Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PM Harper "World Statesman of the Year" from a NY foundation

Here is another one that is guaranteed to make you want to hurl. Especially if your a Canadian!
But, not solely if your a Canadian, because these type of gratuitous "awards" are given to many leaders for their "services" Services of what type? Services to who?

Stephen Harper will travel to New York this month to receive a “World Statesman of the Year” award from an organization called the Appeal of Conscience Foundation.
The ACF, founded by New York-based rabbi Arthur Schneier, has previously given the award to former British prime minister Gordon Brown, as well as to France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Mr. Harper’s foreign policy has certainly had critics, at home and abroad, who have charged he shifted towards emphasizing the military, oversaw a losing bid for the UN Security Council, and aligned Middle East policy with Israel’s conservative leadership.
The G&M article is surprising short on details about this "Appeal of Conscience" Foundation

I went to do a bit of digging- It didn't take long
The rabbi....

Rabbi Arthur Schneier
Affiliation: Founder and President, Appeal of Conscience Foundation
Fields: Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism; terrorism and hate groups; the Holocaust; Catholic-Jewish relations
Tel.: 212-535-5800
E-mail: appealofconscience@msn.com

Web site: http://www.appealofconscience.org 

To put it plainly this "award" is being given to PM Harper, not because he has a conscience, or a soul, for that matter. He is being given this award, so he is perceived to be a man of conscience. Clearly, he is being given the award because he is servile to Israel. Judging by the comments at G&M, people are not fooled- 

That's the Prime Minister's reward for outsourcing Canada's Middle-East policy to the Israelis.

 I guess "Boot Licker of the Year" was too obvious

The ACF, founded by New York-based rabbi Arthur Schneier, what a surprise harper being given an award by his jewish/israeli masters 

 Netanyahu Sycophant of the Year is more like it. 

How ironic that a man who appears to have no conscience should receive this award.


  1. ASAP.. http://thenakedfacts.blogspot.com/2012/09/video-zionist-wineps-top-likudnik-foot.html?m=1 winep fsa in barracks!!

  2. As long as Israel has the control of USA's ATM (the FED) they can buy and donate any cash for silly awards. Look at South Africa who have turned against Libya, Syria, Iran why, open ATM. People still believe that Mandela is a "saint".

    1. Mandela was never anything but a very evil person, regardless of the British-backed atrocities of the Apartheid era.

      Always remember that Mandela and his wife Winnie's favorite treatment for dissenters - you know, the black African ones who did not agree with their ANC terror tactics - was called "necklacing" - which is putting a gasoline-filled tire around the neck of the victim and then lighting it on fire.

      This is the true nature of the UN, the Empire and its psychopathic "saint", Mandela.

      Anyone you see being praised and celebrated by the UN and Empire is a mass murderering monster, or they would not be receiving the praise of other psychopath monsters - it's really that simple.

  3. @Nysoulcontrolla aka Ali since Vatican II the Zionist have taken control of the Jesuits. Prominent Syrian Catholic historian, Michel Munir, alleges in a new book that Pope John Paul is the architect of a conspiracy to undermine the Catholic church by placing it under the control of the Jewish religion. ''Ever since his election ... John Paul II has not spared any effort to strengthen the Jewish faction within the Catholic church,'' Munir wrote in his book ''A Synagogue Within the Church.'' Munir's book hit bookstores about a month before the pope's May 2001 visit to Damascus. Again open ATM has kept the Vatican in place.

  4. In globalist mass media code, "conscience" means siding with the Empire (including the Israeli govt) and supporting (usually by ignoring) their war crimes and atrocities against innocent civilians, while at the same time inventing and publicizing war crimes and atrocities by those who are attacked by the Empire and attempt to defend themselves - in their OWN homelands.

  5. Harper's just another Obama wannabe when it comes to buying awards.

    Thorbjørn Jagland, chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, awarded the Peace Prize to Barack Obama in 2009 shortly after, with US support, Jagland was elected as the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. Jagland, considered a political failure in Norway, now lives in France with a sweet job.

  6. oh yes sister,i forgot to mention,i sent your work to a few sites,and it made it to iran-interlink and nejatngo..sites that epxose mek-mko rajavi cult..tehse sites are organizations of familie sof mek camp hostages..i forgot to tell u sorry..was going to one day via my cellullar but reeived call and had to skip comment then disconnected,and didnt get to ,well anyway,congrats.... =) im all over shoah.org.uk ill be doing second interview there soon..(that one will be no holds barred,ill have my own format request,only two questions,then all my own files ;)anyway see links i left above..t.c. sister..to hans,yes vatican was taken over by zionists hence the p2 lodges.Also most of the vaticans support and armies ,secret societies like secret order of garder etc,all swear alligiance to the vatican,these monarchies have for hundreds of years intermarried with dynatic jewish commercial banking families,and hold clout among various branches of the vatican,thru opus dei,p2 and many more..if i have time ill get you my archives and files on it...

  7. OMG no! This leaves me totally sick to my stomach. This is ... words fail me.

    But then, if toadying to Israel and Zionist interests are what create a "great statesman" I suppose Harper is doing it right. After all, he is one of Israel's favourite goy toys.

  8. Your right on Penny!
    Servile to Israel and also Servile to the USA.

    Stephen Harper has a Conscience alright,a Conscience to Ass-Kiss both Israel and the USA.

    Remember the Name:Marc Emery

    The Man who fought to keep Marijuana Decrimmalized in Canada as well as Decrimmalizing it in America.


    When the DEA came a calling for a potential office against Marc Emery who is a Canadian Citizen!!!

    Instead of fighting the Deportation of Marc Emery to America because the offence he committed was in the USA not Canada.


    Marc Emery NEVER hurt anyone for anyone else's property.
    All his offence was,was selling Cannabis!!!


    Stephen Harper Kow Towed to the USA and Marc Emery was deported to the USA.


    Is now serving a 5 year sentence in a US Federal Prison


    *Also Stephen Harper has taken measures to bring the US Drug War to Canada.

    *Thru Stephen Harper the Canadian Soldiers have been fighting with the US in the Middle-East Conflicts for Israel!

    *Thru Stephen Harper the US Police is now working in Canada,which is making Canada more of the Police State and teaching the Canadian Police the secrets of the USA Brutality trade.

    Ohhh yesss Stephen Harper deserves a award for being the biggest-USA-YES-Man ever.

    He'd dive off the cliff if the USA ever told him!!!

    Ohhh yes nobody has worked more harder to Americanize their country than Stephen Harper.


    Stephen Harper took office,I Myself(I live in the USA)considered moving to Canada.


    Since he could never tell the USA no,because of their Finger-Licking Chicken and Ribs lol.

    I said screw that.

  9. Asap! Must see Asap! http://thenakedfacts.blogspot.com/2012/09/options-via-syrianpartisangirl.html?m=0