Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Manaf Tlass for President?

It's just one little article-Syrian defector nominated for president

Credible? Not credible?

Representatives of the Syrian opposition on Monday put forward Brigadier General Manaf Tlass, who defected earlier this month, to succeed President Bashar al-Assad. 

At a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, the opposition continued to insist that al-Assad must step down before a political dialogue can take place, according to the news agency

Definitely interesting.


  1. Is the man even alive? Being tortured?

    It doesn't seem credible he wouldn't show his face. Even if he went AWOL you would think he would at least show people he was alive or something.

  2. Reality, Manufactured Reality or Fiction, finally Fact.

    The difficulty is telling which is which. Anon is now very suspect after Bill Noxid's Piece link here


    Penny, you have probably already read this but just in case its an interesting read pointing out a few oddities in timelines etc.

    I'm wondering how much Manufactured Reality we are getting about Syria via the west media, probably most if it.
    as you say ,,, Just a Thought.


  3. Jelena Sobonina, Chief of Asia and Mideast at the Russian Institute of Strategic Study conducted an interview with one of the [Syrian opposition in Moscow]delegation's members, Michel Kilo who said that defected Brigadier General Manaf Tlas is an acceptable figure for the transitional period in Syria....He's, now, out of power somewhere- he's actually, a friend of mine- but I think this man is suitable for the coming phase.
    http://angryarab.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/every-defector-is-reformist.html Angry Arab blog, July 9.

    1. Just like his amigo Josh Landis, Angry Arab is on fire with the "exclusive" information abut Syria:

      "EXCLUSIVE: Mossad operation in Damascus
      I can exclusively reveal the following story. A group of three Hizbullah military cadres went to Damascus recently to spend one night in a secret Hizbullah safe house to board a plane the next day to Tehran. While Hizbullah members have been banned for over a year from traveling to or through Syria, some members who wish to travel to Iran prefer flights from Damascus airport because Lebanese airport has become "infiltrated" and flights go through Dubai (House of Nahyan thus allows the Mossad a free hand to "screen" passengers passing through--Dubai now houses the largest CIA and Mossad stations in the entire region). All three members who traveled secretly were killed in a Mossad-style operation on the eve of their flight from Damascus. No announcements were made, and villages hosted their funerals but they were said to have perished in car accidents. "

      So Josh Landis is getting communiques from Manaf Tlass and Angry Arab is getting secret Israeli assassination information.

      Interesting . . . as they say. These three amigos, Landis, Angry Arab, and Juan Cole have been blogging about Syria like their lives (or livelihoods) depended on it. I don't buy their cover stories at all--even though I was duped by two of the three amigos for a while (and I would probably have been duped by Landis had I known about him earlier).

    2. Great observations, Walter. You are definitely someone who is thinking with all cylinders (to mix metaphors!), and I can't tell you how encouraging that is to me. There aren't that many of us anymore, yet there are actually several right here on this one blog - how cool is that??

      "So Josh Landis is getting communiques from Manaf Tlass and Angry Arab is getting secret Israeli assassination information."

      Exactly right, sir, and LMAO on top of that!!

      I won't say ALWAYS, but let's just say 99% of the time when people (especially in the "alternative media/truth movement") claim to have super-secret squirrel intel coming from the Mossad or some high ranking Syrian general or whatever - do I really have to say it??? Ok, I will then...it is 100% BS!!!

      The extremely rare times that info would ever come from those kinds of sources is so rare that it is not even worth discussing. And I have found, as a general rule, that anytime you wonder about these so-called "truth seekers", just look for yourself and see if they have a "DONATE" button on their blog or website. Motive explains an awful lot, most times, and $$$ has always been a primary motive throughout history.

      That's usually a pretty big hint of what they are all about, and thus, why they would claim all sorts of far fetched things and super-spooky intelligence sources for their awesome stories - you know, the ones they want you to DONATE, to support their vitally important role in "exposing the evils" of whatever blah blah blah.

      There are exceptions, of course, but not many. :)

    3. Thank LVB and I am also glad to meet you online and see your thoughts on these issues.

      Re the donate button . . . probably a good rule. Also, I think there is a psychological component of making people feel like they are doing something. The whole progressive blogosphere is built around this false call to activism. So I think a lot of these efforts, like Act Blue, or Avaaz, which is more relevant to this discussion because of its role in Syria, are simply meant to sucker liberals rather than suck up money from them (although that's a nice fringe benefit). People like feeling like they are part of something and "doing something" and giving money or writing a letter is a good way to trick them into thinking they are helping when they aren't. Plus, what's the old test when someone tried to give away a piece of old furniture or something and had no luck but when they asked a small price they had lots of offers?

      Actually, the profit and psychological motives work really well together. I'm sure the perps love how clever their system is. Like with 9/11, I suspect the perps are also making money off their crimes by running some charities (this is another area where let's roll forums were good because they uncovered some incriminating information in this regard).

    4. Walter,

      You are so right about how the psychological motives are used hand in hand with the greed motivation. It is a perfect (and evil) synergy that somehow makes people feel better inside (falsely, of course) - that they are a part of something, and that "they care" so much, in terms of giving $$$ - which is really just a pretense for covering up the fact that they really don't care enough to actually get involved or do something in a significant way - like perhaps making a serious effort to be more educated and informed, independently of the mass media being the key.

      The same is true with many (and I would actually say MOST) charities, sadly. I think back to the early days of HIV/AIDS "awareness" and how all the pathetic liberals just had to wear their little ribbons to show their support and how much they "cared". And of course, the real motivation was just to put on a big SHOW that they cared - not because they actually did care, but because that's what they wanted others to think, to elevate their own opinions of themselves, for the most part. For all is vanity...

      Being a more conservative/libertarian, personally, I often find it rather nauseating that the majority of "liberal thinkers" are not really thinkers at all - they are simply parroting and mimicking the party line and thus catering to their own need for comfort and strength in numbers - while they empower the beast (Empire) with their laziness.

      Most of them couldn't care less and wouldn't lift a finger to do anything real to help people in Darfur, Tibet or whatever the "cause du jour" may be, as told to them by the Hollyweird and mass media elitists. But they are very quick to make sure they point out how much they "know" and care about X tragedy or human rights crisis...in all the places that they've never even heard of or given a moment's thought to prior to Richard Gere or some other idiot celebrity telling them they should care about it.

      And, yes, absolutely the "perps" as you guys call them here are laughing all the way to the bank. Not only can we indoctrinate and manipulate these fools into blindly accepting our social engineering agendas, but we can get rich off their stupidity and intellectual laziness in the process!!!

      Those who don't actually care or have any desire or will to educate themselves in a serious way get to feel special and better about themselves - and the globalist ruling elite criminals get their pseudo-socialist/global tyranny hybrid ideas spread far and wide by the willing and useful idiots. What a deal - everybody wins!!

      Well, except for those of us who still care about national sovereignty, individual liberties and limiting ALL govt powers as much as possible - especially those with supranational globalist desires and intentions, that are moving rapidly toward imposing their lofty, selfish goals of a one world govt and financial system upon us, whether we like it or not.

      But, of course, it is really the best thing for all of us, we're just far too stupid to realize it. ;)

  4. You mean Manaf Tlass for Patsy!

    On 14 June, The Monthly Argument presented a debate on Syria at Melbourne University Graduate House. Two members of Australians for Syria spoke. Deakin University academic, Sally Totman was booked to speak but pulled out at the last minute, so Susan Dirgham was asked to take her place.

  5. Russia sends Turkey a message:
    'A century ago the Ottomans understood not to press the Russians in close encounters; the Turks are slow learners. After several recent episodes in which the Turkish armed forces have attempted to interfere with Russian vessels delivering cargo to Syria, the Russians have now delivered the message that Turkish cargoes headed for Russia may be stopped altogether.
    Six days later, on June 28, the Russian government's food safety and quarantine service Rosselkhoznadzor (RSN) issued an announcement disclosing that it had detected 33 cases of infestation in Turkish exports to Russia of fruits and vegetables. The detection had reportedly taken place over the previous six months, possibly longer. The pests were identified in the official announcement as "the American white moth and the western (California) flower thrip"
    HM Turkish food infested with...wait for it...american bugs! subtle!

  6. again can;t make this up...
    U.S. officials know the details about a Turkish jet downed by Syria last month but have no intention of informing the press about them, according to U.S. Foreign Affairs officials.

    "Those in the American government who need to know [details] know them," the prominent official told daily Hürriyet during an interview. "But we will make no statements about the topics in question."

    Declining to explain why a Pentagon official leaked rumors to the Washington Post claiming that the jet was over Syrian waters when it was shot down, the unnamed official said the details mattered very little to the American government.

    "Whether the jet was shot over Syrian territory or over international waters, or what it was shot with, what difference does it make? What matters to us is that it was downed,” the official said.

    "Turkey thought the louder its statements were, the more believable they would be," the official said. "I guess that was why the prime minister made those statements. It's like an American shouting to someone who doesn't speak English. We, however, will not say anything on the matter."

    Turkey and U.S. are "90 percent" on the same page on the crisis in Syria, the official said, citing Turkey's "more interventionist" attitude as a possible difference between the countries' views.

    Several other NATO countries also have reservations about intervening, the official said without naming any specific members.

    While Arafat's wife fiels a case
    Arafat's widow to file charges in France over Palestinian leader's unexplained death

    And Russia warns with anti sub destroyer
    Russia dispatched a destroyer-class anti-submarine warship to Syria on Tuesday, a source in the Russian Navy told Reuters, and another military source was quoted as saying four more Russian ships were en route to the violence-torn country. Interfax quoted the military source as saying the ships were carrying marines on a training mission as well as food, water and fuel for Russia’s naval maintenance and repair base in Syria’s Mediterranean port of Tartus.
    Russian Navy warships will be sent to defend Russian merchant shipping in the event of a blockade due to the situation in Syria, the deputy head of Russia's military technical cooperation agency said at the Farnborough air show in Britain on Wednesday. "The fleet will be sent on task to guarantee the safety of our ships, to prevent anyone interfering with them in the event of a blockade. I remind you, there are no limits," Vyacheslav Dzirkaln said, when asked about the navy's actions in the event of a blockade.

    1. Here's my guess at why they leaked these details (and good catch btw anon):

      The government was looking foolish clinging to an obviously false story so it was better to leak these details and throw Turkey under the bus. They leaked this to FA because relatively few people will actually see the correction, and they might as well do it in an important establishment source to make the people reading it feel special.

      I'm trying not to let this go to my head too much but let's not forget that many of us figured out this story on our own despite the lies. This emboldens me into feeling even more confident in some of my other predictions/observations/suspicions.

      Like with Manaf Tlass. My spidey senses are telling me it's a psy op.

  7. anon, great comment.

    "Those in the American government who need to know [details] know them," the prominent official told daily Hürriyet during an interview. "But we will make no statements about the topics in question."

    Yes, I would say they definitely KNOW and that is precisely WHY they will not make any statements about it. I find that if you really listen to what these criminals say, they DO actually tell you a lot of truth - both in what they say and what they do not say.

    It really couldn't be any more obvious that this incident with the Turkish F-4 was by design, and that is why he says they (US, NATO, the Empire) really don't care how or why it was shot down, only that it was - because THAT is what they wanted to happen, and what they will be using as a pretext to attack Syria. Watch carefully for their next "galvanizing incidents", following the same pattern they used in Yugoslavia - one staged event after another, until they think they have "world opinion" on their side and then the bombs start falling over Damascus.

    I personally still do believe (for good reasons) that the Turkish F-4 was an unmanned QF-4 target drone - and the rest of that entire story in the mass media, including the "dead pilots" and that whole narrative, is completely fabricated.

    They (Turkey, NATO, US officials) are all behaving so strangely about this whole situation, and that makes it very clear to me that we are not being told or shown the truth. If things are as they claim, they would all be out front trumpeting all of these heartbreaking details in the mass media every single day - like they do with any situation that they want attention focused on. Do you know what I mean?

    But, oddly enough, they DO NOT want any attention focused on things like the real details of that aircraft being shot down - or exactly who these "rebels" are in Syria - and anyone with any sense already knows that, including them.

    As usual, they're just hoping most of us won't notice that part, or care. This is why it's critical for us to always keep thinking about and looking for what they are NOT saying. That is what always tells the real story.

    The Russian Navy presence there certainly throws a wrench into this for NATO, too - or at least it is designed to APPEAR that way. I'm not really sure which yet, but we shall see. I do know that the Russian military is not something you'd want to screw around with - like a mine or missile "accidentally" hitting a Russian ship.

    Maybe that's how they're planning to get their "Tonkin Gulf" false flag incident happening over there. Scary, but possible.

    Food for thought.

  8. And I would also like to personally attack you, Penny, for telling me "NO PERSONAL ATTACKS".

    HOW DARE YOU!!! :)

  9. Interesting . . . as they say. These three amigos, Landis, Angry Arab, and Juan Cole have been blogging about Syria like their lives (or livelihoods) depended on it.

    For me he was always a suspect, I always refer him as the American Couch Revolutionary who ear is on his backside not on the ground as he claims!

  10. Oh lookee, another alleged "defection": the Syrian Ambassador to Iraq Nawaf al-Fares must be true - its on YouTube ;+) Fares was in 2005 the governor of Quneitra on the Syrian Golan accoring to Debka and in line for the Interior ministry at that time. Guardian (pauses to vomit) article here