Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Eurozone crippled by sweeping anti-austerity protests

Eurozone crippled by sweeping anti-austerity protests

Of course the militarized "law enforcement" is out in droves.
Soon forced impoverishment will come to them.
Will these steroid  cretins, understand they too are equally as expendable as all the other fodder.
Will they understand they have not been keeping the peace or building communities?
Will the goon squads of the elite finally come to their senses?

 "I’m on strike because those who work are basically being blackmailed into sacrificing more and more in the name of debt reduction, which is a big lie"

 “We have to leave something better for our children”

“We’re on strike to stop these suicidal policies”

 Two suicides in 15 days spark public fury and accusations that politicians and banks are complicit in de facto ‘murder’

Yes. Banks and politicians are complicit in murder. Destruction of local economies. Destruction of communities. Destruction of families.  All done to enable them to pick the last penny out of your pocket.
To abscond with the fruits of your labour. To reshape the world to suit their purposes. To control you.
To keep you down. To keep you poor.


  1. The German chamber of commerce has openly said that the embargo against Iran is costing around 100,000 skilled jobs, ditto with Austria which even during the Hapsburg empire traded with the Persians. However pointing that the embargo is for Israel will probably get you locked up as being an anti Semite or horrors of horrors being a HolyHoax denier!

  2. Is there something more to Jill Khwam "Kelly's" Lebanese background (Maronite)

    The family comes from a Maronite Christian background and fled Lebanon in the 1970s due to “political disputes,” according to some Lebanese media reports.

  3. Ahmed Jabari, commander of Hamas’s military arm, Ezz e-din al-Qassam, was killed in a targeted Israeli air attack in Gaza City Wednesday.

    Israeli's talking deal to walk back Palestinian UN bid.

    China backs bid. Qatar backs bid.

    Netanyanu cornered into elections drives Golan, Gaza?

    1. Lieberman mulling offer to Palestinians: Drop UN bid and Israel will recognize state within provisional borders

  4. Remember when Egypt opened the Gaza border in August, then closed it?


    Arafat gets exhumed today

    Palestinians declare Nov 20

  5. Interesting link to the Financial Post article.
    It paints a much more sympathetic realistic picture of protests than the hit piece at CBC does.

    Now the CBC is doing heavy censorship and damage control on the Israeli bombings in Gaza with their trolls on the payroll cooking comments and creating a purely fictional response to it.

    I know this site is loathe to focus on the Canadian perspective re Syria, and the extent to which the trusted CBC leads good Canadians down the wrong path. So on some level I feel I should apologize for continually attempting (and failing) to get you to take a closer look at Canada's role in the topics you cover. It is your blog, I do not have my own. Fear of exposure and being fired is my reason/excuse. I was originally drawn to this site from yayaCanada which I loved. I have an unrealistic expectation that you will blog about Canada, or at least look at the Canadian perspective in your coverage of important world events. It pisses me off, so I should stop coming here trying to hijack your threads with the Canadian perspective and let you do your thing.
    Lots of negative energy in the air these days. Good luck to you.

  6. Just FYI, the EU personel of all institutions will be on strike on the 21st, to protest against the austerity measures that the Council tries to force in. The problem is that the Council (i.e. the representation of the states) doesn't respect the rules it agreed upon itself creating frustration and loss of confidence within its own personel (there was already a strike on the 8th november and the attendance of the Council personnel was around 90%).