Monday, August 27, 2012

France to Syrian rebels "Form a transitional government & we'll recognize it!

 With an attack to follow? Likely and I will explain.


France. France. France.
Calls for a no fly zone. Aiding in destroying Syria. The new boss that’s the same as the old boss.
Sarkozy./Hollande?  Hollande/ Sarkozy? Can you see a difference?

The name may have changed, like Square Shreddies to “Diamond Shreddies”, but the product stayed the same. (You can apparently once again purchase "original" Shreddies?)
Talk about your marketing scam?
Marketing reference done for now, but, keep in mind everything is about selling you some thing

Holland “the new/old boss” of France has suggested the rebels form a “provisional government” for Syria and France will quickly recognize it. Quoting verbatim as reported here

“Hollande also said France was ready to recognize a provisional Syrian government once it was formed and urged rebels to establish one as soon as possible.

Calling for an "intensification of efforts for the political transition to take place quickly," Hollande urged the Syrian opposition to form a "provisional, inclusive and representative" government.

"France will recognize the provisional government of the new Syria as soon as it is formed," he said.
A bunch of hired killers can form a "transitional government" and France will jump on that killing machine!

Wait a minute.  Whoa! Where has that exact action played out previously? Oh, ya. Libya!
Most recently that is, but, this is a much older  sick twisted game then that.
After reading the RT piece here,  I had a flashback, to a couple posts, if you have the time to read them here and here and here

It’s not necessary, really, but if you want to understand just how the tactic of provisional government formation and invasion works, understand by reading up on how it has been done and for how long this method has been employed.

Hollande’s call for the rebels to form a “transitional government” is interesting for a couple of reasons

1st: Turkey had already undertook that with the formation of the SNC. A group of NATO lackies
who could never manage to “get it together”. I have covered that previously so I won’t bore you all, yet  again. However...... if France is urging the formation of a “transitional government”???
Does this suggest the SNC is being rejected?
Or is this simply an attempt to  rebrand the tarnished SNC? (See “diamond” shreddies analogy)

2nd: Is this call for formation of a “transitional government” suggesting that  military intervention is on the horizon?
Does this suggest a change in tactic with more direct NATO involvement?
Such as a so called coalition of the willing being formed? Without UN approval?
A  transitional government was formed in Libya prior to the NATO attack.
Then “elections” took place and it has been hell on earth since.

Ditto for Somalia. Gone from calm and working towards unification to transitional government (internationally approved, of course) to attack by proxy via Ethiopia and then “elections” with the right western leadership winning.
No wonder I am prone to flashbacks-hehehe ;)

Finishing up with the situation in Syria.

If the rebels can actually form a transitional government, I would expect that invasion on some pretext, most likely the use of “chemical weapons”  will be just around the corner.

To quote Hollande, who bolsters the narrative creation of “red lines” drawn by Obama last week

French President Francois Hollande warned Monday that the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime would be a legitimate reason for a foreign intervention.

"We with our allies (we) remain very watchful to prevent the use of chemical weapons by the regime, which would be for the international community a legitimate cause for direct intervention,"
Bolstering the narrative as mentioned by the NYT's-

The French leader also reiterated a warning made by President Obama a week ago, seconded a few days later by Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, that that military intervention could be justified if the Syrian government used unconventional weapons or moved them in a threatening fashion.
That's called  reinforcing the propaganda, to "catapult it" Bushism

Could this rumour, of a planned massacre be connected? From Friends of Syria

News spreading around the terrorist sites, is that they are planning another massacre in the next few days, to blame on the government.

US decries death of 300 in Syria this weekend; not backing French call for opposition gov't

 The US plays "good cop" to France's "bad cop"

 The Obama administration expressed opposition at French President Francoise Hollande's call for the Syrian opposition to quickly form a provisional government, saying it was premature when the opponents to Syrian President Bashar Assad are still so fractured.

Because the US "cares" that the opposition is fractured (facetious) As if France would make the transitional government call without US approval? Does anyone really believe it?

France confirms it is working to establish buffer zone within Syria

France has confirmed that Western states were working with Turkey to establish buffer zones within Syria 

“We are working … [on] the initiative of buffer zones proposed by Turkey,” Mr Hollande said. “We are doing so in co-ordination with our closest partners.” 

That  quoted statement from Hollande would indicate the US, despite claims to the otherwise, is fully on board, which is not a surprise or should not be.

And this spin  about the  massive influx of refugees "overwhelming"  Turkey???

I had a news story in a previous post indicating Turkey had closed the border to refugees.

Close to 10,000 refugees wait in Syria as Turkey builds more camps, tightens security checks

Turkey is building more camps for fighters, just like they always have. If they have tightened security checks, this indicates Turkey is only letting the fighters through.

 "Some 10,000 Syrian refugees are waiting on the Syrian side of the border....."

"Turkey was also carrying out more stringent security checks on the refugees"
From the Telegraph article regarding refugees...

Thousands of refugees massed in makeshift accommodation on the Syrian side of the Turkish border yesterday as Anakara sealed its crossings, claiming its camps were full.  

If the lying/whore/NATO media is reporting10,000 Syrians are on the borders in Syria, you can bet the numbers are vastly higher. Likely even 10 fold. This also verifies the news I reported on more then a week ago that Turkey closed the border to refugees. You can find that news here August 16/2012

On July 25, a Turkish official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Ankara would close Turkey’s border crossings with Syria until further notice. 

This info looks to be correct and indicates there have been no refugees coming into Turkey for a month now!!!


  1. what this means is that if any group no matter how odious forms a'transitional govt' in can be recognised by govts elsewhere

    what happened to democracy, Hollande? is this the meaning of 'socialism'?
    Look what democracy drags into power in france

    1. that's exactly what it means brian and the more odious the better

      NATO wants Syria in a mess. Same as Libya. Same as Somalia
      NATO wants this chaos

      Hollande "won" to deliver the tough medicine

    2. does noone notice how 'democracies' and their elections keep delivering countries and their militries into the hand of sociopaths?

  2. Hollande urged the Syrian opposition to form a "provisional, inclusive and representative" government.
    What on earth can 'inclusive and representative' possibly mean in this context? Wahabi, Salafi, Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood?

    Two more videos that expose the lies of Al Jazeera and allies, and both with downloadable subtitles:
    Darayya: Tens of Foreign Fighters Bodies Burned & Local FSA Terrorists Killed Posed As Civilians
    Syria - Al Jazeera supports the killing of innocent Syrians | Misleading Media

    1. "What on earth can 'inclusive and representative' possibly mean in this context? Wahabi, Salafi, Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood?"

      Yup, a government of NATO backed merc/terrorists
      just like in Libya

      Thanks for the links

  3. This is exactly what happened in Kosovo, and it is probably now thought of as a legitimate precedent by the psychopaths who run NATO, the UN and all govts of the Empire. Don't be too surprised if they even bring that up soon as their justification.

    The terrorist murderers of the KLA and Albanian organized crime gangs (one and the same thing) and their leaders were given top positions in the new and false "government" of Kosovo as their reward for being the CIA's proxy terrorist army - which was of course immediately recognized by Clinton, Albright, Blair (since they ordered it) and then eventually Bush in 2008, just to make it "official".

    This includes Hashim Thaci and Agim Çeku, both of whom are well known to have ordered and/or committed mass murder and crimes against humanity - including Ceku's role as an officer in the Croatian army during the largest ethnic cleansing of the entire war in the Krajina region (Operaton Storm), which involved the mass murder and mutilations of several hundred innocent civilians and more than 200,000 permanently driven out of their ancestral homes, for no other reason than being Serbian.

    This was witnessed directly by Canada's Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry soldiers deployed as UN peacekeepers - who violated their orders (to stand by and watch the murders and atrocities), risking their lives to try and defend innocent Serbian civilians being bombed, shelled and burned in villages by Croatian forces - who knew very well that the UN was watching but went right ahead with their atrocities - they had obviously been given the "ok" from Clinton and the Empire to do their worst, civilians or not.

    For anyone who still has any shreds of belief in the US (or any western govt) as fighting to protect innocent civilians or human rights in Syria or anywhere else, these facts alone should be more than enough for overwhelming cognitive dissonance. The truth is very painful to realize sometimes, and these ARE facts.

    This has only continued and worsened with now Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and now Syria. After this many times, there is zero doubt that it could possibly be accidental - just look at the pattern and it is undeniable that the US govt is absolutely, positively financing, arming, training and ordering terrorists to commit mass murder and crimes against humanity around the world.

    It is such a horrible truth to face, but it IS the truth.

    1. Hi LVB and thanks for the at response

      It is the truth and we need to face it.

      "it is undeniable that the US govt is absolutely, positively financing, arming, training and ordering terrorists to commit mass murder and crimes against humanity around the world."

  4. I have added several updates to this post, some need to know news on Syria

  5. The independent radio news that I listen to, along with British Forces radio have had some of the worst prop. news today. Some woman speaking out of London on behalf of Syria, who sounds about 12 years old, saying 'the regime is on its last legs'...and statements like that... It's relentless!

    1. Thanks Marie for the updates :)
      Anytime you hear something pertinent in your neck of the woods, and have time please share

  6. This statements is all for preparation of the Sixty-seventh session of the United Nations General Assembly starting from the 18 September. What I think they are trying to do is to have a parallel Syrian government Representative, hence the high pressure put to try and seize the Latakia Province (at Aleppo), the hub of desert religions. It will be a very volatile meeting, might see a realignment of the UN. Between now and 18 September many attempts will take place to get at least a small territory.

    1. " It will be a very volatile meeting, might see a realignment of the UN"

      I am hoping not

  7. Now who are these people that French government is telling them to from a new government..?
    Where they elected by the Syrian people? !!
    When was the last time these so called leaders they lived in Syria?
    Who is currently paying their salaries and travel expenses?
    Is this really democracy to pick anybody and say to Syrians:
    " Hay, here is a leader we have got for you backed by foreign mercenaries rebels to be intalled like what happened in Libya".
    On what basis does France want to recognize such a government, which most Syrians don't even know its leaders who didn't even live in Syria for decades and who have loyalty for sure to whoever installs them?
    One would think that after Sarkozy lost the last French elections, France will stop its war monegring, but its apparent that Hollande is just as bad as Sarkozy if not more.

    1. "Is this really democracy to pick anybody and say to Syrians:
      " Hay, here is a leader we have got for you backed by foreign mercenaries rebels to be intalled like what happened in Libya".

      Doesn't sound like democracy or freedom either
      Hollande is as bad as Sarkozy