Friday, February 10, 2012

US Stepping Up Syrian Intelligence Gathering

Despite the fact we have guests.... here I am.
We should be expecting an upswing in propaganda. If that is possible?

The United States has recently stepped up intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations over Syria, CNN has learned.
"This is for situational awareness," a senior U.S. official told CNN. "There are media reports but we also want to verify exactly what is happening."

The official said the United States believes all the media reports coming out of Syria, but for intelligence uses they want to gather even more information to understand precisely what is happening there.

The official would not address whether U.S. intelligence-gathering operations include eavesdropping on or jamming of Syrian government and military communications. Such actions were used in Libya. ( we should assume these actions are being undertaken in Syria)

Under fire from some quarters for not doing more immediately to help stop the bloodshed in Syria, the State Department on Friday said it will release publicly reconnaissance photos of Syrian cities showing broad images of what appeared to be smoke rising from areas where the fighting is most intense.( What cities? Will these be cities in Syria? Or will we get images from decimated Libya?)

The first image was posted on the Facebook page of the U.S. Embassy in Damascus. (not confidence inspiring) That embassy was closed last week when U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford and his remaining staff were called back to Washington.

The images shows "some declassified U.S. national imagery of destruction of Homs, very gruesome pictures showing lines of tanks, showing fire, showing the kind of things that you really only see when you have a major military attacking in a civilian area," explained State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

But the United States is continuing to look for non-violent solutions, Nuland said.

LIES, LIES, LIES ....we can't believe a word you say

Sometimes a timely song is in order. Back to the story

The official said the intended audience is "those who might doubt those who are doing the violence because, clearly, these are government weapons," alluding to Russia and China, which have echoed the Syrian regime's argument that much of the violence is being carried out by anti-regime rebels.

(There is no one who may "doubt there is violence". What with NATO nations running guns?)

Nuland said there photos will be released in coming days on the embassy's site and on a new site created by the State Department.

Pictures to be released on that site later Friday include ones showing the cities of Zabadani, Halboun and Rancous, she said.
"Our intent here is to, obviously, expose the ruthlessness and the brutality of this regime and its overwhelming predominance of military advantage and the horrible kinds of weaponry that it's deploying against its people," she said.


  1. Hi Penny,

    "LIES, LIES, LIES ....we can't believe a word you say"

    That's it. That's what our whole sick, deteriorating world is built upon. A seething sewer of layer upon layer upon layer of filthy lies. Historical lies, Religious lies, Generational lies, Centuries old lies, Education System lies from start to graduation, Televised Lies Live at 6, Hollywood movie lies, (need I mention Political lies?), etc.

    But good luck trying to explain to John Q Public that just about everything he believes and bases his miserable life on, are lies.

    One example - the election cycle. What a choice! Who will we vote to be betrayed by this time around? The wholly bought and paid for Traitors behind door A or the wholly bought and paid for Traitors behind door B? No matter which Western country is running their election farce, the scam is the same, and we suckers swallow it without a murmur...

    The two-party/one-hidden-dictatorship political system. Nothing but pewk.

    No wonder their infernal books refer to us as cattle.

  2. "This is for situational awareness," a senior U.S. official told CNN. "There are media reports but we also want to verify exactly what is happening."

    The official said the United States believes all the media reports coming out of Syria

    Of course, they believe the reports in the media. They put them there!

  3. We are plunging headlong into our fourth and fifth wars against countries in the last decade. Its madness!

  4. well said Nom, if I'm waking up to it then I know millions more are as I'm always the last to any party

    I know Gadaffi was a bit of a "bad 'un" to his enemies [but not to his people surprisingly] & in his "little green book" he does nail it a far as our election are concerned showing them to be dictatorship in the guise of "false democracy"

  5. The State Department Lies With Its Satellite Pictures Of Syria – No Artillery “Deployed” moon of alabama site


  6. a surprising article in the mainstream media in australia:

    Syria's 'Arab Spring': failed or hijacked?