Friday, June 7, 2013

Russia offer of peacekeepers to Golan; UN says NO. Turkey etc

 Started on this post this morning but wanted to wait on the expected/suspected response to news below-

Yesterday we were supposed to ‘believe’ that Ban Ki Moon was scrambling for peacekeeping replacements for Golan...Of course, that is not a  believable  narrative. Ban Ki knew 10 days ago that the Austrian peacekeepers were leaving so the ‘scrambling’ narrative is nonsense

This morning it was being reported that Russia is ready to replace peacekeepers in Golan?
Russia has offered this, dependent on UN approval. And, if regional states show interest in the Russian proposal.
 "In view of the complicated situation which is currently unfolding on the Golan Heights, we could replace the Austrian peacekeeping contingent, which is withdrawing from this region, on the disengagement line between the Israeli troops and the Syrian army,”
Putin said. Russia is ready to replace Austrian peacekeepers on the Golan Heights with approval from the United Nations and if the regional states show interest in the Russian proposal, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday

Israel is not interested in this. So, I don’t see peacekeepers in the demilitarized zone any time soon, if at all.

And by dinner time in my neck of the woods..

Putin's offer was quickly turned down, however, by Josephine Guerrero, a spokeswoman for the U.N. peacekeeping department. She said that while the offer was appreciated, the disengagement agreement does not allow the participation of troops from a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke with Ban about Syria, including the escalation of tensions on the Golan Heights, the ministry said.

The U.N. Security Council planned to discuss the peacekeeping mission later Friday.

The UN has known for days and days that the Austrian peacekeepers were leaving

Syrian troops head north: SA retake central villages from (almost  non existent) NATO mercs

Following Wednesday's capture of Qusair, President Bashar Assad's forces appear to have directed their efforts toward driving rebels  (NATO mercs) from the country's densely populated heartland, including the cities of Homs and Aleppo.

Government forces faced little resistance Friday as they took control of the central villages of Salhiyeh and Masoudiyeh, just north of Qusair, activists and the state news agency SANA said. On Thursday, the rebels also lost control the nearby village of Dabaa.
 In northern Syria, rebels attacked a military air base and fired tank shells at its command building but failed to capture it, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Laugh of the day comes to us from Al Qaeda/NATO spokesperson  Ayman al-Zawahiri

Who calls on NATO’s mercs to unite in Syria to bring down Assad. Al CIA/Mossaduh, always there when NATO needs'em.

This call cements his NATO leads salesman position as he promotes the destruction of Syria while upselling on  the ‘Israeli victim’ mind virus . Fight for an Islamic state in Syria that could then wage all-out war with Israel. It is that obvious!

Does Zawahiri exist as a real individual? Or does he put on a costume like an actor playing a role and spout from a script for perception management via the msm for the gullible masses? Just curious?

 What's up with Turkey and Erdogan?   

Turkey appears to have fallen right off the news radar today? Interesting? Who has Erdogan been talking with the past couple of days? He came back to Turkey, greeted by cheering crowds. And very little main stream media coverage. Western main stream media coverage, of course. If anyone has seen anything of interest feel free to leave it

The Economist is mentioning the protests are not really bothering the economy
Turkey has the usual problems that never really bother the elite psychos

-“Although income inequality is worryingly wide” needs to be made wider
-Turkey needs more labour-market and other reforms, not least to boost the employment rate among women.(Which is of course double speak for get more workers into the market to drive down wages)
- AKP has no credible opponents
-The slavish media have nurtured Mr Erdogan’s sense of infallibility. (Sounds like any other NATO nation- Slavish media) Eager to curry favour, media bosses continue to fire journalists who criticise the government. The craven self-censorship plumbed new depths when the protests broke out.
Mr Erdogan intends to stick around
If Erdogan was being warned or pressured ??  Judging by what I had seen today in the msm or more correctly, what I failed to see today- Mass condemnation. Correct buzz word use. The warning has been heeded.
Erdogan doesn't look to be going any where for now.


  1. I really like the Russian sense of humour :)

  2. Following up:

    UN to consider Russia's peacekeeping initiative

    A Brit (IE: zionist gofer) liking the idea of Russian peacekeepers between Syria and planet Earth's dungheap? Is he thinking like a zionist Jew and thinking about the possibilities of other SC members being in peacekeeping forces - like Israel's Ameripuppets and Britpuppets getting to also play the peacekeeper role? Think about that. Not a good idea. While Russian Peacekeepers in Golan would probably scrap Israel's plans, it could also set a very negative precedent.

    But, all is not lost.

    Why not Peacekeepers from Belarus or one of the other ex-Soviet republics not owned by the Israeli-American fascists? With a diplomatic agreement between said republic and Russia about "cross training"... ;D

    вот так

  3. off topic but

    Now that he’s out of the Air Force and back home in Montana, Bryant said he doesn’t want to think about how many people on that list might’ve been innocent: “It’s too heartbreaking.”
    The Veterans Administration diagnosed him with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, for which he has undergone counseling. He says his PTSD has manifested itself as anger, sleeplessness and blackout drinking. “I don’t feel like I can really interact with that average, everyday person,” he said. “I get too frustrated, because A) they don’t realize what’s going on over there. And B) they don’t care.”
    He’s also reluctant to tell the people in his personal life what he was doing for five years. When he told a woman he was seeing that he’d been a drone operator, and contributed to the deaths of a large number of people, she cut him off. “She looked at me like I was a monster,” he said. “And she never wanted to touch me again.”

  4. the palestinians are trying to outdo the americans in benighted stupidity: torch aid from Hezbollah: reason?

    “When the refugees realized that the aid was from the same party which is killing their people in Qusair and in other places, they, with dozens of locals, took the boxes from the Palestinian Cultural Center and burned them,” Halabi said.

    but WHO in Qusair are they referring to as 'their people'?

  5. also:
    The popular committees in Ain al-Hilweh, which represent various factions of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), had asked for Hezbollah’s assistance. Hezbollah agreed to the Palestinian request and launched an aid campaign to assist the refugees and provided 2,300 food rations to the camps in Saida.

    In parallel with this obstructionist policy adopted by several factions against Hezbollah, the followers of Sheikh Jamal Khattab, the leader of the Islamic Jihadi Group, continued the group’s recent campaign against Hezbollah by collecting some of the aid and setting it on fire. The group’s media office distributed photos of burning aid to journalists via email.

  6. Syria - Israel Is Losing the Battle

    Starts out good, but I doubt Debka should be taken seriously, or any Israeli non-Hebrew source, since such is propaganda mostly directed at people outside Israel. At the end, he wrote:

    "Sadly enough, it isn’t The Guardian or The New York Times that is there to reveal the latest development in Syria and expose Israeli lethal miscalculations. It is actually a ‘Zionist’ Israeli patriotic outlet that is providing the good. I actually believe that this form of harsh self-criticism that is embedded in Israeli culture, is the means that sustains Israeli regional hegemony, at least monetarily. This ability to critically examine and disapprove your own leadership is something I fail to encounter in Western media. Seemingly, the media in Israel is far more tolerant toward criticism than the Zionist dominated Media in the West."

    It should be understood that Israeli internal media is directed at already fully indoctrinated Jewish zionists. When the target audience share the same values as the propaganda dispenser, they can be relied upon to not think independently. So when an Israeli source criticises something Israel does, it is understood said criticism is intended to be constructive. To better the zionist goals. Likewise, zionist Jews are expected to be loyal little cogs, and for the most part they are, and can be trusted to hear criticism of their country's fails. The initiated can be relied upon to deal with a lot more honest criticism than the uninitiated. They are on the same side because of personal interests, as much, as because they are told to be.

    The goys, on the other hand, merit no such trust. They might turn on Israel if they get even a small amount of truth, they might threaten the Jewish power hegemony. Media in the colonies has to be tightly controlled, and above else don't give the goys any independent ideas. They need to get their views from Jewish zionist sources and there can be no straying that could lead the goys to question Jewish authority. In anything.

    This has been the basis of thinking behind the Jewish zionist dominance of the western society, grass roots and corporate. They work themselves into positions of authority in all social movements - left, centre & right - in order so the correct Jewish zionist views are the only views given positive reinforcement. It is the meaning of the "full spectrum dominance" lauded by the neocons in the political/popular sphere. They seek the same in every sphere of population control. It was this behind the notthetalk/mondoweiss/jewssansfrontiers/harry's place/azvsas.blogspot sayanim network's attempts to silence Atzmon. And it is behind the corruption zionist Jews have inflicted upon every sphere of our lives.

    вот так

  7. Thierry Meyssan interview:
    those jihads included Turkish migrants from Germany (where they'd otherwise still struggle economically/socially)
    Meyssan: the recruitment occurred at radical mosques in France,2. French intelligence of course knew but looked the other way.
    Meyssan: When identifiable foreign nationals die in #Syria, their home countries get notified so they know about mercenaries.
    Meyssan: Algeria got so many notifications that they even opened a facility in Damascus to receive those corpses.

  8. 'SyrPer received this Intel last night: 3 foreign intelligence officers were taken prisoners yesterday while they were conducting a special recon operation around the Kunsurwa Factory north of Idlib City. The first officer was an American female. The second was a British male and the third is believed to be an American-born citizen of the Zionist Abomination'