Thursday, March 8, 2012

Psyop Warning- Purported Syrian Deputy Minister Quits

This bit of news is highly suspicious!
Of course this man showed up on You Tube to tell the world of his "resignation"
Big Red Flag!

This image made from amateur video and released by Aljizahnews Thursday, March 8, 2012, purports to show a deputy to Syria's oil ministry who identifies himself as Abdo Husameddine at an unidentified location.

The language used is very telling- Read on

This image made from amateur video and released by Aljizahnews (play on Al Jazeera?) Thursday, March 8, 2012, purports to show a deputy (?) to Syria's oil ministry (?) who identifies himself as Abdo Husameddine at an unidentified location.

Syria doesn't have an "Oil Ministry"- see below

A man claiming to be Syria's deputy oil minister has appeared in a YouTube video saying he resigned his post to join the opposition to President Bashar al-Assad.

He identified himself as Abdo Husameddine, and said that after 33 years of working for the government he does not want to end his career "serving the crimes" of Assad's "regime."

If confirmed, the defection would mark the most senior official to leave the Syrian government since the opposition uprising began in March of last year.

Does anyone seriously think that the NATO world army is unaware exactly who the Syrian Deputy Oil Minister is??? If this position exists at all?
Wondering just how connected this man is to the Syrian National Council or any of those other destabilization groups????

ALSO- I went over to SANA to check out any information on the Syrian Government......

According to SANA there is a Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Sufian Allaw

Sufian Allaw
Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Sufian Allaw Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Sufian Allaw

• Born in al-Bukamal, Deir Ezzor, 1944
• University degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Aleppo University, 1966
• Engineer at the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment, 1966-1967
• Investment Director of the Facility at the General Establishment of the Euphrates Dam, 1967-1980
• Engineer at the Ministry of Irrigation, 1980-1983
• Engineer at the Prime Minister's Office for Energy Affairs, 1983-1984
• Assistant Electricity Minister, 1984-2004
• Expert at the State Planning Commission, 2004-2005
• Expert at the Energy Department at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia – ESCWA, 2004
• Married with five children


  1. Done some searching - its hard to find anything before today, but here's a little -

    In 'Middle East Directory of Shell Companies & Joint Ventures (2007)' he's listed-
    Al Furat Petroleum Company,
    P O Box 7660, Damascus, SYRIA
    Chairman: Abdo Husameddin

    From Wiki- "The Syrian Petroleum Company owns 50% stake in Syria's main oil producer—Al-Furat Petroleum Company. Other shareholders of the Al-Furat Petroleum Company are Royal Dutch Shell, India's Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, and the China National Petroleum Corporation"

    From Syrian Oil & Gas News-
    2009/03/12: "Other nomination by Ottri was for consultant Abdu Husameddin who named as general manager of oil refinery company."
    2009/04/01: "The meeting was attended by Dr. Husain Zainab assistant of oil minister and Eng. Ali Abbas genral manager of Petroleum public establishment and Eng. Abdou Husameddin General manager of refinery and Oil derivatives and Omer al-Hamad general manager of SPC."
    2010/10/06: "Signing cermony was attended by Dr. Hasan Zainab and Abdo Husameddin minister assistants , jamal Addairy Geology Establishment General Manager ,and his deputy Adel Azughbi and the Indian delegation and The Indian Ambassador to Damascus."

    So only from 2010 does he appear to have been an assistant to the Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, but before that was employed by the industry. Does being 'an assistant to a minister' mean that he was actually part of the government? I suspect he's been lured away to a much better paying job in Shell or an affiliate and his move has little to do with any moral stance.

    Never trust a man in a rug.

    1. Of course it could be Shell getting hold of a friendly native to run its Syrian operation after the expected NATO corporate-fascist takeover of Syria.

    2. So when the Huffington Post reports he served in the Syrian government for 33 years it's probably not accurate.

      Note how the headline misidentifies him as a minister, not deputy or assistant to the minister.

      Also, I love how the West always pretends they couldn't get the Syrian government position. It actively hides the Syrian government message when it damns the West and then pretends like it's the Syrian government that is preventing the truth from getting out. I see mostly one side playing games here.

  2. Hey Freethinker

    So I am checkin' the links and I see that in 2009 he was nominated
    "Other nomination by Ottri was for consultant Abdu Husameddin who named as general manager of oil refinery company."

    as general manager of an oil refinery company?

    Though appointed via Ottri, general manager of an oil refinery isn't Deputy Minister of the "oil ministry"
    which of course doesn't even exist?

    Even the signing ceremony? Not that significant.
    They could have simply been sent as authorized reps for that specific signing..

    Your Shell proposal makes more sense

    getting a hold of a friendly native to aid with the Syrian operation if the NATO corporate fascist takeover succeeds.

    Whatever the NaTO psy-op machine is up to, this guy is not a high up in the Syrian government

    1. This could be a matter of translation. The guy may be legit.

  3. More lies. Good catch Penny. Makes me doubt the authenticity of the Red Crescent offiials who suppossedly were involved in the recovery of Marie Colvin's body.

    Also, tried to leave this link yesterday but my comment kept getting erased:

    Huffington Post censors reporting from Syria. Sharmine Narwani alleges that:

    “Every one of my Syria articles that the Huffington Post refused to publish provides exclusive information of some kind. Its World News section, instead, is filled with wire articles written outside Syria – usually from Amman or Beirut – often citing unverifiable information and claims from “activists” inside the country.

    It is worth noting, these past few months, Syria has dominated Huffington Post world news headlines more than any other country or issue – it is clearly a story of great interest to the editors.”

    1. I saw that article and some of her other articles too
      Not surprising though given all the chicanery of the msm

    2. Yep, the piece on the casualty figures was linked to here, maybe others as well.

      It is astounding the chicanery going on. I'm very cynical but I'm amazed.

      This is a huge story and the way our media and blogs are dealing with it is very revealing.

      I did notice that Huffington Post did go with another critical story, relying on reporting from Hizbullah's official paper. I can't find it now as I look at all their coverage, , and I'm giving up because it depresses me looking at the tidal wave of misinformation and propaganda on that page.

      It's astounding. Right at the top is the story we are discussing here, calling him a "minister."

      Yet they won't report Sharmine Narwani's stories. And why are they using the Hizbullah paper for it's critical reporting? (is this to discredit critical reporting as being "conspiratorial" and somehow in bed with "terrorists"?)

      What's really amazing to me is the number of people that are contributing to this propaganda.

      Don't you just feel like the loneliest people in the world in the face of this massive propaganda? I can only imagine how the poor people of Syria must feel.

      I would say someone should write a book about this but why bother? No one will care.

    3. Here's the Huffington Post reporting Mossad, Blackwater And CIA 'Led Operations In Homs'.

      This is probably the only accurate information on Huffington Post. Now they can say they reported the truth and all the commentators and right wingers get to complain about how the information is suspect because it comes from a group linked to what Americans call "terrorists."

    4. WWM

      "Don't you just feel like the loneliest people in the world in the face of this massive propaganda? I can only imagine how the poor people of Syria must feel."

      No, I don't feel lonely personally. I do not what you mean though about being one of the few that question that propaganda...

      Yet, it is the fact that there are others inquiring that is so inspiring... I know that not everyone is happy to sit on their duffs soaking up spin and that they too are using their brain cells appropriately
      How great is that!

    5. thanks Penny. You're right that there are people and I do find inspiration in that!

    6. that should be there are people that "care"

      I keep meaning to edit better and I swore I edited that before I hit enter . . . .

  4. Danny and Anderson Cooper engage in damage control

    1. How is it that Danny is sitting with Anderson Cooper, when he is supposed to be in Syria?
      Also, do I detect a bit of a British accent?

    2. Is he in Atlanta? They obviously flew him in because it was important to defend themselves.

      They had a couple of days of silence to coordinate their defense and not say anything stupid. They probably figure they could rehearse better in person and that it comes off better having them sit at the same table.

      The "interview" sounds rehearsed. Cooper obviously doesn't probe and instead just sets Danny up to respond to the criticisms.

      I love Cooper's distancing himself from Danny saying that CNN has to rely on "activists." And then he blames the Assad regime for CNN telling lies! Nice touch.

      And doesn't Danny live in London? So that would explain the British accent. I noticed that he develops a strong Arab accent when he goes on the air when he was pretending to be in the war zone.

    3. I had heard that he had fled back to the UK (probably around the time the video appeared that exposed him). Despite everything, CNN is still treating him as an asset. Anderson's weak attempt at damage control didn't pass the smell test, however. I suspect that Danny has made more than a few enemies and will disappear from public view shortly. We'll just have to see what new media darling pops up in Syria.

  5. video....emerged...
    Slightly different wording at Fox News..
    It was not clear when or where the video was made. There was no comment from Damascus.

    Husameddine identified himself as an "assistant" to the oil minister and a member of the ruling Baath Party and said he has served 33 years in various government positions. Cabinet ministers in Syria may have several assistants known as deputies.

    Fox seems a bit more sceptical,as in their short video clip.

    You Tube Video here 8 3 2012 أوغاريت , انشقاق معاون وزير النفط المهندس عبدو حسام الدين

    1. Maybe is talking about the position he plans on filling in the new administration?

      Also, the perps probably are being sloppy on purpose to make their previous sloppiness seem more natural. Obviously reporters should be able to catch this stuff and if this was pro Syrian "news" the reporters would verify everything and cast doubt.

      I think they may be going with the fog of war defense . . . that they are doing their best but some activists and defectors will inevitably lie.

    2. "Husameddine identified himself as an "assistant" to the oil minister"

      But fails to mention the Oil minister
      Curious, no?
      I think so.

  6. larouchepac dot com ---- can save you time.

  7. Anti Assad tweets showing disappointment with the poor quality of the defection.. and no surprise that the fake liberal Guardian is making too much of it even for anti-regime types...

    Rime Allaf ‏ @rallaf
    A deputy minister is not a senior #Syria regime figure; not so significant to be real defection, just a resignation with little effect.
    12h Syria Uncovered Syria Uncovered ‏ @SyriaUncovered

    @rallaf Rime pls. don't undermine this at all. This deputy minister of Assad's cash cow. That's the significance. #FreeSyria
    Rime Allaf Rime Allaf ‏ @rallaf

    @SyriaUncovered I wish I could see this triggering a wave of defections, but really this means little for now. Big fish are still loyal.

    Rime Allaf ‏ @rallaf

    Try listening through noise at Guardian, via @matthew_weaver Audo: Making too much of #Syria defection @rallaf

  8. FYI
    another Alastair Crooke article:

    1. Thanks brian
      I read it.
      I see he referenced MoA
      That was a good piece over there for sure

  9. this is an uzbek article (which google translate doesn't translate) about abdo husameddin and presumably the pic is of the man. it shows him as representing syria. it is not the same man as the so-called defector. any thoughts?

    1. I am going to do a bit of work on that asap
      very interesting indeed

    2. Searching for images for ABDO HUSAMEDDIN I got a hit on this page. A man that looks similar to the picture in the Uzbek article pops up on the page but I can't find it in the page itself??? And there are a number of different names on the page but not ABDO HUSAMEDDIN.

      But there does appear to be a Texas oil connection.

      I'm also seeing a few hits for "Open Democracy" and don't know if that's related or significant.

    3. Anonymous;
      the Uzbek article, look very closely at the picture of the man
      Underneath his face it says
      "Syrian national Council"
      The flags surrounding him are not the Syrian flag as it is now.
      that is the bullshit "Free Syrian Flag"
      the NATO marbleheads are always dragging around

      link to an image of the correct Syrian Flag

  10. I read all about this guy in (arabic) arab media , he is the assistant to the minister of petroleum and mineral resources,. the minister and deputy minster positions are political appointments , the assistant position is a managerial and administrative, in other words he is a general manager at the ministry of petroleum in charge of this or that.
    According to the opposition which represent the syrian secular opposition to both the syrian regime as well as the current Franglo islamist opposition the man was under investigation by the government and was facing imminent arrest for selling government geomineral data to oil prospecting foreign companies.

    1. I saw that already! Funny but Edith Bouvier seems to have disappeared from sound or view. Perhaps she isn't so chatty in bed. Incidentally, at 3.20 in this BBC Newsnight propaganda video with Gavin Esler, Conroy gets out the piece of shrapnel from the jar marked piece of shrapnel.

    2. Sorry, meant to post this irt nobody...

    3. Very interesting Anon. I hope you will keep us updated on this and other (real) Arabic news.

    4. I have bookmarked that article after putting it through the translate
      The guy in the You Tube video was about to get nailed for personally profiting off of some info....
      And he turns to NATO

    5. Felix I noted that about Bouvier
      She was likely told to go home and shut up
      Conroy is the spook extraordinaire
      Also was it you that mentioned about the other journalist being found in a tunnel?
      Correct me if i am mistaken, going on recall here...
      Hang on I found something interesting,w ill be back

  11. Hey boys and girls,

    Just in case anyone missed the comments to an article Aang wrote about spooky journo, Paul Conroy,a little while back, the man himself popped in to say it ain't so. I love it when that happens!

    Mind you, a schoolgirlish Robert Maxwell (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) popped in to say he didn't think it was Conroy but for me the verisimilitude holds and I reckon it was him.

    Anyway it's good for laugh and worth checking out.

    1. Meanwhile, Conroy still doing the rounds..children shot in head etc etc for Australian ABC Radio, 9 March 2012. Broadcast available here

  12. Anderson Cooper was acting as if he was shocked to hear that Danny was reporting fake stories,after the story of fake Danny hit the internet.
    The question is how Danny in no time was able make it to CNN studios to meet Anderson Cooper, all the way from Syria so quickly.
    I wonder if CNN have a bed for Danny somewhere in CNN building...!!

  13. Martin Chulov ‏ @martinchulov
    6 Mar
    Interesting poll on Comment is Free about air strikes in #Syria. So far more than 80pc in favour. Guardian readers. Not warmongers

    Guardian readers = warmongers, thanks to the daily endorsement of fake videos and reports by the Guardian's "journalists".
    Time for air strikes on Syria: do you agree with John McCain? Result: 79.5% Yes
    20.5% No

    Very liberal.

    1. Not forgetting megaphone Felix. It's entirely possible that the majority who voted in that poll have never read the Guardian in their life. That's megaphone for you.

      The crowds get the call out -
      "Where are we off to? The Guardian? What's that?"
      "It's like the English Haaretz."
      "Oh really? Who gives a shit, let's go."

      That's not to excuse the Guardian of course. They're a pack of may-as-well-be-murdoch arseholes.

    2. I suspect that most of the polls and comments on these sites are fabricated--just like the "activist" insurgent videos and the war reporting.

      I also suspect the same thing with youtube views.

      There are probably bot programs or actual disinfo agents playing games. They are trying to give the impression that all resistance is futile and that there is a consensus for Western fascism.

      For instance, check out this hullabaloo on Reddit regarding the Occupy Wall Street subreddit:

      A bunch of shady perps took over the moderating privileges and is basically dividing the people in this online community.

      I suspect that Chris Hedges' writing and the attacks on anarchists and black bloc tactics in Occupy is also a divide and conquer psy op by the fascists.

  14. Paul Connery with Almahdi Harati and Abdelhakim Belhaj

    Here is the photo.

    Belhaj Googled.

    Harati Googled.

    1. The photo of Paul Conroy (Connery!!) with friends seemed to surface in the Liverpool Echo , 25 November 2011. Paul Conroy has also provoked the curiosity of Robert Leather in a blog post of 5 March 2011, Paul Conroy – A brief Bio for the man of the hour . Well worth reading. Leather digs up an early photo.

      Piece here on Harati from the Irish Times, 13 August 2011.

    2. Is it just me or does Paul Conroy bear a striking resemblance to Jimmy Cauty?

      The linked video shows Cauty displaying art that depict rioting which he says he enjoys watching. Hmmmm.

    3. Paul Conroy was the name of a lead character in the 2010 Spanish film, "Buried".

      "Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds), a US truck driver based in Iraq, awakens buried alive in a wooden coffin, bound and gagged, with only a Zippo and a BlackBerry. Although he initially has no idea how he got there, he soon starts to piece together what has happened to him. He remembers that he and several other trucks were ambushed by insurgents, who killed the other truck drivers. After finding the cellphone, Conroy attempts to contact his wife and employers, but is able only to leave a message for both of them. Paul is able to contact the FBI, but they cut off before he can explain the situation. Conroy's kidnapper phones him and demands a ransom of $5 million to release him alive, which is later lowered to $1 million. . . ."

    4. Cauty has lost his Scouse accent, if he ever had one. Actually, Free BMD shows he was born across the Mersey in Wirral..... Conroy is said to be 47 (some family history on Click Liverpool but Robert Leather postulates a bit older.
      Non-related coincidence - Paul Conroy's MP in Devon had her flat in London burgled during the period her constituent was trapped in Homs - 23 Feb.

    5. And another coincidence - Paul Conroy's father is called Les. Imagine my surprise to see the portfolio of a Liverpool born (1936) photographer Leslie Conroy.
      And look! Les Conroy has photographed Joss Stone! Clearly his father and a highly accomplished artist and photographer.

    6. Typing in "Paul Conroy years old" in google I see almost all references are to him being 47 years old.

      I ran the numbers and it does seem possible that Conroy could have signed up for the military at age 16 and be born in 1964:

      But the point is still a good one that it is a very small window in which Conroy could have signed up at the age of 16 (which is why we may see his birthday coming up soon). I guess one would have to look into the details about signing up as a 16 year old in 1980. Was this common for artist's son to enlist at age 16 with his fathers permission?

      It's odd there is no Wikipedia entry either.

  15. Walter Wit Man
    It seems Google spam had consumed your comments, that is the most annoying thing?
    Because I often get spam?
    Anyway the comments are through now...
    If you ever notice comments go missing, mention something here and I will check asap
    Of course that will only work if google doesn't block that comment!

  16. I'll be back.....
    don't be scared ;)

  17. BBC still pushing out fake videos, 14.22 GMT March 9...try this ludicrous one..("said to show" = they know jolly well it is phoney) accompanying the article on Kofi Annan calling for dialogue, which of course the "activists" don't want... A minaret has some puffs of smoke coming out of it, titled "fresh shelling of civilians"

    The filmed used of smoke bombs or explosive devices in mosque minarets was honed in Zawiyah, Libya in March 2011. It surfaced again last year in August in Syria - YouTube footage from Deir es Zor, again with cameras fortuitously rolling.Continued here
    "Government regime attacks mosques" (aka False flag ops for propaganda purposes)

    BBC = cheats, liars, as always.

    1. But my original comment has vanished...which concerned this propaganda put out by the BBC today, 14.22 GMT , March said to show (i.e. open lie) shelling of civilians. But in reality some smoke bombs or controlled detonations going off in a minaret. This technique was used in Zawiyah, Libya in March 2011 and again in Syria in August 2011 . Take home message - government bombing mosques.

    2. Thanks for those Felix. Add that to the pile of lies and staged/fake videos.

      One side has advanced knowledge of the minaret explosions and films them, but blames it on the other side, and we are supposed to take this seriously?

      Wow, they're not even trying to come up with a plausible story.

      Notice how we don't hear the sound of incoming artillery in this video and the other minaret videos. The other videos are obviously placed charges. They are working on a pretty thin budget because they aren't even trying to fake mortars landing or come up with a plausible story. How are Assad's forces doing this? Where are all the tanks attacking the minaret? Where is the Syrian military team conducting this exercise?

      The "activists" just filming their own sabotage and blaming the government.

      We have also seen the pipeline explosion video and this seems similar. Like a large amount of fuel burning.

      Who knows what burned or what caused those explosions. If we are going to speculate like the BBC is doing, I would speculate that it's the rebels that caused this explosion, or fire, or whatever. Then a few "activists" fired a rifles in the air, scared the birds, and one dude recorded the action and provided the color commentary. They are getting lazy and simply acting out similar skits over and over.

      I don't know how this is fooling people.

    3. Oh, and what is Assad's motivation supposed to be for attacking the minarets?

      I don't see it.

    4. No Libya there was history relating to the destruction of the Senussi mosque in Jaghbub by Gaddafi, and the sub-plot was that the mosques were allegedly being destroyed to punish his people for revolting... But in Syria?

  18. Hey Felix, it is through now
    Google! frustrating as always
    ty for letting me know
    will be back when I have more time

  19. The best blatant stupidity of a fake or orchestrated video must be the 'Hom's mortar attacks on protesters' on CNN and the Telegraph. You can see the pipe detonation in the roofing,one that was not even worthy of a farmers thunder flash. You even see the greezer on the wall (Top left in track sit bottoms with a white stripe) turning away just before he lets it rip.

    I love the mortar that can go through roofing or walling without damage, truly high tech. The video pans to the blast site, no damage, roof, wall intact, apart from 'supposed corpses' bloody and laid out, I don't know where they pulled out the death toll (12), as the staged scene left 3-4 at best.

    But the 'Cool Cucumber Award' goes to the camera geezer for screwing up the shot by letting the pipe det show,(Puff! about seven seconds in) and filming the panic as if nothing happened to his left for about 6 seconds.

    On that note, as soon as I saw this defection on the net, and the mass coverage it had, I could see it was bogus. It is even impossible to search the string without fixed wording today, and no site will allow a discussion on the subject, its closed, sealed, and fixed, truly epic!

    BTW, the geezer in question worked with the EU & UN as a adviser of the Gov in 2009 on a minerals feasibility study (Global) he is listed as one of the on-the-ground contacts for the working group, so a very minor role out of 100's in to research doc.

    I did a post on this on a discussion group, normally all engage, but this time, not one bite, it is as if blind stupidity keeps you safe, and any mention of fake media will get you in trouble.

    Lastly, its is good to see a few people willing to look at things without an agenda other than truth. Its hard to find a site open to dialog on this subject matter.

    1. Yeah, I fail to see how they get 12 dead.

      The guy in the track suit does look suspicious. How does a mortar create a bang where it did and show no signs of entering the roof? How does it supposedly enter in the center but a few people in the far corner bear the brunt of the hit? We see no holes in the roof or rays of sunshine from a hole. One would have also expected the metal scaffolding in the roof to be more disturbed than it was--maybe shaking the whole structure more.

      Anyway, looks pretty fake. And yet more shocking gore to shock the people into war.

  20. Looking for the video on CNN . . . . and don't see it.

    But see something else. CNN explains that "When all else fails, [governments the West doesn't like] blame the U.S." In this "editor's choice" pick, they explain that Iran, Syria, Russia, Egypt, and Venezuela blame the U.S. to distract the world from their own crimes. Here's the take on Syria:

    "Syria's Bashar al-Assad has blamed a variety of villains for his woes, as he continues to kill regime opponents by the thousands. He even tried to provoke fighting with Israel by rushing people across the border last summer, but the people saw through his scheme. Protesters want Assad out. Still, the president claims, "The external conspiracy is clear to everybody."

    Clear to everybody but people that have an agenda . . . like those at CNN. Where did the rebels get Milan Missiles and all that weaponry? CNN is projecting. They are the ones trying to distract.

  21. William Daniels breaks cover on CNN - in a video interview, Photographer reveals what he saw in besieged Baba Amr district. March 9 2012. Live footag of the Arc de Triomphe in the background to show, of course, he is in Paris...

  22. Here is the video Hom's, its funny, I cant believe that this was taken seriously.

    or my link that I picked up on, then watched CNN air it all day...

  23. Walter, hope you got to see the video. If you want to see Danny Boy in action, here is a classic video...

  24. Yeah. I saw it. Thanks.

    He's a confirmed perp in my book.

    Was actually looking for this video on Homs about mortars landing on protesters (NSFW:shows violence, albeit probably fake):

    1. Great one...and what IS that guy doing up on the wall at 1.01? Fake fake fake. Endorsed by the Daily Telegraph. BTW where is the Danny at the oil pipeline fire video

    2. Yeah Felix. I saw that via aangirfan via the blogroll here.

      Best video on Syria yet. A couple of other "good" journalists to add to the mix as well.

      It also makes me wonder once again where is the official Syrian reporting? How come we don't see the Syrian government response to all these events? Do they talk about it on their television? Do they have a PR office, etc? Do they have tweets, etc.?

      That video is good b/c it shows more of a Syrian perspective.

  25. It's a classic, just look at the pipe detonation in the roofing, you see it blast out to the side. Put the links above, in a previous post.

    What pisses me off is misinformation, more so when I pay to watch TV, basically I am paying for fraud and being defrauded.

    However, back in my army days, we used to watch videos and had a game who could spot the mistake, 90% was based on technical impossibilities, the rest on location discrepancies, guess the habit never ended.

  26. Felix this is the journalist I was referencing in this article

    The corpses of US Journalist Marie Colvin, French Journalist Remi Ochlik, and Spanish Journalist Javier Espinosa were uncovered by competent authorities at Baba Amro, Homs following humanitarian motivated strenuous efforts of search and follow up.

    An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates declared, just after the Syrian Army cleansed Baba Amro from the foreign-backed armed groups of terrorists, that 3 previous bids by the Syrian Red Crescent in coordination with the International Red Cross failed to take these corpses out because the armed terrorist groups rejected to do so as to manipulate them along with the forces of provocations against Syria.

    The corpses, added the source, are to be transferred into a Damascus hospital for Forensic DNA analysis, to be compared with the DNA to be received from their respective countries, before being handed over to the Embassies of Poland, on behalf of the US Embassy, France and Spain and in presence of representatives from the Syrian Red Crescent and International Red Cross.

    ''Syria offers condolences to the families of the three journalists, Syria. however, voices the hope that all foreigners would evade entering to the Syrian Territories in an illegal way and to evade going to the places where the terrorist armed groups are present,'' concluded the source.

    Javier, was he not reported found in a tunnel and where was the tunnel?

    1. Penny - see article in Out of Syria's Carnage: A Survivor's Testimony of Bab Amr's Last Stand
      By Vivienne Walt,Time, 8 March 2012
      . William Daniels describes being smuggled into Syria..
      "The journey included a hair-raising stretch through 2.5 miles of tunnel running under the Syrian Army's firing positions.....The four colleagues made a decision: they would escape the way they came, through the 2.5-mile tunnel. They taped Bouvier to a stretcher, and four Syrians took turns carrying her in twos. But the tunnel, a water pipeline, was only 5'4" feet high, so they had to crouch as they walked, dragging the heavy load. They fell further and further behind Conroy and Espinosa, who were ahead of them with several Syrian activists. Several people rode on motorbikes, which the opposition used to transport supplies into the besieged area and to take wounded people out....Meanwhile, Conroy managed to make it to the Lebanese border. Espinosa, like Conroy, fled from the tunnel during their escape and made it to Lebanon days later. But perhaps 13 Syrian activists were killed in the attack in the tunnel..

      Might be interesting to compare the version - of course Daniels has had time to study Conroy's story. If they had spoken simultaneously, there might have been problems. Both are highly fanciful, and unverifiable.

      At The Week, we read: Meanwhile, El Mundo reporter Javier Espinosa had also escaped the tunnel

      In the Press Gazette, the tunnel is described by Conroy as a sewer: “He was lowered down a 15ft vertical drop into the tunnel, then taken by motorbike for about a mile. The tunnel — a sewer or storm drain — was only 5ft high, so he had to crouch down on the bike.”

      Funny, not much about the later alleged escape of Espinosa. Has he written anything in Spanish or Engish about it?? V. fishy.

    2. Penny it was me who told you about a body matching the description of Espinosa being found in a tunnel - I got that from a Voltairenet article.

    3. Apologies Freethinker
      I should have went back and checked. :)

      Which I will now
      Be back later

  27. Tweets from Javier Espinosa, @javierespinosa2 not mentioning the details of the escape, only the disputed death of himself...curious that.
    And not very many of them.

    JAVIER ESPINOSA ‏ @javierespinosa2
    So if they give back my body i hope to recover my computer as well please and some thousands dollars I had in my bag #homs #syria

    Sana mistake about my death can be based in my computer I left everything on the spot when I had to run for my life #homs #syria

    Arad Alper ‏ @arad7613
    @javierespinosa2 I'm still not sure who to believe, you or SANA. We have to consider both sides.

    @arad7613 i agree never believe in somebody dead

    1. There is a video here at El Mundo March 3 2012. which is recycled stuff I think. I don't know any Spanish. Where did he go? Why later than the others? Needs following up. His tweets all in English btw.

    2. Javier Espinosa on his escape from Homs BBC World Service audio, about 6 minutes. Undated, about March 2. From about 2m15s.....
      "We escaped in a group of 50 people through the lines of the army at night in a very risky operation which finished badly becase we had to run for our lives because we just fell in a kind of ambush or something when they discovered we were passing through the lines and very close to the military positions and that's no more than 200m or something like this, just a matter of luck. Sometimes they heard you and they shoot, sometimes not. When I came in it didn't happen when i came out it happened ..... once you leave Bab al Amr you go by vehicle, motorcycle, car, everything... it takes a lot of time....

      Listen - sounds like it is all being made up, very general. Shorn of detail. (cf Paul Conroy) I don't believe he was there from this broadcast.

  28. Felix I left some info in the latest post
    Interesting that his tweets are all in English
    who is the target audience???
    Obviously not his Spanish readers?