Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Syria's upcoming election and the increase in NATO backed terror

We are going long with this post, so sit a spell, please.
I want to get back to Syria. There is so much going on. So much at stake.
It is terrifying, really.
Let me briefly remind readers that Syrian elections are to be held in less then one week.
Their election date is May 7/2012.
Of course the NATO antagonists are “critical” of this happening. Because NATO countries don’t truly support democracy or elections, unless they are fixed to their banker/slavery agenda.
So the entire western press is spinning negatively on the Syrian peoples right to elect their own government.
I don’t know if these elections will be allowed to take place.
I suspect that the NATO terrorists have stepped up their attacks in advance of these elections, with the hope of causing so much terror, ordinary Syrians will not come out to vote. Make no mistake about it the terror attacks have indeed been stepped up!
I understand these are difficult times, but, I hope their elections go on as planned by the Syrians, for the Syrians.

What role are the Blackwater Mercs playing in this campaign of terror?

Looks as if it is the usual role.

Syrian Elections

For the first time in 40 years, seats in the Syrian parliament will be up for grabs by multiple parties in the country’s much-postponed elections, now scheduled for May the 7th.

Streets in Syria are decked with candidates’ election campaign banners and posters, with most of the slogans emphasizing national unity, greater youth participation and peaceful change. Many Syrians believe the upcoming elections can bring vitality to the country and pave the way for reforms.

They also hope new parliamentarians will be more responsive to people’s needs. Others say they’ll go to the polls to show support for strengthening the country.
UN officials have been somewhat more even handed in their talk-

I will give you a full quote. Taken from different news articles. The media “reports” in this manner so “news” is incoherent and undecipherable to the average reader

 Norwegian Major General Robert Mood, has acknowledged his mission cannot solve Syria's fundamental problems but said the security situation was not impossible.
"We have seen this in many crises before that if you simply keep adding to the violence with more bombs and weapons and more violence, it becomes a circle that is almost impossible to break, we are not in that situation."
"To achieve the success of the Kofi Annan plan, I call on all sides to stop violence and help us continue the cessation of armed violence," Major General Robert Mood said, referring to the international envoy on the crisis.
This report has a top UN official stating all sides have broke the truce
“the government and opposition both have committed truce violations, a top UN official said Tuesday.” 

I'll will touch on Ban Ki-moon later in the post.

As you may or may not be aware there have been more terror attacks in Syria. Including the Syrian Central Bank. Interesting target, right? Same institution was targeted in Libya.
Check out the western banker whore media headlines?
Attacks Target Symbols of Syrian State Power .  Additional reading- virtually the same headline- Syrian State Power

In fresh attacks on symbols of state power, twin suicide bombs exploded Monday near a government security compound in northern Syria and rockets struck the central bank in Damascus, killing nine people and wounding 100.

The attacks are the latest in a series of suicide bombings that started in December and have mostly targeted Syrian military and intelligence positions.

The Central Bank: Symbol of State power as opposed to Private Bankster power??
How that must bother the private scum banker crowd and their sycophants at NATO??
Who simply must make the world safe for private plunder.
Shouldn’t a central bank be symbolic of the State, hence, the people’s power? 
Central Banks should not be private. They belong to their respective people!
Those headlines give away much more then the average dumbed down reader would ever take away from them...
This article tries to spin away the increased attacks by claiming the rebels are “low on funds”
Judging by the large and increased bombing attacks. Funds are not an issue.
“Rebels, although low on funds and ammunition, seem to be stepping up a bombing campaign.”
" Explosions blew the fronts off buildings in the northwestern city of Idlib on Monday, killing nine people and wounding 100, including security personnel"

Quite the explosions these were:
The speaker of Syria's parliament, Mahmoud al-Abrach, said that outside states backing the insurgency bore responsibility for the bloodshed.
"The escalation is continuing and it must be stopped from the outside - I mean those who are providing those groups with weapons and money,"

As for my thoughts on attempts to quash the election ......
Terrorists Assassinate Candidate for People's Assembly in Daraa
“An armed terrorist group on Tuesday assassinated the candidate for the People's Assembly in Daraa Abdel Hamid Hassan al-Taha.
A source at the province told SANA correspondent that the terrorist group opened fire on the candidate at Bosra Square in Daraa causing his death”
And finally Ban Ki-moon had this to say:
“Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon condemned the Idlib blasts and rocket fire on the central bank in the capital as "terrorist bomb attacks".
Wow! After all the terror attacks, all the ethnic cleansing by NATO's terrorists.
That's all he has got.
I still wish he would just shut up and go away


  1. An absolutely nauseating BBC Radio 4 programme May 1 2012, by key perp John Simpson Life and Death on the Frontline
    - they even group Anthony Shadid in with those war deaths - he could just as easily have dropped dead at the Kentucky Derby. Horse allergy, allegedly. As for Marie Colvin....Listen to this crap for a week..

    1. Hey Felix

      I skippped past Marie Colvin
      "getting a buzz from the situation"
      does Mr Simpson think the Syrians are getting a buzz from all the attacks?

      Curious. These people must be all spooks?

    2. Simpson is king spook, Penny. The rest are trying to emulate him.

  2. The Market of Suicide Bombers, Saudi Arabia

  3. useful site:


    1. Hey Brian:

      thanks for the links, your previous comment got sent to spam?
      I did let it through

      Your unstoppable

  4. Hey Felix

    do you suffer through this stuff on a regular basis?

    It really is the typical mainstream lie fest.

    I like how they even throw in 9/11
    everything changed after 9/11

    What does 9/11 have to do with war reporting?

    So why throw it in at all?
    Reinforcement of propaganda.

  5. Hi Penny, I've been away and sick for 10 days but I'm back now and trying to catch up. Yesterday I visited my usual fun site called Sky News and found they'd made an error on a breaking news story about how a violent uniformed Syrian policeman had confiscated their camera in Damascus. The photo caption showed some women shoppers in western dress walking about chatting, and a guy in jeans and white shirt standing in the street holding a gun (the violent uniformed policeman) So I pointed out their error in a comment, which I thought they would just not publish, but they didn't remove it. Instead they just demoted their 'breaking story' into the archives....They're getting very sloppy with their reporting - sorry to comment about it here but I thought you'd like a laugh too!

  6. Hm, it must be going around?
    Last week I was not feeling to great either!

    They are getting sloppy with their reporting.

    Yah, I have really noticed that with Syria. I don't know if it is a case of they just don't care? Or they know almost everyone simply scans the headlines for their "news" and moves along. So it doesn't matter. I have noticed that often, the body of an article doesn't match the headline.
    I am glad you mentioned that, it is not off topic ever to note how the media lies
    Also glad your feeling better :)

  7. Its on CNN so it must be true - AlQaeda Papers Found in Porn File, and Documents reveal al Qaeda's plans for seizing cruise ships, carnage in Europe, and even RT joins in on the sleaze-fest Porn files reveal Al-Qaeda master plan to terrorize Europe
    "The cache may be as precious a piece of evidence as the archive of Osama Bin Laden, captured by US Navy SEALs after the raid on his compound a year ago. The US announced that it will publish some of that booty soon."

    I'll need some Viagra to see me through this load of tosh.

    1. "were what police believe"

      So if they "believe" it you should too

      Seizing cruise ships, The cruise ship industry should be thrilled over that bit of spin.

      I have noticed this past week or two a real upswing in Alquaeda/ Osama news.
      You just know it is election season when......

    2. "I'll need some Viagra to see me through this load of tosh."

      If your not lucky enough to be military, you will have to pay for that :))