Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Rebels" defy Assad and carve out their own piece of Syria

Short on time again I just want to post this story. I had bookmarked it last week.
What makes it so very interesting is that it spells out exactly what the NATO backed terrorists have been up to in Syria. What their agenda is. How they are accomplishing it.
The NATO backed terrorists are indeed defying Assad and 99 percent of Syrians.
They are attempting to carve out a piece of Syria for themselves. A move very, very reminiscent of the Libyan scenario. But then I suppose it did come from the same NATO playbook, right?
"How to destroy a Secular nation and bring in Fundamentalism backed by the West"
You know, that playbook? See Egypt. See Libya. Now look at Syria... Quoting from this article
Richard Spencer near Homs
Let's see what he is reporting?

"On Thursday night, after a day-long battle, its defenders managed to seize a police station and barracks of the Mukhabarat, the military intelligence. They blasted rocket propelled grenades at the buildings until the sides caved"

The author cleverly fails to mention who it is these "rebels" are battling? It looks to be law enforcement officials and soldiers. He reports the "rebels" are using rocket propelled grenades so extensively that the "buildings cave in"
But doesn't bother to mention or report on who is supplying all this weaponry to the "rebels"

"But I know the FSA ambushed a van with troops inside. And last night al-Dounia state television said seven men including a secret police major were killed here by armed gangs. So we know that.”
He reports on ambushes on vans with troops in them. All of them killed.
He again does not inquire on who is supplying the means to this end. Weapons or logistics.

And this odd sentence?

At the rally, a Christian is produced to show that everyone is united.
A "christian" is produced? Was he conjured or created? How did he KNOW this was a "christian"? Did he have his special christian tattoo? This is what is passing a serious reporting on the terrorism that is being conducted against a nation and it's people. "A christian is produced"

In truth the buffer zone the rebels have created is one that it is still in the making. It is a small slice of free Syria but it is not Benghazi, the coastal strip of Libya that created a revolution and became a base for foreign assistance.

I am sure the terrorists that NATO is arming are intending to keep working at it.
And "reporters" such as the one that wrote this laughable article will keep putting trash out for the gullible.

As for the liberation of Libya, by those NATO backed terrorists...
That is all going so well for the populace of Libya.. really well.
Liberation-Freedom. Only now the NATO backed terrorists that were given carte blanche to destroy Libya and pillage the country are being called "Libyan militias"
And they are torturing and terrorizing the people
Libyan Militias Accused of Targetting and Torturing Libyan People

“Militias in Libya are largely out of control and the blanket impunity they enjoy only encourages further abuses and perpetuates instability and insecurity.”

Impunity, should be immunity. Thanks to the NATO nations!

At a detention centre in Misurata, an AI delegate reported witnessing armed militia members beating and threatening some detainees whose release had been ordered. An older detainee from Tawargha was cowering, squatting against the wall, and crying as he was being kicked and threatened by a militia member who told AI that “those from Tawargha will not be released or we’ll kill them”.

In an interrogation centre in Misurata and Tripoli Amnesty International said it found detainees who interrogators had tried to conceal and who had been severely tortured - one so badly that he could hardly move or speak.

Amnesty International you make me ill. You sowed the seeds for this. And still you cover for that which you aided, by spinning such bullshit as I will quote below

Donatella Rovera, Senior Crisis Response Adviser at Amnesty International said:

"A year ago Libyans risked their lives to demand justice. Today their hopes are being jeopardised by lawless armed militias who trample human rights with impunity"

Way to spin an armed intervention. which Amnesty aided with, to implement regime change

Take 9 minutes to watch the video as it relates to both Libya and Syria


  1. Well, we do know they hate secular in this country, right?

    And they're spreading the love.

    You rock, P!


  2. Hey Suzan!

    You know I hadn't thought about the North American political situation in that context, but, yah, your right!

    What with the political influence of the "religious right" in the US and Canada

    I like to call them the religious wrong...

    You rock to Suzan