Friday, April 6, 2012

The ethnic cleansing of Christians in Homs - defended by Israeli media

Just a quick post- One news story only!

This is from Haaretz-  It is titled "Syrian Disinformation about Christian Persecution"
I am intentionally NOT using this headline.
For the simple reason I hold the opinion this is entirely possible, quite likely truthful.
The only argument may be to what extent this has taken place?
But even that seems cruel.
When is ethnic cleansing an acceptable behaviour?
When is religious persecution an acceptable behaviour? 
There have been ample situations that have taken place previously that would lead one to realize that this has really happened. Iraq. Egypt.
Just to name two places  where persecution of Christians comes to mind.
Of course, there is a third place- Israel.
Keeping that in mind, let's read what is in the Israeli press today.

Recent reports out of Syria have warned of the ethnic cleansing of 90 percent of the Christian population of Homs, the city that has been ravaged by the conflict between Assad's forces and armed opposition groups since the uprising against the regime began in February last year. The responsibility for the mass killings and expulsions has been pinned on an armed opposition group known as the "Al-Faruq Brigade."

This claim first gained wide distribution in a report published on March 21 by Agenzia Fides (the official Vatican news agency ), which declared its source to be "a note sent to Fides by some sources in the Syrian Orthodox Church."

Fides added that "in the 'Faruq Brigade,' note other sources, there seems [sic] to be armed elements of various Wahhabi groups and mercenaries from Libya and Iraq." 

The claim of 90 percent ethnic cleansing can actually be traced to a report put out on March 13 by an online Arabic outlet known as Al-Haqiqa (Arabic for "the truth" ), with the URL address 

According to Haaretz- this group- Syria Truth- has been taken to task by none other then MEMRI.
I know, your laughing right?! MEMRI!

As a matter of fact, Al-Haqiqa had already been taken to task by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI ), which specifically referred to its reporting of extensive Al-Qaida and international jihadist presence among the Syrian opposition as "bogus." 
MEMRI is worthless, completely and utterly. It is non-credible.

And the way this Haaretz piece is written leads me to believe the reports of ethnic cleansing are correct.
Get your head around the spin!

Homs happens to be around 30 kilometers from the border with Lebanon, which is home to a large and relatively powerful Christian community, making it a natural destination for Christian refugees - 

Christian refugees? Wait a minute. Were supposed to believe no one is fleeing, but, Lebanon is a natural for Christians refugees.... fleeing persecution.

Iraqi Christians have found safety there since the 2003 invasion.
 Again, we are supposed to believe that the Islamic fighters backed by the west do not operate in a fashion that would cause Christians to flee, but, Lebanon is chock full of Iraqi Christians who fled the Sunni fighters.

Understandably, Christians have fled their homes amid fears of being caught in the crossfire. According to a report in Lebanon's Daily Star, some Christians have been temporarily forced out of their homes by Sunni fighters, but only because they needed space to fight government forces; further, contrary to the claims of the Al-Haqiqa report, the fighters allowed the Christians to take what they needed.
This above quoted part is pure gold in terms of spin.
Understandably Christians have fled to avoid the cross-fire.
 There would be no cross-fire if the Sunni (NATO)  fighters had not entered the area!
Some were forced out of their homes by Sunni fighters-backed by NATO- because the "fighters needed space to fight"? Is this credible? Why did the Sunni fighters need the space to fight?
Oh yeah. Overthrowing a secular government
And they even allowed the Christians to take "what they needed"
Except for their homes and furnishings right? How nice. Really, that was so nice of the NATO backed Sunni fighters to throw the Christians out of their homes, with what they could carry.

There is more, you can read for yourself
This article seems like a desperate attempt by the Israeli spin doctors to deflect away from Christians being abused, by the NATO backed rebels. These same rebels are fully backed by Israel's government.
Israel's government, that has been complicit in the destabilization of Syria.
The killing of ordinary Syrians. The ethnic cleansing of Christians.
Therefore, the tone of the article.

I can only come to the conclusion that persecution of Christians has taken place and will continue to take place. And Israels government and their media will excuse this behaviour
One last thing, if this thought hasn't popped into your head yet..
Isn't it strange that Israels press is defending the acts of 'Islamic terrorists'??


  1. "Isn't it strange that Israels press is defending the acts of 'Islamic terrorists'"
    Yes, until you find out that Wahhabi Salafism was created, or at least moulded, by the Judeo-Freemasons of the Rothschild owned British Empire.
    The Wahhabi
    Confessions of a British spy and British enmity against Islam
    The Salafi
    "In Egypt, the Oxford movement centered on the creation of a “reform” movement of Islam, known as the Salafi, to serve the Illuminati in protecting their growing interest in the Suez Canal, which would later become crucial to the shipment of their (ie the Rothschilds') oil cargo to Europe and elsewhere."

    Unfortunately you can see how Christians are treated by the Salafists here: Hillary Clinton – This is What the Butchers You Fund Do to Innocent People

    Also, dirty tricks at the UN: Qatar Manipulating UN General Assembly

    1. Hey Freethinker!
      Thanks. I took the time to look through those links reading most of the Confessions of a British Spy...
      It is always the same, divide to conquer game.
      Sigh... when will people learn. When?

      I should have been clear my question, but I intentionally was not-
      "Isn't it strange that Israels press is defending the acts of 'Islamic terrorists"
      Was totally rhetorical.

      I left it that way for the people that read here & do not understand that Israel is fully supportive of the killers because they have much to gain.

      I wanted that question to enter the readers consciousness.
      I wanted them to think about how far that is from Israel's usual moaning and wailing. "Bad Muslims" is their usual baloney
      But, not when their goons are killing people that Israel wants them to kill. Such as the Syrians.
      Also Christians and Shiites, the followers of Judaism.
      Who can't tell a false flag from reality and don't want to believe their government would use them for cannon fodder.
      Wake up.
      They would/will/do/can- just as the British government uses their people. Likewise the American gov, the Canadian gov and on down the line...
      All those "democracies" My eyes roll

    2. Looks like the Assads will lose their throne. Much of it due to their own stupidity. Their arrogance and denial prohibited them from heeding many warnings that they could be deposed. It is very puzzling how they dont get it. They have been a very public target by the West for a decade, yet didnt prepare to defend themselves? Their Ace in the Hole was squandered when they caught the CIA, French and Mossad agents red handed in Homs and didnt publicize it. Their one concrete proof of foreign terrorist attacks.
      These fools should have plastered that information all over the world in ALL CAPS. Instead, few even know it happened. Can leaders really be such morons?
      Regimes operating by Brute force without brains will never beat those, like the USA, that operate with brute force AND brains. Entire mess is pathetic.

    3. "Regimes operating by Brute force without brains will never beat those, like the USA, that operate with brute force AND brains."

      Then explain Afghanistan?
      Because brute force and brains, as you put it, haven't won the day

    4. And what exactly would the mechanism for plastering it all over the world be? The Zionist press or the West's MSM? Why do you think Press TV is being kicked around all over the West? And despite Syria's handicap, you did get to hear about the capture of those foreign troops/mercenaries, how much effort do you suppose it took for that little bit of news item to reach you? What throne, stupidity, arrogance or denial do you speak about? It's Israel that pictures itself on a throne in the M/E, it's Israel that's infecting the West/US with its unfathomable stupidity, it's Israel that radiates the mother of all arrogance and it's Israel that gyrates to the rhythm of its foolish pride which bolts it to the state of denial that it finds itself today.

      Something for you Penny that I found quite intriguing: The SECOND “FRIENDS” OF SYRIA CONFERENCE IN ISTANBUL: The Syrian DEBACLE

    5. Egoigwe:

      very well said, Very well said!
      I thought after my response, I should have said more
      But, life calls..
      Anyway,you made the point very well
      How would Syria have gotten the news out?
      Through the controlled psy-op media in the West
      You are right about it being all NaTO/Israeli news, all the time
      If Assad would have gone public with it, could you imagine the spin
      "The Butcher has some of our boys"
      "Fighting for freedom, blah, blah blah"
      Helping those poor arabs etc., who are so backwards, fanatical pick your descriptor.
      It always the same
      And the Yokels would have been all over it like flies on shit.

      Look at the news piece that formed this post
      No matter how Haaretz tried to spin it and they did.
      It is obvious NATO's killers ethnically cleansed the Christians.
      Not Assad. NATO.
      But anonymous did not stop to think of how controlled the press is. How full of pure lies it is. Everyday
      Do you think one willfully blind idiot over here stopped to think about what was really written in article
      Do any of them notice that after more then a year of "protests" there is never more then a few hundred at best out against Assad
      Do they ever ask themselves, why the disconnect?

      And thank you for that article, i read it quickly, but will take more time to read it carefully tomorrow

      I really appreciated your comment Egoigwe. It was wonderfully said, really. :)

    6. Thank you Penny, sometimes these "willfully blind idiots" just gnaw at your coat irritably. Anybody with a good head on their shoulders can see it's Libya all over again in Syria. And to be sure it's picture perfect, they've brought in the exact same fighters that destabilized Libya to continue their dastardly acts in Syria. There are really no pretensions about their objectives in Syria. It's actually quite blatant and flagrant, this pursuit for regime change.

      It isn't about interesting times, it's about the willful and calculated murder of thousands of innocent families and their callous displacement. It is the construct of hell brought to a peace loving people by those who call themselves civilized. A mammoth earthly shame never to be forgotten.

  2. These pictures have just been uploaded relating to a massacre in ... check also video Looks faked, but it is going to be used to justify armed intervention. No doubt carried out by helicopters, causing everyone to lie down in a large trench for a short while. "Mass grave in Taftanaz"

    1. Yes, for having been retrieved from under rubble, the bodies seem to not be smashed and bloodied, or even dirty.

    2. Blammo: I left you a response wrt AP in the previous post

  3. How did the trench come to be?

    It doesn't look like a ditch, was it recently dug?
    Any background?

    1. Just dig a trench with an excavator and get people to lie in it.

      Anmesty International is also in on the plot...
      The organization said it received the names of 232 individuals, including 17 children, who were reported to have been killed since Syria agreed to the plan on March 27.

      "The evidence shows that Assad's supposed agreement to the Annan plan is having no impact on the ground," said Suzanne Nossel, executive director of Amnesty International USA.

      Received - from whom? Syrian Observatory?? Easy. Who also ...
      said at least two civilians were killed in clashes between rebels and government forces that stormed the town of Taftanaz and torched a number of homes. At least two (allegedly, cause unknown) turns into a massacre. Easy

      (Source AP 4.4.12)