Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stop Imperialism podcast #45 - Good stuff

Will be back later with a new posting (working away at it)
For now enjoy this podcast from Stop Imperialism which I had a chance to listen to yesterday.
Far ranging. Quite informative.

In today's episode:
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  1. Was Maher Arar linked to the FBI?

    so was Maher Arar ever tortured? was he in afghanistan? why did he never testify under oath about tortures in syria? who is he really?

  2. Was the Saudi Explosion linked to the gangs of foreigners on the border?

    Previous thread here:

    "Over in Saudi Arabia (and Yemen) is royal rhetoric signaling something coming? First returning to the idea that the Libya stand down (above) was somehow related to the various Embassy invasions, the head of security at the US Embassy in Yemen was gunned down after spending 20 years in the role (T+30 days). This comes after the Invasion (Sep/13) and the subsequent deployment of Marines (Sep/17). Then there is that report of 100 plus tanks making their way to Yemen.

    The story dovetails into Saudi Arabia where there has been an array of broad and sweeping statements warranting close examination. The question is which enemies is Saudi Arabia talking about? The stories about Shamoon would clearly suggest it is Iran, but the Saudi language is purposefully vague. In fact the only countries called out on the cyber side are the US and Israel?

    Saudi Arabia is surrounded: US deployments in Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain (5th), Qatar (CENTCOM) and Yemen. Across the Red Sea, Dijbouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan…

    Former Crown Prince Nayef on the Brotherhood? "He was known for his animosity towards the MB," said Sultan Sooud al-Qassemi, an analyst and commentator based in the UAE. “He said in 2002 that radicalisation ... that all of our problems, came from the Muslim Brotherhood. He was very, very much suspicious and skeptical of the Brotherhood."

    Recent developments in the Kingdom:
    Saudi Arabia allegedly warns it will intercept Israeli jets en route to Iran (Aug 9)

    Saudi Aramco hit with Cyber Shamoon (Aug-15)

    Yemen Embassy attacked (Sep-13)

    A platoon of U.S. Marines sent to Yemen is on a temporary deployment (Sep-17)

    Saudi Arabia denies there are gangs at its border. Security authorities in Saudi Arabia on Monday denied the existence of gangs of different nationalities at its borders, local media reported. (Oct 8)

    Yemen security chief at US Embassy killed in Sanaa??????? (month after Embassy invasion) Aqlani had been working for the U.S. Embassy for nearly 20 years. (Oct-11)

    About 106 tanks delivered to Yemen (Oct 14)

    Saudi warns against Israeli infiltration of government computer systems: report. The warning urged them to avoid dealing with foreign companies, especially German and American companies with strong ties with Israel. (Oct-12)

    US blaming Iran backed amateurs for the attack. (Oct -25)

    Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz on Friday warned against “seditions” that threaten the sovereignty of the nation, and called on the security forces to be prepared to safeguard the security of the Kingdom, home to Islam’s holiest sites and is the world’s largest oil producer. The king referred to “the enemies of the nation” as waiting to grab the opportunity to destabilize the kingdom. The king, who is supreme commander of all military forces, was addressing the commanders and officers of the security forces and scouts serving in this years’ Muslim pilgrimage of hajj. (Oct 26)"

  3. Brian, I find Maher Arar very fishy

  4. Anonymous
    saw some video on that Saudi explosion
    strange to say the least

    1. Story will get buried - like the alleged pipeline stories and protests in Bahrain, but this is a (the) substantial story with all the conflicting narratives coming out of KSA in wake of the Nayef - AKA anti brotherhood - death. The Russians launched another few Missiles in the northern pacific today. The US tested and EMP missile last week on the heels of a ramjet hyper sonic missile.

      Also the Chinese put forward a plan on Syria for phased transition this morning.

      Nuclear submarines Tver and St. George the Conqueror launched cruise missiles and inter-continental ballistic missiles to the targets planted in the Barents and Okhotsk seas.