Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Syria: Updated, Psyops and a bit more.

Just a bunch of links and videos for today.
Much to do the next couple of days. Up too and including this weekend. Sigh....

Russia is proposing a sanctions free UN resolution for Syria
Which is not expected to meet western approval. Also, the west is expected to make their own proposal.

Manufactured Realities Very in depth and well worth reading.
Thanks to KamNam for leaving the link to this one and cheers to you also. 

"The final and central piece of this operation was a communications platform you all know very well and use every day.  The global, open, instantaneous communications network that Twitter has become would be the vehicle to control the operation and deliver propaganda to the media and the public.  Video, graphics, website design, and disinformation were all prepared months in advance, as were the tools to enlist the unwitting cooperation of the masses.  Once set in motion this elaborate plan to gain the support of people worldwide was intended to grow organically through appealing to and manipulating the genuine and humanitarian desires and instincts of the people, while using them as cover for their true intentions.  To this very moment, it has continued to do just that"

 Asia Times had a good piece: Covering Syria: The information war

 The narrative, as CNN puts it, is in essence this: "The vast majority of reports from the ground indicate that government forces are killing citizens in an attempt to wipe out civilians seeking [President Bashar] al-Assad's ouster" - the aim being precisely to elicit a heart-wrenching emotional response in Western audiences that trumps all other considerations and makes the call for Western/Gulf intervention to effect regime change.

But it is a narrative based on distortion, manipulation, lies and videotape.

In the first months, the narrative was of unarmed protesters being shot by Syrian forces. This then evolved into one of armed insurgents reluctantly "being provoked into taking up arms", as US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton explained, to defend peaceful protesters.

It was also a narrative that from the outset, according to a recent report in Time magazine, that the US has facilitated by providing training, support and equipment to Syrian opposition "cyber-warriors". 

Covering Syria and Manufactured Realities go well together.
As does the video below, brought to us by Tozz . Speaking of manufacturing realities, another video, demonstrating the absurdity of the FSA scripted dramatics?  Made for prime time?  Fooling so many people, so much of the time.....
However we would like to label the FSA dramatics? Tozz has chosen "Silly theater by FSA"

One last video, from Gallier

"Quick summary: the guy proves beyond the shadow of a doubt, by comparaison of pieces that the "Syrian rebel" on the AP photo of a Canadian mainstream paper (Metro) uses a weapon that comes from Israel. The showed weapon is an AK74 a modern Kalashnikov, but it isn't a normal, factory delivered model. It is kitted with accessories coming from an Israely company named zahal. As he shows in the video, that company boasts with its high profile connections. It is clear that whoever gave that gun to this terrorist (let's name things by their real name) had good connection to Israel."

It is in French. But, you'll get the gist of it!

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  1. Armed gangs force Syrians to protest against government: Locals
    Post Categories: Mid-East
    Press TV | Tuesday, June 19, 2012, 21:02 Beijing
    Locals in the retaken Syrian village of al-Haffeh in the Latakia Province say armed gangs forced them to protest against the government.
    The residents of the al-Haffeh village told a Press TV correspondent that life has returned to normal in the village following the success of the Syrian army to clear it from armed groups.
    “Armed men sabotaged nearly everything here in al-Haffeh. They burned electricity services building and the village’s directorate. They sabotaged security installations. But, Thank God, after the army entered the village, security was restored. The residents also started to come back to their homes. The armed men also used to attack the civilians, threaten them and force them to protest against their will,” a resident said.
    At the request of the residents, the army took back the northwestern town of al-Haffeh from terrorists after heavy fighting. Armed groups attacked civilians and burned down and sabotaged public and private properties there.
    Various weapons and uniforms belonging to the militants were confiscated by the Syrian army. Some of the weapons were reportedly Israeli-made and the uniforms were those of the Jordanian military.
    The unrest in Syria began in March 2011. Many people, including security forces, have been killed in the turmoil.
    The West and the Syrian opposition accuse the government of killing the protesters, but Damascus blames “outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorist groups” for the unrest, insisting that it is being orchestrated from abroad.

  2. A Lonergan @HarryOrmond
    @ShoebridgeC @MiaFarrow One Christian girl raped by 20 FSA as warning to other Christians to get out - but Women Under Siege prob don't care
    A Lonergan @HarryOrmond
    @ShoebridgeC @MiaFarrowReport said "found no reports of members of the Free Syrian Army attacking women" outrageous!

  3. clueless or part of the plot against syria? 'Anonymous' attacks Syrian Electronic Army, assad and syrians....Anon only ends up serving USrael./saudi/ islamic terrorists...

    is this the real 'anon'? or are they really as badly informed at this youtube suggests?

  4. Excellent.

    The Manufactured Realities article is great, as are the others on the originator's blog:

    1. Thanks for the link Freethinker. Great article too, Penny. Any idea why Opwatch has the spotlight on Alex Thomson,UK Channel 4?

    2. Well spotted, I missed that. Password protected. The Opwatch exposed menu links to this video- Twitter Intimidation: False Flag Reality Suppression - Alex Thomson I'll watch it later.

    3. I watched it. What to make of AT? The hate campaign against him seemed real. He came back to the UK pretty sharpish.

    4. AT? Apparently he still has some integrity, but must be suffering from cognitive dissonance. Why is he so sanguine about these creeps trying to get him killed - any normal person would be 'mad as hell'. When I looked at his tweets he was much more exercised about Glasgow Rangers than Syria - living in denial?

      I think that Andrew Marr / Noam Chomsky interview (seen it?) encapsulates what journalism is about - to succeed you better not be one of the 'awkward squad'.

    5. Agreed, freethinker. (i) You either see through it, but follow the line because it pays the mortgage. (ii) you believe it all and are part of the system or even an asset. (iii) you become flaky and lose your job as you are no longer considered to be a safe pair of hands. (iv) You blow the whistle and either nobody listens, or if they do you end up dead in the woods.
      The media have got it well and truly buttoned up. (AT ex-Oxford Uni BTW)