Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Manaf Tlass email published by Josh Landis...big fat FAKE!

Just a quick post on the ongoing psyop known as "defection of a golden boy"

In yesterday's post Manaf Tlass "speaks". Maybe?

A statement alleged to have been from Mr Tlass had been sent to AP

As mentioned "This reminds me of the email that Josh Landis put up on his blog. The one the Guardian wouldn't publish.You know the email alleged to be from Manaf Tlass?"

To refresh your memory...

Josh Landis, has produced an email! Yes, he has! I think most of the readers here are totally aware of who Josh Landis is.

As reported by  the Guardian.  And we know how reliable that place is? Who can forget all the Assad emails released by the Guardian and claimed as "authentic" ?? So, it is with a role of my eyes, I read the news of another carefully timed and crafted email in Arabic and English- Good thing for the English. I would expect Arabic & perhaps French as the second most common language of Syria. Given the colonial history and all. But I am digressing, so let's get back to the Josh Landis email!

"Landis goes on to reproduce an email statement circulated in Arabic and English in the name of Manaf Tlass, which calls for mass defections. The Guardian received the same email but, although it appears authentic, we have not as yet been able to verify it."

Here is the latest on that email that was promoted by Mr Josh Landis the alleged "influential Syrian expert"

What to make of Mr Josh Landis and his promotion of this fake email? The one the Guardian wouldn't even touch.

Regarding the AP "statement" promoted yesterday:

Neither his brother Firas nor Syrian opposition members in Paris were able to confirm the statement's veracity. 

French officials had so far refused to confirm his presence in the country.



  1. I will be back with something else, later.
    Simply couldn't let this pass.
    Josh Landis, had to have known, without a doubt this "email" was not credible.
    Yet, he touted it as legit.
    As for the AP statement? This too appears out of nowhere and cannot be verified.
    Why are the ptb's so hot to keep this psyop going?

    1. Josh is a fraud...he is pro-anti-syrian terrorist

  2. bbc reporting syria defmin killed. yEstderday israel says its gas fields threateded of damascus falls. No mention of their water disputes with Leb/Syria...

    1. anonymous: saw the syrian defence minister had been reported killed.

      I will be touching on gas field threats in another post

    2. al arabiya saying it was a suicide bomber in the bodyguard cadre...Also reports this morning that the tracking beacon for the Russian ship carrying the Syrian helicopters turned off beacon - promptly denied (Novosti)

    3. no it wasnt"

      Souriabaladna Assadqaedna: The perpetrator was arrested, it wasn't the bodyguard, he was employed in the National Security Building as a secretary.
      This is the video in which the terrorists claim to have recorded the operation in Damascus yesterday

  3. Salaam fair sister..pls stp by my blog asap!!!

  4. Kind of weird from the BBC:

    Our correspondent says residents on the street near the National Security Building said they had not heard an explosion or seen any emergency vehicles at the scene.


    More from the BBC's Lina Sinjab in Damascus, who has been to the scene of the reported bombing. She says she saw no broken windows in the area, and the roads were open. She says there was "no sign of any explosion".

    Posted by: b | Jul 18, 2012 10:34:41 AM | 25

  5. AlJazeera are showing some live footage of people (FSA) on the streets of Damascus celebrating and then suddenly there is a gun battle. What's interesting is that this so-called live footage focuses on one guy in a black t-shirt with a white ring on it, next to him are three guys, one wearing a bright red baseball cap, the other in a bright white cap and the other in a bright blue cap. The rest of the crowd are not wearing anything on their heads.

    Looking at this so-called live footage I get the impression that it's being set-up in front of our eyes. The reporter laughing said 'thousands on the streets of Damascus' but it looks more like about 50 people!

    Now they are showing a gun battle with the same people supposedly being shot at and firing back their machine guns at the army! All looks very orchetrated for Al Jazeera to stream it live!!

    Isn't this what a Psy-Op is!!

    Also, they were discussing the bombing, one minute it's a suicide bomber, then its not, it's a 'planted bomb' as their correspondent stated 'a device went off!'

    They are also reporting that Israel says Syrian troops are moving from the Golan to Damascus to protect the city!

    Apparently there is going to be a security meeting in Qatar tomorrow to discuss Syria LMAO!

    1. Yes, same old story - I see also the MI6 infiltrated Guardian is putting up an "unverifiable" (ie. psy-op) video showing, well nothing really. for their gullible, brainwashed readership.


    Bulgaria? Burgas?

    Israel recently "assisted" in the arrest of alleged hezbollah operatives in Cyprus. Also Hez just blew up an Israeli spy ring (IS bombed the devices)...

    Air raids coming to Southern Lev as the Army chief just warned a few weekls ago war a matter of when not if. 3...2...1...

    Israel just deployed Iron Dome to the Egypt last week


    From Jul-6

    On the occasion marking the sixth anniversary of the July war between Israel and Hezbollah, Israeli newspaper Ynet wrote on Thursday that Israeli Defense Forces officials painted a bleak picture of a future conflict between Israel and Lebanon, saying that it will probably entail a massive response by the IDF, including the deployment of ground forces.

    Ynet said that IDF officials expressed grave concern over the future of the relative calm noted on the Lebanese border.

    “Between the Islamist dawn in Egypt, the bloody uprising in Syria and the overall instability in the Middle East, the situation in Lebanon is seen as fairly stable; but IDF officials warned Thursday that as Hezbollah’s grip on the country grows, looks may be deceiving.” The paper wrote

    “The next war will be different. We’ll have to attack with more force, more violently, to halt any assault of the home front as quickly as possible.” The people quoted one IDF official as saying

    Commenting on the Goldstone Report, penned following the 2006 war, the officer was quoted as saying “the damage caused to Lebanon by such a conflict with Israel will make Goldstone pale in comparison – because Hezbollah has chosen to make the most cynical use of civilian population centers.”

    One senior officer was quoted as saying Israel will not be the first to fire .
    “Generally, our policy is not to be the ones to fire first, but once we are fired upon we will react with full force,” adding : “We will shoot to kill.”

    Burgas also noteworthy for the recently canceled pipleine Burgas–Alexandroupoli pipeline which plugged Russia into greece.

    The pipeline aimed at connecting the Bulgarian Black Sea port of Burgas with the northern Aegean port town Alexandroupoli, intended to transport Russian oil from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea bypassing the traffic-clogged Bosphorus Straits.

    The decision is in line with the Bulgarian centre-right government’s stance since 2009 when it put on review major Russian-led energy projects and said it would abandon them if they did not match the national interest.

    Last week Bulgaria gave the South Stream gas pipeline the status of a national project and declared it an object of national importance, providing opportunities for the speedy construction of the project. The pipeline is intended to carry up to 63bcm a year of Russian gas across the Black Sea to Bulgaria and then to central and southern Europe.

    The pipeline deal was signed on 15 March 2007 after the project had been touted by successive governments for 14 years. The New Democracy government of Kostas Karamanlis claimed the victory, asserting that the pipeline puts Greece on the energy map.

    Yet the deal also placed Greece in the middle of fiercely competing Russian and American energy interests.

    1. Next, US Deploys drones in Bulgaria

      Just as Bulgaria pulls out of the pipeline linking Russia and greece

      After Bulgaria replaced by Turkey for Radar

      And this morning a nazi war crimes suspect arrested in Hungary...

      Finally Lebanon and Israel maritime border still in dispute with the UN ejecting the Israeli "borders".

      "Israel to ramp up naval presence from today to protect fields
      Israel is planning to dramatically increase its military presence in the eastern Mediterranean in a bid to maximize control over disputed offshore gas fields.

      With extraction of vast reserves of recently-discovered natural gas due to begin next year, Israeli military officials have been putting together a plan for securing oil rigs in areas which Lebanon claims as its own.

      Although Israel and Cyprus reached an agreement on naval borders in December 2010, Lebanon disputes the deal and rejects Israel's proposed maritime boundary between the two states that Israel submitted to the United Nations in July 2011.

      According to a military map made available to AFP, Israel claims an EEZ that extends 70 nautical miles (129 kilometers) offshore from Rosh HaNikra on the Lebanese border and some 100 nautical miles from Israel's border with Gaza in the south.

      Beirut disputes these claims, saying the proposed boundary infringes on Lebanon's EEZ by at least 360 square kilometers, an area in which many of the most valuable gas fields are located.

      "Our strategy is to use both presence and deterrence on a huge scale," a senior Israeli naval officer said, indicating that Israel plans to use an aggressive approach.

      And yesterday Israel warned o0n the gas fields if Damascus falls...

      Wow what a series of developments sequentially...

    2. as Netanyahu coalition falls apart this am
      Kadima bolts over draft dispute, shattering coalition after only 70 days

    3. So I mentioned this after anonymous first left that great link re Israel deploying in the Sinai.

      Well, of course Egypt and Israel both agreed to demilitarize this area. Well guess what, "In January 2011, during widespread protests by Egyptians against their government, Israel agreed to allow Egypt to move several hundred troops into the Sinai Peninsula for the first time since the peace treaty was signed.[5] With Israel's agreement, Egypt moved two battalions, about 800 soldiers, into the Sharm el-Sheikh area on Sinai's southern tip, far from Israel.[5]" [sorry for citing to Wiki--it's a very bad habit and I'm just lazy right now]

      So once again the propaganda reverses the aggressor and victim . . . it's Egypt we have to watch out for. And I have no doubt the troops being "allowed" by Israel into the Sinai was done precisely so Israel can deploy there now.

  7. Anonymous et al
    check out the latest
    It's long and kind of depressing...and sad