Friday, July 20, 2012

The Secret Battle for Syria

Thanks to NYSC aka Ali  for pointing this out. As NYS points out, everything myself,  Ali and so many others have blogged on, for so long now was TRUTH.
The media whores have been lying and lying and lying in their narratives. Framing a patently false narrative. Presenting fraudulent videos. The media whores and presstitutes obfuscated. The played fast and loose with the facts. They have blood on their hands. Marc Ginsberg hopes for more

 Amb. Marc Ginsberg "The Secret Battle for Syria"

 Marc Ginsberg begins, sort of, with this

"It's a shame Assad himself was not in the same room when the bomb went off."

Hmmm.... no lack of bloodlust on his part.

With the assistance of "non-lethal" U.S. strategic communications equipment and reconnaissance support carried into Syria by Turkish military teams through refugee safe havens on the Turkish-Syrian border, units of the increasingly organized Free Syrian Army have lethally deployed anti-tank weapons and shoulder-fired grenade launchers smuggled from Libya and Lebanon courtesy of elements of Gulf Cooperation Council military council. 

 Turkey has ramped up ammunition transfers and reconnaissance support, including the occasional overflights to detect Syrian troop movements (the Syrians shot down one of Turkey's jets a few weeks ago). U.S. CIA drones have also overflown Syria outside the prying eyes of Russian forward intelligence based on Russian ships stationed at its fortified naval base in Tartus. CIA operatives are also desperately attempting to identify and monitor Assad's WMD stockpiles.... (so they can set off a false flag of their own as previously mentioned here)

 Also assassination squads trained by Free Syrian Army commanders (with the assistance of Turkish and Saudi sniper trainers) have been picking off key Syrian military commanders in Homs and in Syria's northern and southern provinces sowing fear and increasing discord among Syrian commanders.
Sickening. Mr (bloodthirsty) Ginsberg fails to mention how the NATO/GCC trained snipers terrorized ordinary civilians. How these assassins/killers laid siege to entire towns. Terrorizing and ethnically cleansing the populace. Have no worries, that was mentioned here and at NYS blog and by many others.

Turkish, Qatari, Saudi military instructors have been training young Syrian opponents of the regime on the fine arts of basic military tactics, including hit and run tactics and night-time assaults on Syrian army barracks. 
" In virtually every Syrian city, town and village there is a veritable Star Wars bar scene of unsavory thugs, killers, opportunists and criminals"

 And NATO/GCC/ Israel are continuing to arm these monsters enabling them to commit atrocities

Ginsberg continues spinning the narrative-

Think about what it what must feel like to be a civilian Syrian family inside a besieged neighborhood today struggling to survive the firestorm of indiscriminate artillery leveled at them by the Assad regime.
Yes, think what it must be like. A civilian family in a town the rebels have laid siege to and the military has to come in to take back the town from NATO's terrorists. Think about what that must be like. Being threatened, held hostage,  terrorized, watching people in your community being killed. Used as bait. Think about all that....

Al Qaeda Terrorists from Iraq and Yemen: (Libya etc.,) Have infiltrated into Syria from neighboring Iraq. Their goal is to inflict as much havoc as possible instructing Syrians on the proper construction of IEDs and recruiting younger Syrians to al Qaeda in the bargain. 
All the while NATO supports them..... think about that

 Saudi Freelancing Clerics: Nothing like a good ol Sunni/Shiite civil war for Saudi clerics to take advantage of to spread their extremist Wahabi gospel. Money is the mother's milk of arms purchases, and there has been a free flow of Saudi funds from a particularly evangelical branch of the Saudi clerical establishment funding the creation of local religious social "welfare" cells that are dispensing everything from desperately needed medical supplies to baby formula to arms. Saudi clerics have dispatched local Sunni religious operatives to create local Wahabi social councils in each Syrian city to plant the flag and to contest control from more secular Syrian opposition elements fighting the regime.

Criminal Gangs: Vast swaths of Syrians are getting shaken down by criminal gangs which are extorting protection money from anyone and everyone... never mind religious affiliation.  

The extortion is a hallmark of the Muslim brotherhood/Saudi fanaticism But, it worse then that.

"Abducting and converting Coptic girls to Islam is not only a result of the paranoid and racist incitation against the Copts, but it is an organized and pre-planned process by associations and organizations inside Egypt with domestic and Arab funding as the main role in seducing and luring Coptic girls is carried through cunning, deceit and enticement or through force if required"

This is why there has been so many Christians fleeing Syria. They have been terrorized by these NATO bought and paid for fanatics

The spillover from Lebanon has been palatable. Lebanese Sunni Palestinian militiamen have been smuggling arms to their Free Syrian Army colleagues across the porous Syrian-Lebanese border. Qatari intelligence operatives, alongside their Saudi counterparts, have used Beirut as a staging area of help smuggle arms to Free Syrian operatives.

 Regarding Israel's involvement:

"And although Israeli intelligence operatives have been working with Jordanian counterparts on the Syrian-Jordanian border to monitor developments and share intelligence with American and European counterparts, they have refrained from directly interfering inside Syria"
Nice spin Mr Ginsberg. Israeli intelligence operatives have been working with, but, not directly interfering. Working with intelligence operatives involved in destabilizing a nation is directly interfering with Syria. No matter how one words it..

Then the most bizarre conclusion:

1- Syria reached this abyss long ago and has fallen into, courtesy of the diplomatically felonious Russian rackets operation on behalf of Assad

 2- A countervailing "run for the hills" attitude of the Obama White House

Syria's abyss was not courtesy of  Russia. Ginsberg has laid out the players. He named Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the US.  Obomba's White House has had a hands on proactive destabilization involvement as part of the NATO war machine. Ginsberg's conclusion is non-credible

As for the personal validation of this all. While it is nice to be correct in one's assessment, for almost a year and a half now, it was all pretty obvious anyway.  If one was really paying attention.
What is disheartening? That despite working my elbows off , a nod to Clothcap, many innocent people have come to harm. Their lives destroyed. Another nation is being laid to ruin. All so psychotic whore leaders can play geopolitical games for the $$$$ , power/control advantage for their bankster/oil/ military industrial paymasters.

And that just makes me sick.

Humanity does not want or need this abuse. We all want to live life, love our loved ones, grow old, smile, eat well, watch the kids and grand kids grow up, make a living, but not be enslaved. It's not to much. It is our human life after all.

Me rambling


  1. Hey all:

    Yeah I see the comments in the previous posts.
    I am short on time today, wasn't even going to post until I saw NYS's article

    I will be back and will address the comments
    Apologies to all :)

  2. The western intelligentsia is dominated by a worldview that divides the world into good and evil, black and white, and cast themselves as saviors and arbiters. They are not too interested in the facts but just relish any opportunity to grandstand and posture and strut, at absolutely no danger to themselves, and regardless of how many lives are destroyed in order to sustaining their self-aggrandizing charade. It is well documented that Western journalist actually saw the famine in the Ukraine, but still wrote reports glorifying communism. We know about Penny Marshals "death" camp in Tropolje. This has been going on for a long, long time. Maybe Russia has had enough? Time for the bear to roar again.

    1. That is not the western intelligentsia you speak of . . . instead, you are describing the propagandised "useful tools" that Marx and Engells spoke of in their writings. They must only be of very moderate intelligence, but think themselves very sharp and sophisticated, and they further the cause with vigour and false pretense of high morality. Every empire needs many of these tools.

      Great write-up on the propaganda piece that masquerades as news, Pen. I don't get the time to comment much anymore, but I always have a glance, if not a full read of it (like I did this time).

      Do you think it's a coincidence that the Olympics will soon start, as will the war? I know you too well, know you know what's up, just being cheeky. Cheers,

    2. Both of you have made excellent comments here, and I'd just like to add this, to maybe put a finer point on your descriptions of "the evil ones" that we all despise:


      That is what they are. "Mafia", on a global scale, with all the politicians in their pockets, able to bend and break laws to their will, and generally remain above the law - since they control it, and the banks, water, food, energy supplies, and last but not least - the globalist mass media psychogical warfare machinery that keeps us all (mis)"informed", anxious, scared, confused, distracted and entertained.

      As long as we don't wander too near to finding the truth, they don't care which methods of distration work best, as there are many flavors for many tastes.
      CNN, Fox, Lady Gaga, Save Darfur, Save the Whales,
      whatever turns you on...just keep the little bees busy and unaware of what's really going on inside the "hive" - and outside, in real the world - the one where the truth lives and happens when the tv is turned OFF.

      These globalist criminals embody the purest evil on our planet, and it's time for people to realize this and begin to at LEAST start thinking about what that really means...and what may need to be done about it.

      This decision point is coming for us much sooner than later - and to quote some lyrics from a great band from up there in Penny's Great White North homeland -(beauty, eh??)

      "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

      - Neil Peart, "Freewill"

    3. Keep the bees busy. Good comment.
      While many of us awake people lament those who chose the 'Lady Gaga' option, the fact remains that more and more people are slowly beginning to face reality.....or to attempt to face reality. That is where Huffpost comes in.
      It is the slick sophisticated propaganda of these fake progressive blogs that keep so many well meaning people in the dark. The huffpo kkkensorship department makes sure that lying pigs like Ginsberg are protected from too many truthy comments.

      DemocracyNow, NPR, rawstory, Alternet, The Nation, are all there to keep the people dumb whenever they try to figure things out.
      Figuring out what is really going to happen in Syria next takes many informed opinions and an ability to keep an open mind. This blog continues to help that process along, good for everyone.

    4. Hi Vot!
      Thanks for stopping by here. And leaving a comment
      I understand what you are saying about the simplistic world view, as presented to the main stream masses.

      Facts? Truth? What is that to the manipulators?
      All they care for is what is to be "gained" at all costs, to us.

      "This has been going on for a long time"(referencing what poses as "history")

      Sad isn't it? I don't know what to say to that?
      I just don't know what to say?

    5. Hey Slozo:

      You are always cheeky!! ;)
      That's what I like about you

      "They must only be of very moderate intelligence, but think themselves very sharp and sophisticated, and they further the cause with vigour and false pretense of high morality. Every empire needs many of these tools"

      Good description. I like it.

      "Great write-up on the propaganda piece that masquerades as news"

      Thank You

      "Do you think it's a coincidence that the Olympics will soon start, as will the war?"

      It looks as if that is the way it is playing out.

      And what a war it will be.
      The way it is setting up, it looks as if Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt and Israel/Turkey will be involved for openers.

      I think, as of now, that Israel/Turkey are going to get the whole ball rolling by attacking Syria.

      Israel may even set some gasfields in the Mediterranean on fire as the "Olympic torch" is lit- lots of symbolism at play

      If Israel 'apologizes' to Turkey,(fodder for the masses) for the Mavi Marmara, I will take it as a sign that war is imminent

      As always, I hope to be wrong, I will happily eat crow if this doesn't get as bad as I fear.

    6. LVB: It's a beauty way to go!

      "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

      - Neil Peart, "Freewill"

      Oddly enough, I am not a huge Rush fan, but, that is a good song. I also like "Trees" the song and the real thing

      so far all comments have been great!

      Sums it up nicely.

      That is what they are. "Mafia", on a global scale, with all the politicians in their pockets, able to bend and break laws to their will, and generally remain above the law - since they control it, and the banks, water, food, energy supplies, and last but not least - the globalist mass media psychogical warfare machinery that keeps us all (mis)"informed", anxious, scared, confused, distracted and entertained.

      ...just keep the little bees busy and unaware of what's really going on inside the "hive" - and outside, in real the world - the one where the truth lives and happens when the tv is turned OFF.

      I love that! The little bees busy and distracted.

      "This decision point is coming for us much sooner than later - "

      I am deeply worried about that. It is a crucial time for all of humanity and most are unaware.

    7. AnonymousJuly 21, 2012 8:21 AM

      While many of us awake people lament those who chose the 'Lady Gaga' option, the fact remains that more and more people are slowly beginning to face reality.....or to attempt to face reality.

      I agree, I do think more people are waking up
      It's what keeps me going

    8. That is also what keeps huffpost, rawstory, NPR, The Nation, Alternet, going too.

    9. Anon,

      Good point, if you mean in the sense that they are all false opposition fronts that are in reality just full partners of the global mass media machine?

      Yes, they are that, and always have been, especially in the case of NPR and their video counterpart, PBS, here in the USA.

      All their "grants" have always come from the globalist elite - The Rockefeller Bros. Fund, The Carnegie Endowment for World Government...sorry, I meant "World Peace", etc.

      We can't stop them from being "false truth decoys", but we can make them irrelevant by choosing to not allow them to be a part of our own world - just like CNN has now become a virtual "nothing" in mass media, compared to what it once was. And no one can tell me the reason for that is simply Fox - it is Fox, to a perhaps large degree, yes, but it is ALSO just as big a factor that "regular people" awakened to their lies and globalist elite bias - and have simply refused to allow CNN to be any part of their lives or minds.

      Keep doing this - separating the wheat from the chaff (I could've used much uglier terms for effect lol) -
      and each of us, one by one will win these internal victories that will in turn influence others, and so on viral, even. ;)

      This is probably the ONE thing that can make the super rich and powerful elite tremble in their designer boots...the mass awakening, and its resultant backlash, once they finally figure out what these criminal monsters have been doing - and are still doing TO US!!

      There is nothing more dangerous than the human animal when it is backed into a corner and in fear for its life - even when that "corner" is a mental one.

      Be very afraid, if those times should arrive. I pray to God that they will not, but I also accept by faith His guidance will lead me through them and I will do the best I can, under the circumstances.

      Bottom line (finally LOL!) - the ruling elite have a lot more to worry about than they may realize, in that this parasite-host relationship that they've enjoyed for so long only works when it is either secret (as it is now), or known - and symbiotic.

      When the host realizes it is being killed by the parasite, and that this relationship is not AT ALL symbiotic or mutually beneficial - uhmm, just watch out for that "human animal backed into a corner" thing I mentioned up above.

      It won't be pretty for the vain "enlightened ones", when a few billion "hosts" decide they will no longer tolerate or feed this cruel, elitist cult.

      Welcome to some real, original ideas and food for thought. (This has NOT been brought to you by the globalist mass media, like it or not.) ;)

  3. "Progressive" Journalism's Legacy of Deceit

    By Prof. James F. Tracy
    July 20, 2012 "Information Clearing House" -- Progressive-left media persist in acting as propaganda outlets for the US-NATO destabilization of Syria, thus placating a politically conscious audience that might otherwise be mobilized against acts of imperialism and violence. The historical record suggests how this is not the first time "Progressive publicists" were used to sell a war.
    A recent report in the UK Guardian by Charlie Skelton explains that Western news outlets remain willing victims (or accomplices) in a propaganda campaign for US -NATO led Syrian intervention being carried out by skilled and well-financed public relations practitioners. According to Skelton, “the spokespeople, the ‘experts on Syria’, the ‘democracy activists’ … The people who ‘urge’ and ‘warn’ and ‘call for action’" against the Assad regime are themselves part of a sophisticated and well-heeled public relations effort to allow NATO forces to give Syria the same medicine administered to Libya in 2011. “They're selling the idea of military intervention and regime change,” Skelton reports,
    “and the mainstream news is hungry to buy. Many of the "activists" and spokespeople representing the Syrian opposition are closely (and in many cases financially) interlinked with the US and London – the very people who would be doing the intervening. Which means information and statistics from these sources isn't necessarily pure news – it's a sales pitch, a PR campaign.”[1]
    If one thinks that a revelation of this magnitude would be cause for other major Western news media to reassess their reportage of the Syrian situation they would be greatly mistaken. Amy Goodman's Democracy Now is a case in point. Since the beginning of the “Arab Spring” color revolutions the foremost broadcast venue of “independent” progressive-Left journalism in the United States has used its reportage to obfuscate and thereby advance the campaign for regime change in Egypt, Libya, and now Syria. The tactics of disinformation and death squads employed in Libya and Syria should be easily recognizable since they were refined against popular Central American moves toward popular enfranchisement by the Reagan administration during the 1980s.

    1. Thanks Brian

      " The tactics of disinformation and death squads employed in Libya and Syria should be easily recognizable since they were refined against popular Central American moves toward popular enfranchisement by the Reagan administration during the 1980s."

      I am certain they were soundly condemned at that time, oh but wait, now it is Obomba!! And he smiles so nicely

  4. And just wait until they start using these same tactics here, against all of us....

    1. AnonymousJuly 20, 2012 7:12 PM

      And just wait until they start using these same tactics here, against all of us....

      Sadly, some of those topics are being used against us already, in the West.

      the media manipulation is ongoing, the mind control is always present
      The state sponsored violence is obvious
      Look at the way protestors are "corralled"
      Look at the heavy hand of the state, dressed up as protection.
      It is in our face. It is terror. We refuse to see it.

    2. highly americans show little stomach for mass dissent....the liberty-right are always going on about Big Govt and its repressive nature...yet you never seem them launch a revolution

    3. Quite true, Brian, in one I applaud you there.

      However, those among us with a little more time and experience on earth (more than, say, the relative puppies of the "Occupy movement"), have studied and watched many cycles of protest/crackdown/resolution, also know as action/reaction/solution - and have come to understand all too well how these things are so cleverly created and then manipulated from the top, using the bottom against the MIDDLE = US.

      The age old "pincer attack", if you know your Sun Tzu or military strategy.

      I wholeheartedly agree with many things you say (the ones I've seen anyway), and maybe even vice versa, but in truth, any sort of "revolution" I can think of at this particular point in time - given the abject stupidity and indifference of the masses due to constant, highly-effective psychological warfare via global mass media - would more than likely do nothing more than get a lot of people killed, and serve as a perfect accelerant (like propane on a fire!) to give the NWO / Empire people exactly the crisis they are begging for - and are so ready to "actively manage".

      I don't know the answer yet, but I do know that there will be one - and it's time has not yet come. Let's keep learning and educating each other in the meantime and hopefully this synergy of our minds and efforts will lead to something very significant in the coming days, years...

      Take care and keep up the good comments.

  5. what the FSA is and is not

    the terrorists that attacked the police school in Alleppo..theres nothing like the real thing to cement lessons!

    El Maratous 21 July 06:47
    This was found on an account of one of the NATO agents working to destabilize Syria. Looks like a first hand movie, a rehearsal, on how they'll declare by media that Damascus has fallen and they managed to arrest the president to simulate Green Square moment in Libya, or Tahrir moment in Cairo, and spread chaos in the country, force army brigades to defect or at least fight each other.

    Of course after Al Jazeera Hollywood studios add their touch to make it look more real, and we think they have more clips to use than this.. Be prepared.

    Again we promise they'll fail and they'll fail miserably.

  6. Dylan.johnsons ‏@dylan_johnsons
    Good Imams being kidnapped & killed so only wahabis like this one would stay to fuel hatred & crime. #Aleppo #Syria

  7. what the FSA are and are not

  8. Amnesty and SOHR: buddies in arms:
    'While much attention has been raised on the modus operandi of both groups, international organizations and media outlets quoting the numbers have largely gone unquestioned. Most seem to favor Abulrahman as their source.

    Amnesty International has maintained a long relationship with Rami Abdulrahman. Al-Akhbar understands they have been meeting with him in person for years. “Amnesty International has been receiving information from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a London based non-governmental organization, since its establishment in 2006,” an Amnesty officer said speaking on condition of anonymity. “Over the years the information provided by the Observatory has generally been credible and well researched and founded.”'
    LOL: amnesty, SOHR is not credible at all! nor are u

  9. the syrian army is getting lots of free weapons thanks to the insurgents and their backers: USrael saudi qatar turkey etc
    way to get around arms blocks!

  10. Venezuela Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack in Damascus, Syria
    by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry

    The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Comandante Hugo Chávez, in the name of the Bolivarian government and the Venezuelan people strongly condemns the terrorist attack perpetrated today in the city of Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic, causing more deaths of civilians and high-ranking officials of the Syrian government.

    The Bolivarian government wishes to send its most heartfelt words of condolences to the brave Syrian people, in particular the families and friends of the victims of this new crime, which has been preceded by massacres and attacks that seek to defeat the force under the command of President Bashar Assad, with names such as the "Storming of Damascus" and the "Battle of Damascus" given to this offensive that is aimed to sharpen the conflict imposed on this brother people.

    1. Brian, I don't know how you do this?
      But you do.

  11. I had to laugh reading the excellent Guardian CiF piece by Charlie Skelton - from the paper which is probably producing more fake anti-Assad propaganda than any other source from its perps in Beirut and London. Link here:

    As someone noted, .. I can't believe you got this published in The Guardian of all places, has Rusbridger nodded off? Well done Charlie Skelton! But nobody fingered the perps. Guess the moderators stepped in.

    1. Hey Felix, I wondered where you had gotten to.

    2. Hi Penny,sorry, been busy. Notice that the Guardian immediately put Julian Borger, the Guardian's (losing GBP75 million pa, but no matter, it's a good outlet for propaganda from the security services..) diplomatic editor onto Skelton's case: " A slaughter is under way in Syria, largely carried out by government forces and militias" [no surprise there, Guardian],including an ad-hom attack on Skelton as a "comedy writer.. and olive farmer.." [i.e. not privy to planted stories by MI6 etc etc..]
      Skelton was allowed to answer back in the comments.

    3. RE: this sick joke written by Julian Borger...

      "...the Council of Foreign Relations, which Skelton describes as "a powerful US lobby group". This is a needlessly sinister description of America's most prestigious foreign policy talking shop and research centre, which is fairly centrist and does not push in any particular direction. It has lots of scholars, with widely different views of the world, doing their own things."

      So, this conversation is OVER the instant you see anyone, like this guy "Borger" making this laughable claim that the CFR (of all groups!) is anything but a haven for the globalist ruling elite criminals, and always has been, since its inception in 1921 - thanks to evil creatures such as "Colonel" Edward M. House, Paul Warburg and Walter Lippmann - you know Lippman, he was right there with Pres. Wilson and good old Bernays, "Mr. Propaganda", himself.

      Lippmann saw the purpose of journalism as "intelligence work". Within this role, journalists are a link between policymakers and the public. A journalist seeks facts from policymakers which he then transmits to citizens who form a public opinion.

      It was Lippmann who first identified the tendency of journalists to generalize about other people based on fixed ideas. He argued that people — including journalists — are more apt to believe "the pictures in their heads" than come to judgment by critical thinking.

      Humans condense ideas into symbols, he wrote, and journalism, a force quickly becoming the mass media, is an ineffective method of educating the public. Even if journalists did better jobs of informing the public about important issues, Lippmann believed "the mass of the reading public is not interested in learning and assimilating the results of accurate investigation."

      And since those old days, the CFR torch has now been carried by that "regular guy champion of the people", David Rockefeller, and lots of his pals - Kissinger and Brzezinski, to name just a few.

      Yeah, so let's just be really clear...the CFR is most definitely NOT in any way neutral or "non-partisan", nor is its incentuous twin (or is it cousin??) the RIIA (Royal Inst for Int'l Affairs).

      It is a club that was founded by the ruling elite and exists solely for the purposes OF the ruling elite - which are, doing anything and everything necessary to achieve their goals of a one world government, a one world financial system and the end of all national sovereignty (among other "little" things, of course.)

      Anyone saying otherwise - like you, Mr. Borger - is most definitely LYING, and doing it intentionally.

      But, on the bright side, at least this guy makes it VERY easy to spot him as a shill for the globalist ruling elite, and their beloved "Empire".

  12. Syrian Truth l SANA l Turkish Labor Party Deputy Chairman: We Have Clear Evidence That Turkish President Incited Terrorism and War on Syria

    Jul 20, 2012

    Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Labor Party Hasan Basri Ozbey denounced the position of Turkish President Abdullah Gul who is encouraging terrorists to commit crimes in Syria, saying that the Labor Party will file a complaint against Gul to try him in the Higher Court.

    In a press statement published on Friday, Ozbey said that his party will file a complaint to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Attorney General of the Higher Court to try Gul, affirming that the Labor Party has clear evidence that the latter incited terrorism and war on Syria and signed a secret agreement with the United States, which alone is grounds for trial.

    He said that Gul's statement after the terrorist bombing that targeted the National Security HQ in Damascus was shameful and disgraceful to Turkish citizens, affirming that Gul didn't fulfill his duties and responsibilities as a statesman towards an act of terrorism against the officials of a neighboring countries.

    Ozbey said that Gul encouraged the terrorists by saying that the Syrian government isn't legitimate instead of denouncing the crime, adding that his statements constitute a crime according to the Turkish penal code.

    He went on to note that world media – primary US media – has unveiled the fact the current Turkish government headed by Recep Tayyip Erdogan is among the top governments in terms of organizing terrorist operations in Syria and providing weapons to terrorists in it, all under instructions from the US.

    Ozbey pointed out that Gul himself admitted that the ruling Justice and Development Party signed a secret agreement with former US Secretary of State Colin Powell in April 2, 2003, and that these admissions were printed in Vatan newspaper in May 24, 2004.

    1. I must note that I once again can't get SANA directly. I saw it for one brief period earlier tonight but no other times the last day or so.

      I don't like that we have to rely on Facebook for information. Feels similar to how people were using the Syria Spokesman's unofficial Twitter account for information.

      Twitter and Facebook have been heavily promoted throughout the Arab Spring (as well as Al Jazeera which all of a sudden is watched by people that hated it 5 years ago).

    2. sorry but FB and Twitter are good sources....

    3. It doesn't bother you that American companies, maybe with intelligence connections, and used to promote regime change around the world, is where you're getting information about what the Syrian government is saying?


      But seems like another layer of possible manipulation. The more direct the source the better.

    4. WWM: If you can find a reliable source on twitter or FB it is no worse then coming to blogger for info

    5. I appreciate finding information on FB or twitter.

      My problem is when SANA articles are being reproduced on FB. I'm not blaming Brian or saying he did anything wrong. I was glad to see this story.

      I'm just saying it's another layer of possible manipulation. How do we know they don't change these articles on FB? How do we know the person posting the article is legitimate?

      I'm mostly lamenting that the original source got taken down and I remain ever vigilant against manipulation. Thanks for the links Brian.

    6. just read with discermment..and try to avoid getting paranoid

    7. It's not paranoid Brian.

      A SANA article itself warned of precisely this. Someone faking a SANA article.

      Why are you acting like this?

  13. the FSA/USrael/saudi axis of evil depend on lies fraud murder terror the collusion of weak vapid politicians and the gulibility of people to promote a cause that is insupportable

  14. Hi Penny
    says it all re the thought process without the consequences thought out before hand.

    also some Syrian background of why it was a bad idea to start it in the first place

    and here


    1. Thanks KamNam
      I saw you left me a comment in one of the other post
      I am well, just busy
      Hope this finds you well also

  15. Pls go to thenakedfacts again sis..super urgent!!!!se new posts including west point graduate statement on syria

  16. yes, i can't get SANA either, saw something about it and tried to read it on the site. there is an new article at ICH which references that Charlie Skelton article,(which was excellent, and surprising, as noted).
    also, an update at landdestroyer.

    1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2012 8:31 AM

      thanks, will check that all out eventually.........

  17. Consider the source.

    Marc Ginsberg, former United States ambassador, is president, APCO Worldwide. He is responsible for coordinating the ongoing strategic client relationships and business planning for APCO throughout the Middle East, including Layalina Arab Television Productions, a private, nonprofit Arab language television production company headquartered in Washington, D.C., and Amman, Jordan.

    Ambassador Marc Ginsberg serves as President of Layalina Productions, Inc. He is also CEO and Managing Director of Northstar Equity Group, an affiliate of APCO Worldwide, a global corporate public affairs and communication firm.

    About APCO Worldwide
    Client service not only drives us, it defines us. At APCO Worldwide, we address clients' interests and objectives through communication and public affairs consulting that combines a global perspective with local expertise to understand the issues, events and trends that impact businesses and organizations around the world.

    Global Political Strategies
    An executive service, GPS brings together an international team of experienced diplomats and policy advisors to provide strategic insight and forward-looking counsel to help companies as they expand into new global markets.

    Layalina Productions
    Al-Sa'at (The Hour), a co-production with Al-Arabiya, Middle East Broadcasting Centre's news channel, features insightful investigative news from international datelines critical to the state of relations between the United States and the Arab world.

    Al Arabiya, the name means: "The Arabic One" or "The Arab One" is a Saudi-owned pan-Arabist television news channel broadcast in Literary Arabic. --wiki

    "A highly sought-after consultant to several major network and cable news outlets, as well as Al Jazeerah (Arab satellite TV)"

  18. Second Hezbollah suspect detained in Cyprus today - police not releasing any further details yet.

    Bill Clinton is here, talking about the economy and touring the UN buffer zone on the anniversary of the Turkish invasion - This is like an insult when you think that Kissinger and the US government sanctioned the 'go ahead' for the Turkish 'intervention' back in 1974 as revealed by the papers released in the UK under the 30 year rule policy.


    1. Interesting. That coincides with this:

      Kissinger was working with Israel and Nasser and they created the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

    2. Hey Marie

      Running out of steam here...
      Stay safe where you are at.
      I often think about you..
      That is quite a neighbourhood to be in at this time

      I am still hoping Tozz comes back?
      It seems fighting is bad in Aleppo.
      So Tozz, if you can....
      let us all know what is ongoing?

    3. Wow, Marie! What a honor (pardon my vomit!!!) to have that degenerate, sex/war criminal in your very own nation!!! Yes, and many thanks to the other fat war criminal, Kissinger, for his globalist efforts there in your home - I just mentioned that pig in another comment re: "The Council on Global Governance...oops, I meant "Foreign Relations". Sorry bout that!! ;)

      I would encourage you to stay as far awar from Klinton (and all elitist scum) as you possibly can - who knows what all kinds of venereal diseases must be exuding from those disgusting creatures!! Just keep your distance, Marie, that's all I'm gonna say!! :D

  19. Juniper Banks
    Syrian activist Haitham Karnbeh murder has been adopted by the #FSA, on their own FB pages. #Syria #Damascus #Erbin

  20. I made mention in prior post about the Saudi intel story last week and the rumored connection of Bandar to Syria. This morning, the King is calling for Saudis to passt the hat for the Syrians. But even more important is the alleged capture of a "witness" to the Hariri assassination. You will recall this is at the root of the NATO/UN campaign against Syria pre conflict.

    Once again the Saudi story last week is huge. So the rumors about Bandar being captured in Syria and admitting to playing a part in the Hariri assassination and this week we get a story about a FSA captured witness that is going to finger Assad.

    "Members of the Syrian Free Army have announced the arrest of Husam Taher Husam , a self proclaimed former Syrian intelligence operative, who testified in the investigation of the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Syrian opposition fighters posted a video on the internet allegedly showing Husam surrounded by men with machine guns. The man identified himself as Husam and that he was witness in “the assassination of president martyr Rafik Hariri.” Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has dismissed the tribunal as a U.S.-Israeli conspiracy and vowed that no member of Hezbollah would ever be found or arrested.


    2. What are the Saudi's so worried about? Who is fracturing? Egytp? Yemen? Is this a call against countries rumored to be slipt over Syria tactics (buzz about a Qatar palace shootout with military opposed to the Syria policy?) Who is it that is fracturing from the Saudi/Sunni line?

      Saudi Arabia has called for an extraordinary summit of Muslim leaders to be held next month to address risks of 'sedition' threatening Muslim countries, state news agency SPA reported on Sunday. Saudi King Abdullah has called for 'an extraordinary Islamic solidarity meeting to ensure unity during this delicate time as the Muslim world faces dangers of fragmentation and sedition,' SPA quoted Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal as saying.

  21. Hi Penny and everyone,

    Please check out my new article when you have a chance.

    The first one of you who finds Wald-Obama gets a free nerve gas cluster bomb!!

    1. Thanks LVB, Great stuff, right on the button. BTW, I always refer to the UK regime (of cheats and liars Cameron, Hague & Co, who seem to get the kid glove treatment c.w. Blair) A conservative regime, had it been in power, would have done exactly the same over Iraq and more...but there again they are the "natural" party of regime in the UK, whereas Labour is not.

  22. FREE SYRIAN ARMY WORK FOR ZIONIST HARIRI...FSA captures a key false witness in Hariri murder

    Syrian refugees are fearing rebels, not Assad!


    Turkish truck drivers accuse rebel fighters of looting

    Turkish police fired tear gas on stone-throwing Syrian refugees who were protesting

    UK special forces train Syria’s armed rebels



  25. Ali, we are not siding or anti-Israel, or pro Iran; we are just fact finding and looking at both sides of the coin. This does not make Assad good, or right wrongs - but we will concur that injustice and a Western agenda is in play, nothing new; just geopolitics, as in Libya; that was very wrong, and why Mali is in conflict (Over-spill. That is the way the cookie crumbles, not much we can do about it, other than promote the truth or at least seek the truth. One thing that does piss me off is ranting, more so with capitals. If you would like to give a balanced view, please do, but stop spewing pure hate, likewise give facts not just links, we can all Google, and if one looks hard enough one can always find 'what they want'; this is the difference we are looking for truth and what's in the smoke screens.

  26. Amusing Post-script on Charlie Skelton, via the allegedly satirical UK magazine Private Eye, which has completely fallen for the Libyan / Syrian lie hook line and sinker, and keeps getting in digs on "repressive regimes" etc etc Worth reproducing:
    Civil war broke out at the Guardian last week over a feature on Syria written by Charlie Skelton ....suggesting that media coverage of the Syrian uprising was being orchestrated by a shadowy cabal of schemers from the Bilderberg Group and "the western intelligence/banking establishment" [Private Eye seems not interested in the flood of Libyan fighers into Syria..] Gruaniad (sic) hacks who have actually covered the Middle East [yes, and how we know the "coverage"!] Julian Borger, Brian Whitaker, Ian Black - were furious to see their own paper's Comment is Free (CiF) site effectively rubbishing them as tools of a US neo-con conspiracy [aka unmasking!] Borger wrote an indignant rebuttal for CiF and on Thursday editor Alan Rusbridger chaired a meeting at which staff from the foreign desk wiped the floor with CiF editor Becky Gardiner. [pity poor Becky - best to get away from all those near spooks...]
    Not that it seems to have discouraged here...
    [follows criticism of piece on North Korea which doesn't chime with the narrow mindset of the above Foreign editors..] So much for Rubbisher's (sic) dream of having his beloved website regarded [by whom??] as the global home of serious journalism... [had to laugh there!]