Monday, June 17, 2013

Seeds of Death: Unveiling the lies of GMO

If you eat food. If you care about your health. You need to watch this. 
HT Noor @ Snippets & Snappets


  1. If you care about what you eat? And you should. Make sure those you love see this documentary.

  2. Until we can repeal the patent law which allows for lifeforms to be owned, patented for profit this will not end. Good old Bill Gates is buying up shares in Monsanto and running about saying how GMOs will save the world from hunger! Just like his vaccines I imagine.

    Most people really don't understand how these organisms come about, they seem to think that it's simply a case of inserting one gene and that having only one effect...we know that is not how genes operate. They only test for their desired result - not for any other unintended consequences, such as new protiens, horizontal gene transfer to gut flora etc. It is an unmitigated distaster and one which cannot be ever, ever taken back.

    At this point I think we all have a little Bt and roundup in us - in all of us.

    It's sickening.

    Next year I am going to purchase some organic land race corn and plant in the bloody field nearby - you cannot find good corn anymore it's tragic.

    Buffy (soon to be guerilla gardener)

    1. Hey Buffy

      I think the Supreme Court in the US may have inadvertently opened up that flood gate with their recent decision
      will put a posting up on that soon with some follow up news
      our garden is in
      Did you watch the doc?
      I blasted it out to all on my email list
      FU NSA

  3. Yes Penny, I had seen that one before. I tend to watch most of these since it's so close to my heart!

    Got my garden in too, this year it's all heirloom! I have funky tomato which dates back to the 1600's, kept alive and going by the Germans - check out 'reisetomaten'. LMFAO!! I can't wait for it. Other than that I have a 100 year old quebec heirloom, some italian hungarians, and of course the purple russians. Tonnes of peppers, dill, oregano, basil, bok choi, peas, beans and boy oh boy the grapes were smelling sweet as they flowered over the driveway! We hit the organic market last Saturday - got some nice meat too!

    But I am trying to source organic corn - not so easy and not so cheap...had to stop bread :(. Should stop pasta too, but but but... ugh can't do it... addicted ;)

    As far as the US Supremes, don't hold your breath. It was regarding human genes, so all else is still on the table. Until they show conclusively that you now contain Bt.. well then I guess Monsteranto owns you too.