case

    How does that jell or click with their claim to be exposing the "brutality of US imperialism"

    It doesn't!

    Or they would be exposing the destabilization campaign of the imperialistic US.
    But their not.
    So what does that tell us?

  13. I've known the concept of anonymous as it stands on wikipedia for about five years - I've understood the concept without a name for it most of my life.

    I have been using IRC for over a decade for the anonymity and privacy it provides as a communication tool (the sort not provided by any of the commonly used software - I guess skype is nowadays the most common, before msm messenger, aol, icq etc. had millions of users). the mentality behind anonymity lives very strong on IRC which is rather widely used among people in their twenties and thirties in f-land.

    I never myself did, but many of my friends were active on 4chan throughout the early 2000s. few years ago the early forms of hacktivism started to emerge from it - as an example, if there was an online vote for whatever, 4chan served as a board to reach thousands of people to participate into manipulating those voting results. one resent such vote that I too followed real time with great amusement was lano ungen.

    I know of people who have borrowed some of their pc's processing capacity, among with thousands of other volunteers, to bombard web sites with traffic, thus crashing them. I might remember wrong the target - I think it was cnn - but a friend of mine had a simple software rolling on his laptop for a five or so minutes simultaneously as did hundreds of others, and that was enough to bring them down for some time.

    hacking has many levels in regards to the stealth needed. guessing that someone's password to their email is "12345" is not really something I'd coin under true haxor skills. the groups online that do serious hacking are very secluded and secretive (naturally), and you cannot get into their message boards or to have any contact to them before you've proved the security of your own database - which is easily done through the hax trying to get into your files and if they can, you're clearly not worthy of their time. I know this because a close friend of mine tried to get into one group but gave up after some weeks, just because he wasn't on the same security level these individuals were. yet, he had gotten to the point where it was a near impossibility for an external invader to get to his computer. it's difficult but not impossible - especially not for manic teenagers trapped by the winter to their homes, and we have a lot of them here up north.

    the internet is still a wild west, and everything that promotes it staying that way on my opinion is positive. demonizing something that has the potential to serve as a catalyst for new approaches to social and political issues is not beneficial.

    as the generation presiding mine has rolled online, they've arrived with the lack of understanding what anonymity truly is and what its potentials are. anonymity at its best overrides the self, meaning an egoistic approach to whatever, while making it possible to truly have issues confront each others in a rational manner instead of playing with the dramatic elements so deeply engraved in the media that exists outside of the online sphere.

    I know that we are discussing this issue from two different entry points, and I do agree that there are interests other than those of the nerds at play in some of the material on anonymous that reaches the interest of msm. yet, I can't remain quiet in the face of going along with a definition that will lead to an increase in internet surveillance unless the issue is discussed with the correct facts in mind.

  14. Hey Peter

    I know exactly what you mean

  15. A thing is only whatever the media says it is. 99% of anonymous could be real. It's possible. But if the media doesn't show the 99% and gives max coverage to the doings of spooks declaring themselves anonymous then what use is it? And what then of the well meaning 99%? The expression 'useful idiots' comes to mind.

    Has anonymous done anything about 911? Or 7/7? Or Madrid? Or anything that would tear a hole in the media reality? I haven't seen it yet.

    Otherwise, the spook fingerprints all over anonymous are unmissable.

    When anonymous comes up with something utterly toxic to the death cult I promise to be impressed. So far I'd put Craig Murray's Gould-Werrity investigation way above anything anonymous has done, and that's fairly tepid stuff in the scheme of things. In the meantime, anonymous... nup.

  16. P2P
    Admittedly some of what you wrote is over my head.
    I have zero knowledge of that which you are speaking of.

    My problem with the concept of "anonymous" or these type of hack attacks is that they will be used as a justification to come down hard on regular internet users....

    Meanwhile the hacker groups will roam the net freely because they have the mean, the connection or both to do so

    The average Joe or Jane, will be shut down

  17. Hey Nobody!

    'When anonymous comes up with something utterly toxic to the death cult I promise to be impressed."

    I would agree with that, but, until then......tool.

    I bid everyone adieu!

  18. nobody,

    the 99 % will matter when people cease to consume the view of reality provided with the 1 % in mind.

    the earliest documentaries on 911 that spread through the internet could be coined to have stemmed from anonymous (people doing this stuff not for their own benefit, but for the benefit of the community, with no ego attached). same with the zeitgeist movies - tens of volunteers of the anonymous community in f-land participated in translation, distribution and marketing of the latest of the series. not to mention literally thousands of others independent documentaries and programs on youtube and other places online created for free information distribution. not to mention the conservatory efforts done by many - making sure the information we now have of controversial subjects is saved.

    the spook fingerprints are on the material that is out there on the msm for the reasons that serve the msm and co. what happens in the wild west is a different thing, and the boiling of it all has great potential.

    and - I don't think that potential is going to actualize if people sit on their asses stating, oh, I'm still waiting.

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  20. P2p has an important point here
    ***the internet is still a wild west, and everything that promotes it staying that way on my opinion is positive. demonizing something that has the potential to serve as a catalyst for new approaches to social and political issues is not beneficial.***
    I am 57, these hackers p2p writes of are a younger generation who are dexterous with the computer... far more so then most in my boomer generation. This is a generational issue where the facts p2p discusses elude those in my generation myself included. Penny seys alotta of what p2p says goes over her had...mine too!
    Just cuz anonymous doesn't do what you wish they'd do nobs doesn't mean they are not sincere.My generation has tried unsucessfully to bring the Kennedy assassination to light for years they stilll are not sucessful. Perhaps there are parallels with this new generation of anonymous hackers,, the are trying but have met with little success.
    I can only use Youtube as an example, all this fine music free..shared.... no ego/community benefits!!
    Thanks for the lessons commenters

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  22. P2P: I realize you addressed Nobody specifically, so I hope you do not mind if I speak my piece?

    "the 99 % will matter when people cease to consume the view of reality provided with the 1 % in mind."

    I agree, but I am not sure how you intended this sentence to be taken in?
    WRT to media it is clear the 99% do matter on some level because the msm is directed straight at them, creating an unreal version of reality to be taken in by the target audience.

    That said let's get to the portrayal of "anonymous" via the media.

    "Anonymous" is always presented as a sort of rebel with a cause
    Keeping tabs on public officials or as they claim exposing US imperialism.

    It's being reported that "anonymous" released information on California officials regarding OWS


    When I first read this I thought, big deal, all this information would be a matter of public record.
    These are after all city officials

    Sue Piper, Quan's spokeswoman, said, "This is all information that is already available online and it's not a big deal to the mayor."

    But the presentation: Anonymous is attempting to intimidate..
    Anonymous is challenging authority

    The idea of challenging authority is presented to the 99 percent via the 1% media.

    Or to put it another way the media is telling the masses that "Anonymous" is a threat. They are a challenge to the ptb's.
    Therefore, the 1% media wants the 99% to believe that "anonymous" is an ally of the masses. An ally of the 99%

    But when one looks at their actions...
    They are not an ally. They are a distraction or part of the psy-op complex.
    In the Oakland case. Public info anyway. And the hack serves to distract from the real problem which is the handling of the OWS movement.
    In the case of the Syrian attacks, twice, it plays into the hands of NATO and Israel. By demonizing the Assad government.

    In the case of the Iraqi soldier like I said, to little to late.
    If anonymous had the means, why did they not undertake the hack when it would have made a difference?

    Clearly they had no intention of making an actual difference to the outcome and the hack serves to distract from the injustice done.

  23. Veritas

    Can you take it down a notch?
    I would appreciate it.
    I realize your a passionate fellow with strong convictions and a good heart, but, that sad I would like to see discussion stay on topic and not on commenters.

    Thanks Veritas :)

  24. Hey Peter

    I agree with the idea of the internet continuing on in a fashion where regular persons can communicate or "conspire"
    Here is hoping it does stay that way!

    Kind of off topic, but, was thinking about the way the government stepped in a shut down mega up load.

    How come they can't do that for Porn? The government is always claiming it is such a scourge and the shutdown of the Mega site makes it clear site shut downs can be done
    But, never is...
    What does that tell us about the spread of porn on line and governments real concerns.
    Perhaps the government is the purveyor or profiteer in the case of porn sites......

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Veritas-

    "I hope you enjoy the onslaught against the women and children in Syria.."

    Very cruel. Which is disappointing

    We may be at war,but, not everyone is the enemy.

    I am quite certain that Peter is not the enemy. And have no reason to suspect P2P is at this time.

    Good bye Veritas

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  28. as long as the 99 % are buying and digesting their view of reality from an entity that serves the 1 % and its ideals, the shitfight we live in globally will continue. and by that entity I mean the msm, made to work in a way that leads to nothing but cognitive dissonance.

    the portrayal of anonymous would appear to be a perfect example. but I think I need to stress my idealism before getting into it.

    the anonymous, meaning a disintegrated group of millions of people, is still only scarcely organized within itself. the potential of it is enormous, especially from where I come from. many well educated people of my generation fully understand and work for the preserving of the potential internet itself has, as an ideological moral act. here in finland some of the politicians of the presiding generation have made ridiculous comments relating to the workings of the online sphere - and they have been rightly ridiculed for it in our media. the discussion that circles around online rights and things related to anonymity on copyright issues are really heated up here, and the loudest voices are often those who are of "our" side.

    I know that's not the situation in bigger countries where the public opinion can be manipulated to the max. I read an amazingly ignorant an article from smh while down under - some poor fellow raging against online liberties because of copyright infringements. blah blah blah, a dying business model pleading the government just to avoid renewing its practices.

    only people who both know their rights and understand the implications of those rights to be important enough to defend them through pure stealth matter. not lazy asses or failltrolls like veritas. think of the swedes. they too have had a lot of manic teenagers entrapped by the winter - trapped by the winter while simultaneously having access to continuously expanding group mind, the internet. those kids, and I count myself in, have grown with an access to things which were completely out of reach for the generation presiding ours in the quantity and way they are available now.


    what we are defending is the right to access information. and what the swedes have done is to use the structure of the old order to protect themselves from it. a bit of legal knowledge any kid picks up while surfing online, like the understanding how religious groups are protected through special laws... and then just plan and execute, bam, you took a step against the machine that wishes to protect the interests of the 1 %. how uplifting is that?

    anyway. the point. what the mainstream media is doing is creating an image of anonymous to the so called "public consensus" before the movement has had time to organize itself to the point of producing people who go against certain parts of the establishment. it is bound to happen though - possibly it's boiling and developing somewhere right now - but what we get now is an over-cooked version of the threat that the intelligence community has, naturally, predicted and emulated. it's just controlled opposition. they are using the media created entity for their own benefits.

    the greatest benefit of all for the establishment? severe cognitive dissonance in the minds of the masses.

    the media as it stands in the mainstream is really nothing but drama, and in a proper drama every viewer has an element they can relate to. unfortunately the majority of the people are still uneducated enough to not to realize that the image portrayed as "your lot" in the msm is nothing in comparison to the potentials that exist through free information sharing.

    the msm, and especially hollywood, promote egoism as the base of action. if there is nothing in it for me then why bother? and of course the things worth of pursuit and possession are well defined through that programming too. it's a structural error really, one that comes down with money - the 1 %.

  29. Dear veritas, times are hard... I can relate. Civility is incouraged... whenever posssible.
    Pretty Maids All in a Row.
    I cite that cuz Gene Rodenberry directed it.Rodenberry of Star Trek fame( that's a huge story in and of itself).It WAS porn! Titilating in the extreme for a 16 year old...... me, when it came out in 1971. Just one personal example of the oversexualisation of young Amerikan males that is clearly used by elites as arresting their development. Arrested development? Cui bono? Not me i can assure you.
    And yes, Penny, PORN on internet is overwhelming! it is clearly, again, used as a developmental stumbling block to arrest individuals progress.
    Back to Youtube ... for me, Youtube has alotta garbage like anonymous, YouTube also has alotta gems, like anonymous. Iyt is up to the individual to cherry pick what is right for them.
    The whole arab spring thing has soo many interpretations by good intentioned people/ I cherry pick. When the Obama administration was backing the rebels in Libya so was Hezbollah / That was a "WTF?" moment. I conclude that there are many actors in all these power plays it is up to us as individuals to cherry pick.Not easy.

  30. Wow, Penny, I admire your courage in taking on this difficult subject and the ensuing uproar.

    I've kept relatively quiet about Anonymous because I suspect everything nowadays but haven't done the research you have to argue the case against it nearly as well have you have done.

    If the agenda is to create chaos and confusion, and I think it is, then it stands to reason that even if Anonymous was initially a genuine people's movement, it would quickly be co-opted, infiltrated, and pushed sideways.

    Another example, maybe, of how we really are all on our own these days, and as someone commented on my blog, we have to stay sober and keep our wits about us. You seem to be doing that very well.

  31. Hey Penny,...Anger management is a course I can't quite pull-off: I apologize to all here, certainly to Penny, my sincere humility, I am nutz, it's in my resume. Peter, your nobility is obvious, humble apologies to you.

    The older I get, the saner I was.


  32. I found that Anonymous was being pimped by a very sinister British psyops team who claim to be 'The Illuminati'. I put some links up at Twelfth Bow and Winter Patriot a while back. They smell fishy to me.

    BTW I added a link to your Feb-4 Syria on it's knees post.

  33. This lot http://anarchitext.wordpress.com/
    have, to me, a similar smell as the British Illuminati psyops team I mentioned previously. There is some good stuff on the site however (bait on the hook?). Judge for yourselves.

  34. P2P;
    Apologies to not catching your extremely thoughtful response sooner.
    For some reason, I will never know why, Google sent it into the spam file! But,allowed two spammers through linking to "bath salt" selling?Is there an agenda involved? I wonder.

    Then let me thank you for taking the time to type that all out!
    And for shedding some light on what you call your idealism. I can completely appreciate that concept.
    It is something, some would say I suffer from. However, I do not believe it is a bad thing to have ideals or morals or anything like that. The world is seriously lacking in sincere ideals and morals.

    Now where to begin?
    I am impressed, with the idea of online debates ongoing in Finland.

    We have none of that in Canada. Everything here is a rehash of what emanates from the US.
    Which is really sad to see.

    I enjoyed the article on the first church of file sharing. It was great! This could be an organized "religion" I could get my head around

    This in particular
    "The highest form of worship, he continues, is the remix: “You use other people’s works to make something better.”

    I like to think that is what I do here. Take the msm garbage and extract the reality & common sense facts out of spin and lies.
    In other word's I am trying to make it better.
    How well I am succeeding can be debated, Of course, but I try.

    "what we are defending is the right to access information"

    and that is worth defending! Absolutely.

    what the mainstream media is doing is creating an image of anonymous to the so called "public consensus before the movement has had time to organize itself to the point of producing people who go against certain parts of the establishment."

    Possibly. Or, and this has to be considered the movement has been hijacked or splintered and that part of it is being used for other purposes entirely. That can be done with any group and particularly easily done in a group as diverse and anonymous as a hacker group.

    You know what bothers me about the media version of anonymous? Why announce your hack publicly? When a hack occurs the recipient of the attack will be aware and draw the necessary attention to the action themselves.
    No announcement necessary.
    I like to think of it along the line of "quiet good works"
    Which IMO are more effective.

    Anyway......getting to long here and I always start to ramble and become incoherent ;)

    Thanks again P2P for taking the time to explain that all so thoroughly

  35. Thanks YaYa!
    What a great compliment.
    I blush.
    We are on our own in some ways, but, in other ways.....we have people who come around and leave great comments that make us consider other things. Different takes on things
    I don't believe for one moment I have all the answers
    I muddle through the mire like everyone
    And always look at this as a journey shared with other travellers.
    If that seems flaky, I am guilty of being a flake. Dammit! :)

  36. Peter

    "And yes, Penny, PORN on internet is overwhelming! it is clearly, again, used as a developmental stumbling block to arrest individuals progress."

    Oh I get that. I get it. The affects of porn consumption on the brain. Like being hooked on drugs.
    And once hooked it can only be a downward spiral.
    What annoys the heck out of me, is when I am searching for an image for a post and what do I come across Pornographic images, like what the hell?
    Then I think of kids looking for images for school or whatever and there is that shit, right there
    It is wrong, on so many levels, it is wrong.,

  37. Veritas; I accept your apology.
    And thank you for doing so :)

    I understand you have your convictions. And good intentions.
    Sometimes all that gets a bit overwhelming or a bit consuming of our soul.

    Occasionally each of us, myself included, have to step back from this evil corrupt world and focus on the good& the positive.

    Our loved ones, the beauty of a walk in the woods, or on a beach. The very things that makes us human and help us to carry on.

    "Any man worth his salt will stick up for what he believes right, but it takes a slightly better man to acknowledge instantly and without reservation that he is in error”

    Andrew Jackson

  38. Last but certainly not least Freethinker- I will check that out, thanks for leaving it all and in the older post too!!!

    PS: will soon be having company for a few days I may be sporadic, but, life goes on!