Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Syrian Rebels Fight to Hold Northern City

Here is the latest reporting from Raqqa- Post statue psyop rerun
Rebel fighters in Syria said on Tuesday that they were still battling for complete control of the north-central city of Raqqa after seizing much of it a day earlier and claiming to have captured two of the most senior government officials seized in the almost two-year-old conflict.

The rebels are “claiming” to have captured? Interesting language from the NYT’s
The rebels can make all the claims they like. That does not make them correct or true.

Government forces were also reported to have launched airstrikes on Tuesday to try to blunt the rebel thrust into the city.
It was unclear Tuesday whether the insurgents could retain control of Raqqa.
It seems unclear that the "insurgents" ever had control of Raqqa


But government airstrikes and intermittent clashes, particularly around two security buildings, raised doubt about whether the rebels would be able to maintain their hold on Raqqa, about 195 kilometers east of the commercial capital of Aleppo

Government airstrikes and intermittent clashes. Who is clashing with who?
Syrian army with NATO mercs?
The people of Raqqa with NATO mercs? 

If the NYT’s is reporting “it is unclear” and the CTV is reporting this hold as "doubtful"  then the so called control had to have been tenuous, at best. Perhaps just enough to get a picture taken?

More from the NYT's

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition group based in Britain, said on Tuesday that parts of Raqqa — a strategic city of some 500,000 people on the Euphrates River, 50 miles south of the border with Turkey — were “still under regime control.”

A city of 500,000 “overrun” by NATO mercs?
This may be wishful thinking on the part of NATO at best.
Perhaps a complete and  total psyop on the media audience of the west and perhaps NATO was hoping to use their staged photo as a  demoralizing event for the Syrian people.
But, 500,000 is a very large population to overrun and terrorize.
Hopefully the Syrian populace will rid themselves of these NATO backed usurpers.
It is very likely the populace of Raqqa vastly outnumber the mercs

 NATO backed rebels have taken their destabilization campaign into Iraq.
 Killing both Syrian soldiers and Iraqis
Dozens of Syrian troops killed in Iraq after seeking refuge

The well-co-ordinated attack, which Iraqi officials blamed on al-Qaeda's Iraq arm, also suggests possible co-ordination between the militant group and its ideological allies in Syria — some who rank among the Syrian opposition’s most potent fighters. (Al-Nusra fighters)
Possible coordination? Between two vastly divergent groups?
As we are informed of via the NATO media. Perhaps these two groups have something in common?
What commonality might the two groups share that could indicate to us there was coordination.
Which clearly, there was. I am thinking Turkey is the common factor. And where Turkey is, NATO is.
For months mouthpieces from the West have pushed the meme of this ‘civil war’ spreading beyond the borders of Syria. If it does, and it appears to be, this is by design. NATO design.
NATO looks to be working against Iraq. A nation attempting to get back on it’s feet after the US liberated Iraqis by the millions from their lives, their homes and their livelihood. Making  many Iraqis refugees in other nations.

The American invasion of Iraq and the war to follow caused an estimated four million Iraqis to flee their homes within four years

Yup, America freed the Iraqis from their tyrant... Yes, siree!


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