Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Syria now fighting off attacks from Turkey and Israel

Updated ...... the war mongers in France- Hollande, the 'socialist' recognized the NATO merc government. Apparently France had a change of heart? In just one day?  Why?
 Libya, yet again. What a farce.

France on Tuesday became the first European country to recognize the newly formed Syrian rebel coalition and raised the possibility of arming the group as it begins taking charge of the opposition’s role in the civil war. 
Covering the ongoing "unofficial" attacks on Syria. No declaration of war by the nations of Turkey and Israel.
Nor NATO, for that matter. Though Turkey and Israel,  both very clearly acting as proxies, both in the NATO fold are most definitely attacking Syria. And  the Syrian nation is defending itself.

Smoke fills the sky after an air strike in Ras al-Ain, Syria. The town is on the border with Turkey and the close proximity of the raids have drawn condemnation from Ankara.
Let’s read the latest................
The not so new, nor improved “Syrian Opposition” (mostly Muslim Brotherhood) has been recognized by the GCC, but not so far by the Arab League or France and Britain
The leader of Syria's new opposition coalition called on Tuesday on European states to recognize it as the legitimate government and provide it with funds to buy the weapons it needs to overthrow Assad.

But Britain and France appeared to set further conditions, notably for rallying support inside the country, before they grant full recognition to the Syrian National Coalition. And, like the United States, Europeans are still reluctant to arm rebel forces which include anti-Western Islamist militants.

Recall that all the internal opposition walked out on this NATO farce? Therefore the “opposition” has no internal support. Nothing has changed with this new Council, oops I mean Coalition. Recognizing the rebrand!

"I request European states to grant political recognition to the coalition as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people and to give it financial support," Mouaz al-Khatib, the Damascus preacher elected unopposed at a meeting in Doha, Qatar on Sunday to lead the new group.

Who is the Mouaz al-Khatib? If anyone else has some time to dig the goods up on this individual that would be most interesting.

France's defense minister and Britain's foreign minister both said on Tuesday that forming the new group under al-Khatib, a moderate noted for his embrace of Syria's religious and ethnic minorities, was an important step but not sufficient for full recognition as a government entitled to take over in Damascus.

Syria is bombing the NATO mercs who have laid seige to Syrian towns
(ignore the usual western media spin and lies)

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More on Syria taking back the territory NATO mercs have laid seige to in the North
Again, ignore western media spin/lies. Syria is clearly cleaning house of the NATO mercs, aided and abetted by Turkey. It is Turkey that has chosen to involve itself.
The spin on this NYT’s article is just that spin, perception management, lies.

 Syria pulled Turkey and Israel closer (spin) to military entanglements in its civil war on Tuesday, bombing a rebel-held Syrian village a few yards from the Turkish border for the second straight day

Interesting that the area under bombardment is a predominantly Kurdish area and there had been fighting between the Kurds and the NATO mercs about a week or so  back.  Rebel-Kurd tensions boil over in Syria's north - By Jennie Matthew
 Mohammed Hafar was killed at dawn, shot while reportedly trying to rescue his brother Faisal, mortally wounded, from the latest gunbattles between Sunni Arab rebels and Kurdish militia in Syria.

 It appears the NATO mercs had succeeded in laying siege to the town. A move that certainly not going to endear Turkey to the Kurds.

According to WaPo

Syrian rebels wrested control of Ras al-Ayn from the Assad regime forces last week. (Or Kurdish fighters?) The town is in the predominantly Kurdish oil-producing northeastern province of al-Hasaka.


Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, speaking to journalists in Rome late Monday, said Turkey had formally protested the bombings close to its border to the Syrian government, saying the attacks were endangering Turkey’s security. He said Turkey had also reported the incident to NATO allies and to the U.N. Security Council.

The Syrian jet did not infringe Turkey’s border, he said, adding that Turkey would have responded if it had.

Turkish Foreign Minister formally protests Syria defending it’s borders from Turkey? What kind of upside down world is this?

Heads up for narrative creation. That means Turkey is telling tall tales. So is Israel.
Here is where those patriot missiles come into play. In response to chemical weapon usage? Read on

 President Abdullah Gul raised the possibility of Damascus using chemical weapons against Turkey – a threat he said could be countered by Nato Patriot missiles.

“It is known that Syria has chemical weapons and they have old Soviet delivery systems, so if there is in some eventuality some sort of madness in this respect and some action is taken, contingency planning has to be put in place and this is something Nato is doing,” he said.
It is known that Turkey and Israel do also. And that Israel has used them (White phosphorus on Gaza)
Not so for Syria

Regarding the mortars that struck Turkey..
He said he believed that a series of incidents in which  (alleged)Syrian shells have landed on Turkish terrain – which have led Ankara to return fire – were not intentional, but added: “Of course we cannot tolerate such action and we give the necessary response.”

Of course.

 Israeli officials signalled growing concern that Damascus is deliberately seeking to draw Israel into Syria’s internal war.

“As of yesterday [Sunday], our impression was that what we were seeing was the spillover from fighting inside Syria,” one Israeli official said on Monday. “We are not necessarily convinced that that is still the case.”

Of course. Israel spinning that Syria is attacking them? More spin. Israel is certainly creating the narrative of having to "retaliate"

Trying to recall how far back it was the tag team of Israel and Turkey together, attacking Syria, became a given. Not officially, not yet. That would still require the official kiss and make up.

I do question how the Turkish people feel regarding the collusion of the Turkish government with the Israeli government in the attack on Syria?
There brothers and sisters. There extended family members.
Not that this is a first , for Israeli and Turkish treachery and collusion. After all nine Turks died on the Mavi Marmara......................


  1. Syriangirl Partisan
    Guys this is the MOST important Video i have ever made: Israel has admitted to allowing the FSA terrorist insurgents to use the Golan heights as cover. Israel has exchanged fire with Syria at the border of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. The NATO backed opposition (FSA and SNC) are puppets of Israel and Nato and want to ally with them if the Syrian government falls. The entire insurgency in Syria is part of a Zionist-NATO plot hatched years ago, to destroy Syria and break Syria/Iran ties. Please help spread this like wild fire! http://youtu.be/dFxs1Jfb-gs

  2. simple solution...support local jihadis in france, have them go on raids of liberation there

    notice a change of regime from right to left made no change in french foreign policy....what do the french people think of their regime using their tax money to aid terrorists

  3. Murky source but noteworthy: Britain training rebels to assassinate Syrian president: report

    By Al Arabiya
    As British Prime Minister David Cameron prepares to use the Royal Air Force (RAF) in Syria to put an end to the massacres the Syrian regime is committing throughout the country, British Special Forces are training rebels to assassinate the Syrian president and his commanders, the London Daily Star reported.

    UK government sources told the newspaper that British assassination squads are in Syria to train rebels on how to target President Bashar al-Assad and his warlords. Some troops hailing from Britain Special Air Service (SAS), Special Boat Section (SBS) and the Airborne Infantry of the British Army (Paras) are also in the country to teach Anti-Assad fighters techniques on the accurate use of weapons and explosives against Assad regime forces, the sources said.

    Unlike the previous position of the United States and Western countries not to arm the Syrian rebels, U.S. president Barack Obama and Cameron are considering to intervene in Syria and to enforce a no-fly zone, the sources added.

    Posted by: b | Nov 13, 2012 3:39:30 AM | 16

  4. Turks in Antakya Discontent with Presence of Syria insurgents
    Posted on November 13, 2012
    Residents of Turkey’s southern city of Antakya near the Syrian border have expressed anger at the government for allowing the insurgents in Syria to freely travel in the city, Press TV reports.

    The Antakya residents demanded that Ankara take necessary measures to deal with the issue of the presence of the insurgents in the city, located in Hatay province.

    “Among the Syrian refugees living in Turkey there are terrorists too. They are mostly here to get weapons. We love Syrians and wish the conflict to come to an end soon,” an Antakya resident told Press TV.

  5. Breaking news today but this happened back in May - timing?
    N Korea 'shipped missile parts to Syria'

    The details of these cylinders are sketchy and this is one of the few articles that suggests a possible use:
    "The graphite cylinders found aboard the cargo ship Xin Yan Tai in South Korea's Busan port could be used for rocket nozzles and re-entry vehicle nose tips, Kyodo said."

    Hmm, its hard to make nose-CONES from cylinders and rocket nozzles are usually shaped as 2 back-back cones (of differing angles) which again would be hard to manufacture from cylinders. Nose-cones and nozzles in their finished state certainly wouldn't look like plain cylinders or lead pipes.

    There are many sites on the web which detail the design and manufacture of DIY graphite rocket nozzles (BION).