Thursday, December 13, 2012

“A Conversation about Mind Control” & the Gentile Holocaust

This is a two hour chat.
Do I think it is worth listening to? Hell ya! Or it wouldn't be here.
On of the highlights for me is the concept of the Gentile Holocaust. Did such a thing happen? Yes.
Like me, you probably did not even realize that!  Why?  Because this concept never enters our consciousness.
The talk revolves around mind control. Social media gets a mention. A distraction and control mechanism.
Of course there is more. So, give a listen and share your thoughts

The audio is embedded below
You can also watch the video of the talk between the 3 individuals....

Prof. Jay Fikes, Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin – “A Conversation about Mind Control”  



 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:11:16 — 75.2MB)

Of course. A big thanks goes out to Jan @ Gnostic Media  for this thought provoking talk
Speaking of Jan, he has just started a new joint project with Atwill and Fikes.
Though it is in it's infancy, let's hope it takes off : Mind Control Exposed

If one is unfamiliar with Joe Atwill- Timster @ How Dare I,  had done a post on his documentary "Caesar's Messiah"

I will link Timster's post /review for your perusal


  1. Should have mentioned this interview ties Dave McGowan's Laurel Canyon work right into it
    In other words, it validates the work done by Dave McGowan

    If by some strange chance you are unfamiliar with Dave McGowan and the Laurel Canyon work his website is always linked in the side bar here

    I have also added the Laurel Canyon tag to this post so you can reread numerous posts I wrote on this topic

  2. Who cares about these cranks. Keep your eye on Assad, whom you have been so foolishly supporting with so many of your misguided blogs.

    Russia: Assad losing control, rebels could win.

    "Syria's most powerful ally, Russia, has that President Bashar Assad is losing control of his country and the rebels might win the civil war, the first time Moscow has acknowledged the regime is cracking under the force of a powerful rebellion.

    NATO also predicted Assad's fall, with Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen saying the regime's collapse is "only a matter of time."

    "An opposition victory can't be excluded, unfortunately, but it's necessary to look at the facts: There is a trend for the government to progressively lose control over an increasing part of the territory," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said during hearings at a Kremlin advisory body.

    Bogdanov also said Moscow is preparing to evacuate thousands of its citizens from Syria, where nearly two years of violent conflict have killed more than 40,000 people and turned Assad into a global pariah. His statement marks a clear attempt by the Kremlin to begin positioning itself for Assad's eventual defeat at a time when rebels are making significant gains."

  3. "Who cares about these cranks'

    Clearly the subject of this interview is of interest and concern to myself and I think many of my readers

    Of course the Khazars have no interest in seeing a realistic view of history get wide spread attention

    "Keep my eye on Assad"
    I can't. Perhaps if your connected enough you can
    I keep my eye on the main stream media HT

  4. And I keep my eye on the "Alternative Media", which I have found more unreliable than the MSM. btw, you should learn the difference between your and you're. It is not a good look regarding your level of education.

  5. "And I keep my eye on the "Alternative Media", which I have found more unreliable than the MSM"

    Imagine my non surprise at that. seriously, imagine it...

    "you should learn the difference between your and you're. It is not a good look regarding your level of education."


    poor attempt at a logical fallacy

  6. Forget the obvious trolls Penny, your work on Syria is much appreciated. Thanks!

  7. Interesting chat, I'll keep an eye on mindcontrolexposed.

    So Penny, just how many 'misguided blogs' do you have - am I missing something? :)

    Dear old Haughty is really quite endearing; it must be a comfort to have his seal of opprobrium.

    1. I barely have time for one "misguided" blog
      However, the troll appears to keep an eye here and over at clothcap's place, linked in the sidebar.
      Likely more. What blows my mind is that HT spends more time here then I do

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Poor Penny, just doesn't think very deeply about anything. Having your blog site sitting on the task bar doesn't mean one is spending time here. I would have thought you would know something like that, but when I think of your statement about Syrians fighting Assad as being "practically non-existent" I shouldn't be surprised at all.

    4. The question is why you have my blog sitting on the task bar?

      Love me that much?

  8. If the trolls are here, you must be doing something right. Many thanks for all your hard work & Happy Christmas to you Penny x

  9. Or maybe something very wrong in the eyes of the Khazar crowd?
    You know like trying to disseminate fact and dispel fiction

    You are most welcome as long as my hard work is appreciated, then dammit I am pleased,
    Seriously, I have a big grin as I type this

    And a Happy Christmas to you majestika :)

  10. This is an interesting chat and intro to the 'Brain' database:
    On the Huxleys, Gordon Wasson, Terence McKenna, Esalen etc

    Alan Watt has been banging on about this sort of stuff for years, albeit in a less 'academic' way than Jan Irvin. He's worth a listen (IMHO), although you might need a plentiful supply of coffee to keep awake, and don't expect any optimism or an elegant website.