Monday, April 2, 2012

Syria Update: Annan at the UN & a Russian ship to Tartus

Apparently Kofi Annan has informed the UN that Syria has agree to a PULLBACK or did they?
The article below is ambiguous, typically.
Syria Agrees to April 10 Pullback, U.N. Says

Interesting choice of wording "Pullback"

Bashar Ja'affri, the Syrian ambassador to the U.N., said the April 10 deadline was reached through a "common accord" with the team of Mr. Annan, the joint U.N.-Arab League special envoy to Syria.

"We are committed to implementing the six-point plan," Mr. Ja'affri said. A Western diplomat said Mr. Annan had sought an April 7 deadline but settled for the later date. Mr. Annan's plan doesn't call for Mr. Assad to step aside

So Koffi gave Syria three more days to rid itself of the rebels. Interesting?

Kofi Annan's diplomatic team is asking opposition forces to also withdraw from towns and cities 48 hours after the Syrian government withdrawal is complete.

The so called opposition forces have to withdraw also. That is not going to happen.

" A U.N. peacekeeping team will join his staff in Syria this week to prepare for a monitoring mission that would police a ceasefire. A Western diplomat said last week that the team would consist of about 250 unarmed U.N. observers, pulled from neighboring peacekeeping missions"

Ms. Rice said all members of the Security Council expressed full support for implementing Mr. Annan's plan, but didn't say whether imposing a deadline enjoyed similar unanimous backing.

 Because the deadline did not have unanimous backing........  Russia rejects Kofi Annan's six-point peace plan deadline 

"Ultimatums and artificial deadlines rarely help matters," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said while on a visit to Armenia.
Lavrov added that only the United Nations Security Council – on which Russia wields veto power – could put any time restrictions on Syrian president Bashar al-Assad's compliance with Annan's peace plan.
 "Annan has a Security Council mandate and it is up to the UN Security Council to decide who is complying with this plan and how," he said.

At the "Friends of Syria" meeting in Istanbul over the weekend Western and Arab nations agreed to ask the UN to set a deadline for Assad to comply with Annan's Syria peace plan.

A meeting not attended by Russia, China, anyone actually from the Syrian Government and no one from Cyprus...

Sorry, one last thing I almost forgot to mention.... at then end of the Wall Street Journal article

In a show of support to Mr. Assad's embattled government, Russia said Monday it was sending a navy destroyer to the Syrian port of Tartus, according to the Interfax news agency.
The destroyer will dock in Tartus in the coming days where it will conduct planned naval exercises, a previously scheduled trip. Russia leases the port from Syria, its only power base in the Mediterranean Sea.

The ship is the "Smetliviy"


  1. on media demonising syria, back in 2011 a video was presented by Reuters to the world media: supposed to be a video of syrian security commiting atrocities...not so!\

    if the syrians were comitting atrocities, why does reuters send a video that proves to be NOT of syrians at all! Surely there are many such...why use a fraudulent one?

    one positive side effect were the comments to media watchs luke warm investigation into the 'trusted source'(aka reuters)

    by anti-insurgent syrians who tried to get there story across to the media and were rebuffed..

    Tarek :
    19 May 2011 5:16:53pm

    Dear Media Watch

    first I highly appreciate your honesty and fairness of covering the Syrian, which is rarely to be found in among the dirty media game which the huge names such (CNN,BBC,Reuters,Al Jazeera, France 24 and many others)are playing especially.

    if your policy allows me to send a few reports which local media channels in Syria has made, which you can see the defame against Syria as nation and government( I have many on Facebook which clearly can tell the unprofessionalism of BBC, or Al Jazerra.
    if you are interested i will send you that. again many thanks for your coverage

    Reply Agree (0) Alert moderator

    Mazen :
    20 May 2011 11:55:57pm

    Tarek; I made a call with BBC Arabic, and told them I take all responsibility of my testimony about what happening in Syria, and what others told me , how armed men using the protesters as cover for shooting people ( police and protesters ) one woman told me that she saw it by her eyes happening in one are in country side near Damascus, and another man i trust him was working with me told me that ((news said 6 person was killed during the demonstration and Ajazeera said that police men shoot them ) the truth was some body killed 2 police men in police station and one in another area ( not near the demonstration ) was killed in his super market. 4 person was dead normally in the same street they were not in demonstration or any relation to any protesters. but news used them as victim of the police shooting.
    i have many eyewitness same or similar to this eyewitness but BBC Arabic said (( SORRY I CANT LET YOU GO ON AIR AND SAY SOME THING LIKE THAT.) Also he was surprised when i told him that we trust the president that reform in our political and every thing going to be existed and the reform action soon going to take the place in the Syria with new rules and many changes. BBC till now did not call me again


  2. Tony Cartalucci of Land Destroyer blog has written an excellent summary of the situation in Syria
    West Seeks to Perpetuate Syrian Bloodbath

  3. Although I am not in Syria right now, I still see that the state media here in Cyprus is showing the lies. (sourcing most of their international news, which does not include Turkey, from the likes of the BBC and Sky!)

    There is a small population of Syrian refugees that have lived here for years, and we do have a close business relationships with the country, as well as historically etc.

    The Syrians here know that the west lies. Last year, during the whole Arab spring business with Egypt and the ousting of Mubarak, a five or six car convoy drove through the streets of the capital Nicosia, with Syrian flags flying, and horns blaring, waving makeshift banners saying something like 'Assad you're next!' But this only happened for about three hours one afternoon. Nothing has been heard from them since.

    Why is this?

    It is because they know that the last thing they want is 'American intervention'... they are not stupid and they know that having Assad in power is far better than having the British and Americans in charge, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with religion!

    Annan is also most hated here in Cyprus for his previous efforts to broker peace. We have had a form of peace for 35 years in Cyprus. But apparently out latest round of peace talks (they've been going on for quite a while! ;-) have all but finished with no settlement between Cyprus and the Turks that control the Turkish Cypriot community in the north.... No one seems to care though because we just found oil and gas off our shores ...

    Aren't we the lucky ones!

    aka Marty

  4. Hey Marty!

    I do think the Syrians know the west lies.
    As do many people in the world

    You know I may have covered something about the oil being found off shore ..

    I am going to have a look

  5. Brian and James your links are in the latest post
    Thanks for leaving them
    Thanks to Felix also