Saturday, October 20, 2012

US/NATO steps up "support" for Turkey- NATO is the UN !?

The no fly zone is being worked on. Did anyone think otherwise?
Turkey has continued shelling Syria. Syria keeps targeting the rebel strongholds.
Turkey has already given itself the "right" to enter Syria..

Washington Post

The U.S. government is intensifying its intelligence sharing and military consultations with Turkey behind the scenes as both countries confront the possibility that Syria’s civil conflict could escalate into a regional war, according to U.S. and NATO officials.
 As Syria’s internal conflict has increasingly spilled across its northern border into Turkey, the U.S. government has stepped up cooperation with its key NATO ally. In recent weeks, military officials from both countries have met to make contingency plans to impose no-fly zones over Syrian territory or seize Syria’s stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, U.S. officials said.
U.S. intelligence agencies were also the source of a tip that led the Turkish military to intercept and ground a Syrian passenger plane en route from Moscow to Damascus (not a surprise) last week on suspicions that it was carrying Russian-made military hardware, according to U.S. officials.

The United States and NATO have publicly supported Turkey, saying it has a right to act in self-defense. At the same time, they have called for restraint and repeated that neither Washington nor Brussels has any intention of getting involved militarily.
Behind the scenes, however, the border clashes have changed the strategic calculus and led U.S. military and intelligence officials in particular to collaborate more closely with Turkey.
 (Who benefits from the mortar shells striking Turkey? NATO, clearly. That tells us all who fired the mortars.... as if there was any doubt?)

I can certainly assure you that our militaries, our military officers, are in contact,” Francis J. Ricciardone Jr. , the U.S. ambassador to Turkey, told journalists in Ankara on Tuesday. “This week I know there is a special focus of our military experts talking about Syria. And what militaries do well is plan for every contingency and every eventuality.”
Ricciardone said “no political decision has been made” regarding whether to support or impose a no-fly zone in Syrian territory to protect civilians or opponents of the government of Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, but he acknowledged that U.S., Turkish and NATO officials were discussing options.
“Will we consider it?” he said. “We consider everything.”
Ricciardone did not provide details about the recent U.S.-Turkish military talks regarding Syria. But his comments came after Adm. James Stavridis, the chief of the U.S. European Command and the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO military forces, visited Ankara and Izmir in early October.

Stavridis did not speak with reporters, but he posted a message on his Facebook account saying that he met with Turkish Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz and Gen. Necdet Ozel, Turkey’s top military commander, to hold “important talks considering the events transpiring in the Levant.”

For now, Turkey primarily wants statements of public support from NATO and reassurances that the alliance would come to its aid if necessary, said Ross Wilson, a former U.S. ambassador to Turkey who now serves as director of the Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council in Washington. 
“A big part of what they’re looking for is that I’d call political support as opposed to NATO sending in fighter squadrons or thousands of troops,” Wilson said. But he added that Turkey also wants the U.S. and NATO to demonstrate willingness to update military preparations and planning in case events along the Syrian border quickly spiral out of control.

“In their eyes, there’s a whole bunch of scenarios that could result in outside involvement, but they don’t see anybody talking about it as much as they’d like,” Wilson said.

The Obama administration has said that it would likely intervene if Assad’s government engaged in chemical or biological warfare, (always false flag potential with that scenario) and Pentagon officials have said they are monitoring the whereabouts of Syria’s stockpiles of those weapons.
With a presidential election looming, however, the administration has said it is pushing first for a political solution to the Syrian civil war.  (Political solution or stall for time?)
With the United Nations paralyzed, Turkey may lean on NATO to intervene even without a U.N. mandate, possibly by imposing a no-fly zone or haven for Syrian refugees if the civil war worsens, said Soner Cagaptay, director of the Turkish Research Program at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. More than 100,000 Syrian refugees have sought shelter in Turkey.
“NATO is the new U.N. for Ankara when it comes to Syria,” he said.

He acknowledged that many European members of NATO, distracted by the continent’s economic crisis, would be reluctant to become involved. But he said one alternative would be for select NATO members — such as the United States, France and Britain — to assist Turkey with a military intervention, while other allies remain on the sidelines.

“It could be a ‘coalition of the fighting’ within NATO,” Cagaptay said.

Do the other NATO nations, on the verge of collapse need their military on home turf to keep the peasants in line?


  1. Be back later...this was just to good of an article to pass by

  2. Well, the US's Homeland Security has just purchased approx. 2,500 MRAP Argus's to go with their massive purchase of ammunition.

    These are a very heavy piece of hardware, designed for dealing with insurgencies in Iraq & Afghanistan, & amusingly enough, most of the ones bought by the DHS will be black. Also quite interesting is that I had to find about this on a Russian military site, as it seems to be getting little coverage in the US..

    "Bulk buying "black armored cars" in the U.S.
    October 19th, 11:54

    U.S. media reported that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Department of Homeland Security - DHS) in 2011, has placed contracts for the purchase of approximately 2,500 classes of wheeled armored vehicles like MRAP Argus manufactured Protected Vehicles Incorporated (PVI). The total cost of the procurement program estimated more than 1 billion U.S. Armored vehicles Argus 4x4 designed to equip a number of structures that are subordinate to DHS - Emergency Management Agency FEMA; Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, and first of all - in the rapidly growing recent years, special forces SRT-HSI ( Homeland Security Investigations - Special Response Teams) and HSI-RRT ( Homeland Security Investigations - Rapid Response Teams), subordinate to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Immigration and Customs Enforcement - ICE)...

    ..In recent months, the first recipients of DHS armored vehicles Argus "lit up" during transport to the destination. Typically, these machines (designed for departments HSI-SRT) have a black (sometimes "pustynnnuyu" coloring) and carry the logo DHS and the whole set of inscriptions - 'Homeland Security', 'Immigration & Customs Enforcement', 'POLICE / RESCUE' and ' Special Response Team '. At the same time suggests that other parts of the machine and agencies DHS, may also have a similar line, that is, in fact, disguised as cars HSI-SRT. Company Protected Vehicles Incorporated (PVI), established in 2005 and has production in North Charleston (state South Carolina), is one of the most "closed" companies for the production of armored vehicles, and, apparently, is working closely with U.S. intelligence agencies and agencies...

    Latest Homeland Security Armored Vehicle

    Add in Rasmussen's recent push to get NATO as the designated 'protector' for domestic security situations, things are not looking good on the home front.

    1. The news of the US purchasing armored vehicles for domestic reminds me of a post I put up a few months on Canada also making a similar purchase..
      Definitely for domestic consumption here and not very comforting

      " Rasmussen's recent push to get NATO as the designated 'protector' for domestic security situations"

      If that turns out anything like it is in Libya
      Or Kosovo
      Expect drug and human trafficking to rise domestically

    2. this is interesting
      speaking of NATO as 'protectorate' really tyrant

      Hilary Clinton the most vile has much to say

  3. Tried to do a bit more research on the MRAP's & got some conflicting reports with nothing official:

    Doesn't appear to be in the official DHS requisitions anyway, & some of the sites that reported it look a little out there. (The Russian BMPD site is generally very solid, but they pulled most of their info off US sites, & they don't have much experience trying to wade through the mystical 'wonderland' that is much of the US media)

    RE: The Lebanon bombing, some interesting currents are coming out.
    Hariri was in Saudi Arabia at the time, making his statements blaming the Syrian's for the attack, & it looks like quite a few people are stirring the pot. Also looks like a few people are trying to drag Hezbollah into the mix.

    "...Sunni movement "Al-Mustaqbal" and its supporting Christian factions included in the "March 14 coalition." But the time the crowd of opposition supporters blocked the main roads with burning tires in West Beirut, in the north of the country, from Tripoli, there are reports of shootings in the line of separation of Sunni and Alawi neighborhoods, partitioned off Sidon highway south Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley protesters trying to block traffic on the Beirut-Damascus highway...

    A Security Council condemned "any attempt to destabilize the country through political assassination." In addition, the Board pointed to all the actors in the region on the importance of "respect for the sovereignty of Lebanon's unity and territorial integrity."
    Last call recipients are well known - traditionally this is Israel, and now it has been linked to the bloody conflict torn Syria.

    Attention is drawn to the statement the leader of "Al-Mustaqbal", ex-premier Saad Hariri, delivered live from Saudi Arabia, that Damascus was involved in the death of General al-Hassan and preparing to commit "political killings" in Lebanon. With similar accusations made by the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party and leader of the Druze community mountaineer Walid Jumblatt. The possibility of "Syrian corner" in the troubles in Lebanon, but in a different context, do not deny and international experts. Thus, the joint special representative of the UN and the Arab League against Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, said recently at a press conference in Beirut that Syrian conflict "will inevitably come out of the country, will cover neighboring countries / including Lebanon / and the entire region, if it is not stopped in a timely manner "..."

  4. Maren Cronsnest 21 October 08:38
    (Photo: Libyan children playing “Muammar”, celebrating the closing of the US Base "Wheelus" on June 11, 1970, captured from the German Film (DEFA) "Bye Bye Wheelus" from 1971, Heynowski/Scheuman, GDR)
    He said, he is safe and not near Bani Walid
    He said that Rebels are lieing about him and Khamis Algathaffi
    He is not captured and Khamis is not killed.
    Rebels are liars, criminals and they are des
    troying the people of Bani Walid.
    Gadhaffi was the unity, savior, strength and charisma of Libya.. Translation - Moussa Ibrahim audio message 20.10.2012

    1. I saw today, just a few minutes ago the msm was suggesting their was confusion

      Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim may or may not be captured after year on the run
      Confusion reigns over reports that Moussa Ibrahim, the mouthpiece of Muammar Gaddafi, had been captured in Libya.

      Late on Saturday night, however, doubts emerged about the official version of events when it was discovered that an audio recording had been posted on Facebook, issued by a man claiming to be Mr Ibrahim and denying he had been captured.

      In the seven-minute recording, posted on Ibrahim's Facebook page, a voice sounding like Mr Ibrahim’s said: "We are outside of Libya. We have no relations with Bani Walid and no contact with it. We are nowhere near Bani Walid."

      thanks for leaving the translation below

  5. TRANSLAtion
    In the Name of God, the Great, and in the name of Fatah the great. Salute to all of you, freedom fighters of Libya. I am Dr. Moussa Ibrahim and I am talking to you today...after watching the country under the criminals of NATO...I am here to tell them that we still have power, we still strong with God's help, and we trust our selfs tha
    t our duty is to bring safety to our country after all these killings, stealing that brought in our country the rats of NATO.But today, after all these false news that are spreading via BBC, Al Arabyia, i have to tell you that all these is just to take the world's eye off what is really happening, and what are doing the NATO fighter to our families in Bani Walid. Its obvious from photos and videos that people of Bani Walid, women, kids, men have been killed by aircraft attacks in their homes and by all these criminals from misrata that are carrying guns. and this is all happening cause they are threatening the people of Jamahyryia to not stand by people of Bani Walid and they "thought" to talk about Moussa Ibrahim and Khamis Al Qaddafi. We are outside Libya, we have nothing to do with Bani Walid, we are not even to a place near Bani Walid. they are hiting Bani Walid, they know that Bani Walid is a big tribe, Bani walid has geographical very important place and it's tribe has a strong meaning for the country, so they are afraid for what is going to happen between the tribes of libya. After all that what is happening now to Bani Walid has nothing to do with the regime this is clash between tribes, and after what happened to our leader Qaddafi and Seif Al islam , the channels of bbc, al arabyia, al Djajeera are spreading false news about Khamis Al Qaddafi and Moussa Ibrahim and other people, and this is the proof about these lies. But our families that still in Bani Walid and with God's help we will be back to them ...But shame on you. Shame on you Libyans this is not about Moammar Al Qaddafi or not, shame on you a hall tribe , a hall libyan city to be attacked and cut in pieces , and killin its children, women and men and you are just watching. You have to think that this is not about policy, you have to think this is about the dignity of Libyans.these people which attacks this city have no dignity, no bellieves, they have no brothers, they have no feeling of their nationality. They lied about us , they told that we killed, they are the ones who killed people, they told we killed childre, infact they killed children , they told we were stealing they are the ones who still stealing, and they brought the country under a demon western leadreship.Moammar Qaddafi was the man who cares about Libya, he was for the best of Libya , yes there were problems but these problems were resolving by conversation but all these traitors sold everything. Please Libyans, has nonthing to do with all this mass, stand by the city, help the city , cause history will remain, history will write that bani walid cut in pieces, its people massacred and the western tribes were just watching. I have to tell many thanks the thousands of people who contacton FB , via Paltalk, twitter and by telephone. But my life does not worth more than other men from the regime who martyred and today on 20 October 2011, or the people who remains in jails. I still have Moammar al qaddafi as my leader,Libya still my country and NATO is my enemy. Thank you very much and i hope that we will meet soon on our land that have benn betrayed. Thank you and let the God guide you!



    If the western msm is saying 500 I would take that as 5000
    Reuters is still spinning the bogus story about this being over the man who killed Ghadafi, which is non credible

    "The feud between the towns was inflamed by the death of rebel Omran Shaban after two months in detention in Bani Walid. Shaban, from Misrata, was the man who found Gaddafi hiding in a drain pipe in Sirte on October 20, 2011.

    Libya's congress ordered the Defence and Interior Ministries to find those responsible for abducting Shaban and suspected of torturing him. It gave Bani Walid a deadline to hand them over."

    The seige of Bani Walid appears a way the NATO protectorate government is ridding itself of vast swathes of the Libyan populace
    In other words NATO is aiding a genocide in Bani Walid

  7. So NATO is the new UN... says WINEP. What a surprise.

    Hey Penny, did you see that youtube vid of WINEP's Patrick Clawson that was doing the rounds recently? If you didn't its a 'must-see'.

    1. Hey Freethinker

      I heard or read somewhere, maybe even here and comment referencing this. The name rings a bell
      Can you leave a link?
      Much appreciated

    2. Here ya go- 2 gobsmacking minutes Clawson

    3. Thanks Freethinker
      It got a feature in the newest post, don't know how I missed it?

  8. Land Destroyer has a good background of some of the players likely stirring the pot in Lebanon, & they actually posted this the day before the bombing. These guys & bunch of others haven't been making much of a secret to drag Lebanon into the mire, & use the troubles to target Iran, Hezbollah, & furthering stepping up support the regime-change syria scenario.

    " Joseph Farah - Neo-Con, Cognitive Infiltrator
    Faux alternative media figure peddles Neo-Con agenda, sits on advisory groups with PNAC signatories.

    sitting alongside Joseph Farah of WND, was chairman Ziad Abdel Nour, a Lebanese corporate-financier and founder of "Blackhawk Parnters. Ziad Abdel Nour would speak very frankly about the work and agenda he was involved in, in an interview by Trish Schuh titled, "Faking the Case Against Syria," where he exclaimed:

    "Both the Syrian and Lebanese regimes will be changed- whether they like it or not- whether it’s going to be a military coup or something else… and we are working on it. We know already exactly who’s going to be the replacements. We’re working on it with the Bush administration."

    "These guys who came to power, who rule by power, can only be removed by power. This is Machiavelli’s power game. That’s how it is. This is how geopolitics — the war games, power games — work. I know inside out how it works, because I come from a family of politicians for the last 60 years. Look, I have access to the top classified information from the CIA from all over the world. They call me, I advise them. I know exactly what’s going on. And this will happen." ..."

    1. Thanks Ken, I did read that over at Land destroyers
      Joseph Farah was always a neocon scum IMO
      Ziad is a familiar name, I am pretty sure he has been in some of my posts

  9. Don DeBar shared a link.
    11 hours ago
    This is a detailed discussion of the real, on-the-ground situation in Syria and the machinations going on in and around that country which is the current target of imperial aggression. It features the following:
    Ramsey Clark, Former US Attorney General
    Counsellor Dr. Mazen Adi and Mr. Asaad Ibrahim, Permanent Mission of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations
    Lizzie Phelan, Independent Journalist and broadcaster who has reported from both Libya and Syria during the wars there
    Larry Hales, International Action Center

    Ardeshir Ommani, American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC)
    Nellie Bailey, Occupy Harlem
    A number of others from groups such as the Vietnam Veterans Against the War also participated, and a Question and Answer discussion period followed the speakers.

  10. It is coming Northern Portion of San Andreas Fault Has 5.3 Quake. Syria now has the upper hand and we will see counter attacks in all surrounding states.

    1. hans, my man of mystery
      did you see I left a response regarding the 13th tribe?
      Why does Syria now have the upper hand?
      I see the West becoming more desperate
      Want to see how this peacekeeper thing is going to play out at the UN??
      It could get interesting..

  11. Few items:

    Over the weekend Exxon announced it is seeking an exit from the Southern fields in Iraq, which may be telling you that the Kurd issue is primed to come into play. Sectarian attacks continue to escalate in the Iraqi South (have ramped form the time the US pulled troop[s out early) and Maliki is hardly in the US fold. It was the Kurds who hosted the former Sunni VP now sentenced to death in absentia. The Kurds are also play server to the MEKI bases given recent US moves. I Exxon telling you something?

    And is Erdogan confirming it?
    Hurriyet this morning says Turkey has trust issue with US intelligence (over US offer to drone stike PKK leaders)? It leads with: "Turkey no longer entirely trusts U.S. intelligence despite its apparent offer to help eliminate Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) figures, according to a prominent scholar, adding that Ankara has been convinced that the U.S. military presence in Iraq since the Gulf War has fed the militant organization." [clip] "The U.S. ambassador also complained about the fact that Turkey was refusing further U.S. cooperation on processing intelligence. " [clip] "The Turkish army and intelligence believes the U.S. military presence in Iraq has fed the PKK, that the U.S. formed a Kurdish region [in Iraq] and that there are also concerns that the U.S. might be willing to divide Turkey." [clip] "With which soldiers or aircraft can Masoud Barzani defend the Kurds against [Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri] al-Maliki, for instance? In addition, when you look at the [Iraqi] Kurdish rhetoric, they say they are not envisaging a Kurdish state and they say they are not the enemies of the Turks. They don’t have a problem with Turkey; on the contrary, they live in a security belt provided by Turkey."

    Erdogan knows there are no permanent friends,just interests? Why is he last week saying he may engage in talks and on the other questioning the US? Is this for public consumption? Or is he just confused on next moves?



    The Israeli source said the operation to intercept the Estelle, a Finnish-flagged ship, was a lawful action as a result of an Israeli government decision to prevent suspicious vessels from reaching Gaza.

  13. Also Rodriguez gets nod for AFRICOM. Greg Jaffe of the Washington Post said, "No U.S. general has spent more time in Afghanistan than General David M. Rodriguez. He is the primary author of the U.S.-Afghan war plan ...."

    Last week: CIA requests more drones for North Africa. France Said war in Mali soon.

    1. thank you for all your work and links anonymous
      I have been noticing the Mali/France push?
      What's up with France, delusions of Grandeur?
      Will take more time tomorrow to go threw them all :)

  14. See these ASAP! Specifically second one!!! m=0 m=0

    1. Thanks Ali, be by tomorrow

    2. I was very interested in the first link about Dr. Maria Stephan. From your post:

      Stephan, a State Department veteran whose foreign postings include Afghanistan and Libya, is the co-author of Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict. She is also the former director of policy and research at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict.
      [ed notes:who is she really? "Dr. Stephan worked in the Office of the Secretary of Defense for European/NATO policy at the U.S. Department of Defense and with the international staff at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.]

      Stephan had already been meeting with activists in Istanbul for months before the OSOS trainings began in August, according to multiple activists who met with her during this time. She organizes and observes the training on civil resistance, media production, promoting anti-sectarian thought, and avoiding communications monitoring, according to a Syria-based activist who traveled to Istanbul for the OSOS trainings.

      It's interesting to me because I see that Dr. Stephan's co-author, Erica Chenoweth, was promoted at places like Naked Capitalism: