Thursday, November 1, 2012

A new 'face' for the rebranded Syrian revolution: An inclusive terrorist government

The sales campaign has failed. Syria's so called revolution is in desperate need of a REBRAND.
Hillary Clinton is going to make dam sure that happens. And, she has been busy. Very, very busy.
One certainty when Hillary "get's busy". People will die. Lots of them.
The latest: Ms. Clinton is “dismissing” the Syrian National Council
Which was never Syrian or national or even a council.
It was the Muslim Brotherhood/Western stooges dressed up by spin doctors sold as an "opposition' via the NATO media

Late for Halloween, but always fitting.The wicked witch of the West

Clap your hands for the new improved/rebranded Syrian opposition

The State Department has been heavily involved in crafting the new council as part of its effort oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and build a more viable and unified opposition. In September, for instance, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with a group of Syrian activists who were flown in to New York for a high-level meeting that has not been reported until now.
A group of Syrian activists? Are they Syrians? Or just activists?
"Flown into New York", from where? Turkey? Libya? Tunisia? Anyone's guess.

Brief flashback ..............
 Egyptian “dissidents” meeting with Hillary Clinton in 2009

Ah, yes... Hilary meeting with so called dissidents. Same old/same old
This is all very formulaic.

The US even has their branding all figured out.  The Riad Seif plan.

U.S. officials and opposition leaders are calling the initiative the "Riad Seif plan," named after the former Syrian parliamentarian and dissident who was imprisoned after he signed the Damascus Declaration on respect for Syrians' human rights in 2005. He was released in 2011, beaten up by a Shabiha gang in Noember 2011, and finally allowed to leave Syria in June 2012.
Seif is central to the formation of the new council and is seen as a figure with broad credibility with both the internal and external Syrian opposition.

Seif is a variation of the hero/anti -hero/martyr most often presented in fictional or alleged real life narratives
( Think of the hero's journey? Lord of the Rings- Star Wars- various religious books.) 
Where have we seen the hero/martyr in previous 'revolutions'
Let me recall..... Oh, yah!
Tunisia and Egypt-

Tunisia -Mohamed Bouazizi &  Egypt-Khaled Mohamed Saeed
Even Wikipedia suggest that the circumstances of Khaled Saeeds death are "disputed"
" a young Egyptian man who died under disputed circumstances"

All  of these individuals were/are going to be  presented as hero/anti-hero or martyr’s, complete with mythologies surrounding them. Stories of struggle and sacrifice. Ultimate or otherwise.
Both, the Tunisian and Egyptian narratives were questionable. Were they based in fact? Or fantasy? What were the circumstances surrounding these individuals? What had really happened to these individuals? Did these individuals actually live and die, as claimed? Of course there is no way of knowing. Not that reality makes a difference when one is spinning a narrative.Truth and facts just clutter the story. And it is the story that holds the power,  the heroic presentation, the life and death struggle. All presented via  social media.  

Infecting as many individuals with the meme is the goal.

Keeping all that in mind, it appears as if the Syrians are now going to get a ‘face’ for the revolution.

From the Telegraph :US withdraws support for Syrian “opposition” What a lame headline.
 A government for Syria run by terrorists, same as in Libya
BTW: the link to the Telegraph is now a 404 error? Even via google
The US wants the opposition to rally wider support and resist attempts by extremists to hijack the revolution against the Assad regime.

That sounds good, doesn’t it? Rally wider support, be more inclusive and resist attempts by extremists to hijack the revolution.
If the “opposition” does rally wider support it will inevitably take in the extremists
 That would be unavoidable! Therefore, what Hilary the war monger is working towards is placing NATO's extremists into the ‘opposition’ to ensure a Libya style government and guarantee an unstable Syria

The further statements make that absolutely clear despite the Telegraph twist
"The council (SNC) was viewed with suspicion by rebels who stayed in Syria and fought the regime of President Bashar al-Assad"
 "There has to be a representation of those who are on the front lines fighting and dying today to obtain their freedom”
Of course, those on the front lines "fighting and dying" are the NATO merc terrorists.
They are the individuals who have been killing ordinary Syrians and laying siege to countless towns and cities
Destroying water mains, blowing up pipelines, derailing trains etc., And most of them are not Syrians!
Hillary wants the NATO merc terrorists from the world over governing Syria.
Her concept of a Syrian government would include Libyans, Pakistanis, Chechnyans, Turks, Tunisians, Brits, French etc.  How exactly does this serve the Syrian people? Clearly it does not!

 ‘And there needs to be an opposition leadership structure that is dedicated to representing and protecting all Syrians."
Even if that opposition is full of non-Syrians?
Since the SNC and the rebels are both viewed with suspicion and fear by the Syrian people,  we know with certainty, that an inclusive opposition is not being put in place to "protect" all Syrians.

‘The shift in policy reflects as much the failure of the SNC to win widespread political legitimacy as the Obama administration's desire to be seen playing a leading role in shaping an opposition capable of winning the support of frightened Syrian minority groups’

The only sensible conclusion that can be drawn from Hilary’s move to dismiss the SNC and include the mercs is that she is creating a terrorist government whose role it will be to guarantee misery for the Syrian people, continue fomenting sectarian strife and destroy the cohesive and inclusive society that Syria had until NATO stepped in.

"We have to get [the internal opposition] to bless the new political leadership structure they're setting up and not only do we have to get them to bless the structure, but they have to get the names on it," the official said, noting that the exact structure of the council will be determined in Qatar, not before. 
The internal Syrian opposition has always been opposed to the external opposition and have not wanted any type of outside assistance ie: No NATO bombs. How exactly is this new 'inclusive' government going to get the blessings of the internal opposition?

Speaking of those fighting and dying on the frontlines in Syria- Hillary's heroic 'fighters' who should help form an inclusive government  ?? Priest's murder in Syria impacts Islanders
Rev. Stephen Allen, parish priest at Ss. Peter & Paul, says his parishioners were rocked by the news of the torture and murder of Rev. Fadi Haddad in Syria last week. 
That is Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown.

Rev. Stephen Allen, parish priest at Ss. Peter & Paul, says his parishioners were rocked by the news of the torture and murder of Rev. Fadi Haddad in Syria last week.
The torture and murder last week of Rev. Fadi Haddad has rocked the P.E.I. community.
As parish priest of St. Elias Church in Qatana, Syria, Haddad was negotiating the release of a parishioner, a local doctor.
The doctor's sister-in-law lives in P.E.I. and prayers continue for his safe return, said Rev. Stephen Allen, parish priest at Ss. Peter & Paul.
Haddad had successfully negotiated a lower ransom amount for the abducted man, and when he and the father of the Charlottetown parishioner went to pay the ransom for the doctor's release, they were both taken hostage. The next day the murdered, mutilated and reportedly tortured body of Haddad was found. His funeral was held last Thursday.
The condition and whereabouts of the remaining two hostages is unknown, Allen said Monday.
Ss. Peter & Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church held a memorial service for Haddad on Sunday. He has been proclaimed a martyr of reconciliation and harmony by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch.  A number of Islanders have family and friends in Qatana and knew Haddad as a kind and loving priest, said Allen.


  1. believe it or else..Turkey has a counter terrorism law!

    'The United Nations has censured Turkey for its vague Anti-Terrorism Law, which allows the authorities to prosecute many activists, lawyers and journalists, and even detain them for a long time before their trials with no access to a lawyer.

    the only ones safe from this law apart from Erdogan...are the terrorists!

  2. And when is the UN going to censure the US and Canada and England etc. ???

    "the only ones safe apart from Erdogan are the terrorists"

    that should tell us something of significance!

  3. youd think pakistanis would not try to aid the US war machine....
    Syria 24 English
    29 minutes ago
    #Idleb - Civil sources from inside Harem to Sham FM : the news broadcast by Al-Jazeera as per the control of armed militias of the historic castle in Harem city in Idleb countryside is baseless and untrue .

    Sources confirm that large numbers of Pakistani terrorists is seen in the city who came from Turkey through Al-Rihania and Al-Hamda villages , holding Al-Qaeda flags . Inhabitants repelled their attack though rocket bombing is still continued on Al-Qalaa and Al-Tarma neighborhoods.


  4. Turkey wants deployment of patriots?

    Turkey to request Patriot deployment from NATO

  5. Former Turkish president assassinated (led pro western dereg)

  6. how many other US embassies are CIA missions:

    Libyan mission 'was mainly CIA operation'
    November 02, 2012 6:00PM
    THE US mission in Benghazi that came under attack by militants on September 11 was mainly a secret CIA operation, The Wall Street Journal has reported, shedding new light on the deadly assault.
    President Barack Obama's administration has faced a storm of pre-election questions about why there was not more security at the US consulate where four Americans, including ambassador Chris Stevens, were killed.
    The Wall Street Journal said the mission was mainly a CIA operation, adding that of the 30 American officials evacuated from Benghazi following the assault, just seven worked for the US State Department.
    It also identified the two security contractors killed in the attack - former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty - as working for the CIA and not the State Department.
    In a break from tradition, it said CIA Director David Petraeus did not attend the ceremony when the coffins arrived back on American soil in order to conceal the CIA operation in eastern Libya.

    It said the almost two dozen CIA operatives secretly worked out of a separate building known as the "annex", where officials at the consulate had retreated following the initial attack before coming under fire again.
    The operation, which hit the ground shortly after the start of the February 2011 revolt that overthrew Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi - was aimed at counter-terrorism and securing heavy weapons held by the embattled regime.
    The Journal suggested that the security lapse might have been due to miscommunication between the CIA and the State Department, with the latter assuming the annex security team was a sufficient backup for its own guards.
    "They were the cavalry," it quoted a senior US official as saying.
    The Journal said that the day after the attack, the CIA sent Libyan security officials to the annex to destroy classified documents and sensitive equipment while leaving the charred and ransacked consulate - which by design had contained no classified materials - unattended.

    1. I don't many other US embassies are there?

  7. "We went through many (rebel) Free Syrian Army (FSA) checkpoints in villages in Homs and Hama without any problem. But outside Saraqeb, we found ourselves at a strange roadblock," a witness told AFP, giving his name only as "Mark".

    "Usually the rebels search for soldiers, but this time was different. Three gunmen boarded the bus and told the Christians to raise their hands."

    Nine Christian men, including seven ethnic Armenians, were ordered off the bus while the gunmen checked IDs, according to Mark, who was mistaken as the driver's assistant and spared interrogation.

    "Get off. You're with Bashar too," they told a Kurdish man who tried to intervene, referring to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad.

    Mark, 26, said that a bearded man wearing a traditional robe boarded the bus and ordered unveiled women to cover their hair, calling them whores.

    "He pointed to one woman wearing a cross and told her to hand it over. He grabbed it and started stamping on it."

    At that point a veiled women interceded: "My son, we never used to speak or think like this in Syria. These people are our neighbours and they have nothing to do with politics."

    "You don't know these people. They are kuffar (infidels)," he retorted.

    From his vantage point, Mark said he saw the gunmen stop another bus and yank out two women by their hair.

    A Syrian rights activist familiar with the incident, who spoke on condition of anonymity fearing retribution, said the gunmen were members of the extreme Islamist Al-Nusra Front.

    "Al-Nusra is responsible. They took the men because they were Christian and the Kurd because he protested what they were doing."

    The next day, one man in his sixties was freed and sent to Aleppo, badly beaten, to secure a ransom of 3.3 million Syrian pounds ($48,000/37,000 euros) just to launch negotiations for the release of the remaining men.

  8. from: Diana Barahona::: Please go to This site was set up by paid employees of the U.S. government to promote its dirty war against Syria. My comments are erased automatically but there are plenty of supporters of Syria who CAN and SHOULD post comments. Tell them you know that what they write there is U.S. government lies.

  9. Syria 24 English shared a link.
    about an hour ago




  10. Nice photo of Hitlery.

    This BBC link appears to show the game plan for the rebrand.

    Not to be accused of small thinking or cautious play it safe strategy, NATO is swinging for the fences.
    They are going to take this broken down faction of mercenaries, insane jihadis& al queda types, career criminals and combine them and call them.........


    Yeah that's it, why screw around with rebel names and acronyms.
    Let us just convey upon them, government status.

    This big Qatar conference will use spooks, weapons, drugs, prostitutes/slaves, bags of cash, threats and lies to convert squabbling bands of jihadis, mercenaries and career criminals into a functional well run government in exile. Sounds like a helluva plan. No doubt Canada will supportive.

  11. The news of the Christian priest from Prince Edward Island being tortured and murdered by the Syrian rebels is mind blowing. Thank you for reporting on this.

    Extensive google searches turn up virtually zero news on this.

    For the bible thumping Harper lovers, the idea that Canada/NATO financed Al Queda mercenaries ended up torturing and murdering a Reverend would be impossible to comprehend. Their heads would explode.
    That must be why CBC will not allow any comments about this murder of a Christian to see the light of day.
    Penny, you should offer a one million dollar prize to anyone who can get a comment up on CBC about the murder of this priest from PEI. But.........

    Canadian doctors helping to sell this immoral war get featured in heroic news stories.

    Canadian women from Winnipeg helping sell the immoral war get featured in heroic news stories.

    Canadian nerds helping sell this immoral war get featured in heroic news stories.

    Canadian teachers setting up schools to help Syrian kids fleeing from the 'evil Assad regime'.........heroic news story!

    1. Yes indeed, they are ratcheting up the terror as well as their control of the media:

      BEIRUT — Prominent Syrian-born Palestinian actor Mohammed Rafeh, who was believed to be a supporter of President Bashar Assad’s regime, was kidnapped and then killed by antigovernment gunmen, activists and his family said Sunday. He was 30. . . ."

    2. I searched Youtube and Google video yesterday for "Mohammed Rafeh" and couldn't find anything about the Palestianian actor that was killed but via reddit/r/conspiracy I see this video of him that may have been the cause of his death:

  12. 'Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the "heinous attack" in Kurdish-majority southeast.'
    .................yet Erdogan is happy to fund and arm car bombers in syria!

  13. some good comments, thanks
    AM working on a post and will have it up later