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Syria: Machinations, Assassinations & the messy canvas that benefits Israel

Were going to peruse a gamut of topics- So were going long, but, there is much worth reading.
Of course, primary is Syria. And, everything that surrounds that situation!
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The reported death of Bandar Bin Sultan better known as Bandar Bush.
Thanks Gallier and Egoigwe , news originated with Voltaire Network

Refresh yourself here

Bandar had just been appointed head of Saudi Intelligence and then he is reported to have been killed.
The timing of this all seems odd. So, is he dead? He could be. What also seems possible? In order to do his dirty work and bring Syria to ruin, Prince Bandar Bush may have had to go very very covert? And, what better way to do this then to die.

One thought that did cross my mind regarding the news of the Prince's death.
How connected is the death of the Prince to the death of Omar Suleiman?

Powerful Egypt Spy Chief, Dies. On  July 19/2012. Then just 7 days later  on July 26/12 Prince Bandar is dead?
"There had been no public reports that Mr. Suleiman was ailing or that he had gone to the United States for medical care, so the news of his death came as a surprise." Yes, it did.

Suleiman and his ties to the CIA, like Prince Bandar, are simply legendary.

Suleiman: “That he died in the United States was, to his Egyptian critics, emblematic of his close ties with the C.I.A.”
Bandar: “The CIA's man in Riyadh”

On to Iran.

Anonymous left this " Irans Revolutionary Guard behind embassy attack in India 
and queried-" Timing?"
Thanks Anonymous, whoever you are! As for the timing?  All the better to scapegoat Iran.

Flashback Alert!

 Feb 13/12 Israeli envoy "targeted" in India and Georgia. UPDATED 

Feb 14/12- Who benefits from the alleged bomb attack in India?

Stating the obvious- Turkey’s Parliament Member: Hatay Province is a hub for Mossad

 A member of Turkey’s parliament says the country’s Hatay Province on the border with Syria has become a hub for CIA and Mossad spies moving into Syria.
The legislator of the Republican People’s Party, Refik Er-Yilmaz, said that thousands of CIA and Mossad agents are currently in the province and are moving freely in the area, Turkish media reported.

Turkish police remain mute spectators as the spies carry various types of identification, Er-Yimaz said.

He also accused the authorities of allowing American and Israeli troopers on Turkish soil without any approval from the parliament.

Er-Yilmaz’s comments came after the deputy of the Republican People’s Party, Osman Faruk Logoglu, on Monday blamed Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party for fomenting the unrest in Syria.

Logoglu criticized the Turkish government for aggravating the situation by sending military forces and vehicles towards the Syrian border.

Two Italian Technicians held in Syria - released!
Good news for their families. Curious?

“It is not yet clear who kidnapped Cantari, 64, and Tedeschi, 36. A group of relatives including Cantari's wife and son were at the airport to welcome them.”

What is clear is that it was not the Syrian Army or anyone affiliated with the Syrian government, or the media would have been sure to “report” that.
The SANA news agency in Syria reported Friday that the men were seized by an armed terrorist group and freed by Syrian troops in the province of Damascus.
That makes sense.

Aleppo’s Christians arm against Islamists- sigh...

Let us hope that Syrians who have been neighbours for years do not turn one against the other. If this happens then the corrupting NATO powers win.  I shudder at the thought.

NATO's terrorists and mercenaries from above article

“As evidence mounts that foreign Islamists (TERRORISTS) are fighting alongside Syria’s increasingly radicalized rebels,(allegedly)  Christians in Aleppo and elsewhere are taking up arms, often supplied by the regime.(Often supplied by the regime?)

I don't know if that is accurate or supposition to create the perception of sectarian conflict being created by Assad.

The headline of this article is as follows: Syria's Muslim Brotherhood waiting in the wings
Not being one to skim headlines.. I quickly notice the contents contradict the attention grabbing headline

Though the Muslim Brotherhood has reemerged as a major political force since the turmoil in Syria began in March 2011, no one can say for certain just how popular it is within the country, said Syria expert Thomas Pierret.

"You can't reconstruct a popular base within a year's time - from abroad," said Pierret, a lecturer in contemporary Islam at the University of Edinburgh and author of the upcoming book "Religion and State in Syria."

"This is a movement in exile that has not had any activity within Syria for over 30 years," Pierret told DW "It is difficult to prove how powerful they are since they have been operating underground.
Therefore, it is NATO's "muslim brotherhood" waiting in the wings.

Last but not least, certainly not least, a gem just waiting to shine! Don't miss this or you will regret it!!! Syria’s messy canvas
It’s written by Eric Margolis.  Far better then usual and that’s why it getting posted. Guaranteed this opinion would never be published in the western main stream media. (Correct me If wrong!) He makes absolutely clear Israel is the biggest beneficiary of the ruin of Syria. Something we all knew or should know!

He starts out by clarifying all the noise about chemical weapons..

In the kind of urban warfare now going on in Syria, chemical weapons would have little use. Far more effective and deadly would be the thermobaric fuel air explosives employed by Russia, US, and Israel that rip apart the lungs of soldiers fighting from cover in ruined buildings or bunkers. Israel has the Mideast’s largest arsenal of chemical and biological weapons.

Israel’s military establishment and rightwing parties have made no secret of their yearning for revenge against Hezbollah, which inflicted a sharp defeat on Israel’s army in southern Lebanon in 2006. Nor have Israel’s expansionist rightists given up the ambition of former leader Ariel Sharon (who remains alive but in deep coma) of turning Lebanon into an Israeli protectorate ruled by Maronite Christian rightists.

Israeli officials also threatened to occupy what’s left of Syria’s Golan Heights to supposedly prevent them from turning into a “terrorist haven.”  Today, Israeli heavy artillery on Golan is only 30 km from Damascus.

Is Washington giving Israel a green light to attack Syria as a consolation prize for delaying an attack against Iran? Certainly, overthrowing the Assad government has become an obsession in Washington. The road to Teheran runs through Damascus, chant US neo-conservatives and many bellicose Republicans.

Further raising the temperature, Turkey is threatening to occupy a heavily Kurdish chunk of northern Syria which it claims is being used to launch attacks into Turkey. Why Turkey is thinking about acquiring more rebellious Kurds when it can’t handle its own remains unclear. But formerly neutral Turkey is getting more deeply involved each day in Syria.  Ankara’s machinations in Syria threaten to undo the success of its previous “no problems” policy with its neighbours.

The US, France, Turkey and Israel have all finalised plans for attacking Syria.  The biggest winner in such a scenario would be Israel, as it was in the US war against Iraq.  Sending Syria into turmoil would eliminate the most important supporter of the Palestinians resistance, cut off Hezbollah, leave it vulnerable to a final assault, isolate Iran, and cement Israel’s annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights

Thank You . Thank You. 
Via the western msm we are always informed that we should believe Israel prefers stability.
Bullbiscuits!! Horsefeathers!!
It has been said here, on multiple occasions, Israel is the biggest beneficiary of all the destabilization in the Middle East. Clearly!!


  1. It's a big one. Generally shorter is better, but, there was so much stuff to post
    so many news stories bookmarked. I didn't even get to them all

    Thanks to everyone who leaves links
    I haven't got around to looking at them all, I will, but, rest assured many others are reading them and using them as a resource
    It's all good!

    The story from Turkey came via clothcap, who is linked in the side bar under Clothcaps place

    I will be back... cue evil laugh ;)

    1. The correlation between the reported Egypt Suleiman and Bandar is perhaps not as interesting as that of Nayef and Suleiman who were reportedly close and in agreement on the threat the "brotherhood" posed. To reiterate the reports of Nayef death had him dying in the US (Wapo) and in Geneva (BBC)? Why the discrepancy?

      There seems to be a lot more to the Bandar story as far as internal Shiite uprising in KSA. Remember back when Saudi reprimanded the US for disposing of Mubarak so readily? That is when they stepped in and promised to fill any foreign aid gap caused by US withholding funding.


      Then there was this editorial in the Wapo saying it was time to go 'around" the US as far as Israel/Gaza/West Bank are concerned.


      Then the Chinese premiere made a very well publicized visit.


      And Russia nuclear power deals?

      Curiously the WSJ of all place just ran an article talking about KSA oil production capacity being in the 12.2M BPD range which is significantly above there <10M run rate which may or may not reflect reality.


      KSA has been building in the ground inventory allegedly in prep for any occurrence which is why the much touted launch of those pipelines around the straits was so widely touted in the major outlets.


      The entire world $USD architecture is petrodollar centric at a time when the current account surplus countries are moving to balanced/deficit (asia tigers) and US deficits are rising as the dollar cracks – remember oil is nearly triple the price it was just a few years ago and we have deflation. KSA anchors the US system.

      Seems to me if you have the "ability" to produce 12M you don't need to remind the market via editorial after editorial month in and out now do you? Just saying it fels like tired rhetorical tactic than anything. Instead you just pump the oil and case closed. Jawboning bespeaks "twilight in the desert" aka the recently deceased Simmons

      Speculating here? What if the some DARPA esqu ground penetrating radar or similar side scan technology knows the fields are depleting? It would certainly explain some of the aggressive AFRICOM posture in Uganda, Nigeria and East Africa, no? It also makes watching the Venezuela coming elections very interesting, especially after the MX election alleged fraud and the events in Paraguay.


      On again off again Debka was reporting a week or so back that the Saudis were talking to the Chinese about missile technology in a "done deal" Big ? for source but it fits “a” multidirectional narrative


      Now despite the KSA and Russia sparing over Syria, there has been an equal amount of rapprochement. Why if you are KSA and you are at the very core of the dollar system (see previous comments on earlier thread about the GCC dollar pegs and the GCC currency union) sitting comfortably under the US strategic umbrella do you need ballistic missile tech?

    2. In the context of the Saudi call for a “summit” and the rumors about Qatar, this article reappeared in Saudi press a few days again citing a report from Qatari central bank pushing the GCC currency union without delay.


      Qatar to host Xband radar station “secretly” reported.


      The two countries that pulled out of the union are UAE and Oman. Oman plays host to various US air bases and reportedly houses drone base. UAE is more subtle with close legacy ties with Iran via Dubai as a defacto banking center . UAE also imports Iranian gas form offshore fields. Electricity imports as well?




      But Abu Dhabi is also launching the workaround pipeline to avoid Hormuz. Note the following reference to a link from Iraq to Turkey? Syria role?

      “The Abu Dhabi network will transport crude from Habshan, the collection point for the emirate’s onshore oil fields, across 230 miles of desert and razorback mountains to export terminals on the U.A.E.’s eastern coast, beyond Hormuz, on the Gulf of Oman. The pipeline, together with an existing network in Saudi Arabia and a link from Iraq to Turkey, will be able to transport less than half of the 17 million barrels of crude that the EIA says moves daily through the Strait. In 2003, the six nations comprising the Gulf Cooperation Council — Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman — began weighing a regional plan to build a pipeline from southern Iraq through Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to Oman. The Arab group decided in 2007 not to proceed, Mustafa Alani, an analyst at the Geneva-based Gulf Research Center, said in a February interview.”


      So, has US/Saudi the relationship fractured into the open?

      Quite clearly there is a massive FX war ongoing with the latest glancing blow the agreement between China and Japan to clear directly with each other as opposed to "through the dollar." Take an inventory of the bilateral swap deals China has inked and even stalwart Japan...


      IS the US-GCC Strategic Cooperation Forum about cooperation or forestalling progress on the monetary union? Little of both? Once again this article is curious in that it discussing extending a security umbrella to the GCC? Apparently air bases, centcom, drones, communications and the 5th fleet etc don’t connote an umbrella?

      I would also remind of this article which appeared in all places the Saudi press pre Yemen brokered transfer of power from Saleh. The Saudi / Yemen relationship is complicated but this article essentially indicting the US in the Saleh attack in Al Arabiya simply makes no sense in the context of the joint cooperation? Why print such a thing?


      Way too many loose ends…

    3. Anonymous: thanks for all the links.
      I have spent a bit of time looking into some of the issues you are addressing.

      Might we be looking at a split in Saudi Arabia?

      I have found a video about 30 minutes in length
      Putting it in a new post, would you please share your thoughts on this. Maybe it will provide some background for others such as myself, who are not really well versed on the inner workings of Saudi politics

    4. Perhpas that is the case. Early thread went through abdullah son and nayef son. Both are prominent and control seperate factions of Saudi armed forces. Look at sudari 7 vs. Other. Also abdullah put a council in place in 06 to adjudicate next lineage.

      The china visit to Saudi was quite telling no?

      Speculation all, but accidnts are rare in politics as they say

  2. THE SYRIA CONSPIRACY THE FINAL NAILS IN THE CONSPIRATORS COFFINS http://www.youtube.com/watch?edit=vd&v=3rI9Wvw_7h4

  3. THATS MY NEW VIDEO ABOVE SISTER,ALSO SEE....MUSTS EE..ARE HARUN YAHYA AND ERDOGAN ZIONISTS? http://thenakedfacts.blogspot.com/2012/07/is-yahyaadnan-oktar-secret-zionist.html
    SYRIA WATCH-EXPOSED! WESTERN PRESS CLAIMS OF RUSSIAN TANKS INTO ALLEPO,ARE RUSSIAN TANKS ON THE WAY TO SOUTH ASSETIA!!! http://thenakedfacts.blogspot.com/2012/07/syria-watch-exposed-western-press.html
    MORE WESTERN FAKE PICTURES!!!Amazing what effect Photoshop can have on Events in Syria”: Translation of headline “Assads Tanks roll through the streets to the Mother of all Battles” Does this mean the mainstream media lies to us? (Sarcasm)http://thenakedfacts.blogspot.com/2012/07/permalink-to-lengths-media-will-go-to.html


    1. I will do my darndest NYS!
      "Does this mean the mainstream media lies to us"
      I know your being sarcastic

      But, let me count the ways!!!
      And there are so many..

  4. See Cable leaks @ - http://cryptome.org/

    Israeli Terrorists in the region since...

    well at least since Montefiore...

    http://leaks.hohesc.us/?origin=Embassy Tel Aviv

    see top of Crime Syndicate....City of London...


    T. E Lawrence was disillusioned...and sought anonymity...

  5. The big winner of OIF was Iran, therefore Syria as payback.

    1. Don: can you clarify that?
      I am not sure exactly what you mean by that?
      Thanks in advance :)

  6. As far as India linkage is concerned take a look at the INR chart since Feb of this year. India has flouted US sanctions and walked a non aligned path. The currency is at an all time low and the gov may see early elections with the former finmin now president - friendly to economic "reforms" aka dereg of retail (Walmart controversy) and financial services segment. India also major importer of G O L D

    Correlation doesn't mean causation, but worth a look


    US, China woo India for control over Asia-Pacific

  7. Hey Penny
    don't wanna burst your bubble but reports of Bandar's death are greatly exagerated.
    The Saudi's are the Angry Arab's favourite whipping boys soo he may have more trustworthy info then Voltaire.

    1. A little bit weak his rebuttal, no source, no info, no reasoning, only claims of lying.
      It doesn't mean that Voltairenet's info is not disinfo, only that for the time being it has a much better track record than any western media. I follow Messan since his books on 911 that got him banned from France (the jewish terrorists leagues like the LDJ vowed to kill him if he gets back there).
      As I already said, this doesn't mean that he wasn't fed disinfo on Bandar's case, but it's not Angry Arab's ungrounded claim that is sufficent to counter that.

    2. so Meyssan is banned in france? since he is french this cant be legal...

    3. The LDJ isn't legal either (they are even officially listed as terrorist group in the US and Israel) but are helped by the authorities. An official ban would be indeed illegal. He's in the same boat as several others like Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala, Alain Soral or Robert Faurisson, on which a kosher Fatwa was pronounced.

    4. Hey Peter! Glad to see you still about :)

      Nah, no bubble bursting.

      " Prince Bandar Bush may have had to go very very covert? And, what better way to do this then to die. "

      I am a fence sitter at this time.

      Voltaire has been pretty decent, pretty reliable for sometime now.
      I checked the Angry Arab link, a place that I am not familiar with.

      NO offence intended, just a time factor.

      AA is pretty much saying, he isn't dead because I say he isn't.
      Which isn't any better or worse then Voltaire's claim of reliable sources.

      So, I will sit on my fence

      "I'm just sittin' on a fence You can say I got no sense Trying to make up my mind Really is too horrifying So I'm sittin on a fence"


    5. Gallier:

      We will found out sooner or later, I suppose.
      It's an interesting thought, though
      Is it fighting between the Royals?
      Brutal, ruthless double crossing family feuding?

      I don't know. Seems possible.

    6. loool
      old Rolling Stones song sure dates you Penny.
      Angry Arab's scholarly analysis of Saudi Arabia has few equals. If Bandar was assassinated he would know.
      Abukahlil(AA) was in Lebanon as a civilian when Gilad Atzmon was invading Lebanon serving with the Israeli military as a soldier.
      Paraphrasing Betty Davis, "the ride is getting bumpy".
      Anything is posible sooo we wait.

    7. ;)

      I think that particular song is before my time, but....
      it is catchy.

      Those boys were being bad when I was in diapers.

    8. Hey Penny, just wanted to drop a link to a recent Webster Tarpley interview
      don't be afaid, it's in english. He has more or less the same view on the Syria thing as we have here.

    9. Angry Arab may indeed have the correct information on this.

      But this is probably because he's connected and if Bandar's reported death is disinformation then it doesn't surprise me that AA gets to release the correct info.

      They need to establish AA as a source for facts in Syria. I don't trust him at all. H

    10. Peter,

      As a fan of Angry Arab's "scholarship" can you point me to it? Are you referring to his blog?

      Specifically, I've heard he claims to be an anarchist or socialist or a Leftist of some sort. But it's hard for me to detect this in his writing. For instance, his hatred of the Baath party. Does he hate the Baath party because he thinks they were controlled by the U.S. and others and interfered with the true leftists, the trade unionists and communists?

      I would be interested in seeing AA's scholarship on the Arab world's economic history.

      As is now, AA seems to be a conduit to pass through unverified facts. Much like Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is used. These people are supposedly getting phone calls and emails telling them the 'truth.' Bullshit.

    11. @ Walter Wit
      I have followed AA for many many years now. His English is less then perfect and communication in English is a challenge. He gets better every year. This lack of fluency is a negative and hinders his acceptance by outsders who, I guess, are impatient.
      I assure you, his grasp of the Arab world is far superior to any westerner because his Arabic is his primary language and with that, the Arab world with it's rich accumulation of history , news, and culture is at his finger tips where as we westerners fall woefully short of comprehending these varied and complex phenomena.
      I mean i am really getting a vicious vibe from some of his detractors here. my guess is a professional jealousy. I can see a sincere skepticism of him but the rank hostility is very strange and suspicious. Lighten up dudes.
      I pity anyone getting into a professional arguement with him vis a vis facts and details, he'd eat them up. I've seeen his do this many years ago when his blog allowed comments. Again, the hostility then was palpable. The truth disturbs liars.

    12. @Peter,

      It's Angry Arab's facts and details I'm concerned with. I'm looking for his scholarship to judge for myself.

      His most cited work is from the 90s and deals gender and gay right issues, Islamic fundamentalism, and 'democratization' and an analysis of political parties.

      I can't seem to access many of the articles though.

      What I've seen him write on his blog makes me hostile because he's fomenting war against Syria. I suspect he is a subtle propagandist who can be very dangerous. I was originally tricked by him and took his word for some events and now I'm wondering why I was so foolish.

    13. I cannot speak for AA. I honestly cannot believe he is fomenting war against Syria. He is critical towards the Assad regime and sympathizes with many who opose the dictatorial aspects of the Assad regime. One must realize these opositional elements are not monolithic, some are actually extremely legitimate while others are tools of the west.It is not a simple black and while good vs. evil conflict.
      the subtleties lie in the knowlede of the various players. AA , as an Arab, grasps these subtleties far better them most western Arab scholars especially the Zionists with the obvious ax to grind and agendas.
      My feeling is he is exasparated with the so-called western expertise of the so-call Orietalists which he finds utterly devoid of substance.
      He has been at this for along time and the seeeming futility has made him somewhat sarcastic. But who can blame him to paraphrase George Carlin, the game is rigged , the table is tilted . He knows this all too well.

    14. AA is introduced in the 1987 'JSTOR: Middle East Journal' like this: "As'ad AbuKahill, a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Government at Georgetown University, is a Washington-based Middle East consultant."

      So he was "consulting" back in 1987 about the Middle East? And he seems to have remained mostly in the U.S. since the 80s, right? And taught at American universities. His unique Arab perspective has to have been dulled over the years, if he ever had a unique perspective.

    15. AA levels a blistering criticism to all. No one is safe from his hyper critical eye.
      In a Middle East that has become hyper sectarian through external meddling, AA maintains an objective neutrality that is almost clinicaly sterile( although his critique of western meddling is also extremely accurate).
      His withering criticism goes equally to the Saudi's AND to Nejad, no one is exempt.
      THAT is quite unique.
      he isolates friend s as well as foes with this neutral objectivism.
      Sadly, the bad guys use AA to criticise the opposition who are in all likelihood the lesser of two evils.

    16. Peter,

      You wrote that few can stand toe to toe with AA on his facts and details and I'm simply trying to dig in and question that statement. Can you show me how he has a "hyper critical eye" rather than simply stating this?

      Because when I dig deeper I don't see anything all that impressive.

      Here's the first of two reviews of his 1998 dictionary on Lebanon (the other review is a sympathy review specifically left to counteract the one star rating):

      As Hilal Khashan, of the American University of Beirut said: AbuKhalil explains his goal: to "provide essential information in order to grasp the realities of an exceedingly complex country and, in passing, to dispel some myths and illusions." Sounds like he will provide (p. ix).authoritative and even-handed definitions and avoid the divisions that continue to mar Lebanese life. Were it only so! Instead, his dictionary is riddled with assertions and accusations that insult the reader and Lebanon alike.

      AbuKhalil freely derogates those whom he dislikes [the same pugnacious style we see today]. Kamil al-As'ad, the most powerful southern Lebanese leader of the 1960s and 1970s, comes off as a politician "known for his indulgence in earthly pleasures and for his contempt of the very Shi'ite peasants he ostensibly represented." Sulayman Franjiyyah, president of Lebanon during 1970-76, is an "uneducated Maronite." AbuKhalil's entry on the Beirut Arab University announces that its "quality of teaching is considered low, and its graduates are not favored in employment."

      Many entries do not even minimally contribute to the understanding of "an exceedingly complex country" but deal with such subjects as agriculture, Beirut International Airport, and a mental asylum. Amusing entries abound on such Lebanese dishes as kibbi, qawarma, and tabbulah. But then, why did he leave out shawarma, humus tahini, and baklava?

      AbuKhalil displays negligence; the entry on Tawfiq Yusuf `Awwad (1911-?), a literary figure killed by a Syrian shell in 1989, finds a question mark by the writer's year of death. Shouldn't a dictionary writer look up something so elementary? Ilyas Sarkis, Lebanese president during the 1976-82 period, died vaguely in the "1980s," not in 1985. Errors of fact abound: the Muslim conquest of Lebanon in the seventh century, he rewrites as "Arab." He miss-labels the moderate, Association of Islamic Charitable Projects as "fundamentalist." He provides a population figure for Beirut in 1996 (the 407,403) that is mysteriously lower than the 1975 figure (475,000). He asserts that Ely Salem, a politician and academician, completed his graduate work at the University of Cincinnati, whereas it really was at the University of Indiana.

      Abu Khalil's work does not dispel "myths and illusions" but, to the contrary, it represents a setback for scholarship. The last thing this country tormented by political divisions needs is a subjective and pugnacious reference work. But that's what it got.

    17. http://www.amazon.com/Historical-Dictionary-Lebanon-Asad-AbuKhalil/product-reviews/0810833956/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

    18. one rates his work 1 star the other rates his work 5 stars hmmmmm
      sounds kinda sectarian
      Listen, I am not an academic, i am just a simple peasant trying to understand contemporary events. AA has given me a great deal to ponder on and I am sincerely grateful to him for his freee info( I believe I have learned alot from him). If you think him a light weight or devious (because this is what i get the impression of from your comments) then far be it for me to try to change your mind (even though I guess I have tried). i think AA is sincere. I guess we will just have to agree to dis agree

  8. meet a real dictator:
    Erdogan Makes War on the Turkish Media
    People travel over the Bosphorus in a passenger-vehicle ferry in Istanbul 12 July 2012. (Photo: Reuters - Murad Sezer)
    By: Hüsnü Mahalli
    Published Thursday, July 19, 2012
    The Turkish Prime Minister has never tolerated criticism in the media and now constitutional amendments are being prepared to further curtail the freedom of the press.
    Istanbul - Throughout his political career, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has all too frequently been stung by the media. The same applied to his spiritual and political mentor, the late leader of the Felicity Party Necmettin Erbakan – and indeed all Islamists.
    But the current prime minister, ever since the era when he was responsible for the activities of the National Salvation Party in Istanbul – he would go on to become the city’s mayor in 1994 – has been the particular subject of media campaigns, targeting him personally as well as his party....

    1. Erdogan is just controlled by his NATO army, that's all
      Like Mubarek was
      Like Morsi will be
      Erdogan has to walk the line or he will end up dead
      That's how I see it

  9. Israel’s Plan for Syria
    "==Netanyahu asked Putin to facilitate Bashar Assad’s departure. You can appoint his successor, and we shall not object , said the Israeli Prime Minister. There is one condition – the successor must break with Iran.
    Putin responded: we have no candidate for Bashar’s successor. Do you?
    No, we don’t, replied Netanyahu, but we shall tell you our preference soon.==

    Apparently, Israel can influence the rebels, inasmuch as it can bear on them to accept a successor acceptable to Tel Aviv"

    Tel-Aviv? Romney says Jerusalem is Israel's capital amongst other arse-licking things. Romney reminds me of Reagan, and that's not a compliment.

    1. First article very interesting

      Re:"Apparently, Israel can influence the rebels, inasmuch as it can bear on them to accept a successor acceptable to Tel Aviv. This means that the rebels’ chain of command goes beyond unruly field commanders, beyond Qatar and Saudi Arabia, beyond Paris and Washington, all the way to Israel."

      That doesn't surprise me. Recall very early in the destabilization, the so called protestors were asking for Israel to come and run Syria

      I believe the fake rebel Danny, did the same thing?
      Israel has been up to it big time in Syria, from the beginning

      “Israel’s goal is the Somalisation of Syria, following the Somalisation of Iraq,” said Putin, and Netanyahu did not deny his interpretation."

      Israeli leaders still follow their high-risk short-term strategy of unleashing civil war in Syria, removing Assad and turning Syria into a mess of armed groups that would not interfere with Israeli jets reaching Iran.

      This is interesting also

      Putin promised to break their contract about supply of S-300 anti-aircraft missile complexes to Damascus (and so he did)

      He did, but then... I have had this one bookmarked for use at some point in time

      good thing


      Russia May Sell S-300s to Iran If Syrian Government Falls

      "“The fall of the Syrian government would significantly increase the chances of a strike on Iran,” said Pukhov, who also sits on a Defense Ministry advisory board. “Resuming S-300 shipments to Iran may be a very timely decision.”

      BTW Freethinker, glad to see you back

    2. Israel wants to discuss picking over the Syrian carcass with Russia. This is how Russia could have responded to this proposal: "who are you, Israel, to pick who the leaders of Syria? Syria has a legitimate government and we refuse to discuss these matters with you. The mere fact you want to discuss this shows your hostile intent. It is illegal to attack Syria."

      Instead, Russia responds with . . . . mumbling.

      And re the shipment of arms after Syria falls. That's too little too late. Iran has a mutual defense treaty with Syria. Iran agreed to pay for the latest fighter jets to Syria but Russia refused after Israel objected. Nah, seems like Russia is allied with Israel and not Syria.

    3. Here's an interesting discussion about whether countries can trust the Russian MIC:

      Originally Posted by spikehades
      With the cancellation of the S-300contract to Iran, the recent announcement of delaying indefinitely weapons shipments to Syria and the refusal to sell jet engines and other weapons to china, added to the growth of alternative good value alternative weapons suppliers does this mean the end of the Russian arms industry?
      Many Russian projects cannot be completed without outside financial assistance (PAK-FA) and others cannot be implemented without guaranteed export customers. Can the Russians afford to damage their MIC in return for short term political expediency. It is disconcerting to see that the Russians are no longer good to their word and are likely to dishonour their contracts. This is certainly a win scenario for China et al and bad news for poorer countries who rely on Russian arms in order to ward off foreign aggression.

      And here's the story about Russian nixing the sell of jets to Syria last month. Can't find the link to the story from the late 2000s where Russia refused to sell Syria advanced jets with Iran paying . . . but linked to it here previously.

  10. Hi Penny,

    I read your blog sometimes, but twelfthbough more often :-)

    Do you remember the explosion in Assads Palace around the 18. July where a bunch of Assads people died and which was presented as a "lucky strike" of the "rebels"? Well, according to what somebody whom I think in position to know said in a phone conversation about 4 hours after that incident:
    - Two of the people said dead at that incident had actually been poisoned by Assad about two weeks before because they were suspected of treason (read on), he used the incident to sell their deaths as enemy action
    - Two other Assad people actually died because of the explosion
    - The Egyptian Intel Chief died at that explosion
    - A mossad guy (former head iirc) died at that explosion, his death was declared in MSM as having happened in Vienna from where the body was supposedly "repatriated"

    The meeting where that explosion happened was the usual backroom dealings among the regional powers and then something went wrong and Assad used the opportunity to take out those present plus sell the death of people he had killed in a way which would not cause the Syrians to turn against him. The explosion was attributed to the "rebels" who happily took responsibility as such things give street cred.

    I cant vouch for this, but it explains the deaths of all these spook types at the same time, and it also explains IMO that hillary said at about that time that the diplomatic option was off the table, after which the actual fighting escalated in Syria.

    1. Anything is possible but this sounds too far fetched. First because it seemed coordinated with big attacks on Damascus and Aleppo, the seizure of border crossings and an international media campaign of "it's all over for Assad. He'll be gone any day now."

      Second because Assad himself is concealing his whereabouts. He understands he is likely a target for assassination and has to take precautions.

      Most likely the bomb blast intended to take Assad out with the others and by random chance, he was out of the room when it went off. Hence the failure of the "Damascus Volcano."

    2. +1

      Here Netanyahu vs. military split being denied

      In an interview with Israel's Channel 2, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that he is still deliberating whether or not to strike Iran's nuclear facilities and downplayed report that the military echelon are not in favor of attacking Iran.

      There is some precedent as a former head of Syrian intel in Leb reportedly when the hariri assasination investigation was ramping up (about same time as some attacks in damasacus recollection cloudy on specifics). Cycle back to the bandar rumors about being in Syria/Saudi. hmm




      Lebanon at stake

    3. Hi anonymous who reads Twelfth bough more then here

      AP does an excellent job, so I am glad your reading her work
      If I had more time on my hands I would be popping over there also

      Interesting perspective. I saw the hit on the palace as a strike by the West. An attempted assassination.

      If I had more time I would expand on that
      For now, that is it, sorry :(

      I will have to pop back in later

    4. Not sure who twelfth bough is for what it is worth. If the bandar stories are true and indeed it was internal vs external ksa will still feel obliged to respond (manpads in turkey report yest) or something more if only to deflect.

  11. http://en.rian.ru/world/20120801/174898264.html

    Russia warned of another afghan...same formula..

    Turkey has supplied the Free Syrian Army rebels fighting Presiden Bashar al-Assad's regime with nearly two dozen man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS), NBC News reported on Tuesday night referring to rebel sources. There was no immediate confirmation of the information from the Turkish media. According to NBC, the missile supplies were possibly initiated by Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Qatar which have repeatedly called for lending military support to the Syrian opposition.

  12. Just a question, and one for the average tax payer that has no influence but does suffer the effects, be it tax or down the road some revenge aspect.

    Given there are some (assumption) 10,000 rebels, say they each expend 3-4 mag's per day (They love firing in the air), at 0.50-$1.50 per round each must go though $30 per day just in rounds.

    If we factor in 10,000 pax for logistics, transport, food, med, intel, wages etc. this cost is sizable, I'm guessing more than one million per day. It takes a force of 1000 5 million in the west just to deploy (Leave the gate), the operational costs are in the millions per day, but that has accounting. This funding would need to be accountable, it cant just come from thin air? It's not coming from the rebels as a majority if at all.

    Given the duration, and the foreseeable duration with escalation, this cost will rise, Libya had Oil, the payback is/was 'feasible'. With Syria, that is not doable by the actors involved and its business relations.

    If the West is funding, this would be hidden via its budget line, i.e. democratic support, Governance, medical assistance, yet it must be audit-able, spikes is specifics, abnormal increases within time-frames etc. this will need to come out at some point, and after the fact.

    My question is what is this cost, and who? That funding per day is essentially laundering as it is being re-directed or masked. Russia has most of Syria's foreign Dept and most of the foreign investments, Russia wont leave that, so it will need to have an agreement.

    The current cost in the grander scheme is low, as a West invasion force would be a massive cost, but in terms of chiseling (weaken) this is a ideal cost and one that can be hidden. If that trail could be exposed, then this would be a game changer, as it can finger point, and link this to financial institutions, mechanisms.

    1. 1. untraceable CIA drug money, particularly via Afghanistan
      2. the hidden actions of the Fed and the like
      3. the other country's involvement, ie Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, lots of sources of untraceable $ i'm sure

  13. Hi sis..check out above links I posted,then stop by blog asap,new videos of rebels..

  14. I suppose that the CIA-Mossad are killing off those who oppose the Muslim Brotherhood, and who are too friendly with China-Pakistan-Russia...

    - Aangirfan

  15. Speaking of The Angry Arab - The moral logic of Angry Arab and with some biting comments copied here The moral logic of Angry Arab

    I've never followed the angry arab but I recall being astonished at him siding with the zionist infiltrators of the Palestinian solidarity movement. Atzmon hits back: The Angry (Arab) Collaborator

    I'll trust Meyssan before AA.

    1. Angry Arab is a perp. Same with Josh Landis and Juan Cole and Chris Hedges.

      This are all subtle propagandists pretending to be academics.

      Doesn't surprise me that people are showing up here to rehabilitate him. Since I've identified the above perps I've seen a number of people making comments in places like this. Also, these perps are being given some major information to release (both Landis and Angry Arab have 'broken' news).

  16. the recent assassination is a opening for the West, it may look as the tribe could take arms against the rebels now, and their numbers are 15,000 - 20,000 - The tribe is big and from that it can draw in followers, one could look at 30-50K, the risk is this group could see a opportunity, since they are under Assad, and now could equal, Or takeover? The West and it's partners will be looking at this option, as it also gives some form of leadership, it may be the old, but it's NEW! The West and its partners will start making promises, and this will defeat Assad. End of the day Arab's do not trust Arabs, and they sell each other out, Libya was a prime example of that...

  17. Just heard that Isreal has cancelled all leave for its armed forces personnel - read into it what you will.

  18. State Department asks U.S. citizens to leave Syria, via Twitter:


    Twitter is being promoted as the sole source for official "news" like this so that the ruling elite can better control the news. This way they can put words in the mouths of their enemies, as they probably did in the case of Syria's spokesman, who said he didn't use Twitter for official reasons, yet the press kept quoting Twitter.

    Then we also have anonymous leaks to people like the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and U.S. based "academics", like Josh Landis and Angry Arab who are claiming to receive exclusive information.

    Also notice there is almost no Western press in the country. There was in Iraq before the invasion. Same with Libya even. But notice they aren't bothering to do that with Syria.

    Instead of having a captured press corps the West has moved on to social media and perp blogger academics to spread disinformation.

    Be wary of those trying to help us transition to this new propaganda!

    And I'm not saying one should *ignore* Facebook or Twitter or Youtube. . . unfortunately even if it is controlled it may be the only way for the *good* people to get news out and sometimes it's helpful to see what disinformation is being spread. But one must always remember the danger of the perps controlling the medium.

    For instance, check out this story about someone claiming the security state erased pictures from Facebook: http://imgur.com/jSB5Y

    Also, we've seen other evidence the Syrian media was hijacked.

    Also, I'm sure everyone has seen the admission Obama authorized clandestine activities in Syria. Hardly any mention in our media about it.

  19. Erdogan is doing what president Zia-ul-Haq did in Pakistan.
    Haq facilitated Saudi,Western CIA run operation supplying trained Jihadists and military equipments to Afganstan's Mujaheedin to keep the war against the Soviets going and to bleed the Soviets.
    Erdogan is doing now the same thing in Turkey to Syria.
    Both leaders claimed to be good Sunni Muslims with good relationships to Saudi,Gulf states Shieks,and the West.
    Haq took over power as a military general in a military coup from elected Pakistani president Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1977, whom he later gave an order to have him hanged.
    The Afghanstan war took over 10 years in Afgnastan against the Soviets, afterwhich the whole country was destroyed,and later was run by Taliban after years of wars among warlodrs.
    In 1988 and by the end of the war Zia-ul-Haq died in an aircraft crash...in 1988.
    Erdogan pretends that he's against Israel,but destorying Syria speaks the opposite of what comes out of his mouth.
    Because destroying Syria is the best trophy Erdogan can give to Bibi Netnayahu and company in Israel.

    1. Zia usefulness had come to its end.

      "Because destroying Syria is the best trophy Erdogan can give to Bibi Netnayahu and company in Israel"


  20. News today that Kofi Annan resigned his UN sponsered mission in Syria.
    Kofi never was there to solve anything from start.
    He was there to show that he's a peace maker between two Syrian fighting parties, but the fact on the ground says something else, it is between Syrian government and foreign supported fighters who are supplied and equipped by foreign governments and major media networks.
    Annan neither had the power nor the will to do anything.
    Interesting that his resignations is coming at the same time Saudi Arabia is trying to pass a UN resolution against Syria.
    Annan who acted as if he was free to do anything to stop the killing was himself handcuffed by Western powers and was unable even to speak freely or to condemn the atrocities of these foreign fighters.
    Remember Kofi Annan also talked to Saddam Hussein before Iraq war started, to buy time and to put the balme on Saddam for not being cooperative.
    Now the whole so called Annan's peace mission is history,and Syria's war makers are happy to say now:
    " we did everything politically possible but Al-Assad chose the war path by not leaving power, so don't blame us. We didn't start the whole thing", and the war goes on as planned. !!!

    1. Anon 12:05

      "Kofi never was there to solve anything from start"


      "Annan neither had the power nor the will to do anything"


      I had forgotten Annan did this routine with Iran.
      I guess he really is the ringleader!

  21. Eric Margolis - Another Useful Idiot.
    There are many second rate minds who occupy print space in the media but one who definitely would be in the running for any contest in this regards is Eric Margolis.

    Margolis is the Toronto Sun's resident pseudo-intellectual (although he does write for a host of Middle Eastern publications as well as the Huff Po). He claims to be an Eisenhower Republican but his rhetoric is akin to anything that can be found in the sewers of Counterpunch or ZNet in that he has two targets consistently in focus: neoconservatives and the state of Israel. Margolis, the human pretzel, will twist a story around to fit his skewed view of the world, he refuses to condemn Hamas for what they are - a terrorist organization, comes up with all sorts of wingnut conspiracy theories to vilify Israel and claims that the US could have reliably appeased North Korea. If its worth getting wrong - Margolis is your man. What surprises me is that he still continues to hold a position with the Sun (not a great paper by any stretch of the imagination but one that is normally at odds with the just of Margolis' arguments).Could it be a consequence of the fact that he is a majority owner of Jamieson's Lhttp://worldoreason.blogspot.co.nz/2009/08/eric-margolis-another-useful-idiot.htmlaboratories? I wonder.....Oops I sound like Margolis now...

    1. Anonymous: 7:24pm

      Eric Margolis and the Sun parted company a couple of years back.

      And the Sun is a horrible paper, but then, there all horrible.

      Even in amongst the useful idiot crowd there is good info.
      That's just the way it is

  22. "Even in amongst the useful idiot crowd there is good info.
    That's just the way it is."

    Maybe for you Penny, but not for me. Little in the way of "good info" comes from idiots who don't seem to be able to substantiate their ridiculous claims like Margolis. I suspect your powers of judgement about people have been corrupted by your love of "beverages". If someone proves themselves to be an idiot often enough, then I suggest you ignore them and find another source with a proven track record. Simply moving on to the next idiotic speculation, without addressing the past ones that proved to be nothing more than that, seems to be a bad habit of the lunatic fringe of wanna be Journos and Pundits that infest cyber-space these days.

    Jonathan Kay on the sad descent into 9/11 conspiracism of former Toronto Sun columnist Eric Margolis.
    I should have seen the warning signs.

    "A few years back, during the taping of a foreign-affairs panel at the TVO studios in Toronto, I found myself seated next to Eric Margolis, who was then still working as a columnist at the Toronto Sun. The subject before the panel was (what else?) the Middle East — though I forget the precise news item we were discussing. What I do remember was that when I piped up to make some remark or other that Margolis deemed to be excessively Zionist, he affected an air of great exasperation and declared, for the benefit of viewers: “Thank you for the editorial comment from the Jerusalem Post.” (National Post. Jerusalem Post. Get it?) He then physically turned his body away from me to signal his disgust, such that he was literally sideways in his studio chair. Apparently, he regarded my attitude toward Israel as some kind of disease, and this was his way of making sure he didn’t catch it.

    I’ll give Margolis credit for one thing: He’s seen the world — reporting from all over the Middle East and Central Asia, including some dangerous parts of the Hindu Kush where I wouldn’t dare set foot. But somewhere along the way, a few screws popped loose, and he started buying into the anti-American and anti-Israeli agitprop that circulates freely in the Muslim world. More and more, his writing became oriented toward foreign readers and eccentric American isolationists."

    1. Anon (whichever "Anon" you are),

      "I suspect your powers of judgement about people have been corrupted by your love of "beverages". "

      Speaking of idiotic speculation - sir/ma'am, you have just revealed a level of vanity, arrogance, hubris and just plain meanness that has no place in any rational or intelligent discussion - especially not when you are a guest in someone else's "house".

      Your statement reveals a level of arrogance and ignorance that I thought was reserved for the current US President and his evil minions, but obviously you're right up there in believing that you - and ONLY you - know what is right, and are solely qualified to judge that for Penny, and all the rest of us. I can assure you that you are gravely mistaken, if this is the case.

      You have the right to say and believe what you like, of course, but not necessarily to do so HERE - that is entirely at the discretion of the blog owner, and I do hope Penny feels rightfully disgusted and insulted by your blatant disrespect, lack of dignity and just your general inability to be a cool and decent person - no matter how passionately you may feel about whatever the topics are.

      If age-related immaturity is not at the root of your comments here, then you have some other serious issues to consider in how you conduct yourself in your relations with other human beings - especially in a forum like this, in which you're presumably addressing people that you're trying to influence and persuade to understand and accept your points of view. Big fail there, sir/ma'am.

      And, as much truth as there may be within the aspect of the (grossly) disproportionate level of power and influence of various "Zionist" forces worldwide, if that is your ONLY real litmus test for whether or not anyone else has valuable wisdom to offer, then I will say very confidently and forcefully that you are as much or more of a victim of blatant mass media counter-agitprop falsification and psychological warfare as any of the "average idiots" who you openly despise for believing that NO Jew on the planet has any real power or any evil intentions.

      So, "beverages" are not the issue here at all. Rather, respect, dignity and rational thought processes are - that is, if you want anyone worth speaking with to take you seriously, anyway.

      Sometimes, clues are hard to come by in life. You have just been given one for free, so make the most of it. And please give Penny and others the same slack you will surely need whenever you are dead wrong about various stuff - which I'd have to guess is MUCH more often than you realize - and you surely wouldn't benefit or feel very good about some jackass saying you're wrong and/or stupid because of your "love of beverages". ;)

    2. Anonymous August 11, 2012 8:53 PM

      I am sitting here, with my beverage at my desk. It's a cup of herbal tea.

      If you were not so intent on denigrating my very hard, unpaid work, you would realize that sometimes one has to lighten the very heavy topics we are covering
      That's it. It's just to make readers feel more comfortable.

      But, for you, with your delusions of alleged superiority it's an opportunity to take cheap shots.
      Well you took them.
      Feel better now?

      I am going to quote from what you had left, one sentence.

      "I’ll give Margolis credit for one thing: He’s seen the world — reporting from all over the Middle East and Central Asia, including some dangerous parts of the Hindu Kush where I wouldn’t dare set foot."

      Yes, Margolis has seen way more of the world then Jonathon Kay has. Kay admits it.

      Likely that gives Margolis a far broader perspective then Mr Kay will ever have.

      And btw, and I don't give a hoot if you disagree with the obvious.

      Israel benefits. They have been all over the destabilization of Syria from the beginning. I don't need anyone to explain that to me, it has been obvious and "in your face"

      Israel has been occupying the Golan and has begun mineral exploration.

      To say they don't benefit from the destruction of Syria is a LIE.
      Take your trash talk elsewhere.

    3. I would have more respect for your "hard work" if it were somewhat more balanced, which you could hardly lay claim to it being. How about some material that shows up Assad for the criminal dictator he is. It would be a fallacy to think he has had peaceful intentions with his neighbours or even his fellow countrymen. Let's not forget Syria, along with Egypt and the help other Arab nations attacked Israel in 1973, sparking the Yom Kippur war, which backfired on the Arabs with a monumental and humiliating defeat. There is so much to the story about this part of the world and you are being very selective about what you like to post. Come on, how about some balance, instead of avoiding the follies of the side you so willingly support. Try to leave out the unsubstantiated conspiracy nonsense and don't get upset just because everybody doesn't agree with your take on the situation. If you are going to run a blog such a this, you are asking for opinions and debate that might not be to your liking. Don't behave as if it's your party and you will cry if you want to.

    4. Some fair points here, anon. So, let's talk bias and balance - it has to go both ways if your true goal is intellectual honesty, as mine is.

      I'd be interested to hear anything critical you have to say about the Israeli government - not its people or "blame the Jews" nonsense - but its oppressive govt that operates in blatant Apartheid mode every day of the week, and as an unrepentant "Rogue Nuclear State" with plenty of nasty WMDs at their disposal. Yet, not a whisper from mass media.

      Aside from these major issues for any honest thinker, how can anyone not see that the very same mass media PR and PsyWar tactics (lies, distortions and staged incidents) that were used to provoke and justify "humanitarian intervention" in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Libya are happening again right now with Syria?

      The slight script modification in Syria is using proxy Jihadist fighters imported from Libya and other places who are armed, trained and financed by nations like Saudi, Qatar, Turkey and not so covertly by the CIA, MI-6, Mossad and others.

      This is textbook destabilization, and is a hostile and deliberate act of war against Syria. The Jihadist mercenaries are terrorists from the ranks of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood - what a wise and moral move THAT is, eh? It sure worked out well after Bosnia - oh wait, that's right, they sort of bit the hand that fed them and bombed the shit out of the United States, didn't they?

      These are not insignificant or unsubstantiated details, and they quickly put to rest this entire false PR narrative that the "good guys" of the Western Empire care SO much about the poor innocent human beings in Syria - the same hollow ploy used in Libya and Kosovo.

      "We care about civilians", so we need a "no fly zone" - and then, hey, since we're flying around up here anyway, we might as well drop a few hundred JDAM bombs while we're at it, eh???

      Syria, just as with Libya and Yugoslavia, has NOT attacked any NATO member nation, and the US, UN/NATO and this pseudo-Arab alliance have no legal justificaton whatsoever for their complicity in the open and covert support of importing mass murdering terrorists into the sovereign nation of Syria.

      In fact, most intelligent people would rightly call that "STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM". I know that we certainly would, if other nations were sending foreign terrorist murderers to the US or Canada. Like it or not, it is 100% accurate and truthful.

      Assad is a criminal dictator, but are you honestly going to say that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT?? Now we're REALLY getting into the arena of cognitive dissonance!!

      Syria has much to answer for in terms of human rights but so does Israel, the USA, Saudi and many other puppet nations of this would-be world government that we unlovingly refer to as "The Empire".

      This is only fair, considering that it looks, sounds and behaves like an Empire - disregarding its own laws and Constitutional authority (in the US), the UN/NATO charters, which forbid ALL of this imperial meddling and aggression against sovereign nations which have not attacked or in any way threatened the "collective security" of NATO - which was uhmmm the reason for its very existence in the first place, right?

      All of the globalist mass media hype is yet another very effective aspect of the psychological warfare efforts that are directed at influencing ALL OF US.

      Personally, I'm not falling for it - not this time.

      So, I return your request for some balance regarding YOUR avoidance of the "follies of the side you so willingly support" - let's go from there and see what happens.

      Your turn. ;)

    5. Fair enough comment. Still, I don't think heavily slanted sites like Penny's really shed the light in all areas that it should. Trying to paint the Libyan crisis and the Syrian crisis as nothing more than a proxy war between other States and highlighting the use of "terrorists" is simply ignoring the truth of the fact that so many ordinary people have taken up arms to rid themselves of a tyrant. Lets not forget the home-grown support, evidenced by anti Assad demonstrations, that these real freedom fighters have. They seem to be holding on despite the lack of a no fly zone and precision bombing. You would imagine Assad would have quickly been able to deal to a terrorist invasion if that was all it was. It really is more like a cancer in Assad's sick Body Politic, which has metastisised and gone to all vital organs. As for seeing what happens, Assad is doomed and is not blameless for the situation he finds himself in.

    6. anonymous aug 12 7:59 am

      My work "unbalanced"? In your opinion. And you can imagine how little that concerns me?

      How about if the msm was more balanced?
      Why don't you demand that from the corporate media?

      Is Assad a "criminal dictator"?
      Or is this the way the msm portrays him to justify the covert war
      Lets see?

      Syria participated in torture.
      But then so does the US&Israel.

      Syria spies on it's citizens
      But then so does the US, Canada the UK, Israel, Australia etc

      Syria attacks other nations?
      No. How many years ago? Oh yeah you mention 45 years ago

      So, Syria attacks other nations?

      The US and Israel however....
      Lets see
      The US has attacked Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. I am sure there are more but you get the drift.
      Of of course, I forgot, now Syria

      Israel attacks the Palestinians daily and Lebanon on a regular basis
      And lets not even get into the imbalance of power in the region based on Israel's massive nuclear arsenal

      "Try to leave out the unsubstantiated conspiracy nonsense and don't get upset just because everybody doesn't agree with your take on the situation."

      You can't give up with your ad hominem attacks can you?

      There is no conspiracy nonsense here. Everything is backed up, each post chock full of links to news stories

      "If you are going to run a blog such a this, you are asking for opinions and debate that might not be to your liking."

      You can express all the "opinions" you have.
      But you haven't and you didn't and you won't.
      Your here for one purpose and one purpose only, that is to launch personal attacks, play shoot the messenger and present any other false hoods you can.

      "Don't behave as if it's your party and you will cry if you want to."

      See here again. Attacking the character of ,well, me- "I will cry"

      I didn't cry. I have no intention of crying.
      Laughing on the other hand... I get your fear. Believe me, I get it.
      It comes through loud and clear. That's why you had to throw the personal attacks at me. You have nothing else, so your resort to ad hominem

      Your whole issue with this post is that I pointed out that Israel benefits from the ruin of Syria.
      As a nation with expansionist goals, Israel does benefit.
      It is obvious. It is in your face. I'm just stating the obvious.

      And btw, it is my party. Keep that in mind ;)

      Lastly, In my sidebar are two important links

      Logical Fallacies/Propaganda Techniques explained

      Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation (Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist)

      You need to get informed.

      Lets just browse threw some of the 25 rules of disinfo and see how many apply to your commentary

      Become incredulous and indignant.
      Use a straw man.
      Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule (conspiracy not balanced, "crying")
      Associate opponent charges with old news( Yom Kippur etc)
      Change the subject.
      Emotionalize, Antagonize, and Goad Opponents

      Get the idea?

      If you wish to stay on topic, keep it relevant and launch no personal attacks as I have specified feel free to stay
      If you cannot abide by these most simple limits then feel free to go away
      The choice is ultimately yours. I don't force you to read here. Find a place that is more to your liking.

    7. What was it that has upset you so much? What happened to the friendly, good humoured Penny? You have hardly been insulted as to react in such a disproportionate way. Seems like I have hit a raw nerve. I'll be careful not to insinuate your fondness of mind altering beverages and your obvious uncritical weakness for conspiracy theories in the future. I will warn you though, that if you have invested so much emotive feelings about the Syrian Crisis, you should brace yourself for a great disappointment. Cheers. clink.

    8. Anonymous 4:37

      Become incredulous and indignant.
      Use a straw man.
      Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule (conspiracy not balanced, "crying")
      Associate opponent charges with old news( Yom Kippur etc)
      Change the subject.
      Emotionalize, Antagonize, and Goad Opponents

      Are you going away now?
      Just so you and other readers here are aware I will be deleting your disinfo commentary from here on in
      It doesn't add anything beneficial to the blog.
      I gave you a chance to be relevant and avoid personal attacks. Oh well

      You are outing yourself completely as a promoter of disinfo. Keep it up. Dig your hole.

  23. LVB: Thank You so kindly. I am humbled by what you wrote.

  24. LVB good questions, let's see if you get any real answers.

    This individual is pure disinfo. Did you see how anon responded to your comment?

    With another slam against the blog and a continuation of msm propaganda.

    Ordinary people taking up arms against "tyrants"
    It's the same old story, same old main stream media song and dance

    1. Yeah, it's like the unfortunate souls who read my 1 billion word article about Serbia proving that almost everything they were told were proven lies and blatant propaganda spewed by Ruder-Finn, other highly paid PR firms and mass media - including the facts that prove Croatia and Slovenia actually started the wars - and then their only response is "Yeah, but uhmm the Serbs started it though."

      You simply cannot argue with a sick (or ill-informed) mind, my dear. ;)

  25. Wow, I missed all that. Interesting!
    @Walt Wit Man - there's a similar propagandist masquerading as an academic at Birmingham University , UK.
    http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/staff/profiles/acs/lucas-scott.aspx who seems to spend a lot of time on his website Enduring America He's in the Department of American and Canadian Studies, where he's professor of the former. Not, Professor of any Middle Eastern Studies.
    A real Landis clone. I think you'll get the picture from his blog.