Saturday, October 13, 2012

Peacekeepers to Syria- Looks as if it is being considered.

Who will be doing the peacekeeping? And will they be keeping the peace?
I guess it depends on the choice of peacekeepers?
I would think the UN envoy MUST consider peacekeepers that the Syrians would agree to having present.

As far as I can see there are only a few stories covering this news at this time

Jerusalem Post

Telegraph: UN peace envoy draws up plan for 3,000 strong peacekeeping force in Syria

 Lakhdar Brahimi, the veteran Algerian diplomat who took over as joint United Nations and Arab League peace envoy last month, has spent recent weeks quietly sounding out which countries would be willing to contribute soldiers.

Given the volatility of the conflict and the growing presence of Islamists on the rebel side, it is thought British and American forces would be unlikely to take part because of their past involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Instead, Mr Brahimi is thought to be looking at more nations that currently contribute to Unifil.

These nations that presently contribute to Unifil are Ireland, Germany, France, Spain and Italy
France should be avoided like the plague. The French government has been knee deep in the destruction of Syria.
Ankara had been hopeful that it might be able to persuade Russiato soften its opposition to military intervention, including a no-fly zone. 

As we have all read, that didn't work out. Putin didn't have time to visit Erdogan.
Then Erdogan forced the Moscow to Syria bound plane to land in Turkey

Meanwhile, Syria's state news agency said Damascus was ready to accept a Russian proposal for a Syrian-Turkish joint security committee to try to stop cross-border flare-ups. 

The only other story that mentioned this news Tunisia says they would consider sending peacekeepers
Another nation that cannot be trusted by Syria or regular Syrian people
As you will read,  he shows his true colours

"Tunisia has already spoken about an Arab peace corps," said Marzouki, speaking in French.
"We have to do something, because it is obvious that faced with this bloodthirsty dictator, in my opinion we are faced with a real Nero who is capable of destroying the whole country to stay in power," he told AFP.
"We have to shoulder our responsibilities as Arabs."

Will the Chinese & Russians step up to that plate?


  1. An UN peacekeepers consists of Russian, Chinese, Irish, German, Spanish,Italian would be ideal.

  2. The CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Force written about earlier would be perfect - as stated earlier, have already been blue-hatted, and this is likely one of the scenarios they have been preparing for in recent exercises.

    But the West/GCC/NATO crowd are going to want their own lot in for 'balance', & I'm not sure that they have anything left that can be trusted under the 'humanitarian' banner.

    Might be best just to go for regular NATO military, as almost all the Western forces under the 'humanitarian' banner have been almost completely corrupted by the R2P/NGO/regime-change industry, where-as regular military are mostly pretty straight-forward.

    If they are remotely serious, & this is not yet another subversion attempt...
    - and I suspect enough western capitals are starting to panic over how badly things have spun out of their control, that the possibility exists that they want to stabilise things to re-assess & re-position - so there might be enough room to get something mostly genuine on the ground.

    A mixture of US engineering corps/German & Italian regulars/western medical crews/ & the UK regulars have a relatively solid reputation under a regular UN mandate, & the regime-change crowd are likely to be stifled while their own people are on the ground with the Russians around.

    As for the Arab league, only the Algerians are likely to be trustworthy, but Egyptian regulars are probably not too bad if balanced. Saudi regulars mixed in might not be too bad an idea, also - the prestige involved along with their people on the ground might be enough for them to dial back on the Jihadi's, & they'll be too closely mixed in too get away with much.

    The Saudi's are also becoming increasingly panicky about the Muslim Brotherhood's gains across the region, & may well take an opportunity to backtrack on the Assad regime-change plan if the opportunity presents itself..

    1. Hey KenM

      One thing I did notice about this "news" of peacekeepers
      It went away.
      I looked yesterday to see if the reporting had been picked up beyond the Telegraph and Jerusalem Post and I didn't see anything
      Of course that does not mean there was not more of it
      I did not see it and usually there are hundreds and thousands of stories around any given topic regarding Syria

      However there is one from Lebanon today


      "UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi is considering proposing the deployment of peacekeepers to Syria if a deal on a transition is reached, Brahimi "is considering the deployment of peacekeeping forces which would accompany any political proposal,the head of the SNC's media office Ahmed Ramadan told AFP in Doha as the exiled opposition group began a meeting in the Qatari capital.

      It looks as if the Kurdish head of the SNC is being ousted
      "Next month's meeting will also elect a successor to current SNC leader Abdel Basset Saydaa, a Kurd appointed in June."

      The SNC has moved from Turkey to Qatar, I noticed they have "regrouped" The pushing out of the Kurd is interesting.
      He was appointed to give the SNC a facade of legitimacy, but clearly that that ruse is done

      Wanna bet a Muslim Brotherhood stalwart is picked to lead again
      Perhaps that same fellow that was the head before?

      What this looks like at this time is another subversion attempt.

  3. This is just window dressing, they are trying to buy time to analyse how and what the Hezbollah drone gained. The cancer is Israel and it takes precedence over any other illness. Israel needs immigration to continue their murderous Zionist occupation and expansion. Having Hezbollah the ability to attack Israel at their heart, the cowards will just not come. So I expect if any attack it will be before Oct 21 or it will not happen.

    1. At this point Hans I think the peacekeepers is an attempt to support the rebels in their attempt at overthrow

  4. Now the mauritian presidnet has been shot by accident. Mauritia had a hand in deportoing gaddafi intelligence chief back to libya.

    And the indean ocean battle goes on from seychelles to mauratious.

    1. A mistake?

      Maybe an officer sending a message about what happens to presidents that take orders from outside powers?

    2. saw that about the shooting, the news coverage was odd

    3. What about this Finn flagged ship that is actually SWEDISH. Matters why?

      Jan-11 Bunch of swedes picked up with rifles in Tunisia allegedly they were boar hunting (few Germans picked up also after shootings around ministries)

      Sep -11 Swedes split on Palestinian recognition

      Mar-12 Sweden and Saudi arms plant (missiles) uncovered; defense minister resigns [recall later in June-12 Germany upped its panzer sale to Saudi for which allegedly Israel played King maker -] [alos recall that Israel picked up 3 more subs a month or so before the German tank push and the Germany gov't picked up 1/3 cost for previous 2]

      Jun-12 explosives discovered at Sweden nuke plant

      Jul-11 Hezbollah operative picked up in Cyprus with Sweden passport (allegedly Mossad assisted in take down)

      Jul-12 Burgas attack and perp allegedly had Swedish passport and US drivers license from MI with a LA address (obvious fake)

  5. Canada is good to go whenever the NATO machine decides to invade. They have been prepping us for months.
    What a sick evil well crafted poll on that one!

    The fine job done every day by CBC propagandizing Canadian liberals to accept the need for peacekeepers (canadian military forces) is succeeding. Dumb Canadians will support the use of our troops to rescue uncivilized Arabs from their own violent tendencies. Every fcuking day CBC hammers home that big lie and our people lap it up.
    Sites like this one lay it all out so clearly, but slick government propaganda and people's own desire to remain ignorant are forces that trump the truth for now.
    I have less hope things will change, but more respect for people who keep on trying to change them anyways. Good job here.

    1. I assume those polls are rigged. These companies are in complete control of the information and we have no way of independently verifying their claims.

      I know they censor and jack with comments at the bigger media sites and I'm there are probably armies of bots and shills.

      For instance,, the San Francisco Chronicle (Hearst), is filled with propaganda and fake posters. It just seems so obvious to me.

      20/20 did a long segment on the freedom fighters of Aleppo tonight and it was promoted during the football games as well. [can't find it to link to right now--but mostly just show the commander reviewing his front line rebel troops and getting a market set up and protecting civilians from gov. sniper fire and shelling--also some concern trolling about extreme Muslims taking control of Syria].

      This same fake story has been played many times by major media over the last year.

      And media that reports fake news like this probably also reports fake polls and has fake posters.

    2. anonymous

      don't get to disheartened by those polls, because as wwm points out the polls are hijacked
      the comments are censored and non conforming commenters are blocked.

      WWM is right, every thing is controlled to ensure just the 'required' comments get (extreme minimal and ineffective opposition) out to the public espousing support for the war agenda.

      CBC has blocked my ability to comment there
      When i could still comment, if one comment got through between comments and responses to others that was a miracle.
      Same with all the other msm sites in canada
      When I have left a comment a ctv, on occasion, it has never seen the light of day

    3. Hey Penny,

      Good points on CBC. Here's a good article from Scott Taylor, one Canadian I wish we had in our own US media, because he always tells it like it is. He does his job, asks the serious (and thus unpopular) questions and actually GOES to places no one really wants to go, like Libya, and sees it all for himself.

      The following paragraph alone pretty much sums it up as far as mass media deception, bias and psychological warfare - a good lesson in how they focus so much on irrelevant things, while completely ignoring critical facts, like exactly WHERE the artillery came from that (allegedly) hit and killed innocent Turkish citizens, and WHO fired it??

      "While little effort was made to identify the composition of the Syrian rebels, much ink and air time has been dedicated to the demonization of Assad, his security forces and even the spending habits of his British-born wife."

    4. True, and in a similar way, much ink has been given to one little girl tragically maimed by the Taliban. Much ink.
      The dozens and dozens and dozens of little girls killed by Obama drones......not so much ink.

      Mass media are dogs.
      Right wing dogs like National Post or FoxNews pander to people who already want war, who already have racist and fascist tendencies.
      CBC and PBS take kind hearted well meaning people who do not want war and con them into supporting it. Far more villainous and despicable in my books.

  6. More fearmongering from The Telegraph:

    Holocaust fears haunt Israelis as they prepare for possible war with Iran

    If Israeli jets are given the order to bomb Iran's nuclear programme, thousands of rockets could be fired in revenge. Nick Meo meets people fearful of the consequences of an airstrike - and terrified of the possible alternative. . . .

    A terrifying homemade film imaging what could happen if Iran gets the bomb has made many Israelis question whether they should wait.

    Israel's Last Day, viewed half a million times on Youtube, imagines a young couple driving to her mother's home during an Iranian air attack when nuclear bombs explode. The five-minute film, made with amateur actors for extra realism, and computer-generated mushroom clouds, is a nightmarish vision from video-editor Ronen Barany, 33.

    "I wanted to produce something shocking, to wake people up," he said at his home outside Jerusalem. "It took Hitler six years to kill six million Jews. It would take Ahmadinejad six minutes." Mr Barany, a father of two, was born in Romania. Many of his relatives died at Auschwitz.

    1. fear,fear, fear..
      keeps people compliant and controllable


    also see...

  8. Well, it looks like the Peacekeeper plan was probably a piece of theatre proposed by the SNC in Qatar in order to try & get some more guns on the ground:
    "..Qatar's prime minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem al-Thani, told reporters that any such force must be "well-armed."

    "Any mission that is not well-armed will not fulfill its aim. For this, it must have enough members and equipment to carry out its duty," he said.

    Qatar's emir Sheikh Hamad called last month for Arab military intervention in Syria because of the failure of the U.N. Security Council and other international bodies to end the conflict..."

    "..Reports on an alleged plan to deploy 3,000 peacekeeping troops to war-torn Syria are “false,” said Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN peace envoy to Syria, denying mass media speculations..."


    In another piece of interesting news, it looks like the Flame virus was the tip of the iceberg, as it looks like it has been part of a much larger worlwide covert operation for awhile:

    "Global cyber war: New Flame-linked malware detected

    A new cyber espionage program linked to the notorious Flame and Gauss malware has been detected by Russia's Kaspersky Lab. The anti-virus giant’s chief warns that global cyber warfare is in “full swing” and will probably escalate in 2013.

    The virus, dubbed miniFlame, and also known as SPE, has already infected computers in Iran, Lebanon, France, the United States and Lithuania. It was discovered in July 2012 and is described as “a small and highly flexible malicious program designed to steal data and control infected systems during targeted cyber espionage operations,” Kaspersky Lab said in a statement posted on its website..."

    Explains why the US has gone into full bullsh*t mode about cyberwarfare, with the dodgy reports about attacks on US banks that no-one in the industry was buying - they knew this was going to blow so were looking to provide cover for themselves...

  9. Some more info on the latest piece of hi-tech malware:

    Main sites targeted that they've found so far are Lebanon, France, Iran & the US!
    Also there is likely 2 more viruses from the same set out there which they haven't uncovered yet.

    PS. Got a copy of Kaspersky myself the other day, as it looks like the US sponsored cyberwar is off to an enormously fast start.
    Expect decedents of this stuff to spread rapidly over next few years to anything that could be taken for a dissident site or poster. After all, the security state is very big business these days, & I'd rather not have my computer files destroyed by the paranoid out-of-control security state business model.

  10. Hey all
    will be back with a new post asap

    RE: Kaspersky
    Security of choice around these parts
    The only time we suffered a virus attack and subsequent troubles with computer was using Norton/Symantec
    Thanks LVB, will read it
    and anonymous the msm are dogs
    lap dogs, attack dogs etc