Friday, September 21, 2012

Dershowitz & Ross "Obama has Israel's back" Was that ever in doubt?

Freethinker left a couple of links in the comment section If you missed them here they are with comment
"How naïve do you have to be to believe for a moment that President Obama would risk upsetting the lobby in an election year?! He's more likely to get pregnant.

No, what we are dealing with is an elaborate scam to fool the world into believing that the United States won't be part of an Israeli attack on Iran. While in the past I always discounted the likelihood of such an attack, I am now less convinced. The fact that Obama is risking upsetting Satan's little helpers so close to the presidential elections is a strong indication that he's planned an attack before the ballot. Once the war is in full motion, all the Jewish voters and media who previously got fooled by his 'fall-out' with Netanyahu over the Iran war issue, will be reassured that no-one beats him at putting 'Israel first.'"

Hmm, a recycling of the fake Turkey-Israel fallout?  "

 Despite the  theatrics presented lately via the media of  the "conflict" between Israel and the US. 
Or Netanyahu and Obama. There is no conflict. 

Dennis Ross
Dennis Ross and Alan Dershowitz, high-profile supporters of both Israel and US President Barack Obama, told The Jerusalem Post Thursday they were confident the president would support Israel should it attack Iran in a last-ditch effort to stop a nuclear bomb, and that Obama would attack Iran himself if necessary.

“The US as its (Israel) one true ally in the world needs to be there and will be there. I have no doubt of that, regardless of who’s president,” Ross said.

Dershowitz echoed that, based on his own conversations with Obama. He said that while “the administration can do and say a little more” so that Iran understood it won’t be allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon, he trusted that Obama would take military action if it became necessary.

Of course Alan Dershowitz "trusted" that Obama would take military action- He, with his one vote and untold lobby money has the President's ear and attention "based on his own conversations with Obama"

And Dershowitz stressed that he was “absolutely” certain the US would support Israel if, as a last resort, it undertook an attack on its own.

Despite some of his criticisms in the past, Dershowitz said as of now, he planned to vote for Obama in November.

Mr Dershowitz is going to vote for Obama in November. How nice.

My only quibble with the dissident movement piece is the theatre is not directed at the US non participation in an attack. What the script writers want us to believe is that the US will not participate in a first strike on Iran. Which is nonsense. They will participate and will give all manner of support. As is happening right now. The active participation will be presented as necessity after the fact. Which will be a lie. The US is now a present and active participant, they have been a past active  participant and will be a very active participant when Israel launches it's strike on Iran. Likely the most active participant.

 Of course the featured picture  @ PBS is the sacrificial lamb, the USS Enterprise

Related:  As Israel's Threat to Bomb Iran Looms, U.S. Vows to Keep Aircraft Carrier Strike Group in Persian Gulf 

"The U.S. Navy is vowing to keep commercial sea lanes open in the international waters off Iran, despite a view among a small number of critics that Washington’s military muscle may inadvertently (intentionally) stoke tensions with Tehran"

Israel has threatened to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities

That's right boys and girls Israel is threatening to attack and all the big guns are present and ready to back that country up.

But wait. There is more. 
For how long have the US and Israel been conspiring against Iran? 
- Cyberwar on Iran more widespread than first thought, say researchers?
 -Could US be behind Iran power line blasts?  'In recent years, the West’s stealth war on the disputed atom program has been waged through industrial explosions, cyber viruses and targeted killings, but the recent blasts could mark the first time that Iran's civilian infrastructure is targeted.
Just for a laugh- Deputy FM: Israel doesn't meddle in internal US politics


  1. A carrier should be kept out of range of land based SSM's, mines and short ranged and slow diesel electric subs; over the horizon and with space to drive against the wind to launch aircraft.. unless they are sacrifical lamb. If Iran sinks a US carrier they will get nuked IMHO..

  2. Obama trying to hold off economic and political tsunamis, but the water is rising, fast.

    More Sinai attacks yesterday setting up the southern corridor.
    IDF soldier killed by terrorists

    Plus there is some interesting details in the release about the next head of Egypt Intelligence. He was "central" to the Schalit deal (Mossad intermediary).

    "Mohammed Raafat Abdel-Wahed was key in the Cairo-mediated deal between Hamas and Israel that led to the freeing of Gilad Schalit in 2011 in exchange for more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners. His appointment was reported by the Middle East News Agency"

    It was widely reported that Suliemon was very close to the Mossad, in fatc the go between. AANGIRFAN has a post up yest discussing his death and that of Nayef (much discussed Saudi again). Your link on Cyber war is curious insofar as no mention of the Aramco and Qatar attacks (Blue on blue attack?). The oil markets are at the center of the US reflation experiment and the petrodollar complex which leads back to Saudi swing capacity. Who launched the attack on Aramco? Was it a threat or a warning? Q the article on how it looks like the virus hitting Iran and the US footprint on recent discoveries. Reminiscent of the SLBM launch off the coast of Saudi back in 2010. That was a joint exercise? Test or warning?

    "Reports have emerged that the United States may have tested a Trident submarine-launched ballistic missile in the Persian Gulf during recent joint military exercises with Saudi Arabia."

    1. Another curious article coming out yesterday suggesting Pakistan Govt sanctioned the proliferation of weapons. The Pakistan program as is widely known was a Saudi proxy. Khan allegedly said it was the Pakistan government that sanctioned the sales? But what of the BCCI links? The NHK (the article is no longer accessible?)

      "Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan says he sold nuclear technology to other countries at the order of Pakistan's government. Kahn made the remark in a speech before judicial professionals outside the capital Islamabad on Tuesday. Khan was at the center of a nuclear proliferation network that is said to have sold nuclear technology to countries including North Korea and Iran. Khan said it was he who established Pakistan's nuclear program, but that he did not sell the technology to other countries at his own discretion. He said he was ordered to do so by the government."

      But what about the BCCI links?

      "Many of the B.C.C.I.-brokered arms deals are perfectly legal, involving shipments of conventional weapons -- rocket launchers, tanks and even sophisticated jet fighters such as the Mirage 2000. But many more are not. Moreover, government sources, former B.C.C.I. bankers, and arms merchants doing business through B.C.C.I. have described the bank's more sinister role in providing nuclear-weapons technology for Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and Libya -- nations widely believed to be pursuing development of the so-called Islamic bomb to counter the nuclear force they assume Israel possesses. According to these sources, B.C.C.I. has also been busy providing Pakistan and other customers throughout the Middle East with the capacity to deliver such weapons.

      Read more:,9171,157768,00.html#ixzz277jsMksP

      Azerbaijan (another possible Israeli route) had a big military exercise as well.....

      And just as a reminder of the Israeli role in the Georgia war,
      Israeli flag raised on Mt. Kazbek

      Top it all off Russia throws out USAID

  3. The Khan article is nowhere to be found but for one link. No link back to the NHK article? dead link. Scrubbed?

    Khan Chronology

    1. Apparently Khan trying to run for office now...

      "Pakistan's government says Khan is not allowed to meet with foreigners, and he declined a recorded interview with NPR. Zaman says Khan started his political movement because terrorism, corruption and a dysfunctional political system are fueling turmoil in Pakistan Some of Khan's recent statements have been extreme. In one of his first political speeches, Khan called former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf a traitor for dealing with the U.S. He said Musharraf may be executed and his body dragged through the streets. Khan has also tried to deflect blame for transferring nuclear secrets to Iran and North Korea, saying he was just following orders from former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto."

      The Bhutto Murder still unsolved, but for the AQ link allegations.


    2. Here is an aninteresting twist:
      Spy device disguised as rock blown up near Iran nuclear site -

      And this from 2006...

      Russian state TV had shown footage of a fake "rock" left in a Moscow street and allegedly used by British agents to plant a transmitter. Data from the rock was then supposedly downloaded on to a palm-top computer. The method is similar to one used in a David Attenborough wildlife programme to hide a tiny camera inside artificial elephant dung.

    3. Libya and the NYT...

      New York Times daily came out with interesting revelations about the details of the attack against the US mission in Benghazi, Libya. The American officials whom the newspaper quotes on its pages confirm that the two American compounds in Benghazi, including the one where the American ambassador J. Christopher Stevens died of smoke inhalation, were used by the CIA for “secret missions.” From the latest reports it also became clear that the CIA had a big staff in Libya and in Benghazi in particular. In an interview to The Wall Street Journal Libya’s deputy prime minister, Mustafa Abushagour, expressed his surprise at the scope of the CIA’s operations in Benghazi, which became apparent to him only when a “surprisingly large number of Americans showed up at the Benghazi airport to be evacuated.” “We have no problem with intelligence sharing or gathering, but our sovereignty is also key,” Mr. Abushagour is quoted by The Wall Street Journal as saying. New York Times reports that CIA operatives listened to Libyans’ phone conversations, intercepted and analyzed a huge amount of E-mail messages, SMS messages and other personal information.

    4. And the Turkish Deep State purges - soft coup? ongoing..

      Five chiefs of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s security detail have been removed from their posts in an effort to avoid any security weakness, daily Hürriyet reported today. Four police commissioners were also appointed to different police departments as a part of the security operation.


      Yesterday's verdict in the "Balyoz" (Sledgehammer) coup plot case "struck the final nail in the Turkish Armed Forces' coffin," according to Tolga Örnek, the son of retired Adm. Özden Örnek, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison by the court. Speaking during a live broadcast on CNNTürk yesterday, Örnek said the suspects and their families expected a prison sentence from the court "because the entire process aimed at doing so" but did not expect such a "ruthless" punishment from the judges.

    5. Erdogen purging his security ? What is he worried about?

      Also the rebels in Aleppo not so thrilled with the headquarter move to Syria:

      "Rebels in the war-ravaged northern city of Aleppo greeted the announcement that their central command has moved from Turkey to inside Syria with indifference bordering on hostility.

      "The arrival of one single new fighter would be more useful than the Free Syrian Army chiefs," said Abdullah, spokesman for the Al-Tawhid Brigade, the most important rebel unit in Aleppo, of Saturday's announcement.

      "Combatants on the ground are worth more than guys who've been sitting behind a table for a year and a half outside Syria," he said.

      Read more:
      (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

  4. Well, I was wrong when I thought this was going to happen during the Olympics, but it certainly seems imminent. Going by various factors, should be early/mid Oct when the false flag/first strike happens, is my next guess.

    Gas prices will skyrocket like firecrackers.
    The stock market will crash.
    Nuclear bombs will be dropped, and millions killed horribly.

    I have no doubt of those predictions, but it's just a matter of degrees, and timing. All we can do as informed persons is prepare and anticipate on our micro level for what we know will happen.

    Keep that solid job, and don't take a flyer on anything for income. How exactly solid your job is will be tested shortly.

    Get out of stocks or bonds, unless it's bank or gov't (in Canada). If you have money, invest in REAL things, not paper - 'good' real estate, gems, gold, silver. All of these assets hold their value at the least, gain exponentially at the most, during a war/economic collapse. Everything else loses value quickly.

    1. Hey Slozo

      It is looking dire. Sadly most people are unaware

  5. israel CANNOT attack iran without the active participation of NATO and the US. israel's command structure and more importantly, their air defence, is hard wired into NATO's command structure and defences. Iran, Russia and China know this.

    Talk of it being otherwise is strictly for the rubes in the pews as is being pointed out.

    Once israel attacks Iran, Iran will have no option but to sink any and all naval vessels in the Persian Gulf to protect itself. This defensive response can be easily achieved and will be used by the US in exactly the same way that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was used.

    So, US politicians will claim in all innocence that they were attacked without provocation. Rally around the flag, rubes, and send your children off to the meat grinder that is war.

    1. Interesting James. I have been thinking a lot about how this may play out.
      I don't believe for a moment this much firepower has amassed in the area for "exercise"
      How could this be spun.
      I am still going with someone striking the USS enterprise
      It could be Iran, in response to an Israeli attack along the Turkish /Syrian border?
      It could also be Israel to justify the necessity of a strike on Iran?
      Hard to say.

      Sending the USS enterprise is akin to setting up those old ships in Pearl Harbour
      It will save the US big $$$ in decommissioning a ship that contains upwards of eight reactors, I believe.
      It could provide the "nuclear signature" or "radiation" spin that the NATO news in the west will be working on promoting as proof that Iran has nuclear weapons

      If there are enough targets softened up in Iran for the attack, I don't know...
      But, if they have done all they can to sabotage the infrastructure of Iran, I would think that we are looking at the end of this week??

      Of course, I could be wrong
      But,we have Yom Kippur and the exercises "officially" ending this week.

      What better time to claim you were attacked as when you were allegedly on your way out of the area.. Or so you claimed

  6. FYI

    The White House claims that protesters against that anti-Muslim video “spontaneously” attacked the so-called “consulate.” In reality there were no protesters anywhere in Benghazi at the time of the attack. When Fox News questioned US officials about this, the officials admitted the truth. (13)

    Nonetheless, the Obama administration/regime continues to insist that “protesters did it”. This lie not only conceals the Green Resistance; it also makes Muslims all seem irrational and blood-lusting, thereby justifying imperialist aggression (that is, the “war on terror”).

    The absence of protesters was confirmed by one of the eight Libyans guarding the private group of villas used by Ambassador Stevens and his staff. The eyewitness, aged 27, is being treated in a hospital for five shrapnel wounds in one leg, and two bullet wounds in the other. He asked that his name be withheld, and that the hospital not be identified, for fear that “militants” (that is, the Green Resistance) would track him down and kill him.

    Of the eight Libyan security guards, the eyewitness and four others had been hired by a British firm. The remaining three were members of Libya’s 17th of February Brigade, a group of pro-NATO terrorists formed at the start of the NATO campaign to destroy Gaddafi and Libyan society.

    In an interview with McClatchy news service last Thursday (13 September 2012) the eyewitness said there were no protesters at all.

    “The Americans would have left if there had been protesters, but there wasn’t a single ant. The area was totally quiet until about 9:35 pm, when as many as 125 men attacked with machine guns, grenades, RPGs, and anti-aircraft weapons. They threw grenades into the villas, wounding me and knocking me down. Then they stormed through the facility’s main gate, moving from villa to villa.”

    That does not sound like a “spontaneous protest” against a blasphemous B-movie that suddenly appeared on the internet, as the White House and others claim; rather, it was a sharply executed military strike that must have been planned meticulously well in advance.

    1. Brian:

      I don't think there were "protestors" merely diversionary tools.

  7. FYI

    Admin of Jisr al-Shugour News Network on Facebook for delivering news from the area. He was killed by armed terrorist groups for page he ran.

    someone is monitoring the media...and its not the grunts in the field...they merely act on orders...but whos?

  8. Dylan.johnsons ‏@dylan_johnsons
    While the world wants to free #Syria, #Saudi Arabia beheads four & whips many more... #HumanRights …
    US rewards saudi

  9. The white people of israel are Khazarians and they are not semitic. I believe they are what the bible refers to as false jews. They and their relatives around the world are behaving like a synagogue of satan to the semitic Palestinians and to all who are not Khazarians.

    I have been thinking about what is presently going on and the following is my take.

    I believe the conquering of lands is taking place by paper. Those seeking to control the world have lent the separate countries 'money' at interest in order to put each country into unrepayable debt. All legalised by laws in each country. Gradually the debts will be called in by the lender and the governments of each country will have no legal choice but to 'sell' the land of the country to those who own the paper debt slips. All legal in each country. Once those conquering the world by paper have acquired all the land in each country they can declare that land off-limits to the former citizens. Agenda 21 comes directly to mind.

    In the final result a handful of individual families will own all of the land on earth and all other people will be landless serfs, easily enslaved to work for food and shelter to the world owners.

    Paper money and gold have no real value, but land that provides everthing needed to live is infinitely valuable. Own the land and the people are automatically under your full control.


  10. what possesses some people to be tools and agents of the US machine? all american diplomats ought to be treated as potential agents of subversion...meanwhile meet the tools and fools of lebanon

  11. Mouser,

    Very good comment. You have just perfectly described the exact purpose and methods of the IMF and World Bank, which work hand in hand with the other tools of global govt - namely the US, UN and NATO, the military enforcer arms of the bankster's beast.

    1. I have to second LVB's opinion. MOuser that is really hitting the head of the nail and hitting it hard
      It's time for the people to wake up.
      It's time to push back
      It's time for non participation

    2. Well, yes and no. From a very practical standpoint . . . non-participation gives you marginalisation, and lessens your power. And to Mouser, this rumour that "gold has no value" (one planted by the controllers, no doubt) is false. Gold has value, because it is valuable in it's uses as a conductor of electricity, as it is for it's colour, shine, malleability. It also cannot be reproduced, nor does it have a man-made alloy that can match most of its properties as a metal. Hence, it's value.

      Definitely time for the people to wake up, but all of our huffing and puffing only wakes up those willing to look in the first place - as it was for many if not all of us to arrive at this juncture.

      But pushing back . . . well, I will give you the gung-fu / Bruce Lee analogy: one must not be like a rock, but like water.

    3. hey slozo:

      Mouser comment with regard to land control is very good
      Control the land, control everything
      from food to transportation

      by non participation
      I mean
      don't do what the ptb's want
      They want you to use debit, credit
      They want you to watch tv, to get your programming
      Do Use Cash
      Grow your own vegetables
      that is what I mean by non participation and pushing back

    4. further to the marginalization..
      there are ample people marginalized as of now, in this system, of marginalization, created by the ptb's

      the very fact of it is- the globalized systems intention is to create a mass of marginalized, impoverished dumbed down people, who are dependent and controllable

      The only sensible course of action is mass resistance and non participation

      At least that is the way I see it

    5. I used to say the same things Pen, about always using cash. And staying off the grid as much as possible.

      But all that does is actually create a lot of trouble for yourself . . . credit cards and credit in general is very much needed to be successful financially and to do many random things. If one is to fight them getting all the land . . . how are you going to buy property with cash and no credit? etc etc.

      If you use the system and game the system successfully however, instead of it being a yoke or burden on you, you can use it to make money for yourself, profit and grow more powerful. You just have to understand and avoid the pitfalls of over-extension, borrowing money you can't pay back, and holding any debt at any time to a credit card, amongst other things. If you aren't investing your money and seeing it grow, your money diminishes by the minute, as inflation right now has already started to accelerate. Watch when war starts, and luxury items that used to be reasonable won't be any more.

      So, I agree in terms of non-participation in politics (waste of time); that is its own form of protest and 'vote'. I also refuse to participate in giving away money to the hundreds of charities giving it to the cancer society, to fund multi-billionaire pharma companies to do further research on meaningless elixirs to soothe the ailments from a disease that was surely cured decades ago. I don't parrot patriotic phrases, nor do I support the troops in any way, shape or form (hey, if it's malcontent conscripts, I would support them to get out of the army, that's about it). There's a lot more I'm sure.

      But I take great pains to not shoot myself in the foot in any way, in which the PTB attempt to funnel us. They prey on our sense of good will and caring (charities), civic responsibility (politics) and national pride (support the troops) to toe the line. They hope you drive around twice as much, spending twice as much on top of that in order to avoid evil corporations and buy from some smaller, supposedly national brand/store. The silly email spams against Walmart and either their pig farming or what have you . . . as if anyone has read the fine print on the other stores only having to make EFFORTS to change their farming practices from that skinny, pig-torturing cage. Right, it's just Walmart, so avoid them. Cripes. Well, I'd buy from a butcher or some market anyways, but you get the point.

      I've rambled here, hope I make sense. :)

    6. Slozo:
      obviously on needs credit for some things
      but the over use of credit and debit cards will
      a: turn everyone into surfs
      b: deny us the freedom of using cash, not because I am a criminal or anyone who uses cash is a criminal because the cash affords us privacy
      Privacy we as humans should desire, should have and is ours
      Eventually, the ptb's wish to drive us into a cashless, controlled society, why help them out?

      As for investing money? What is making money out there right now slozo?

      Interest rates?
      the stock market?

      The very rich don't need credit from a bank to buy property
      Only the surfs do
      What people need are real living wages
      Using debt only masks the reality of that problem

    7. Well, I didn't advocate overuse of anything, Pen. I advocated for SMART, SENSIBLE use of credit to one's advantage.

      One of the big things is that one can wisely use credit to buy bigger things with concrete value, and make more money short term with it (under 5, 10 year investments). Real estate would be the number one target here.

      If you actually study the very rich, Pen . . . they use credit a lot - but they use it MUCH more wisely and informed than the people being turned into serfs, as you say. Yes, being put under a yoke of debt is serfdom, just like in feudal times . . . but if you can control yourself and educate yourself, you can twist it around to your benefit. I practice this, exactly what I preach.

      No one will stop the cashless society from happening - certainly not anyone like us "staying off using credit when one can". That is laughable, Pen. Honestly, if the public perception against it begins to change, as usual, protestors are turned into violent uprisings, and jail and death happens. And those people are marginalised. As always.

      You aren't "helping them out", Pen . . . you are accepting circumstances, and like WATER, not fighting it directly, but going around it. Like water can invade a solid object through its cracks, become part of it, then freeze, expand, and break it apart like useless cardboard. Directly fighting anything the PTB sets up gives you marginalisation, lessens your power, targets you, and can end in jail or death.

      I could tell you lots of stuff that is making money out there Pen.

      And Pen . . . the very rich use credit ALL THE TIME. I know this for a fact. It is the very reason the system is gamed against the poor with zero credit, and the rich who have EXPONENTIALLY larger credit, with which to invest. And the serfs are crowded into large pens to invest in useless enterprises, and the very rich invest elsewhere, sometimes in places that might surprise you.

      Education is key. Mindset is key.

    8. The very rich have credit to use because they are rich
      The rich use "credit" because can, they do not need to use it
      The poor are using it to support themselves.
      The poor have no credit or the credit is the equivalent of extortion because they are poor
      And then further marginalized because of their poverty

      Slozo, the system is the cause of this divide.
      The system is set up to exacerbate and create extreme poverty
      It's very Darwinian. Is that your idea of a healthy society for humanity?

      "No one will stop the cashless society from happening - certainly not anyone like us "staying off using credit when one can". That is laughable, Pen."

      Reinforcing the masses are weak meme?

      Laugh away slozo.

      " Credit leads into a desert with invisible boundaries."

      ---Anton Chekhov"

      Which is of course where people have been led.

      You fail to address the marginalization this system creates
      The intentional impoverishment
      The movement of cash up to the top
      The driving down of wages

      "education is key- mindset is key"
      what does that even mean?
      It sounds like some slogan made up in a pr firm

      that's about all I have to say on this subject

    9. The poor don't need to use credit either, Pen. No one "needs" to use credit, as long as one is responsible. But one has to have the fortitude to fight against the maelstrom of propaganda designed to entrap the poor into overspending, and falling into debt traps in general.

      Let me repeat: the poor absolutely do not need to use too much credit to move to a middle class standing, from where they can use credit to their advantage to move up further. I am not talking about some get-rich-quick scheme, simply being smart with your money. Problem is, most of the poor are very poorly educated on how to do this. Heck, most people are, and I certainly fell into that category myself until meeting my wife.

      The one big revelation I have had in the last couple of years Pen, is . . . that without money, you have no power. I know some people will take my words on the failings of "people power" and "the masses" as something defeatist or insidious, but . . . under the current conditions in our world, it is all but useless in most cases. As has been shown over and over and over again throughout our recent history. The PTB turn everything to their advantage, and even when they lose a small battle, they quickly win the war soon afterward. There is too much propaganda to fight, too many agents, and they are too nefarious and are total psychopaths. That is just the way I see it, Pen.

      You seem very defensive when you turn around the question to me me, " that your idea for a healthy society?" as if I am trying to condone the current system or support it. By your response, I can tell that you didn't understand that my main point is that the only way to fight the system is from within it, not from the outside. From the outside, you would need an armyy and weapons capable of defeating the United States. If you think that some form of revolution can do it, please review history. It has never been done.

      And why do I have to address the impoverishment the current system creates? I know it sucks! Cripes, I am not advocating for it, c'mon now.

      And what do I mean by education and mindset is key?
      A lot, too much to go into detail here, but . . . it's about educating the poor on how they can propser and game the system they are in, how to make them responsible, etc. Mindset on saving and making money is totally key - look at how the Chinese operate versus other poor cultures, as an example (and I don't mean to pit races against each other, simply pointing out that different cultures have been educated differently on money, that's all).

      And that point of view, Pen, is not a meme I came up with. It hurts me frankly that your defensiveness would get in the way of us having a frank discussion and exchange of ideas on this.

      Anyways, I tried.

  12. Bibi Netanyahu wants his war with Iran, and he think can get it.
    He has been giving contradictory estimates about Iran's nuclear bomb since 1992. Speaking the same language, other Israeli leaders like Barak ,Peres and many others are doing the same.Their estimates have been ranging from two weeks to few months to few years since 1992. All of that depends on whom Bibi and company are addressing.
    Bibi is now waging a psychological war of fear against Americans in which he indicates that time is running out.
    He wants 'red lines' from Obama. Althouhg Obama agrees with him on Iran, a 'red line' means an ultimatum, something that Onama is not willing to give.
    Bibi Netanyahu has been on just about every American show he can handle selling his war this year.
    Sadly none of these shows talking heads ever asked Bibi Netanyahu the two obvious questions:
    1.How can you criticise Iran when Israel have been making nuclear bombs for so many years
    2.You have been telling us about Iran is about to produce a bomb since 1992.
    But alas...I don't expect such questions from people like David Gregory who had Bibi on his NBC 'Meet The Press' last week, because either David does not have the courage, or he is not allowed to ask such questions.

  13. there is hope yet:
    'Israeli troops clashed with gunmen sneaking across the border from Egypt's Sinai peninsula, killing one soldier and three militants, army sources said. The ambush was the latest in a series of cross-border attacks by militants.
    sound familiar? israel is experiencing what syria is

  14. Syrian insurgents torture and execute unarmed prisoners

  15. Zarqawi's Nephew arrested at Borders with Syria ~ UPI

  16. Here's a great movie that is extremely relevant to all of what is now taking shape in the middle east - globalism using Mujahideen radical Islamist mercenaries, mass media's outright lies and propaganda, the US/CIA and NATO inciting coups and "civil wars" that are actually proxy wars of aggression to divide and destroy people who would otherwise coexist - and, of course, to steal all of the natural resources within their nations.