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Syria and much more.

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Webster Tarpley on Syria

Webster Tarpley décortique la tentative de... by hussardelamort

This video is going to set the parameters of the post

He addresses the television takeover in Syria. I had a post way back on this, so we aren't going back there. It has been done previously. It should not be a surprise that NATO would engage in this again.

Lets go back to July 18 and the attack on Assad's palace. A comment in yesterdays post, to which I briefly responded, made me think I should expand on it.

" I saw the hit on the palace as a strike by the West. An attempted assassination"

That said, I am in agreement with Webster's assessment regarding the attack on the palace in Damascus. It would seem to me it was a drone strike or something along that line. There were conflicting reports regarding just how the attack went down.

Good read here: As Smoke Clears In Syria, Confusion Abounds About Attack

"Media reports from the region initially called the explosion that killed Assad's defense minister and brother-in-law the work of a suicide bomber. Later reports claimed a bodyguard wearing a suicide vest was responsible. But after Syrian state media outlets ceased referring to the strike as a suicide bombing, it suddenly became unclear just what killed the senior officials."

"Marina Ottaway of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, says the strike has all the hallmarks of an inside job."

Marina tells us what we are supposed to believe.

Recall on July 16/17th the release, out of the blue, of a grotesque video showing the corpse of Gadaffi being abused by the NATO terrorists in Libya .The terrorists that are present in Syria at this time.

It was not a coincidence that this video was uploaded to YouTube for the western mainstream media to promote just prior to an attack on the Damascus palace.

A YouTube upload purporting to show new footage from after Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi's violent death last October has surfaced, allegedly providing a clearer view of the late dictator's bloodied body.

Activist Sami al-Hamwi (@HamaEcho) tweeted a link to the video, remarking that someone should show the footage to Syrian president Bashar Assad as a reminder of what befell another Middle East dictator.

It was a threat.

Let's look at Saudi Arabia-

There seems to be, in my opinion, a knowledgeable commenter who has made mention of happenings in Saudi Arabia. You can find those comments in the previous post- One below
Honestly, I don't know enough about Saudi Arabia, sure they have funded and armed the rebels in Syria.
Internally, it doesn't appear as if all is well.
I found this video it is brief and provides a bit of background. Is there some division in the Saudi kingdom? It seems possible. How does the reported death of Bandar fit into all of this? Damned if I know. Will this quick rundown shed some light? Damned if I know!                         

 Note to commenter: I did look into the Sudairi 7
Feel free to jump back into the comments section with some insights
The more I learn, the less I know! 

  Was Prince Bandar "Bush," 63, son of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz (perennial Saudi Defense Minister,1963-2001), semi-perennial ambassador to Washington (1983-2005), and secretive jihad financier, killed by a Syrian intelligence death squad?"

I doubt it. 
 Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud may have pulled off operation "Damascus Volcano" on July 18. He was definitely promoted to head of Saudi intelligence on July 19. And he might have been killed in a bomb attack on the Saudi General Intelligence HQ in Riyadh on July 22. 

And you can read the rest at the link..

Getting up to the latest news today-
What's this, Turkey and the Kurds speak as one?

" Turkey and Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region have warned that they will consider any violent group that abuses a Syrian power vacuum a "common threat", in a reference to Kurdish rebels in Syria.
"The new Syria should be free of any terrorist and extremist group or organisation," Turkey's foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani said in a rare joint statement released late Wednesday.

The statement comes after the pair held talks in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil over the situation in Syria and reports that some parts of the country had fallen to the Kurdish rebels.
"Any attempt to exploit the power vacuum by any violent group or organisation will be considered as a common threat," said Barzani and Davutoglu in their joint statement"


How convenient. When both groups will gain from the ruin of Syria.

Also interesting : Syrian rebels receive missiles via Turkey

Rebels fighting to depose Syrian president Bashar al-Assad have for the first time acquired a small supply of surface-to-air missiles.

NBC News reported July 31 night that the rebel Free Syrian Army had obtained nearly two dozen of the weapons, which were delivered to them via neighboring Turkey
Indications are that the U.S. government, which has said it opposes arming the rebels, is not responsible for the delivery of the missiles.
I just wonder if these specific rebels are PKK? Just a thought.   Might it have been Israel that delivered them via Turkey? The PKK and Israel have some connections..

More backgroundUS Campaign against Syria years in the making

Oh, sorry, one more: Kofi Annan is stepping down as the oxymoronically named "peace envoy"
 Frustrated by the seemingly intractable Syrian conflict, Kofi Annan announced his resignation on Thursday as the special peace envoy of the United Nations and the Arab League, throwing new doubts on whether a diplomatic solution is possible.
In an announcement tinged with bitterness and regret, Mr. Annan said he could no longer do the job, blaming his decision on what he described as Syrian government intransigence, increasing militance by Syrian rebels and the failure of a divided Security Council to rally forcefully behind his efforts.

He should have been called the ringleader!!!
Thats it. Done.


    Turkish Yurt Newspaper underlined with documented proofs that the Turkish intelligence is involved in carrying out terrorist attacks in Syria, revealing that the camps set up by the Turkish government on the borders became havens for the terrorist groups which perpetrate massacres against the Syrians
    BBC and the Guardian's fake defection story


    1. I love how the BBC and the Guardian are accusing Syria of doing exactly what they're doing--creating fake stories.

      Now this fake story about Syria creating fake stories will be mixed up with the true story about reporters from Al Jazeera resigning over fake stories. And let's not forget CNN and Al Jazeera reporters were accompanying/helping terrorists on missions.


  3. There was a curious article today talking about July being the most deadly month in Iraq. When taken in context of the ongoing Kurdish oil deals with the western majors (see France's Total whcih follows the Chevron deal - links below) - who incidentally are showing restraint in pursuing such ventures in the South China Sea at the behest of the Philippines - it would seem to fit nicely with the escalating tensions with the various axis.

    Now even the the Russians are flouting Maliki's Baghdad...

    It was the US that pulled out early form Iraq if you recall. When they did it was widely speculated they were shifting troops to the northern corner of Jordan - maybe they are still working that defected jet.

    "U.S. Republicans criticized the pullout from Iraq, arguing that this could leave the country prey to arch-foe Iran. [clip] The United States is also concerned about growing Iranian soft-power in Iraq. Cheap Iranian goods have flooded Iraqi markets and Iranian companies have invested billions of dollars in construction projects in Iraq, including in the holly cities of Najaf and Karbala, home to some of the holiest Shi’a shrines."

    Taken together, the escalating autonomy of the Kurds especially in view of the tactics in Syria would foretell a final partition - recall the Sunni VP went to Kurdistan after being accused of organizing death squads.

    Of course you have seen this a gazillion times but it looks to bbe either prophetic or a roadmap. Ergo, while Syria boils and the China power transition echoes in the backdrop, watch Pakistan for another early pullout...Specifically Baluch and one Imran Khan

    In the meantime, US blaming Russia once again.

    “Annan's resignation highlights the failure at the United Nations Security Council of Russia and China to support resolutions -- meaningful resolutions against Assad that would have held Assad accountable for his failure to abide by his commitments under the Annan plan,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said."

    More riots in Egypt

    But the IMF is about to rescue them..
    "An IMF deal would help Egypt stave off a budget and balance of payments crisis and add credibility to economic reforms needed to restore the confidence of investors who fled the country after a popular uprising last year."

    The same IMF deal that Mursi said was unacceptable..

  4. '20% of all Turkish generals are currently in jail for allegedly preparing a coup. Those 68 prisoners, three times as many as allegedly defected from the Syrian forces, are some of the most experienced Turkish soldiers'

    Turkish Army Off Its Tracks
    The Turkish army is training near the Syrian border for a second day. From the picture in the report its is evident that it needs more training, especially in tank maintenance and driving.
    That old M-60A3 tank has thrown off its right track. That happens when the tank commander and driver are inexperienced, do not perform regular maintenance or misjudge the terrain. If the tension of the track is not well adjusted, turning too fast on uneven ground tends to throw the track off. It will take at least half a day and another tank to get this one back on its tracks.
    Twenty percent of all Turkish generals are currently in jail for allegedly preparing a coup. Those 68 prisoners, three times as many as allegedly defected from the Syrian forces, are some of the most experienced Turkish soldiers. They should be publicly listened to before Erdogan sends the Turkish army into Syria and thereby off its tracks.
    Posted by b on August 2, 2012 at 11:14 AM | Permalink

  5. Christians Flee from Radical Rebels in Syria

    By Ulrike Putz in Qa, Lebanon

    Thousands of Syrians are fleeing into neighboring Lebanon -- not entirely due to fear of the Assad regime. The country's minority Christian population is suffering under attacks waged by rebel troops. In the Beqaa Valley in eastern Lebanon, Christian families are finding temporary refuge, but they are still terrified.

    There had been many warnings that the Khouri* family wouldn't talk. "They won't say a word -- they're too scared," predicted the mayor of Qa, a small market town in northeastern Lebanon where the Khouris are staying. "They won't even open their door for journalists," said another person, who had contacted the family on behalf of a non-governmental organization.

    Somehow, though, the interview was arranged in the end. Reserved and halting, the women described what happened to their husbands, brothers and nephews back in their hometown of Qusayr in Syria. They were killed by Syrian rebel fighters, the women said -- murdered because they were Christians, people who in the eyes of radical Islamist freedom fighters have no place in the new Syria.
    In the past year and a half, since the beginning of the uprising against Syria's authoritarian President Bashar Assad, hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled their homes and sought safe haven abroad. Inside the country, the United Nations estimates that 1 million people have left their homes to escape violence and are now internally displaced. The majority are likely to have fled to escape the brutality of Assad's troops. Indeed, as was the case at the start of the Syrian civil war, most of the violence is still being perpetrated by the army, the secret services and groups of thugs steered by the state.....

  6. the spiegel article is still woeful journalism with its:
    'The majority are likely to have fled to escape the brutality of Assad's troops. Indeed, as was the case at the start of the Syrian civil war, most of the violence is still being perpetrated by the army, the secret services and groups of thugs steered by the state.'

    likely? You mean the journo doesnt know for sure?!

  7. I have laughed with irony today after hearing on the news how the rebels took 'revenge' on the Shabiha unarmed killers by shooting them on video - the reporter also said 'Let's not forget that these people are taking revenge with these kinds of atrocities, and that these unarmed shabiha killers are deserters of the Assad Regime' - In other words - We accept this massacre and it's ok because they are really regime soldiers!

    No wonder Annan quit - they probably told him 'This is it, we are going for a strike!' He doesn't want to be part of it...I don't blame him!

    Today, for the first time, I've seen Police walking around with their machine guns over their shoulders just casually stolling around the city in their summer uniforms... Visible presence for whatever reason! ;-)


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  10. Hey Penny,

    Good post. I like the Webster Tarpley video and the discussion about fake news and the speculation about a drone missile attack (what about a drone attack without the missile? Say a small drone that can be flown through a window, flown into the room where the head honchos were meeting, and then blown up remotely? We saw the Russian arms dude on Youtube [who isn't really Russian] show us the futuristic prototype of this type of weapon)

    And a pat on the back for you b/c you were one of the few to note the danger of fake news being presented to Syrians . . . so Tarpley should have mentioned you and the few other bloggers on this beat, in addition to Meyssan and himself. I think he does mention it but he does give credit to the Syrians for organizing counter measures. I get the sense their society is more cohesive than say Iraq before the war there.

  11. hey sister..make sure u see the two links above these.. MUST SEE!!! Treasonous syrian umbrella groups meet with neocons and zionsts,to dicuss Syrias way foward!(REGIME CHANGE) POMED Notes – “Syria: A Way Forward” FOR ISRAHELLS SAKE ,NEOCONS,ZIONISTS,WARMONGERS,MEET TO CONSPIRE AGAINST SYRIA,PROMOTING REGIME CHANGE... BOTH ALREADY WENT UP AY SHOA NEWS SITE..WINK

    P.S. ill be doing interview at the OUT OF U.K. ON august 17 on syria. FRIDAY NIGTH 9PM cant wait,i am going to unload hehehe,getting my archives,files ,documentation prepared..ill mention you of course and both our sites..take care sweetie..make sure u see thsoe two links i just left..umbrella groups of syrian organizations meeting with zionists,neocons,plotting..hugsss

  12. We the undersigned express our deep condemnation of the unprofessional news, which does not meet the minimum ethics of Human Rights or honorable media activities that Mr. Osama Suleiman (Rami Abdul-Rahman) has beenpublishing about the Syrian Revolution for the following reasons:
    First: when he equals the executioner and the victim: through propagating false claims about imaginary numbers of the security and army elements killed, and that are stated only by Mr. Osama Suleiman (Rami Abdul-Rahman) who does not rely on any documentation of the numbers he gives.
    Second: provoking sectarian tensions: especially in the areas where different sects live together by pretending that the crimes of the security forces are just sectarian fighting, the thing that is not true. Such behaviour of Mr. Osama does participate in generating certain reactions that do not serve but the regime in this sensitive stage of the national uprising longing for freedom in Syria.
    Third: questioning the credibility of all Syrian commissions, committees, and figures interested in documenting the crimes committed by the Syrian regime:that is through questioning and unjustifiably attacking all other commissions and committees and stigmatizing their credibility and reports in an attempt to show that he is the only trusted source of information about the Syrian Revolution, despite of the fact that he has never supported any of the reports he issued since the eruption of the Revolution with the number of victims with their names or places in which they were killed; whereas, all other commissions and committee do this.
    Accordingly, we call for the necessity to stop all direct or indirect kinds of dealing with Mr. Osama Ali Suleiman (Rami Abdul-Rahman) as it may have a negative role in distorting the facts and the real situation in Syria, which might lead to elongating the sufferings of Syrians and deviating their struggle for freedom, and do badly for the efforts of thousands of pro-revolution activists, regardless of their ideological, racial or religious backgrounds, who have been working hardly as unknown volunteers in supportive for the great Syrian people and their human rights.
    Damascus, January 4th, 2012.
    Signatories (in alphabetical order in Arabic):
    - Dr. Ibrahim Al-Mari (Director of the Barada TV channel).

  13. this is very interesting
    'Let's remember that we complained earlier many times from Reuters manipulating and fabricating the news about Syria especially after the Syrian state TV caught their Jordanian reporter Khaled Oweis, head of Syrian branch of Reuters Thompson, red-handed manipulating a video report from Daraa's National Hospital at the very first days of the riots there, this video report was immediately recycled by all news agencies about a wounded soldier faintly telling how he was shot at from the side of the protesters and the Reuters reporter was putting words in his mouth like: You are saying your officer shot at you because you refused to shoot at the peaceful protesters?! Again the wounded soldier would faintly but grasp his powers to repeat: No sir, we were shot at from the protesters side and we're unarmed, the Reuters Oweis guy repeats: But why would your officer give such an order then shoot his own soldiers? Was he from your same army unit or security or was he from Shabeeha?!! Of course when the Syrian state TV whom were there and caught this entire interview on their own camera with clear voice unlike how Reuters reporter made the soldier's voice even fainter, the authorities arrested the Reuters team then deported them after a couple of days to Jordan and immediately issued an order to ban all foreign media from the country to 'preserve the truth from being twisted'..'

    cause and effect!

  14. SYRIA: List of Mercenaries in Syria - Photo, Name, Country & more Information