Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Act 1: Election over. Curtain rises on Act 2: "shift" on Syria

The US election is over. Unsurprisingly, the winner was Nobel peace prize laureate Obom(b)a.
He was selected by the elite classes because he is the ‘black’ Bush.
Who better to run roughshod over the “dark continent”, Africa,  and continue killing all the dark skinned Arabs?
To the mindless it appears less racist to have a person of colour killing persons of colour.
How else to make ‘white man’s burden’ less  burdensome?

The ‘arms length’ perception of involvement in the Syrian conflict will now be discarded.
As readers here know, the involvement has never been arms length, always hands on.
The msm through it’s carefully chosen word use had created an illusory bubble,  judging by today’s round up of news stories,that bubble is about to burst.
Efforts are set to shift, dramatically... Obama 'get tough

Cameron signals shift in Western efforts to oust Syria's Assad

Western efforts to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad shifted dramatically Wednesday, with Britain announcing it will deal directly with rebel military leaders and Turkey saying NATO members have discussed using Patriot missiles to protect a safe zone inside Syria.

Patriot missiles. Mentioned here days ago, thanks to anonymous.Tanks in Golan? Turkey's 'right way' to intervene & requests for patriot missiles

Interesting audio clip:

Cameron suggests Obama should get tough on Assad

“Right here in Jordan I am hearing appalling stories about what has happened inside Syria so one of the first things I want to talk to Barack about is how we must do more to try and solve this crisis.

Obama will get tough on Syria

A second term Obama administration will now be under pressure to take a stand against the Bashar Al-Assad regime, whose battle against a 20-month long uprising has seen approximately 30,000 on both sides killed.

“The pressure will be on him to do more… There will be an international effort made and I think the US will join in that in a more significant way," Cohen said.

Obama re-election signals new phase in Syria war

Western efforts to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad shifted dramatically Wednesday, with Britain saying it will deal directly with rebel military leaders and Turkey saying NATO members have discussed protecting a safe zone inside Syria with Patriot missiles.

The developments came within hours of President Barack Obama's re-election, which U.S. allies said they have been waiting for before implementing new strategies to end the deadlocked civil war that has killed more than 36,000 people over the past year and a half.

Obama second term: Foreign policy challenges

This is a more generalized analysis of the 'challenges' that face the US

America's own place in the international system is in flux, with a debate raging about relative US decline and what some see as Washington's weakening influence on both friends and enemies.

Just attack, destabilize or otherwise cause discord amongst everyone including Russia and China.
Think I am kidding?

China ‘Strategic competition thus becomes a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. US experts say that Washington must encourage its allies to do more in responding to China's rise, but as one expert put it: "When it comes to Asia, the US does not have the option of leading from behind."

Russia “Mitt Romney, characterised Moscow as the greatest geopolitical threat to the United States. It is hard to see quite what he meant. Russia - not least due to its veto power at the UN Security Council - has the ability to frustrate concerted action on the world stage, (In other words Russia can prevent or block the US from running the world)  for example its refusal to back tough measures against the Assad regime in Syria. “


  1. The rape of Africa will ratchet up as you say, overseen by a typical elitist pig......but one with black skin and a nobel prize. So its OK.

    On Syria, Canada's lefties have his back, our NDP and Liberals constantly prove.
    NDP Thomas Muclair:

    “I do think that we should have long ago been in Syria to stop the wholesale slaughter of the civilian population there…It is absolutely unthinkable that the world today would allow such an attack,” he said.

    Bob Rae.

    “I support the Arab League’s decision to suspend Syria from the organization and to impose sanctions on the Syrian regime for its continued violence against its own people. It is a clear message to Syrian President Assad that his brutal actions will not be tolerated by his regional counterparts or by the international community.
    The Liberal Party stands with the people of Syria in their pursuit of democratic reform and universal human rights, and supports strong international sanctions against the regime. We encourage Syrian Canadians to continue to reach out to their families and friends in Syria.
    We also call on the Harper government to establish stronger formal links with the Arab League and to continue to press for concerted international action.”

    Canada continues its long slow loopy death spiral fueled by ignorance.
    Our fixation with America bashing is really an exercise in avoidance. We have the evil USA to condemn, thank goodness, it saves us from looking at ourselves.....and keeps our war machine rolling along without any real opposition.

    1. Re Africa

      Contradictory and confusing reports out of Nigeria:

      But now, it would seem that Abuja is beginning to quell the country’s Islamic insurgency, using Saudi Arabia as a negotiating intermediary. Abu Mohammed Ibn Abdulaziz said in the Boko Haram northern stronghold of Maidugiri city, "We are not actually challenging the state, as people are saying, but the security [forces] who are killing our members, children and wives. If this government is sincere, [attacks] will come to an end."

      Abdulaziz’s comments are significant, as it is the Boko Haram’s first public pronouncement since Nigerian security forces announced two months ago that they had killed Boko Haram spokesman, known the alias Abu Qaqa.

      According to Abdulaziz, Boko Haram is willing to begin peace talks with Jonathan’s administration if they are held in Saudi Arabia and led by Muhamed Buhari, a Muslim colonel who ruled Nigeria for 20 months after seizing power in 1984. . . .

      Whatever the Jonathan administration decides to do with the Boko Haram initiative, it ought to move quickly, as according to Exclusive Analysis head of Africa forecasting Natznet Tesfay, "There are growing indications that Boko Haram is likely to stage attacks in southern states such as Kwara, Ekiti, Edo, Ondo and Enugu before the end of the year.

    2. Expect more shuck and jive as the report alleging $37B siphoned off over a decade was just released.

  2. Harper is busy making deals in India, to further erode the Canadian people's life
    "Our fixation with America bashing is really an exercise in avoidance"

    The entire concept of "america bashing" is a way to shame Canadians... it is used to keep canadians quiet and compliant when Canada undertakes the inevitable and usual action in cooperation with the US.
    You see if one criticizes Canada for going along with the US, then one is "america bashing" by wielding that hammer, avoidance is guaranteed
    I prefer: American leads- Canada and Europe follow
    There it is

    Trudeau will make no difference to the agenda at hand
    The libs and ndp merely shore up support for the agenda
    Eventually they will merge and we in Canada will have the same oppisame system as the US
    The freeman on the land movement just keeps looking better and better

    1. The America bashing keeps Canadians compliant and stops them from criticizing the inevitable and usual actions of supporting US wars. True, but how and why?
      Shame is the last word I would use.

      Arrogance, smugness, vanity, high and mighty, holier than thou........that is the Canadian liberals mindset when speaking of the violent USA. Our jingoism has been shaped to become one that bashes ignorant Americans and their violent our ignorance about our own violent war making government outpaces theirs. We are ugly belligerent pacifists, judging the US while we engage in the same behavior.

      Trudeau will make a huge difference. He will be able to get away with much more than Harper can, and will accelerate the pace considerably.......just as Obama did with all the Bush crimes. More fascism, faster.

  3. Scumbag warmonger perp Joshua Landis pretends to throw his hands up in the air and declares: "Syria is disintegrating ever more quickly into every more factions."

    Yeah, what did you expect you tool? As if he's just a disinterested observer and not promoting propaganda that justifies an attack on Syria.

    These scumbag 'professors' and writers have blood on their weak little typing fingers. Immoral bastards. Angry Arab, Juan Cole, Josh Landis, Chris Hedges, Chris Floyd, et al.

    These academic/media whores are the driving force behind liberal support for these war crimes. If I were a student at the institutions where these two-faced whores "teach" their garbage I would stand up against their moral and academic crimes.

    Let's see these e-mails from your "friends" in Syria scumbag Landis. Is Landis committing crimes by supporting terrorist groups? Is he exchanging e-mails or otherwise supporting these terrorists by promoting their propaganda?

    I don't know why I went over there to read his war propaganda. What a scumbag. Enrages me to see these hucksters pretending to be evenhanded as they subtly promote massive death and destruction.

  4. Warmonger Juan Cole, alleged CIA stooge under academic cover, continues his subtle propaganda fomenting further war:

    The Syrian revolution/ civil war is lurching from violent to more violent. On Monday, AFP reports two car bombings an air raid, and other fighting. A car bomb in the Mazzeh district killed 11. That neighborhood is largely Alawi Shiite, but it also has some embassies. Some 11 bystanders were killed. President Bashar al-Assad and the elite of the ruling Baath Party belong to the Alawi sect, though the regime still has significant Sunni support. In Hama, a big bomb killed 50 Syrian soldiers, according to opposition sources in Britain, though the regime contested this body count, saying only 2 were killed. The Hama bombing was thought to be the work of al-Nusra Front, a radical Sunni Muslim group. The regime also bombed rebel positions in Idlib province from the air, killing 20 rebel fighters in one town, and killing 14 civilians in another. Fighting continued in Aleppo, the country’s largest single city.

    So let me get this straight, only 11 people were killed and they were all bystanders? Implying that they weren't the targets but simply happened to be near the intended targets? Juan the Stooge also implies (isn't he clever with his war propaganda?) that the targets were embassies when the other reports and video show it was planted in a car on the street--obviously intended to kill civilians.

    Here's RT reporting that these are "terrorist" attacks, not acts of war wherein "bystanders" are killed: The commentator correctly notes the double-standard of warmongers in the West like Juan the Stooge. Notice the pictures of the one ton bomb set off in the tight street evidently filled with civilians (evidently RT reporter Paula Slier reported it was "near" a military checkpoint but SANA didn't report this and it's hard to figure out how she got this information and the pictures don't support that contention--is she in country?? I see she is also reporting about Libya so she can't be in two places at once). How does a bomb that size intended to kill soldiers at a checkpoint not kill any of those soldiers???

    Also, the "rebels" are shelling this crowded neighborhood and from the pictures it seems designed to kill and terrify civilians, who appear to be the main victims:

    Bombs/shells have hit the main bus area and outside of a school.

    TL;DR: Juan Cole is a warmongering stooge.

    1. Paula Slier is based in Tel Aviv, 'nuff said. Previously Maria Finoshina did some really excellent reporting of the ME, and Sara Firth some truly awful stuff. RT is a mixed bag - its better than the BBC or CNN but that's not much of a compliment.

    2. Notice we have stories popping up about how the "rebels" are "missing" their 'government' targets. Obviously these media operatives are trying to hide the obvious acts of terrorism . . . like Juan Cole is doing above.

      Notice the story also acknowledges they are targeting Palestinian refugee camps!!! But the headline only mentions the targeting of Assad's palace rather than the more heinous action of shelling a refugee camp! If you were an editor what do you think is the more important detail to include? And would you have any qualms in describing it as terrorism?

      Also, check out how Slate parrots this oft-repeated propaganda line:

      "SANA, the state-run media, described both incidents as terrorist attacks, the government's standard description for the opposition."

      This "reporter," Sarah Tory, pretends like it's an open question whether the recent attacks are acts of terrorism. Uh, it's pretty obvious that killing a judge with a car bomb or using a ONE TON BOMB in a super crowded and small street that kills 11 civilians (including children) and no military personnel is terrorism. Where did she go to journalism school? The CIA? What a warmongering scumbag.

      And I love the picture Slate includes in its story about "rebel" attacks on civilians . . . a picture of overweight "rebels" being attacked (allegedly). No pictures of the ONE TON BOMB killing children. No mention that 11 civilians were killed and no soldiers--which obviously points to terrorism especially when one sees the pictures.

      Slate's picture actually reminds me of the Tyler Hicks action photos we saw in the New York Times---staged. Overweight actors running around in the desert.

      Oh what horrendous propaganda these bloodthirsty media whores engage in.

    3. Yep freethinker. I don't trust RT either. Agree it's better but than the rest . . . but that's not saying much because outfits like CNN and the New York Times appear to be actively participating in operations with the terrorists.

      I don't trust the government of Russia either. Articles like this show how Russia is probably engaging in stalling tactics and sowing confusion to paralyze the proper military response from Syria:

    4. Sorry, the Slate picture purports to show civilians and not rebels. The caption claims they were undertaking a rescue operation in a building but I don't see a building nearby. The photographer was conveniently situated for this live action shot.

      I don't know why a fighter jet would attack in this manner but whatever.

  5. There is more to come in terms of devastating natural elements, there is a catastrophic to follow. Now have I not been right so far. The FUKUSI is not capable to prolong this conflict. This has to end by the winter solstice and so far they have failed to achieve any goals. The next big push will be to try and destroy the Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque this is one of the most revered shrine in Shiaism. They failed in destroying the Citadel and they will fail to destroy the Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque.

    As of 3 Nov the USA debt ceiling has already been reached, there is no more money. Hopefully Iran, Russia, China and the ALBA nations hit the empire while they are broke.